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Do we say   ibid   or  idem

Do we say ibid or idem

ibid 1149 occurrences

"Munda cor meum ab omnibus vanis perversis et alienis cogitationibus" (ibid.).

"Interruptiones in eo non fiant, nisi urgente necessitate" (ibid.).

With becoming attitude, not lying prone, not crossing our legs; without saluting or speaking to those passing by? "In officio curando magnopere reverentia et honestas, cum ubique sit eadem cui tune loquimur et adstamus Deitas et majestas" (ibid.).

p. 461) and again in 1864 (ibid.,

[Footnote 3: Ibid., vol.

[Footnote 4: Ibid.. p. 371.] But other influences were at work upon Hutton beside those of a mind logical by nature, and scientific by sound training; and the peculiar turn which his speculations took seems to me to be unintelligible, unless these be taken into account.

[Footnote 5: Ibid., vol.

[Footnote 6: Ibid., vol. i. pp.

[Footnote 9: Ibid., vol. ii.

[Footnote 18: Ibid.

[Footnote 19: Ibid.] I do not presume to throw the slightest doubt upon the accuracy of any of the calculations made by such distinguished mathematicians as those who have made the suggestions I have cited.

[Footnote BE: Ibid.


Ibid. lib.

See Nash's Magazine for October, 1914, article by "Diplomatist." Ibid.

Ibid., 1869, vi. 408.

Ibid., pp, 150-160.

[Footnote 1: Ibid., p. 15.] The promised letter was duly sent, and in it she says, "Your words, 'His blood goes on cleansing from unconscious sin,' and 'for conscious sin there is instant confession and instant forgiveness,' seem to include every need, and to settle all doubts and fears.

[Footnote 1: Ibid., p. 20.] The practical effect of this fuller insight into the blessings to be had by those who yield themselves up to Jesus Christ in simple faith, "was evident," remarks her sister, "in her daily true-hearted, whole-hearted service for her King, and also in the increased joyousness of the unswerving obedience of her home life, the surest test of all.

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[Footnote :2 Ibid.,

[Footnote 2: Ibid.

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[Footnote: 13 Ibid.

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[Footnote 86: Ibid.]

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Ibid., XXIV, 9-10.

Ibid., VIII.

[30] Ibid., X. Ibid., XII.

[30] Ibid., X. Ibid., XII.

Ibid., XV.

Ibid, X. De audiendis poetis, VII, VIII.

Rhetoric, I, i. Ibid., I, i. [40] Wilkin's ed. of Cic.

Ibid., XI, i, 9-11.

Ibid., X, i, 28.

Ibid., III, xi.

[90] Ibid., III, viii.

"Verba prope poetarum," ibid., I, 128. "Id primum in poetis cerni licet, quibus est proxima cognatio cum oratoribus."

Nicolaus de Orbellis (d. 1455), quoted by Sandys, p. 644. Ibid., I, 1.

Ibid, p. 81.

[210] Smith, I, 128 Ibid., 130-131.

Smith, I, 158. Ibid., I, 172.

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Ibid, II, 274.

[250] Ibid.,

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[410] Ibid.

Ibid., 51-52.

Through whose mouth? [Footnote 1: Qorân, xxxii., 2; xxxiv., 43; xxxvi., 5, etc.] [Footnote 2: Ibid., xii., 2; xiii., 37; XX., 112; XXVI., 195; xli., 44, etc.] A long and severe crisis preceded Mohammed's call.

[Footnote 34: Ibid., August 28th.]

[Footnote 37: Ibid., August 4th.] On the following day the same journal contained another detailed report: "In spite of official appeals to the public to display self-possession in these serious times, the nationalist mob continues to behave in the most scandalous manner, both in the streets and public restaurants, etc.

[Footnote 48: Ibid., August 3rd.]

[Footnote 76: Ibid., p. 16.] This statement is a gross distortion of the truth.

"[102] [Footnote 102: Ibid., pp.

"[105] [Footnote 105: Ibid.,

"[107] [Footnote 107: Ibid., pp.

"[108] [Footnote 108: Ibid., pp.

"[109] [Footnote 109: Ibid.,

[Footnote 113: Ibid., pp.

[Footnote 114: Ibid., p. 27.] Among the various interesting pictures of the Fatherland sketched by German authors perhaps the following is the most naïve: "English, French and Belgians, hand in hand; how nicely it was all thought out; Belgian neutralityso solemnly pledged by all the Powerswas nothing but a screen behind which they wrought the most devilish plans against Germany.

[Footnote 126: Ibid., p. 19.] The above extracts will suffice to show how these Roman Catholic gentlemen proceeded.

