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5568 examples of  huge  in sentences

5568 examples of huge in sentences

Swaying and plunging over the rough ground, lurches one of our huge motor lorries.

Quinine must be given in huge doses, regardless of the danger of blackwater, and into the muscles or, dissolved in salt solution, into the veins.

No time to drag the body off the road; so the huge motor lorries choose another track in the bush to avoid this unwholesome obstruction.

To me it has been a source of surprise that the German, who consistently drinks beer in huge quantities, takes little or no exercise, and cohabits with the black women of the country extensively, should have performed such prodigies of endurance on trek in this campaign.

And in an instant the small wiry American, and the huge Horncastle- bred hunter, were wallowing and staggering in the yeasty stream, till they floated into a deep reach, and swam steadily down to a low place in the bank.

Up, between steep ridges of tuft crested with black fir-woods and silver beech, and here and there a huge yew standing out alone, the advanced sentry of the forest, with its luscious fretwork of green velvet, like a mountain of Gothic spires and pinnacles, all glittering and steaming as the sun drank up the dew-drops.

And here, in the focus of the huge ring, an object appeared which stirred strange melancholy in Lancelot,a little chapel, ivy-grown, girded with a few yews, and elders, and grassy graves.

Lancelot saw and heard nothing till he was awakened from his dream by the long heave of the huge brute's shoulder, and the maddening sensation of sweeping through the air over the fence.

But if I am fiery, with a huge cerebellum, why am I not to follow mine?For that is what you do, after allwhat you like best.

He lay in bed watching the play of the firelight upon the high ceiling, and thinking in confused fashion of the huge clergyman with his thundering voice, his great lambent eyes and his seductive gentleness; of his singular speculations and his hints, half menacing, half splendid, of things to come.

The huge sentences deafened him a little with their mental thunder.

" A sort of shadowy majesty draped his huge figure, Spinrobin thought, as he stood in semi-darkness at the end of the room and thundered forth these extraordinary sentences with a conviction that, for the moment at least, swept away all doubt in the mind of his listener.

Dreadful ideas, huge-footed and threatening, rushed to and fro in the secretary's mind.

Then, quite suddenly, Mr. Skale came swiftly over to his side and whispered in accents that were soothing in comparison: "And think for a moment how beautiful, the huge Words by which God called into being the worlds, and sent the perfect, rounded bodies of the spheres spinning and singing, blazing their eternal trails of glory through the void!

I can scatter it to a huge scale by separating its molecules indefinitely, or bring them so closely together that the size of the object would be reduced to a practical invisibility!" "Re-create the world, in fact!"

The huge moors, glimmering pale and unreal beneath their snow, ran past them into the skysilent forms corresponding to who knows what pedal notes?

I saw old Idleness, fat, with great cheeks Puffed to the huge circumference of a sigh, But past all tinge of apples long ago.

And when he laughed, Time trickled down those beams, As in a glass; and when in self-defence He puffed that paunch, and wagged that huge, Greek head, Nosed like a Punchinello, then it seemed An hundred widows swept in his small voice, Now tenor, and now bass of drummy war.

Earth grows too beautiful around me: shapes And colours fearfully wax fair and clear, For I have heard, as thro' a door ajar, Scraps of the huge soliloquy of God That moveth as a mask the lips of man, If man be very silent: they were right, No flesh shall look upon the Lord and live.

He had a streak of the girl in him at his adolescence, and, as he sat there in a huddle, the wind coming out of this huge new gulf of life seemed to pass through him, bone and tissue, and tears rolled down his face.

She really spoke to him for the first time at the Junction, when he stood before her, slim and uncouth under the huge burden of "Ugo," fumbling through his leave-taking.

Their long trunks, their huge shapes, all seem part of the remote past.

He was a huge creaturewrinkled and yellow-tusked and scarred from the wounds of a thousand fights.

She was a little girl of ten, fleeing across the meadow-land from a maddened cow, when a tall, athletic young man had come to her rescue, standing between her and danger, helping her over the fence, picking up the apron full of apples which she had been purloining from the Captain's orchard, and even pinning together a huge rent made in her dress by catching it upon a protruding splint as she sprang to the ground.

Ethelyn had seen him as he came from the depot in Captain Markham's carriage, and her cheek had crimsoned, and then grown pale at sight of the ancient-looking hair trunk swinging behind the carriage, all unconscious of the indignation it was exciting, or of the vast difference between itself and the two huge Saratoga trunks standing in Aunt Barbara Bigelow's upper hall, and looking so clean and nice in their fresh coverings.

Her two huge trunks stood in the hall, together with the square hair trunk which held Richard's wardrobe, and the three tin cans of peaches Mrs. Captain Markham was sending to her sister-in-law, with the injunction to be sure and get that particular patent for cans if she wished her fruit to keep.

Great, womanish Andy was sure Ethelyn would be pleased, and rubbed his hands jubilantly over the result of his labors, while Melinda was certainly pardonable for feeling that in return for what she had done for Richard's wife she might venture to suggest that the huge box, marked piano, which for ten days had been standing on the front piazza, be opened and the piano set up, so that she could try its tone.

