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138 examples of  humanized  in sentences

138 examples of humanized in sentences

Dr. Eliot, former president of Harvard, who recently returned from a trip around the world, holds that Base Ball has done more to humanize and civilize the Chinese than any influence which has been introduced by foreigners, basing his statement on the fact that the introduction of the sport among the younger Chinese has exerted a tremendous restraint upon their gambling propensities.

So it would appear that the introduction of the national game of the United States into China is likely to exert a humanizing influence which shall go further than legislation or sword, and if only the missionaries had grasped earlier the wishes and the tendency of the younger element of the Chinese population, the country might be further along than it is with its progressive movement.

"Wide research and steadfast purpose, eager questioning and close reflectionall this tends to humanize a man.

As with all the mills in its district, the suggestion was dangerously apt of a penitentiary, with its high wooden barrier, around all the building, the only free approach from the world to its corridors through the seemly, humanized office, where abided the heads, the bosses, the free men, who came and went at will.

Wherever it reached, the world was humanized and purified.

He attempted to humanize the fierceness of those who acknowledged his power, by introducing the Roman laws, habits, manners, and learning.

What a small amount of humanizing and civilizing intercourse with some women of the labouring class is there in the case of the wives of rich men who come up to town, merely for the season, and forget that it is their temporary and uncertain stay in London which causes much of the temporary and uncertain employment of the London poor, and their consequent temptation to unthrift and recklessness!

How little humanizing and civilizing intercourse with the poor is carried on by the wives of those employers of labour who surely, surely owe something more to their husband's work people, than to be aware (by hearsay) that they are duly paid every Saturday night?

As the governing classes have been increased by the enfranchisement of one body of men after another, the art of government has been enriched in human interests, and at the same time as government has become thus humanized by new interests it has inevitably become further democratized through the accession of new classes.

Happily we have no such processions now; even Justice itself has been humanized to some extent, and the law's cruel severity mitigated.

There are heads that can't wear hats; there are necks that can't fit cravats; there are jaws that can't fill out collars(Willis touched this last point in one of his earlier ambrotypes, if I remember rightly); there are tournures nothing can humanize, and movements nothing can subdue to the gracious suavity or elegant languor or stately serenity which belong to different styles of dandyism.

The statue is immensely massive, a vast ponderosity of stone, not finely spiritualized, nor indeed, fully humanized, but rather resembling a great stone-boulder than a man.

Its strength lies chiefly in its brilliant style, the most remarkable of the age, and in its odd characters, like Uncle Toby and Corporal Trim, which, with all their eccentricities, are so humanized by the author's genius that they belong among the great "creations" of our literature.

The white South must humanize the black not for the sake of the negro, but for the sake of itself.

The logger and pioneer have preceded him, like John the Baptist; eaten the wild honey, it may be, but the locusts also; banished decaying wood and the spongy mosses which feed on it, and built hearths and humanized Nature for him.

If she had humanized Wuthering Heights, it could have been classed among the greatest novels of the Victorian age.

He moralized art and humanized political economy.

It was changed; more tables had been brought into it, and papers and litter had accumulated enormously; it was a room humanized by habitation, with a physiognomy that was individual and sympathetic.

visit, wait upon, present oneself, pay one's respects, pay a visit &c (sociability) 892; dance attendance on &c (servility) 886; pay attentions to; do homage to &c (respect) 928. prostrate oneself &c (worship) 990. give one's duty to, send one's duty to, &c n.. render polite &c adj.; polish, civilize, humanize.

But the enlightened connoisseur is more refined in his taste; and from our art, as from all the other liberal arts when thoroughly cultivated, the result isto improve and to humanize the heart; so true is it, that "Ingenuas didicisse fideliter artes, Emollit mores, nec sinit esse feros.

Here we see the new spirit, the Renaissance, at work, for though religion called it into being and the Church continued to be its patron, it rapidly divided into two halves, and while the painters were bringing all their genius to glorify sacred history, the scholars were endeavouring to humanize it.

