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190 example sentences with  hurtle

190 example sentences with hurtle

Even as I fumbled, the lantern slipped from my fingers, and hurtled down into the darkness.

The streets were almost empty, for the theatre-crowd had passed, and as we reached the Avenue and turned down-town, the driver pushed up his spark, and we hurtled along toward Fourteenth street at a speed which made me think of the traffic regulations.

Hence it came that the aurora looked to him like the crowding of innumerable spearsin the hands of angels, themselves invisibleclashed together and shaken asunder, however, as in the convolutions of a mazy dance of victory, rather than brandished and hurtled as in the tumult of the battle.

There was a moment of breathless suspense, then one bird loosed its hold and the huge block of stone hurtled through the air, but thanks to the presence of mind of the helmsman, who turned our ship violently in another direction, it fell into the sea close beside us, cleaving it asunder till we could nearly see the bottom.

A few seconds elapsed; then a sheet of flame burst from the batteries, and round shot, canister, and grape hurtled through the air.

For forty-eight hours before the city fell great crowds of the citizens, dumb with terror as the huge German shells hurtled over their heads, were fleeing toward England and Holland in such numbers that the hospitality of those countries was likely to be taxed to the utmost.

THE FATAL SISTERS AN ODE FROM THE NORSE TONGUE How the storm begins to lower, (Haste, the loom of hell prepare,) Iron-sleet of arrowy shower Hurtles in the darkened air.

Never one of these nighthawks will you see after linnet time, though the hurtle of their wings makes a pleasant sound across the dusk in their season.

While he spoke, however, something hurtled over their heads and thumped the platform.

At any rate, as the stallion landed, Bull pitched from the arched back and hurtled forward and to the right side.

Somewhere, just outside the open windows, sounded a laugh; a young, clear, unrestrained laugh, then the call of a sharp whistle, and next moment, through the doors not yet closed, hurtled something yellow and long-legged!

Great travellersnot your GRANTS or SPEKES Who lived with dwarfs, or tamed gorillas, Or scaled imaginary peaks Upon the backs of pink chinchillas, Or in some languorous lagoon Bestrode the awe-inspiring turtle, Or in the Mountains of the Moon Saw rocs athwart the zenith hurtle All, all have had their fame aspersed By rude Town Clerks or senior wranglers;

When all was made ready the knights struck spurs to their steeds, and loosing the rein upon the horses' necks, hurtled together with raised buckler and lance in rest.

I desire not drink to my lips when athirst, nor meat to my mouth when an hungered, as I desire the hour when we hurtle together in the field.

He set his buckler before him, and lowering the lance, hurtled upon his adversary.

He hurtled upon the Romans, and looking on Peredur, fought his way to his side.

Let nothing induce you to break from your post should evil befall, and the battle roll back to the wood, charge boldly on your adversaries, that you comrades may find rest if it chance that the Romans turn their backs in the battle, then hurtle upon them without delay, sparing none in the flight".

The company hurtled on, till they drew to the golden eagle which was the gonfalon of the emperor.

The two hurtled together, but each was so mighty that he fell not from his horse.

The Fathers ran to the throne room, each one more infuriated than the other, and declaimed against the insolence of the demon, who grew huger and more hideous at every angry word that hurtled through the air.

[Fr.]; cant; elbow, shoulder, jostle, justle^, hustle, hurtle, shove, jog, jolt, encounter; run against, bump against, butt against; knock one's head against, run one's head against; impinge; boost [U.S.]; bunt, carom, clip y; fan, fan out; jab, plug [Slang].

A stone hurtled through the air and struck him on the cheek.

The infernal hurricane that never rests Hurtles the spirits onward in its rapine; Whirling them round; and smiting, it molests them.

Just as we were starting, an object hurtled through the air and fell at my feet, and Jean's voice explained, "It is Topsy, Olivia; you may have her"; then, self-sacrificing but heart-broken, she buried her head in her mother's lap.

asked the officer, as they seemed to hurtle through the air, so fast did they rush onward.

The car stopped short, and its boy and girl occupants were hurtled, like projectiles, into the storm center of disaster.

The flashes of light, the lightning, anything that darted swiftly and struck violently, was compared to the hurtling arrow or the whizzing lance.

Nelson, at the wheel, waved his hand to them as he hurtled past, and laughed joyously in French Pete's face, who was angered by the dangerous trick.

Then the Reindeer swept skyward and hurtled across their bow to leeward on the breast of a mighty billow.

The throw was wild, and a sickening sensation went through the hearts of all as they saw it hurtle past the third baseman.

There is a hurtling in the air, a trampling of feet upon the ground, as these perfect representations of human character or fanciful belief come thronging back upon our imaginations.