In the center of the apartment, Elizabeth, a huge bundle in her hands, stood gazing in a terror-stricken way at her dead sister; white as a sheet, she did not seem to have the strength to call out.

On the right, a long way up the court, rose the side of a huge four-storied building.

Come, out you go then, if you won't explain yourself," suddenly shouted the porter, a huge fellow in a smock frock, with a large bunch of keys round his waist; and he caught Raskolnikoff by the shoulder and pitched him into the street.

Their eyes met the following sight: Beside the single window stood the big wooden bed with a huge feather mattress.

If you do, I'll never hear the end of it!" Going up to the bath house, Chubikoff and Dukovski saw a huge padlock on the door.

II THE LITHOGRAPHER'S APPRENTICE Later on the same day, in a little narrow chamber of one of the huge, dirty tenements on Vosnesenski Prospekt, sat a young man of ruddy complexion.

That same day the janitor of one of the huge, dirty tenements in Vosnesenski Prospekt brought to the police office notice of the fact that the Pole, Kasimir Bodlevski, had left the city; and the housekeeper of the late Princess Chechevinski informed the police that the serf girl Natalia Pavlovna (Natasha) had disappeared without leaving a trace, which the housekeeper now announced, as the three days' limit had elapsed.

But worthier still of note Are those fraternal Four of Borrowdale, Joined in one solemn and capacious grove; 15 Huge trunks!

Mr. Wilson Robinson of Whinfell Hall, Cockermouth, wrote to me of it in May 1880: "The tree in outline expanded towards the root considerably: then, at about two feet from the ground, the trunk began to separate into huge limbs, spreading in all directions.

We could spare many of the larch plantations, and could hear (with a sigh) of the fall of the giant Scotch firs opposite the little Scafell Inn at Rosthwaite, and that Watendlath had lost its pines; but who could spare those ancient Yews, the great "... fraternal Four of Borrowdale, Joined in one solemn and capacious grove; Huge trunks!

Until one visits the spot one can have no conception of the wholesale destruction that the hurricane has wrought; until he looks on the huge rosy-hearted branches he cannot guess the tremendous force with which the tornado had fallen upon that "sable roof of boughs.

where'er the current tends, Regret pursues and with it blends, Huge Criffel's hoary top ascends By Skiddaw seen,40 Neighbours we were, and loving friends

What art Thou, from care Cast offabandoned by thy rugged Sire, 10 Nor by soft Peace adopted; though, in place And in dimension, such that thou might'st seem But a mere footstool to yon sovereign Lord, Huge Cruachan, (a thing that meaner hills Might crush, nor know that it had suffered harm;) 15

We turned again and reascended the hill, and sate a long time in the middle of it looking on the castle, and the huge mountain cove opposite, and William, addressing himself to the ruin, poured out these verses.

Plunging in I reached the opposite shore just in time to see the huge jaws of the alligator extended close above the spot where I had quitted the water.

Inside, with the fireplaces burning huge logs and flashing intermittently over the scene, the jack-o'-lanterns grinning cheerfully from every corner, the flags and bunting contributing colour, and the masses of evergreen and clumps of corn-shocks adding nooks and corners for shadows to dance in, there certainly could have been no quainter or prettier background for a party.

Twenty rods out upon the snow he saw parts of a great skeleton, and a huge pair of antlers.

It was not a small task to drag the huge head to the shelter of the tamaracks, where, safely hidden from view, he made a closer examination.

Through a break in a gigantic wall of rock and huge boulders led the trail of Rod and Mukoki.

The spot chosen was in the shelter of a huge rock, and while Mukoki cleaned away the snow the young hunters set to work with their axes in a near growth of balsam, cutting armful after armful of the soft odorous boughs.

Fortunately quite near at hand they discovered several dead poplars, the best fuel in the world for a camp-fire, and by the time the venison and coffee were ready they had collected a huge pile of this, together with several good-sized backlogs.

Forest-clad hills, huge boulders and masses of rock now began to mingle again with the bottoms, which in this country are known as plains.

A huge fire was built a few feet away from the open door and the light and heat from this made the interior of the cabin quite light and warm, and, with the assistance of a couple of candles, more home-like than any camp they had slept in thus far.

At its farther edge the ground rose gently from the creek toward the hills, and this sloping plain was covered with huge boulders and a thin growth of large spruce and birch.

While he carried the guns and packs, Mukoki and Wabigoon dragged the buck between them to the huge flat-top rock.

As a result both were exceedingly startled when they heard a huge snort and a great crunching in the deep snow close beside them.

Hardly had the animal's huge antlered head risen to the sky-line when Mukoki shouted again, and the young hunter pressed the trigger of his automatic gun three times in rapid succession.

On its summit he saw a huge torn-up blotch in the snow, spattered with blood, where the moose had fallen first after the shots; and at the foot of the hill, as the Indian had predicted, the great animal lay dead.

Two huge skeletons were struggling in deadly embrace.

From this point the trail took another turn and came down until, from behind a huge rock, the stranger had cautiously peered out upon the path made by the white youth.

At the third or fourth upward thrust a huge mass plunged through the window, burying them to the waist, and when they looked out they could see the light of day and the whirling blizzard above their heads.

