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302 example sentences with  hundredth

302 example sentences with hundredth

But in a moment they faced about, seeming to have a good obedience to one who did always lead; and of whom I had inquired, and found to be one named Aschoff, who was a great athlete of the Nine-Hundredth-City.

In Bengal it is about the hundredth part of a paisa.

I never saw a statue that gave me one hundredth part so much pleasurebut pleasure, that is not the word, it is a sublime sensationin harmony with sentiments of devotion to the Divine Being, and reverence for the holy places where He is worshipped.

that I could have been assured that this dear creature loved me with the hundredth part of the love I have for her!Our diffidences have been mutual.

But as he said, "No pen could write, no tongue attain to tell, By force of eloquence, or help of art, Of women's treacheries the hundredth part."

centรฉsimo, -a, hundredth.

* * * * * Many things are put down to the force of habit which are rather to be attributed to the constancy and immutability of original, innate character, according to which under like circumstances we always do the same thing: whether it happens for the first or the hundredth time, it is in virtue of the same necessity.

Only get rid of them and we should enjoy the exquisite climate of Marswith its absence of clouds and fog, of rain or rivers, and its delightful expanses of perennial deserts, varied towards the poles by a scanty snow-fall in winter, the melting of which might, with great care, supply us with the necessary moisture to grow wheat and cabbages for about one-tenth, or more likely one-hundredth, of our present population.

Expert accountants have figured out to a hundredth part of a cent the cost of hauling a passenger or a ton of merchandise any given distance.

This led the seers to declare that on the hundredth day after that he should attain to some heavenly condition.

[A.D. 47, (a. u. 800)] [-29-]The following year, the eight hundredth anniversary of the founding of the city of Rome, Claudius became consul for the fourth and Lucius Vitellius for the third time.

What do we want with popes' tunes here, instead of the Old Hundredth and Martyrdom?

He, he it was, that with foure hundredth markes, Whereof two hundred he paide presently, Did hire[30] this damn'd villaine and my selfe To massacre this harmelesse innocent: But yet my conscience, toucht with some remorse, Would faine have sav'd the young Pertillos life, But he remorselesse would not let him live,

She listened for the report; for the fall of a body which should express the horror she had visualized for the hundredth time.

In 1295, he called upon his subjects for a forced loan, and soon after he shamelessly required them to pay the one-hundredth part of their incomes, and after but a short interval he demanded another fiftieth part.

The knout was applied to the prisoner, and at the hundredth stroke he gave the whole conspiracy away.

As her husband you will have control of everything, and no one then will blame you for taking a hundredth part of your wife's money to save your brother.

They did n't feel one hundredth part of all that they said when they cried.

But I will go on: 'I may be foiled ninety-nine times, but the hundredth will succeed.

Lady Byron's was the hundredth case.

of the "Paradise," Dante puts into the mouth of Cunizza, speaking of Foulques of Marseilles, the words, "Before his fame shall die, the hundredth year shall five times come around."

Here and there a modern tune strikes the public taste or sinks deeper to the heart, and it takes its place thenceforward with the "Old Hundredth," with "Martyrs," and "Mear"; but the greater number of these compositions are as ephemeral as newspaper stories.

She inspected her address for the hundredth time, and went to the magazine office, where she was to find the golden egg.

It does not appear that he specified a hundredth part of their duties.

It does not appear that he specified a hundredth part of their duties.

My adventure appeared fantastically unreal to me in the presence of this buxom creature, whom I knew to be incapable of imagining anything one hundredth part so dreadful.

We mean, if speaking strictly; which, however, we freely acknowledge, no one can; but that is owing to the insufficiency of language, which in no dialect could supply a hundredth part of the terms needed to mark every minute shade of difference.

The parts from which I claim no other praise than that of having given them an opportunity of appearing, are the four billets in the tenth paper, the second letter in the fifteenth, the thirtieth, the forty-fourth, the ninety-seventh, and the hundredth papers, and the second letter in the hundred and seventh.

Glory, a few miles of land Luxembourg, Strassburg, one more city in the kingdom; but over there, with a tenth of the cost and a hundredth part of the force, there is a world ready to your hand.

Yet their accessibility, and his unconquerable desire to sear his wound in the flame that had caused it, were constant temptations, and he was battling with them for the hundredth time on the Friday night when he sat in the House gallery listening to a perfunctory debate which concerned itself with a bill touching State water-ways.

My God Amighty, I wish I had one-hundredth part of what I got then.

TOM JONES AND MORALITY The two hundredth anniversary of Henry Fielding is very justly celebrated, even if, as far as can be discovered, it is only celebrated by the newspapers.