[Footnote 128: Ibid., p. 9.] The author of this work is prepared to go much farther than the Rev. Father, and maintain that the foul, diseased imaginations which could invent such monstrous horrors are also capable of perpetrating them.

[Footnote 146: Ibid., p. 575.] The instance holds good in the land of Kultur, where law and order affords so little protection to a civilian and his property; but in countries where laws are based upon culture the author believes that the forester would receive condign punishment for breaking into another man's house, no matter under what pretext.

[Footnote 153: Ibid., p. 64.] "To-day Antwerp is the second largest port on the Continent, with over 400,000 inhabitants, and now Germany's war banner waves above its cathedral.

[Footnote 154: Ibid., p. 68.] After which follows a glowing account of Belgium's mineral wealth.

[Footnote 156: Ibid., p. 29.] Pity for the Belgians suffering through Germany's brutal war of aggression does not appear to be one of Dr. Mittelmann's weaknesses.

[Footnote 157: Ibid., p. 44.]

[Footnote 158: Ibid., p. 90.] "A dream.

Longing and hope rise in our hearts: May destiny determine that all these dead, after a triumphant war, shall sleep at rest in a German valley!"[160] [Footnote 160: Ibid., p. 122.] CHAPTER X SAIGNER À BLANC.

[Footnote 169: Ibid., pp.

"[170] [Footnote 170: Ibid., p. 34.

[Footnote 171: Ibid., p. 28.]

[Footnote 173: Ibid.,

[Footnote 176: Ibid., pp.

[Footnote 178: Ibid., p. 61.]

[Footnote 179: Ibid., p. 101.] "I spoke of the good understanding between the natives and our soldiers.

"[180] [Footnote 180: Ibid., p. 108.] "French and Russian prisoners are working on the roads, wheeling barrows of stone and filling the holes made by shell fire.

[Footnote 181: Ibid., pp.

[Footnote 186: Ibid., pp.

[Footnote 188: Ibid., 297 et seq.]

[Footnote 191: Ibid., p. 297.] The trials of strength recounted by Oncken are the Bosnian crisis, the Morocco question, and the Austro-Serbian quarrel which led to the present war.

" Ibid.,

"Ibid., "The roughness found on our entrance into the paths of virtue and learning, grow smoother as we advance.

Quoting the provisions of several early slave codes, he continued: [Sidenote] Ibid., p. 409.

He then applied the facts thus assumed as follows: [Sidenote] Ibid., pp.

Elsewhere in the same opinion he said: [Sidenote] Ibid., pp.

[Sidenote] Ibid., p. 29.

[Sidenote] Ibid., pp.

[Sidenote] Ibid., p. 82.

Take this into serious consideration." [Sidenote] Ibid., Nov. 16, 1858.

[Footnote 43: Ibid.

idem 181 occurrences

Juvenal, indeed, gives us a noble picture of inflexible virtue: "Esto bonus miles, tutor bonus, arbiter idem Integer: ambiguae si quando citabere testis, Incertaeque rei, Phalaris licet imperet ut sis, Falsus, et admoto dictet perjuria tauro, Summum crede nefas animam praeferre pudori, Et propter vitam vivendi perdere causas.

And that same powder, even that idem, You took from me, the same, per fidem!

Why then, I warrant ye, for we hold in our law that, idem est non apparere et non esse.

Harueiusque bonus, (charus licet omnibus idem,) Idque suo merito prope suauior omnibus, vnus Angelus et Gabriel, quamuis comitatus araicis Innumeris, geniûmque choro stipatus amaeno, Immerito tamen vnum absentem saepe requiret; Optabitque, Utinam meus hic Edmundus adesset, Qui noua scripsisset, nee amores conticuisset, Ipse suos; et saepe animo verbisque benignis Fausta precaretur, Deus illum aliqaundo reducat.

[Footnote 010: Idem.

There was, indeed, an entire harmony in their political principles; but questions of literature touch an author yet more sensibly than those of state; and the "idem sentire de republica," was an imperfect bond of amity between men who appreciated so differently the Comus and Lycidas of Milton, and the Bucolics of Theocritus.

Idem in Albania gigni quosdam glauca oculorum acie, à pueritia statim canos, qui noctu plusquàm interdiu cernant.

Idem itinere dierum x. supra Borysthenem, Sauromatas tertio die cibum capere semper.

In 1605 Joseph Hall published at Frankfort in Latin a witty satire on the weak side of the world, which had been written several years earlier, entitled "Mundus Alter et Idem."

