139 examples of human rights in sentences

Under the Emperors we read of no more great orators like Cicero, battling for human rights and defending the public weal.

The world never saw a more rapid retrogression in human rights, or a greater prostration of liberties.

The age won laurels in providing more educational facilities for all, in abridging class privileges, and in showing increasing recognition of human rights, without a bloody revolution such as took place in France.

There were meetings to promote insurrection, paid declaimers of human rights, speeches without end in the gardens of the Palais Royal, where Marat, Camille Desmoulins, and other popular orators harangued the excited crowds.

He preached a gospel of human rights, based not on Christianity but on instinct.

The United States of America, conscious of their glorious calling as well as of their power, declared by this unparalleled act their resolve to become the protectors of human rights.

Even those nations which most desire my presence in Europe now, have said to me, "Hasten on, hasten on, to the great, free, rich, and powerful people of the United States, and bring over its brotherly aid to the cause of your country, so intimately connected with European liberty;" and here I stand to plead the cause of common human rights before your great Republic.

It was the old, old conflict of human rights against property rights.

Limited to a general superintending power to maintain peace at home and abroad, and to prescribe laws on a few subjects of general interest not calculated to restrict human liberty, but to enforce human rights, this Government will find its strength and its glory in the faithful discharge of these plain and simple duties.

Among other things the right of trial by his peers was granted to the freeman; and so, out of the mental and moral chaos and general strabismus of royal justice, everlasting truth and human rights arose.

An Inquiry Into the Patriarchal and Mosaic Systems on the Subject of Human Rights.

And after the flood when this charter of human rights was renewed, we find no additional power vested in man.

And after the flood when this charter of human rights was renewed, we find no additional power vested in man.

By taking it, would you not expose yourself to be most pertinently and embarrassingly asked, for what purpose these servants fled to a strange and most odious people?and would not your candid reply necessarily be, that it was to escape from the galling chains of slavery, to a far-famed milder type of servitude?from Gentile oppression, to a land in which human rights were protected by Divine laws?

Human Rights is a monthly sheet of smaller size, and is edited by one of the secretaries.

The case of Human Rights against Slavery has been adjudicated in the court of conscience times innumerable.

Human Rights is a monthly sheet of smaller size, and is edited by one of the secretaries.

At the last session of the New York Legislature a bill allowing a jury trial in such cases was passed by the lower House, but rejected by a democratic vote in the Senate, democracy in that State, being avowedly only skin deep, all its principles of liberty, equality, and human rights depending on complexion.

It would appear that these settlersJutes and Saxonswere either more civilized than their contemporaries, or had a better idea of human rights than had their cousins who invaded the country between Regnum and Anderida to such purpose "that not one Briton remained."

I cannot believe that any State calling itself civilized can ever disregard the duty of safeguarding the human rights of the child, and I repeat its human rights are not sufficiently met when its physical necessities are guaranteed.

I recognize no rights but human rights.

It is this: What is done for the slave and human rights in this country must be done note, now, now.

That the negroes had any human rights was apparently rarely suspected by their owners and overseers.

"One great general subject of thought now is human rights,universal human rights.

Human rights is, of all subjects, the one upon which this community is most violently determined to hear no discussion.

139 examples of  human rights  in sentences