Pico dabbled in the black arts, wrote learnedly (in his room at the Badia of Fiesole) on the Mosaic law, was an amorous poet in Italian as well as a serious poet in Latin, and in everything he did was interesting and curious, steeped in Renaissance culture, and inspired by the wish to reconcile the past and the present and humanize Christ and the Fathers.

Love >>> that humanizes the fiercest spirits, has not been able to subdue his.

Under these elastic laws, religion, philanthropy, art, learning, the social amenities, the domestic influences, all humanizing agents, will have opportunity and work harmoniously for the advancement of the race.

It lulls to sleep the combative and destructive propensities, and henceso far as a material agent may operateit exercises a humanizing and refining influence.

I've seen trouble caused in this world by kitten faces, by pure, classic faces, by ox-eyed-Juno faces, by vivid blond faces, by dreamy, poetic faces, by passionate Southern faces, but for real power of catastrophe, for earthquake and eclipse, for red ruin and the breaking up of laws, commend me to the humanized, feminized monkey face.

Since the others of the family died, Ned hadn't stayed there long enough at a time to humanize it.

Her Ingenuity has been constantly employed in humanizing his Passions and refining his Pleasures.

A Mind that is softened and humanized by Friendship, cannot bear frequent Reproaches; either it must quite sink under the Oppression, or abate considerably of the Value and Esteem it had for him who bestows them.

Then there are those humanized notes of interrogation like Mr. KING, Mr. HOGGE and Mr. PEMBERTON BILLING.

Thereafter rich planters not only thought it unwise to educate men thus destined to live on a plane with beasts, but considered it more profitable to work a slave to death during seven years and buy another in his stead than to teach and humanize him with a view to increasing his efficiency.

Some planters hit upon the seemingly more profitable scheme of working newly imported slaves to death during seven years and buying another supply rather than attempt to humanize them.

Materialism humanizes and exercises a tranquilizing influence on the mind, as the religious view of the world, with its incitement to hatred, disturbs it; materialism frees us from the sense of guilt and responsibility, and from the fear of future suffering.

It will take you a hundred or two more years to get decently humanized, after so many centuries of dehumanizing celibacy.

It is an interpreter of character; it humanizes bald walls and windows; it emphasizes architectural tone; it gives hint of hospitality; it is a hand stretched out (figuratively and lumberingly, often) from the world within to the world without.

Evidently, it was written without malice, but in ignorance, and by some warmly clad, well nourished person, who did not know the humanizing effect of suffering and sorrow, and who may not have talked with either a survivor or a rescuer of the Donner Party.

Hence, while Christianity brought multiplied forms of mercy into the world, it failed for many centuries to humanize the savage forms of justice; and rack and wheel, fire and fagot were the modes by which human justice aspired to a faint imitation of what divine justice was supposed to extend through eternity.

It has been longer cultivated than any other, and so is more humanized; and who knows but, like the dog, it will at length be no longer traceable to its wild original?

It was the circumstance of being alone in a solitary office, up stairs, of a building entirely unhallowed by humanizing domestic associationsan uncarpeted office, doubtless, of a dusty, haggard sort of appearance;this it must have been, which greatly helped to enhance the irritable desperation of the hapless Colt.

Patrons of all the arts that humanize mankind, under your protection I place humanity herself!

Patrons of all the arts that humanize mankind, under your protection I place humanity herself!

Nature is not only described, but individualized and humanized.

And what is the whole of the Western river navigation but one dailyI might almost say, continualscene of accidents and loss of life, tending to nourish those very feelings which it is the duty of every government to use all possible means to allay and humanize?

The very stone facings of the station and the hotel seemed somehow to be humanized and to need my compassion.

Needless to say, there would be discrepancies between the family trees constructed by the various scholars for their lords, and later, when this problem had lost its political importance, the commentators laboured for centuries on the elaboration of an impeccable system of "ancient emperors"and to this day there are sinologists who continue to present these humanized gods as historical personalities.

