347 examples of i was saying in sentences

D. I was saying that I wished to look a little longer at the fashions in Broadway.

" When the lacrosse boys had gone, Dr. Clay finished his argument: "These fellows prove what I was saying.

One minute I was saying he was dead, and the next minute I was saying he had gone to Russia, and the next minute I was saying the money wasn't his at all.

"I was saying that my friend met his mate, nobody's else's, and though he'd never met her before, by Jing!

"As I was saying, Mr. Mock Hen is a very remarkable character," responded Miss Fanny.

"As I was saying," resumed Mr. Clarkson, in the low tones of confidence, "Digson was after her money.

"As I was saying," resumed Mr. Clarkson, in the low tones of confidence, "Digson was after her money.

But, as I was saying, education is a temporary thing, and your lordship's, however lasting and laborious, is at length brought to a period.

But I was saying, I suppose a woman who lives a good deal in her mind never does have muchwell, what you might call passion, (uses the word as if it shouldn't be used.

As I was saying, if she had cut that wick straight, I do believe it wouldn't have happened,though it isn't that I mean to lay the blame on her now.

"As I was saying, I worked with all my speed to get the barrier completed about me and the ring, for it was already later than I cared to be in that room 'unprotected.'

But, as I was saying, there really doesn't so much happen here as there does down to Boston; and it isn't nearly so interesting.

I was saying that human nature is very queer; and it used to seem queer to myself.

" I thought I was saying a very ordinary thing when I spoke of thanking God for His long years of discipline, but very likely life did not look to me at your age as it does now.

But, as I was saying when you interrupted me, my dear, it is well for youth to have its fling, because (as I have often thought) we are young only once:

"I was saying that you wore a displeased air almost as if you envied France her good fortune of to-day!"

But as I was saying, sir, with regard to this lady and gentleman, I think you said that the people you are looking for were strangers to this part of the country, and were occupying a farm-house that had been lent to them.

now you are au fait!Monsieur Thurot, as I was saying, landed last week in the isle of Islay, the capital province belonging to a great Scotch King, who is so good as generally to pass the winter with his friends here in London.

"But I never meant to have told," said Charley, "if you had not come in upon us, when I was in the midst of such a wax that I did not know what I was saying"; and on my demanding what she meant by the elegant expression she had used about Isa and me, she explained that it was the schoolboy's word for currying favour.

Well, as I was saying, I'd met a lot of the boys up in town this day, and they threw as many as two drinks into me; I know that for certain, because when we took the parting dose, I had a glass of whisky in both my right hands, and had just twice as many friends as when I started.

" "That's just what I was saying to Wilkinson," said Prodgers.

As I was saying just now, there is nothing worse than a fool.

At the same time he added: "As I was saying, I've been thinking.

"Ez I was saying to the Don yer, when two high-toned gents like you and him come together in a delicate matter of this kind, it ain't no hoss trade nor sharp practice.

"And so, as I was saying," pursued a husky voice, which I knew at once to be the property of Madame Bouïsse, "M'sieur Basil's friend painted it on purpose for him; and I am sure if he was as good a Catholic as the Holy Father himself, and that picture was a true portrait of our Blessed Lady, he could not worship it more devoutly.

347 examples of  i was saying  in sentences