"But look at that!" He turned and gazed at the cabin, or rather at the small part of it which still rose triumphant above the huge drift which had almost completely buried it.

Quickly the young Indian had a huge steak broiling over the fire, and Rod put an extra handful of coffee in the pot.

Over the spot where he knew their camp to be now rose a huge volume of smoke.

A few yards ahead a huge white rabbit kicked in his death struggles in the snow.

Many huge black beetles, some alive, but most of them dead, lined the wet borders of the pools.

I had just enough energy left to scrape up a huge, soft pile of pine needles upon which to make our bed.

Below the huge gorge was full of aspens, maples, sprucesa green, crimson, yellow density of timber, apparently impenetrable.

Then R.C. located a big bronze and white gobbler on a lower limb of a huge pine.

This big fellow hopped up from limb to limb of the huge dead pine, and he bobbed around as if undecided, and tried each limb for a place to roost.

The gobbler was the largest I ever killed, not indeed one of the huge thirty-five pounders, but a fat, heavy turkey, and quite a load for a boy.

More thrilling was his fourth story about a huge grizzly, a sheep and cattle killer that passed through the country, leaving death behind him on the range.

Peering up with my half-blinded eyes I saw a huge red furry animal coming, half obscured by brush.

Then followed a roaring crasha terrible breaking onslaught upon the brushand the huge red mass seemed to flash down toward me.

I tried to treat the situation as a huge joke, but that would not go.

We came to a huge spruce tree, the largest I ever sawEdd said eight feet through at the base, but he was conservative.

This explained a number of deeply cut notches in the huge trunk.

Huge boulders and windfalls, moved by water at flood season, obstructed the narrow stream-bed.

As I turned the sharp curve I saw not fifty feet below me a huge log obstructing the road.

Half a dozen huge pine trees stood on the only level ground near at hand.

It lighted up a wide space, showing the huge pines, gloom-encircled, and a pale glimmer of the lake beyond.

Under one of the huge pines I scraped up a pile of needles, made Romer's bed in it, heated a blanket and wrapped him in it.

It was a huge hole in the earth over five hundred feet deep, said to have been made by a meteor burying itself there.

I remembered from the former year a huge dead pine that had towered bleached

A huge, dark cloud scudded out of the west and let down a shower of fine rain.

One morning he said with a huge grin: "I catch skunk.

Old franchises have to expire or otherwise be got rid of; corporations have to be coaxed or coerced; greed and corruption often have to be overcome; huge sums of money have to be appropriated; a whole machinery of municipal government has to be set in motion before the old and established city can change its traction system.

It was just twenty years ago that New York City was treated to a huge joke.

Regularly every Saturday night Sadie and a girl friend, Rosie by name, put on their best clothes and betook themselves to Silver's Casino, a huge dance hall with small rooms adjoining, where food and much drink were to be had.

There is every excuse for relying helplessly on an expert mechanic if you have no mechanical ingenuity, or are averse to getting dirty and grimy; but that is not automobiling; it is being run about in a huge perambulator.

" He smoked and smoked, eying the while A huge tree hydra-like in growth Moon-tingedwith crook'd boughs rent or lopped Itself a haggard forest.

I took a few steps, which I alone heardheard echoing too loudly in that house, huge and immobile.

They cook macaroni with tomatoes in huge iron kettles over charcoal fires, and sell it by the plateful to their customers, often hauling it out of the kettles with their hands, like a sailor's hornpipe, pinching off the macaroni if it lengthens too much, and blowing on their fingers to cool them.

The palm-room, where the band plays for afternoon tea, and where one always comes for one's coffee, is between the entrance and the grand dining-room, so that on entering the hotel one comes upon a most beautiful vista of a series of huge glass doors and lovely green waving palms, with nothing but a glass roof between one and the blue Italian sky.

At any other time how I would have revelled in the idea of his two theatres, his schools, his libraries, his statues pillaged from my beautiful Greece, his philosopher's walla huge wall built only for shade, so that his friends who came to discourse philosophy with him could walk in its west shadow mornings, and in its east shadow afternoons; all these things would have driven me wild with enthusiasm.

Miraculously I came to a halt before a huge desk, much as a bar of glowing iron, after gliding like a living thing along the floor of a rolling mill, halts suddenly at the bidding of a distant hand.

One of the daughters wore a huge silver medallion of the same renowned general on her neck.

As soon as a large fish or turtle is seen (and these latter are as large as a huge shield), they let the fish go.

During the return voyage, Columbus passed among many other islands more distant from the continent, and reached a sea where he found such numbers of huge turtles that they obstructed the advance of his fleet.

Huge trees were discovered, which produce what is commonly called cinnamon-bark and which is claimed to be just as efficacious for driving off fevers as the cinnamon which the apothecaries sell.

Pinzon's men further claim that they have found huge trees in that country which sixteen men holding hands and forming a circle could scarcely encompass with their arms.

He laughed it off lightly, as if it had been a huge joke.

"None offered to young ladies, it seems," taking a huge pinch, and thrusting it bravely up his nostrils, as one takes a spoonful of unpleasant medicine.