With reference to the landing at Malta in 498: -Transit Melitam Romanusinsuiam integram Urit populatur vastatrem hostium concinnat.- Lastly, as to the peace which terminated the war concerning Sicily: -Id quoque paciscunt moeniasint Lutatium quae Reconcilient; captivosplurimos idem Sicilienses paciscitobsides ut reddant.- 57.

Hence duo cum faciunt idem, non est idemtwo persons may do the same thing with a different result.

[Footnote 1: Idem, chap. 11.

All I say is this, that I have [105]precedents for it, which Isocrates calls perfugium iis qui peccant, others as absurd, vain, idle, illiterate, &c. Nonnulli alii idem fecerunt; others have done as much, it may be more, and perhaps thou thyself, Novimus et qui te, &c.

But it was Democritus his fortune, Idem admirationi et irrisioni habitus.

[330]One is crowned for that which another is tormented: Ille crucem sceleris precium tulit, hic diadema; made a knight, a lord, an earl, a great duke, (as Agrippa notes) for that which another should have hung in gibbets, as a terror to the rest, "et tamen alter, Si fecisset idem, caderet sub judice morum."

Iterum moneo, ne quid cavillere, ne dum Democritum Juniorem conviciis infames, aut ignominiose vituperes, de te non male sentientem, tu idem audias ab amico cordato, quod olim vulgus Abderitanum ab Hippocrate, concivem bene meritum et popularem suum Democritum, pro insano habens.

Aedipol facinus improbum, one urged, the other replied, At jam alii fecere idem, erit illi illa res honori, 'tis now no fault, there be so many brave examples to bear one out; 'tis a credit to have a strong brain, and carry his liquor well; the sole contention who can drink most, and fox his fellow the soonest. '

Idem mihi accidit Adolescenti (saith Erasmus) acknowledging his fault, et gravissime peccavi, and so may [2068]I say myself, I have offended in this, and so peradventure have many others.

"Nil Publius Scipio profuit, nil ei Laelius, nil Furius, Tres per idem tempus qui agitabant nobiles facillime, Horum ille opera ne domum quident habuit conductitiam.

For the nature of true friendship is to combine, to be like affected, of one mind, "Velle et nolle ambobus idem, satiataque toto Mens aevo" as the poet saith, still to continue one and the same.

"Omne adeo genus in terris hominumque ferarum, Et genus aequoreum, pecudes, pictaeque volucres In furias ignemque ruunt; amor omnibus idem.

Idem Alsarius Crucius Genuensis iisdem fere verbis.

Idem Avicenna lib.

Qui fieri potest, ut sit integer in singulis hostiae particulis, idem corpus numero, tam multis locis, caelo, terra, &c.

Idem fere Mathiolus in dioscoridem.

Idem contemptui et admirationi habitus.

Ambo fortes et fortunati, Mars idem magisterii dominus juxta primam Leovitii regulam.

Idem Lactantius de Romanis et Graecis.

Idem Ammianus, lib. 23.

Hic arcentur haerediatatibus liberi, hic donatur bonis alienis, falsum consulit, alter testamentum corrumpit, &c. Idem.

Idem Aristippus Charidemo apud Lucianum Omnino stultitiae cujusdam esse puto, &c. 381.

Idem Urbertus Foliot, de Neapoli.

Idem Marcus polus de Quinzay.

Idem Osorius de Emanuele rege Lusitano.

Idem Aristot. pol.

Idem apud Persas olim, lege Brisonium.

Idem Plato de legibus.

fatui fungis nati dicebantur, idem et alibi dicas.

Idem Michaelis.

Idem Thyreus de locis infestis.

idem et Tritemius.

Quoties sit, ut Principes novitium aulicum divitiis et dignitatibus pene obruant, et multorum annorum ministrum, qui non semel pro hero periculum subiit, ne teruntio donent, &c. Idem.

idem Zanchius, lib.

Idem Montaltus, c. 21.

Idem maculae in ungulis nigrae, lites, rixas, melancholiam significant, ab humore in corde tali.

Idem Hector Boethius de insulis Orchad.

Idem strenui potatoris Episcopi Sacellanus, cum ingentem pateram exhaurit princeps.

Idem Maginus in Persia.

Idem Nymannus orat.

Idem Montaltus, cap.

Quod Paterculus de populo Romano durante bello Punico per annos 115, aut bellum inter eos, aut belli praeparatio, aut infida pax, idem ego de mundi accolis.

Idem fere Chrysostomus com.

Idem Gerbelius, lib. 5.

Omnes timent licet non omnibus idem timendi modus Aetius Tetrab.

Idem Montaltus cap.

Idem Plinius contendit quosdam esse morbos qui incantationibus solum curentur.

Idem Trallianus lib.

Idem Scaliger exerc.