Fred wishes, for the hundredth time, that it would come along.

Is there any need of killing ninety-nine men to give the hundredth one the gospel, when we could give the gospel to them all?

cents: of copper, the half cent, or two hundredth part of a dollar.

This place has so much in it that I haven't found a hundredth of what it contains, but all of it is high quality."

All that is here would not bring a hundredth part of its price.

[B.C. 54 (a.u. 700)] [-1-] These were the occurrences in Rome while the city was passing through its seven hundredth year.

In the fading light of seven o'clock on that fair summer's evening John McTavish for the hundredth time seized the heavy arms of Sharon Whipple and bent them back and up in the right line.

I recognize and deplore them," and she looked at the young man in so winning and frank a fashion as she rose from the table, that Calvert thought to himself for the hundredth time that he had never seen anyone so incomparably beautiful and charming.

And to-night, when my passport had been examined for the hundredth time since leaving Havre and we had passed the city barrier, I thought the very look and sound of these streets of Paris had changed utterly in the last two years."

Now, on the last evening of our stay at the island, we walked again the familiar paths; looked for the hundredth time down the great brown river that had borne our people to this place of beginning; stood once more beside the graveyard wall; then started toward the houseboat, turning for a last look at the broken church tower and to bid good night and good-bye to old James Towne.

For this psalmody we are indebted to the Reformers of Germany, especially Luther, who was himself an enthusiastic lover of music, and is believed to have composed some of the finest tunes, particularly the Hundredth Psalm, and the hymn on the Last Judgment, which Braham sings with such tremendous power at our great performances of sacred music.

Jac L. Gubbels (A); 23Nov66; R397647. GUEDALLA, NELLIE M. The hundredth year.

The hundredth year.

If we could hope to do a hundredth part of the great things Edison has done, it would, as Professor Gray says, indeed make life worth living.

Only, you see, it hasn't been falling yet for the hundredth part of a second.

He strolls round the kitchen, looking with sudden interest at the mantelpiece ornaments; he reads, for the hundredth time, the sampler on the wall.

Allowing, however, that it were absolutely necessary to remind the horse of the presence of the whip by continually cracking it, a crack that made one hundredth part of the noise would be sufficient.

* * * * * Much that is attributed to force of habit ought rather to be put down to the constancy and immutability of original, innate character, whereby we always do the same thing under the same circumstances; which happens the first as for the hundredth time in consequence of the same necessity.

If Mr. Catherwood had shown a hundredth part of his courage" "There, there, daughter," protested her father, as they seated themselves at the table, "a truce to all that; let us leave him out of the conversation."

The phrase "courage and imagination" flashed unbidden into his mind as he realized the loneliness of the situation, and for the hundredth time he wondered what in the world could be the experiments with sound that this extraordinary man pursued in this isolated old mansion among the hills.

He was a valuable piece of antiquity, being then, 1684, in the hundredth year of his age.

The longest life, the greatest industry, joined to the most powerful memory, would not suffice to make us profit from a hundredth part of the world of books before us.

It seems this Person is of so sullen a Nature, that he knows but little Satisfaction in the midst of a plentiful Fortune, and secretly frets to see any Appearance of Content, in one that lives upon the hundredth Part of his Income, who is unhappy in the Possession of the Whole.

The Truth of it is, they generally found upon Search, that in the most vicious Man Pleasure might lay a Claim to an hundredth Part, and that in the most virtuous Man Pain might come in for at least two Thirds.

He lived to give a 3rd or 4th Edition of it, and after having passed his hundredth Year, died without Pain or Agony, and like one who falls asleep.

Harpath made so quick a Dispatch of his Courtship, that he married Hilpa in the hundredth Year of her Age; and being of an insolent Temper, laughed to Scorn his Brother Shalum for having pretended to the beautiful Hilpa, when he was Master of nothing but a long Chain of Rocks and Mountains.

Not a hundredth part of the official dishonesty at New Orleans and other points along the Mississippi will ever be known.

The next time you see Marshal Botta, and are to act King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, you must abate about a hundredth thousandth part of the dignity of your crown.

I am constantly occupied, engaged, amused, till I cannot bring a hundredth part of what I have to say into the compass of a letter.

After you have found ninety-nine sound reasons for hiring a man, it's all right to let his relationship to you be the hundredth.

As this property is but a small fraction of the whole property of the country, and as its owners are not a hundredth part of the population of the country, does any sane man doubt that the slave-property will be relentlessly confiscated in order that the Slave Power may be forever crushed?