"That cedar will protect you here, though, because you both have humanized it by your thinking so lovingly of its presence.

Together, let our denomination or party be what it may, we can feed the hungry, clothe the naked, reform the prisoner, humanize the degraded, save yearly the lives of thousands by labouring for the public health, and educate the minds and morals of the masses, though our religious differences (shame on us that it should be so!) force us to part when we begin to talk to them about the world to come.'

Yes, there is the secret which has worked these wonders; there is the talisman which has humanized and civilized and raised from the mire the once savage boor.

" At the time of the feast of the Juggernaut one sees, or rather one did see before the English somewhat humanized this ceremony, certain fakirs suspended by their flesh from iron hooks placed along the sides of the god's car.

It broadened, humanized them.

Oddly enough, the Committee preferred not one of the humanized-beast stories, but Edison Marshall's "The Heart of Little Shikara."

The mass has never yet been humanized, though the age may develop a human thought.

In the morning he had become humanized, and he gave me breakfast and showed me the body of St. Stephen, which is kept here in great reverence (not the proto-martyr, but a Montenegrin of the same name).

"Legalize, equalise, methodise, sluggardize, womanise, humanize, patronise, cantonize, gluttonise, epitomise, anatomize, phlebotomise, sanctuarise, characterize, synonymise, recognise, detonize, colonise.

"Legalize, equalize, methodize, sluggardize, womanize, humanize, patronize, cantonize, gluttonize, epitomize, anatomize, phlebotomize, sanctuarize, characterize, synonymize, recognize, detonize, colonize.

By the adding of ize or en: as legal, legalize; immortal, immortalize; civil, civilize; human, humanize; familiar, familiarize; particular, particularize; deaf, deafen; stiff, stiffen; rough, roughen; deep, deepen; weak, weaken.

But Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parsifal, as spiritualized and humanized in Wagner's lyric drama, will be seen to be in fuller accord with the whole cycle and development of the Grail legends, and at the same time gives the nobler story.

He has done much to humanize theology and stimulate popular interest in modern scholarship.

Not wild or solitary nature was meant, but nature humanized, made companionable by the presence and occupations of man; a nature which had made the winding highway, the farm, and the pasture, even the hamlet, with its church tower and its ancient inn, one with herself.

They are the exceptions to the rule of a gentler, more humanized natural beauty, in which the village church and the ivy-clad ruin play their part.

Gaunt, desperate, de-humanized, they crouched about the kettle that held their own dead.

SEE The humanizing of knowledge.

Humanizing religion.

SEE Westrate, Edwin Victor. COLLINS, ASHTON B. Let's not Just advertiselet 's humanize.

ยฉ 20Oct22, A686429. R68243, 13Oct50, Alberta Phelps Osgood (C) & Dryden Lineley Phelps (C) THE HUMANIZING OF KNOWLEDGE, by James Harvey Robinson.

SEE The humanizing of knowledge.

Humanizing religion.

SEE Westrate, Edwin Victor. COLLINS, ASHTON B. Let's not Just advertiselet 's humanize.

Even the Greeks and Romans cared for landscape only in so far as it was humanized (parks and gardens) and habitable.

It is the helplessness of the child that has humanized our species by creating the home which its helplessness demanded, and though a great deal that is sentimental is said about homes, this remains a fact.

And friends may easily estimate the worth of their friendship by the measure with which it has humanized their relations to all other human beings.

It is not the humanizing of men.

If there is to be any permanent improvement in man and any better social order, it must come mainly from the education and humanizing of man.

Civilization, limitations built up around heredity by, 42-43; growth of crime coincident with growth of, 203-211; the road to decay, 211-212; does not mean the humanizing of men, 228-229; new evils and new complexities with each new, 229.

Her Ingenuity has been constantly employed in humanizing his Passions and refining his Pleasures.