Single file, every man ready to obey any command, they bade defiance to the fiercest storm of leaden hail that ever hurtled over a troop of United States cavalry.

But the morn, though sweet and fair; Sweeter is when thou art there; Hymning stars successive fade, Fairies hurtle through the shade, Lovelorn flowers I weeping see,

He capped his hands about his lips and the hunter screamed encouragement to the hunted, yelled advice, shrieked his warnings when treetrunks hurtled from behind.

We went hurtling through villages and towns we had not seen before.

And the trench was full of flying slugs and chunks of dirt, striking against our faces and hurtling all about us.

I have been hurtled about on the largest Atlantic waves; yet I am, and always will remain, absolutely impossible at sea.

Iron-sleet of arrowy shower Hurtles in the darken'd air.

He plunged out into the lake of mud and plowed through it towards the barricade, the men swarming behind him, and the sergeant's bombs hurtling with trailing streams of sparks over their heads.

A second later something shrieked hurtling down and past his gun team, and struck with a vicious thump into the ground.

And even as the two hurriedly skirted the place another shell hurtled over, tripped on the top edge of a roof across the square and exploded with an appalling clatter and burst of noise.

It hurtled toward me like a discus.

Through the early morning quiet of Wetona, Wisconsin, hurtled the shrill, piercing shriek of Terry Platt's hysteria.

There was a shrill cry as his body hurtled through the air, then a crash.

In its rapid descent, confined to the bottom of the canyon, it hurtled along over water-worn boulders of great size, its swollen masses of surging waters forming here and there cascades, immense pools and miniature falls.

The air was darkened by hurtling parodies, the arrangement of which is still a standing crux to the bibliographers.

Since the old heroic times when the Homers and the Gunnlaugs sang of battle with the sleet of lances hurtling around them, a great calm has settled down upon Parnassus.

But above the roar of the cannon came the sharper sound of the piping shot, the crashing of riven planks, and the occasional heavy thud as spar or block came hurtling on to the deck.

When one of these spoke there was a trembling of earth, and through the sky a great shell hurtled, with such a rush of air that it seemed like an express train dashing through an endless tunnel.

Here near Mitchell's, on a lonesome roadside, stood Kincaid's Battery, fated there to stay for hours yet, in hateful idleness and a fierce July sun, watching white smoke-lines of crackling infantry multiply in the landscape or bursting shells make white smoke-rings in the bright air, and to listen helplessly to the boom, hurtle and boom of other artilleries and the far away cheering and counter-cheering of friend and foe.

With forests uprooted, houses smashing about them, and unseen express-trains hurtling through space, they are too stunned to be afraid.

And there came hurtling after and beside him a great leather bag, stained, and stuffed with a heavy burden, and bounding by him it stopped with a little wheel that brought it exactly before his feet.

Only two words were spoken, a "You, huh?" from the larger chap; then a quick tackle, a short straining scuffle, and Thad was thrown so violently sidewise and hurtled against the bench from which Bill had just risen, that it and Thad went over on the ground together.

A rushing hiss follows, and the rain hurtles through the branches, driving so horizontally as to pass overhead.

Arrows hurtled in the air like a noisy flight of sparrows, and the blood of warriors dripped upon the ground like rain-water."

There was a whang, a whistleand the ink bottle hurtled in a beautiful parabola over Greenwich Street.

The suffering mortals, Hurtling from one hard Hour to another, Like waves that are driven From cliff-side to cliff-side, Endlessly down the uncertain abyss.

Within a ring of hundred yards approach About there and about, a stream of death, Hurtled grenades and cannon-shot and shell.

Suddenly something hurtled out of the gloom and crashed into us.

he gasped and hurtled onwards towards the saddle-room.

They not only overshot me, but glanced as harmlessly off Mrs. Jimmie's arrow-proof armour of complete unconsciousness as if they had hurtled aimlessly over her handsome head.

Something hurtled hotly through my hairthe iron bolt of an arbalest, as I knew by the song of the steel bow in a man's hand at the end of the passage.

Witchcraft rides in the hurtling blast, and shrieks in the gust which shakes the roof and blows awry the candle in the hall.

Such were the shouts that hurtled through the streets and were bandied fiercely from man to man, betraying in tone more than in word the intensity of the hatred which existed between the ducal towers of the Wolfsberg and the city which lay beneath them.

The Parrott guns at the foundry, over on the headland opposite, are trying,as they are trying almost all the time,against the face of the high, old, desolate cliff; and the hurtling buzz of the shells keeps a sort of slow, tremendous time-beat on the air.