The elements composing these rival parties were, through the initiative of William O'Brien, M.P., and in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the United Irishmen of Wolfe Tone's day, joined in 1898 under the name of the United Irish League, John E. Redmond becoming the first president, and also the chairman of the Parliamentary Party which it had been instrumental in uniting.

We were appointed maids of honor at the same time, and when we were presented to the Empress" And the Countess for the hundredth time related to her grandson one of her anecdotes.

Then what would you do if you were like us?a people who possess nothing in this world among whom there is not one able or one instructed head; for although every third man bears the name of Papa, it is not every hundredth who can read!

"And you'll come back as soon as you can?" pleaded Wabi for the hundredth time.

The two tubes which I found on the dressing-table would each have contained, if full, twenty tabloids, each tabloid representing one five-hundredth of a grain of strophanthin.

The ordinary medicinal dose of strophanthin is one five-hundredth of a grain.

Bruddern and sistern, sing de ole six hundredth toon.

It is a much more powerful poison than alcohol, producing death in less than one hundredth part the deadly dose of alcohol; and when taken in any but the smallest doses, it produces all the symptoms of intoxication.

In the hundredth case, it happened that one might have said or done something which one knew that he would disapprove.

Genuine poetry is like a masterpiece of the painter's art:we can gaze with admiration for the hundredth time on a noble picture.

Upon the occasion of his one-hundredth birthday, December 24, 1935, his daughter Mrs. Houston gave him a child's party and invited one hundred guest; one hundred stockings were made, filled with fruits, nuts and candies and one given each guest.

You can also look backnot merely from these ridges, but from certain moral ridges as wellover the ground which has been successfully traversed, and you can marvel for the hundredth time, not that the thing was well or badly done, but that it was ever done at all.

As he rolled into his "flea-bag" that night, Bobby requoted to himself, for the hundredth time, a passage from Shakespeare which had recently come to his notice.

20 Ye lofty beeches, tell this matchless dame, That if together ye fed all one flame, It could not equalise the hundredth part Of what her eyes have kindled in my heart!

On the hundredth night every member of the audience was presented with Henry Irving's acting edition of the play bound in white veluma solid and permanent souvenir, paper, print and binding all being of the best.

It was no doubt more interesting than the "butter" which is usually applied to the profession at such functions, but every one felt that it was rather rude to abuse long runs when the company were met to celebrate a hundredth performance!

On the hundredth night I sent Tennyson the Cup itself.

Your hundredth year's already past.

And at the dawn of the hundredth day They landed in Palestine.

"Uncommonly heavy," said the Baron, when he arrived at the hundredth page; "I will keep it in reserve for my lighter and gayer moments, when timely repression may be necessary."

He took refuge from this nightmare in an Oxford Street restaurant, and as he ate his midday chop he asked himself, for the hundredth time, how the deuce it was that he had got into the debts which weighed him down.

The Maoris made no use of a hundredth part of their lands.

The Chicago Exhibition, 1893.The four hundredth anniversary of the Columbian discovery of America occurred in October, 1892.

We ranged the house from tower to cellar; we overhauled the tunnel, for, it seemed to me, the hundredth time.

More typical still of this singular and fortunate generation was Fontenelle, who, one morning in his hundredth year, quietly observed that he felt a difficulty in existing, and forthwith, even more quietly, ceased to do so.

A kind friend gave me anecdotes of the past in her hundredth year.

It is only when we have seen it for the hundredth time that we see it for the first time.

Less than one-hundredth of the money Harley-Davidson made in 2010 came from these fees.

He was asked, for what feels like the hundredth time, about his process of getting into the character of Arthur Fleck.

And I quit watching Hawaii 5-0 after a main character had been kidnapped or taken hostage for the hundredth time.

I wasnโ€™t hearing my grandfatherโ€™s war stories for the hundredth time, but for the first: He was terrified, he told me, when his naval ship, USS APA-217, approached Okinawa on Easter Sunday in 1945, bombs spitting out of the thick sky like rain.

In 1967 government officials planned an ambitious program of events to mark the historic occasion of Canada's one hundredth anniversary of Confederation.

In 1998, the hundredth anniversary of its creation, the city has a chance to return the Assembly Hall to the residents of the Lakeshore.

And there's a really important anniversary as well, too, that I think we should all be celebrating, and that's it's the hundredth anniversary of northern Manitoba this year.

Jules Verne's Hundredth Book deals with the Klondyke and is full of strange facts and fancies - To be published after his death"

Round each number from the list of decimal numbers to the nearest tenth and to the nearest hundredth.

Arts of the raven: masterworks by the Northwest Coast Indian ; an exhibition in honour of the one hundredth anniversary of Canadian Confederation.