A Mind that is softened and humanized by Friendship, cannot bear frequent Reproaches; either it must quite sink under the Oppression, or abate considerably of the Value and Esteem it had for him who bestows them.

It moralized and humanized nature itself; bringing birds, trees, flowers, all animate life, into the "brotherhood" of creation.

Her work humanizes and reconciles, and the changes it will effect will come so noiselessly that the majority will not be aware of them till they are accomplished, and then each one will announce, and perhaps believe, that they themselves have brought these things about.

By his leading articles he has done as much as the late Joseph Chamberlain by his speeches to democratize and humanize the old Tory party of England.

The miner who owned the wife and baby, and who, consequently, was somewhat more humanized than his comrades, in taking leave of us "wished us well out of the country, and that we might never have occasion to return to it!"

The conception of love as a civilizing and humanizing power already underlay the sensuous stanzas of the Ninfale fiesolano, while the later part of the romance was not uninfluenced by recollections of the Divine Comedy.

Thus are women working, women of all classes, to humanize the factory.

In a tentative, halting sort of fashion we are learning to humanize the factory and shop.

The power to humanize domestic service in her own household is in every woman's hand.

A deep distress hath humanized my soul.

But we do not suspect how these manifestations of material Beauty are received by the mysterious alembic of the soul,how they are worked up there by exquisite and subtile processes of moral chemistry, humanized, spiritualized, and appropriated unconsciously to sweet uses of piety and affection.

The natural world, passing through the mind of man, is immediately interpreted and humanized by his creative power, and assumes the colors, forms, and harmonies of Painting, Sculpture, and Music.

But because it has its birth in intense Love, in refined appreciation of all the movements of Life and all the utterances of Creation, because it is the humanized essence of these motions and developments, it becomes thus an inestimable Unity, containing within itself the germs of a new world of ever new delight.

If the present work succeeds in humanizing Washington, and making him a man rather than a historical figure, its purpose will have been fulfilled.

It is not that the plastic and pictorial arts cannot spiritualize the stone and the canvas as well as humanize it bodily; equally with the poetic art they reveal character, but within narrower bounds.

They are not thereby de-humanized; neither do the ideal types of imagination fail of humanization because they are thus fragmentarily, but consistently, presented.

Some touch of weakness in an angel, some touch of pity in a devil, some unmerited misfortune in an Ariel, bring them home to our bosoms; just as the frailty of the hero, however great he be, humanizes him at a stroke.

The celestial plot is humanized, and the poem becomes a hero-epic in almost an exclusive way; though the knight's achievement is also an achievement of God's will, the interest lies in the Divine power conceived as man's moral victory.

How humanizing a pastoral life is, to be sure!

And he was one of the first, following the logic of a free press, an organized business for the sale of books, and the appearance of popular interest in literature, to undertake that work of translating the best thought, feeling, sentiment, and knowledge of his time, and of all times, into the language of the drawing-room, the club, and the street, which has done so much to humanize and civilize the modern world.

Steele was ardent, impulsive, warm-hearted, mercurial; full of aspiration and beset by lamentable weaknesses,preaching the highest morality and constantly falling into the prevalent vices of his time; a man so lovable of temper, so generous a spirit, and so frank a nature, that his faults seem to humanize his character rather than to weaken and stain it.

The charm of the latter consists in the rich verdure of the fields, in the stately way-side trees and carefully kept plantations of wood, and in the old and high cultivation that has humanized the very sods by mingling so much of man's toil and care among them.

They have held a certain intercourse with man for immemorial years; and, most probably, the stag that Shakspeare killed was one of the progenitors of this very herd, and may himself have been a partly civilized and humanized deer, though in a less degree than these remote posterity.

If she had reproached him, stormed at him, anything, he could have borne it better; but the utter lifeless calm of her voice, the hopeless look in her beautiful white face, touched his heartthat heart but newly unwrapped and humanized from its mummifying encasements by the omnipotent God of Love.

Grillparzer chose the title, he said, because he wished to suggest a romantic treatment that should humanize the matter.