When I stopped to rest I would shove a stone loose and watch it heave and slide, and leap out and hurtle down, to make the dust fly, and crash into the thickets, and eventually start an avalanche that would roar down into the canyon.

Some of our shells, perhaps from defective powder, fell amongst us; some would burst in mid air, and the fragments would hurtle down.

They say that an invisible force holds us in our own armchairs while the earth hurtles like a boomerang; and men still go back to dusty records to prove the mercy of God.

For an hour the two had been standing there, wrapped in their long military overcoats, while Nissr had swooped on her appointed ways, with hurtling trajectory that had cleft the dark.

and with that someone within the van uttered a cry, as a dark object sprang out over the flap, hurtled past Mr. Hucks, and hurled itself across the court towards the gate.

The heavy block hurtled through the air, smashing Dorety's head like an egg-shell and hurtling on and back and forth as the staysail whipped and slatted in the wind.

The toffs of Town will crush and hurtle.

Yet the generalizations for which they were seeking a basis were trivial in comparison with those which our author hurtles out after a glance at M. Quetelet.

Some night at sea, when clouds hurtled before the wind across the sky and when the waves leaped up mast-high; when some good ship staggered with the storm, when hundreds were shrieking and yelling in fear or defiance of death; there would have been a death-scene for Jerry Strann.

It was easy for Strann to dodge the beast, and the great black body hurtled past him and struck heavily on the floor of the barn.

He doubled up, slipped his arms behind him, and the next instant, without visible reason, the red-headed man hurtled through the air and smashed against the bar with a jolt that set the glassware shivering and singing.

With deep-mouthed shout they hurtled down To tear it from its hold The girders shrieked, the cables strained And shuddered at the roar Yet, when the winds had passed, the bridge Held firmly as before!

Lost in infinity: Alone, and on the ageless breath Of cosmic whirlwinds spun, I hurtle through the outer dark Toward some fantastic sun!

While he hurtled down the road from Pinnacle to Lund, Casey pictured himself plodding through sand and sage and over malapai and up dry canyons, hazing a burro before him.

Casey whirled about, ducked a hurtling monkey wrench and rushed Ole, who was getting up awkwardly, his eyes malevolent.

But as the country hurtles towards its peak infection rate, the health system is at risk of being overwhelmed because people are flouting regulations and ignoring guidelines.

Five members of a Navi Mumbai family, including a three-year-old boy, were killed in a car accident in Satara after their bus hurtled off a bridge and fell 50 feet early Saturday morning, police said.

For those who like to hurtle headlong down the slopes, cresta run style.

Hurtling through the clouds and pulling off some brave manoeuvres isn't enough to lose his tail though, but he's eventually able to find a hiding spot after entering an ice canyon.

Hurtling toward the final days of the legislative session, Senate Republicans have proposed divvying up the money based on a formula where counties would get $174 per resident, partly shared among cities and towns within the counties.

A month later, as a chunk of road debris hurtled toward my windshield on I-40, I thought, "Well, there it is."

Suddenly, at 7:07 am, a Japanese Yokosuka D4Y Judy bomber flashed out of a cloudbank and hurtled down toward the at 360 miles an hour.

The package is seen as a government attempt to check the world’s fifth-largest economy hurtling towards its first full-year contraction in four decades.

The story of Sam and Dean Winchester is rapidly hurtling towards its conclusion, and only half a season remains before finally comes to an end.

The TT RS Coupe hurtles from a standstill to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds en route to a limited top speed of 250 km/h and if you think that is not enough, Audi can remove the limiter to enable the models to top at 280 km/h.

This winter’s total snow accumulation has already eclipsed last year’s, so there may just be plenty more opportunities to find yourself on the receiving end of a snowball hurtling toward you.

We are rapidly hurtling towards a future in which ecofascism is perfectly positioned to thrive.

When the Martian suicide ships hurtled toward Venus, terrified people scrambled to find safety.

With a roar, our plane hurtles down the runway and into the air.

Down the line, the Arkyd Series 200 Interceptor could actually travel to an asteroid as it hurtles towards Earth.

I watched the two adapted Ousters flutter like butterflies, saw the torrent of plasma energy rising from the Startree to surround them, and suddenly hurtled past them as if they had opened parachutes and I was still in freefall.

Now we have to choose whether we will hurtle further into destruction or pull back and restore what we’ve lost.

Separated from their transporter, they then hurtle through the atmosphere, pulled toward their target by gravity, while picking up momentum along the way.

As if Natalie were a catalyst which hurtles Adoni back into the world she sought to return to for so long, Adoni is lured by the soulful rendition of a street musician playing saxophone.

The snow spraying in your face as you hurtled down, hoping you’d make it to the bottom before wiping out in spectacular fashion?