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280 examples of hundredths in sentences

Mr. Neison's calculations and tables, in his "Contributions to Vital Statistics," make this average somewhat over seven days' yearly sickness, and one and ninety-two hundredths of one per cent, constantly sick.

These rates of sickness and deathone and a half or one and ninety-two hundredths per cent, constantly sick, and seventy-seven to one hundred and eleven dying, in each year, among ten thousand livingmay be considered as the proportion of males, of the army-ages, that should be constantly taken away from active labor and business by illness, and that should be annually lost by death.

" We shall always feel that a great opportunity was here lost of ridding the country of certain nuisances, who, if anything at all, are worse than dummies, and deserve not four only, but four hundred balls in them, "forty-two one-hundredths of an inch in diameter," or even larger.

Aliens to our Orderthat is, ninety-nine hundredths of our racetake delight in the infliction of petty personal annoyance, at least never take care not to 'jar each other's elbow-nerves,' or set on edge the teeth that never bit them.

Unconscious spokeswoman for the ninety-nine hundredths of the human race!

What he saw, of course I must not say; for if I did the reviewers would declare, as usual, one and all, that I copied out of the Morning Chronicle; and the fact that these pages, ninety-nine hundredths of them at least, were written two years before the Morning Chronicle began its invaluable investigations, would be contemptuously put aside as at once impossible and arrogant.

The union of such is as described in paragraph 216, Army Regulations, and shall be of the following proportions: Width, seven-thirteenths of the hoist of the flag; length, seventy-six one-hundredths of the hoist of the flag.

But not all of this could wipe out those figures that had just been put up on the board, which proclaimed a victory for the Prescott aeroplane by a margin of three and twenty-one hundredths minutes!

Like sterling silver; so many and so many hundredths per cent.

It is the business of ethics to tell us what are our duties, or by what test we may know them; but no system of ethics requires that the sole motive of all we do shall be a feeling of duty; on the contrary, ninety-nine hundredths of all our actions are done from other motives, and rightly so done, if the rule of duty does not condemn them.

The published processes for the detection of tin in canned food will not reveal more than the amounts stated in the table, or about those amounts; that is to say, a few thousandths or perhaps two or three hundredths of a grain, if this precaution be adopted.

It amounted to only three-hundredths of a grain in a half pint of the soup as sent to table.

Hence the weight before obtained, 28 pounds, must be reduced seven hundredths of its whole value, and we thus obtain 28 - 0.196 = 27.804 pounds as the true weight of one pound transported from the earth's equator to that of the sun.

Why, say, he ain't even two and seventy-five-hundredths per cent.

Imagine yourself filing a long, tapering point on the end of a wire only one eighteen-hundredths of an inch in diameter, in order to get it through a draw plate that will bring it down to one two-thousandths.

As regards the penetrating power of the large "40 L/40" gun, the German press observes that in 1868 artillery was incapable of piercing in one-hundredths of an inch what it is now piercing in tenths of an inch.

The pendulum spring of a watch, which governs the vibrations of the balance, costs at the retail price twopence, and weighs fifteen one-hundredths of a grain, whilst the retail price of a pound of the best iron, the raw material out of which fifty thousand such springs are made, is exactly the sum of twopence.

The frame is furnished with a brass scale at F for counting revolutions, the head counting hundredths.

It is interesting to note that the electric fork, as long as it remained untouched and at the same temperature, did not change its rate more than one or two hundredths vibrations per second.

It may be mentioned that the test of uniformity was very delicate, as a change of speed of one or two hundredths of a turn per second could easily be detected.

The deflection was read to within three or four hundredths of a turn at each observation, and this error appears in the probable error of the result.

Between noon of the 14th and noon of the 15th, forty-five and ninety-nine hundredths inches of rain fell at Baguio.

"The Flying Fish wins by one minute and four and seven hundredths seconds.

Assuming that the whole of this quantity was injected the amount taken would be forty five-hundredths, or about one twelfth of a grain.

In the low state, it may be a few ohms, or even a few hundredths of an ohm.

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