280 examples of hundredth in sentences

In the same way, although it would have been absurd in Willie to rack his brain for some scheme by which to restore such a grand building as the Priory, he could yet bethink himself that the hundredth room did not come next the first, neither did the third; the one after the first was the second, and he might do something towards the existence of that.

Not Merlin's mother had produced half the impression upon him; and Adeliza on her part had never found her lover one-hundredth part so interesting as he seemed that morning.

According to his account of the matter, no other people possessed a tithe of the knowledge, or a hundredth part of the honesty and virtue of the very community he was addressing; and after labouring for ten minutes to convince his hearers that they already knew every thing, he wasted several more in trying to persuade them to undertake further acquisitions of the same nature.

the Cabinet ministers asked each other for the hundredth time.

In all cases the back of the card showed what was on the face; that was the simple secret of the whole contrivance, although the Brighton magistrates could not discover it, as the whole of them combined had not a hundredth part of the intelligent cuteness of Lord Chief Justice Jervis.

The last shot was a wild one, sent on a hundredth chance.

With that, he pulled out a rolled-up manuscript from his coat pocket with a flourish and began to read; "'Ladies and Gentlemen: I have called this emergency session of the Five Hundredth and Eighteenth Parliamentary Congress to inform you of some very disturbing developments along our northern border.

"I do not wish to alarm our citizens to the point of panic, but I shall now read to you their President's reply: "'To President Humongous Schnozzle; distinguished Members of the Five Hundredth and Eighteenth Parliamentary Congress of the Sniffer Nation; and to all of the humble citizens of your fair land.

No oath which superstition can devise, no hostage however precious, inspires a hundredth part of the confidence which is produced by the 'yea, yea,' and the 'nay, nay,' of a British envoy."

This set the engineer to muttering threats against the stranger who had stolen the submarine, and caused him for the hundredth time to remark: "H'I 'ates t' think what'll 'appen t' 'em, once h'I gets me 'ands on 'em.

The stars came upthe stars by which he laid his course; and, finally, pacing, he came for the hundredth time to the tent's front and stopped.

I pray you, Appius Claudius, though this is now the hundredth year since the dictatorship of Mamercus Aemilius, though there have been so many men of the highest characters and abilities censors, did none of these ever read the twelve tables?

Fred wishes, for the hundredth time, that it would come along.

Had she said not one hundredth of them, she would have been within the mark.

Thus we say, forty-ninth, and not fortieth-ninth; nor could the meaning of the phrase, four hundred and fiftieth, be expressed by saying, fourth hundredth and fiftieth; for this, if it means any thing, speaks of three different numbers.

"The two hundredth time!"

"The two hundredth time, at least!

GUEDALLA, NELLIE M. The hundredth year.

The hundredth year.

It is a power given to your cold and selfish nature in place of the capacity for being able to be loved, with which women not a hundredth part as beautiful as you are dowered, and you have a raging desire, Alice, to exercise it over me as over the others; but you can't.

Translated into words, they said that he had got off cheaply for the hundredth time.

In vain I told her we were homeopathists, and afraid of everything in the animal, vegetable, or mineral kingdoms lower than the two-hundredth dilution.

You can also look backnot merely from these ridges, but from certain moral ridges as wellover the ground which has been successfully traversed, and you can marvel for the hundredth time, not that the thing was well or badly done, but that it was ever done at all.

200 Th' Athenian story writ at ninety-four By Isocrates, who yet lived five years more; His master Gorgias at the hundredth year And seventh, not his studies did forbear:

The king must to his dark, dark grave, And we to the dark-blue sea." Then into the east they sailed away Full ninety days and nine, And at the dawn of the hundredth day They landed in Palestine.

280 examples of  hundredth  in sentences