361 examples of hulks in sentences

We could show him very pretty shooting.' Tregarva answered by the first and last oath Lancelot ever heard from him, and turning to him, as the rascal sneaked off, 'That's a poaching crimp from London, sir; tempting these poor boys to sin, and deceit, and drunkenness, and theft, and the hulks.'

On his returning in that year to France he was immediately imprisoned at Mazas, transferred afterwards to Belle-Isle, and then successively to the hulks of Corte, Ajaccio, Toulon, Brest, and finally to Cayenne.

On Wednesday, the 24th, at half-past seven in the evening, the director of the prisona certain Lefrançais, who had been a prisoner in the hulks for the space of six yearswent up, at the head of fifty Federals, into the gallery, near which the most important prisoners were incarcerated.

You have 'em dying in hospital, rotting in the hulks!

The spires of the churches looked like the spars of "tall admirals," that had foundered, while the blackening ruins of the halls and larger buildings well represented the ribs and beams of mighty hulks.

From the ten-story height she could see ships lying in the stream, vague hulks in the smoky pall that shrouded the harbor.

some left like stranded hulks by the ebbing tide; others riding by mooring chains which may be neither slipped nor capstaned.

When all was over there were deserted streets and empty suburbs in ruthless profusion; but there was also a hungry minority of the crews of the stranded and anchored hulks left behind to live or die as they might, and presently to fall into cannibalism, preying one upon another between whiles, or waiting like their prototypes of the Spanish Main for

That got him fifteen years in the hulks.

"Escaped from the hulks, to which you were sentenced for life, you are the husband of Mrs. George.

I am one of those old hulks drawn up on the beach.

They would be like the Spanish Armada, surrounded by the little English warships, pouring shot and shell into their unwieldy hulks.

This boat consists of two hulks, with solid beams of timber uniting the bows.

For being in the height of my search, what should come into my hand, but a bag, which was used to hold corn (as I supposed) for the fowls; so immediately resolving to put gunpowder in it, I shook all the hulks and dirt upon one side of the rock, little expecting what the consequences would be.

Worm-eaten and tottering piles, abandoned hulks, half-swamped skiffs, all the water-logged dissolution of stagnant shore lines the world over, flashed by, to be succeeded by the fresher green of channel-cut marshes.

The illustrated papers of that most Christian land which is overcome with the barbarity of sinking old hulks in a channel through which privateers were wont to escape our blockade furnished effective engravings "by our own artist" of the scene.

In the midst of that great harbor of La Rochelle he sank sixty hulks of vessels filled with stone; then, across the harbor,nearly a mile wide, and, in places, more than eight hundred feet deep,he began building over these sunken ships a great dike and wall,thoroughly fortified, carefully engineered, faced with sloping layers of hewn stone.

"So it is a choice between death and the hulks!"

The black hulks of the ships lay against the white shadows like sleeping animals.

So instantaneous and energetic was the effort that according to the British historian of the war, "A British forty-six-gun frigate of 1813 was half as effective again as a British forty-six-gun frigate of 1812;" and as he justly said, "the slaughtered crews and the shattered hulks" of the captured British ships proved that no want of their old fighting qualities accounted for their repeated and almost habitual mortifications.

She falteringly complied; and I listened with throbbing pulse and burning cheeks to the sad story of her wedded wretchedness, dating from within two or three months of the marriage; and finally consummated by a disclosure that, if provable, might consign Harlowe to the hulks.

After, I repeat, this terrible disclosure or invention, you, not content with obtaining from your victim's generosity a positive promise that she would not send you to the hulks" "Sir, have a care.

I married this young woman in a false name; I robbed her of her money, and I deserve the hulks, if anybody ever did.

Martin was not sent to the hulks, though no question that he amply deserved a punishment as great as that.

From this point the Admiral put his fleet about, and returned over his course, for he could no longer battle against the contrary currents.[10] Moreover, his ships were rotting from day to day, their hulks being eaten into by the sharp points of worms engendered by the sun from the waters of these regions situated near the equator.

361 examples of  hulks  in sentences