5568 examples of huge in sentences

Great, womanish Andy was sure Ethelyn would be pleased, and rubbed his hands jubilantly over the result of his labors, while Melinda was certainly pardonable for feeling that in return for what she had done for Richard's wife she might venture to suggest that the huge box, marked piano, which for ten days had been standing on the front piazza, be opened and the piano set up, so that she could try its tone.

Many huge black beetles, some alive, but most of them dead, lined the wet borders of the pools.

I had just enough energy left to scrape up a huge, soft pile of pine needles upon which to make our bed.

Below the huge gorge was full of aspens, maples, sprucesa green, crimson, yellow density of timber, apparently impenetrable.

Then R.C. located a big bronze and white gobbler on a lower limb of a huge pine.

This big fellow hopped up from limb to limb of the huge dead pine, and he bobbed around as if undecided, and tried each limb for a place to roost.

The gobbler was the largest I ever killed, not indeed one of the huge thirty-five pounders, but a fat, heavy turkey, and quite a load for a boy.

More thrilling was his fourth story about a huge grizzly, a sheep and cattle killer that passed through the country, leaving death behind him on the range.

Peering up with my half-blinded eyes I saw a huge red furry animal coming, half obscured by brush.

Then followed a roaring crasha terrible breaking onslaught upon the brushand the huge red mass seemed to flash down toward me.

I tried to treat the situation as a huge joke, but that would not go.

We came to a huge spruce tree, the largest I ever sawEdd said eight feet through at the base, but he was conservative.

This explained a number of deeply cut notches in the huge trunk.

Huge boulders and windfalls, moved by water at flood season, obstructed the narrow stream-bed.

As I turned the sharp curve I saw not fifty feet below me a huge log obstructing the road.

Half a dozen huge pine trees stood on the only level ground near at hand.

It lighted up a wide space, showing the huge pines, gloom-encircled, and a pale glimmer of the lake beyond.

Under one of the huge pines I scraped up a pile of needles, made Romer's bed in it, heated a blanket and wrapped him in it.

It was a huge hole in the earth over five hundred feet deep, said to have been made by a meteor burying itself there.

I remembered from the former year a huge dead pine that had towered bleached

A huge, dark cloud scudded out of the west and let down a shower of fine rain.

One morning he said with a huge grin: "I catch skunk.

Old franchises have to expire or otherwise be got rid of; corporations have to be coaxed or coerced; greed and corruption often have to be overcome; huge sums of money have to be appropriated; a whole machinery of municipal government has to be set in motion before the old and established city can change its traction system.

It was just twenty years ago that New York City was treated to a huge joke.

At any other time how I would have revelled in the idea of his two theatres, his schools, his libraries, his statues pillaged from my beautiful Greece, his philosopher's walla huge wall built only for shade, so that his friends who came to discourse philosophy with him could walk in its west shadow mornings, and in its east shadow afternoons; all these things would have driven me wild with enthusiasm.

5568 examples of  huge  in sentences