Montaltus idem ca. 26.

Idem Salisburiensis. 3306.

'Water and blood' has, therefore, two meanings in St. John, but which 'in idem coincidunt': 1.

Idem, canto's IV and XXII.] [Footnote 2: primer cielo, segundo.

Idem, canto XIV.] IX Más allá hirieron sus oídos con un estrépito discordante mil y mil acentos ásperos y roncos, blasfemias, gritos de venganzas, cantares de orgias, palabras lúbricas, maldiciones de la desesperación, amenazas de impotencia y juramentos sacrílegos de la impiedad.

[z] Materiam praebet causasque jocorum Omnibus hic idem, si foeda et scissa lacerna, &c. [aa] Nil habet infelix paupertas durius in se, Quam quod ridiculos homines facit.

Imponas equo mendicum, equitabit idem ad diabolum.

Assidens est mihi bona soror, Euripiden evolvens, donum vestrum, carissime Cary, pro quo gratias agimus, lecturi atque iterum lecturi idem.

Yours semper idem C.L. If you ever thought an offence, much more wrote it, against me, it must have been in the times of Noah; and the great waters swept it away.

Vergil, convinced by the same philosophy, expresses himself similarly: Et genus aequoreum, pecudes, pictaeque volucres amor omnibus idem.

In furias ignemque ruunt: amor omnibus idem.

"Idem campus habet," says Eunius; and in another place he has given us, "In templis îsdem;" but eisdem would be more regular; but yet it would not have been so musical: and iisdem would have sounded ill.

"Her Boccacio (alter et idem) come back to her after many years' absence, for her good-nature in giving it away in a foreign country to a traveller whose want of books was still worse than her own.

Tully observes of Achilles, that had not Homer written, his valour had been without praise: Nisi Ilias illa extitisset, idem tumulus qui corpus ejus contexerat, nomen ejus obruisset.

Pylades, Marce, bibebat idem.

[Footnote E: Idem. 259.]

[Footnote A: Idem, page 164.]

[Footnote B: M. Adanson, page 161.] [Footnote C: Idem, page 171.] [Footnote D: Ibid, page 54.]

[Footnote A: Bosman's description of the coast of Guinea, p, 5.] [Footnote B: Idem, page 14.]

[Footnote B: Idem, page 245.]

[Footnote B: Idem, p. 46.] A. Brue, the French director, gives much the same account, and says,[A] "That having received goods, he wrote to the King, that if he had a sufficient number of slaves, he was ready to trade with him.

"Idem, Edition of 1669, p. 5.

"IDEM, Com. of Errors.

"The dewy-skirted clouds imbibe the sun." Idem.

"By brooks and groves in hollow-whispering gales." Idem. 4.

"What may it be, the heavy sound That moans old Branksome's turrets round?" Idem, Lay, p. 21.

"Is it the lightning's quivering glance, That on the thicket streams; Or do they flash on spear and lance, The sun's retiring beams" Idem, L. of L., vi, 15.

" Idem.

The discovery of a new world (Mundus alter et idem)

The discovery of a new world (Mundus alter et idem)

"Idem ter socios pura circumtulit unda, Spargens rore levi et ramo felicis olivæ.

"Explicit liber Historiarum Parcium [Partium] Orientis, à religioso, viro fratre Haytono, ordinis beati Augustini, domino Churchi, consanguineo regis Armeniæ, compilato [compilatus] ex mandato summi pontificis domini Clementis papæ quinti, in civitate pictaviensi regni Franchiæ: quem ego Nicolaus Falconi, primò scripsi in galico ydiomate, sicut idem frater H. michi [mihi] ore suo dictabat, absque nota sive aliquo

Idem eras fiet.

In furias ignemque ruunt, Amor omnibus Idem.' Virg.

Sibi quivis Speret idem frusta sudet frustraque laboret Ausus idem ...' Hor.

Sibi quivis Speret idem frusta sudet frustraque laboret Ausus idem ...' Hor.

'Quæ prægravat artes Infra se positas extinctus amabitur idem.' Hor.

Multi illuum pueri, multæ optavere puellæ: Idem quum tenui carptus defloruit ungui, Nulli illum pueri, nallæ optavere puellæ: Sic virgo, dum intacta manet,' etc. 38.

"It calls," said he, "for an application of the doctrine of idem sonansbut it will serve, it will serve."

Idem had stated that the minister and all stakeholders present should ensure and commence full implementation of its directives.

It drew up a document outlining its plans to mitigate the overflow in an effort to avoid citations from IDEM.

Of course, both sides of the political divide have recognized such a situation; thus, there is consensus ad idem that would have supported such a request by the GECOM.