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30685 examples of  idea  in sentences

30685 examples of idea in sentences

She has an awful ponderosity of frame, not pulpy, like the looser development of our few fat women, but massive with solid beef and streaky tallow; so that (though struggling manfully against the idea) you inevitably think of her as made up of steaks and sirloins.

Yet the illusion was often so powerful, that I almost doubted whether such airy remembrances might not be a sort of innate idea, the print of a recollection in some ancestral mind, transmitted, with fainter and fainter impress through several descents, to my own.

"Any idea where we are?" asked Frank of his chum.

"Wonder what the idea is?" Now the craft ahead of that in which the two boys rode reduced its speed abruptly.

In the darkness, it was hard for the lads to tell just how badly the craft was damaged and whether it would float; but Jack's idea was to be on the safe side.

And, though the lad had no idea he was making a prophecy, that is just what actually occurred.

"I had no idea we had been in the wireless room so long.

Because love can only love what is somewhat like itself, He made all things according to the idea of His own eternal mind.

But in fact William, Norman as he was, had a very clear idea of what he intended to do.

It was at Shoreham certainly that John landed when he returned to England to make himself king after the death of Coeur de Lion, and we may gather some idea of the real importance of the port from the fact that it furnished Edward III.

This great and beautiful sanctuary, gives one, I think, a better idea of what the great monastic churches really were, than any other building left to us in Sussex.

He approaches it more than once, using the precise idea, and almost the language, too, of the Nebraska Act.

Peace was concluded at Zurich in the November following, and there the idea of an Italian confederation was mooted afresh.

Cavour imagined that since Napoleon III had obtained the imperial throne by a plebiscite, he would not deny the validity of such a claim in Italy, and forthwith submitted this idea to the Emperor, who was bound to approve of it.

Many passages in holy writ enable us to appreciate the pastoral riches of the first eastern nations; and we can form an idea of the number of their flocks, when we read that Jacob gave the children of Hamor a hundred sheep for the price of a field, and that the king of Israel received a hundred thousand every year from the king of Moab, his tributary, and a like number of rams covered with their fleece.

"I have not the most remote idea," replied the duke; "but I know the shepherds number several thousands.

" What an exquisite idea of stillness is conveyed in the oft-quoted line from Gray's "Elegy:" "And drowsy tinklings lull the distant fold.

Some idea of the growth of this species may be inferred from the fact of their attaining to 18 stone before two years, and when further advanced, as much as 40 stone.

Some idea of the extent to which swine were grazed in the feudal times, may be formed by observing the number of pigs still fed in Epping Forest, the Forest of Dean, and the New Forest, in Hampshire, where, for several months of the year, the beech-nuts and acorns yield them so plentiful a diet.

Some people have an idea that skimmed milk, if given in sufficient quantity, is good enough for the weaning period of calf-feeding; but this is a very serious mistake, for the cream, of which it has been deprived, contained nearly all the oleaginous principles, and the azote or nitrogen, on which the vivifying properties of that fluid depends.

The idea of overloading the stomach never suggests itself to their minds.

Vegetable jelly is a distinct principle, existing in fruits, which possesses the property of gelatinizing when boiled and cooled; but it is a principle entirely different from the gelatine of animal bodies, although the name of jelly, common to both, sometimes leads to an erroneous idea on that subject.

Sherry has of late got much into fashion in England, from the idea that it is more free from acid than other wines; but some careful experiments on wines do not fully confirm this opinion.

We shall hardly find the Morris pure and simple in the English May-game; but from a comparison of the two earliest representations which we have of this sport, the Flemish print given by Douce in his "Illustrations of Shakspeare," and Tollett's celebrated painted window, (described in Johnson and Steevens's Shakspeare,) we may form an idea of what was essential and what adventitious in the English spectacle.

We feel obliged to regard this interchange of functions among the characters in the English May-pageants as fortuitous, notwithstanding the coincidence of the May King sometimes appearing on horseback in Germany, and notwithstanding our conviction that Kuhn is right in maintaining that the May King, the Hobby-Horse, and the Dragon-Slayer are symbols of one mythical idea.

This idea we are compelled by want of space barely to state, with the certainty of doing injustice to the learning and ingenuity with which the author has supported his views.

The idea of a northern myth will of course excite the alarm of all sensible, patriotic Englishmen, (e.g. Mr. Hunter, at page 3 of his tract,) and the bare suggestion of Woden will be received, in the same quarters, with an explosion of scorn.

Then I got under the drapery, pushing up the stick, so as to give the idea of a gigantic human figure with extended arms.

It is an odd idea, that almost all our people have had a professional education.

It is not common among us to make valuable gifts: we do not care enough for any but ourselves to give except with the idea of getting something valuable in return.

But by that time, you will probably have a better idea what are the dangers you are asking to share.

"And from out the blood which flowsand that is shed plenteously, very plenteously(this is the sacred faith which I brought back from the battlefields) out of this blood the proud harvest will grow, whose blessings we shall all feelthe world dominion of the German idea!"

She has placed her money and her beautiful land at the disposal of her so-called friendsfor the sake of a mad idea which these friends have cleverly exploited (revanche idรฉe).

To what a degree Germany was obsessed by the idea that Britain was trying to strangle her by an encircling policy, is apparent in a diplomatic document quoted by Professor Oncken.

Yet the fundamental idea running through these works is identical, differing only in the mode of expression.

[Footnote 215: An article by the present writer on "Some German Schools" in the Times Educational Supplement, October 5th, 1915, gives some faint idea of the unprecedented sacrifices made by German schools.

They love Britain's humanitarian idea, but admire German efficiencyalthough they fear the latter's militarism.

Instead of being living ambassadors of the British idea, they have often been concrete examples before foreign eyes of British inefficiency.

And this much may be admitted even at this stage of the struggle: one part of the "German idea" is certain of complete victory along the whole lineGerman thoroughness and self-sacrifice.

" The other is taken from "Der englische Gedanke in Deutschland" ("The English Idea in Germany,") by Ernst Mรผller-Holm, p. 72.

One farmer has one idea, an' some one else another.

That might well be great, but the idea did not convince Kurt.

"I've no idea of marrying....

You must wear a pink wrapper, and drink tea out of a pink cup, and eat pink wintergreen candy!" Snubby Nose liked the idea of wintergreen candy.

He was, about this time, sent to the publick school of Utrecht, to be instructed in the learned languages; and it will convey no common idea of his capacity and industry to relate, that he had passed through the classes, and was admitted into the university in his thirteenth year.

War, my lords, is always to be avoided, if the possessions and reputation of a people can be preserved without it; it was, therefore, more eligible to oblige them to lay aside their scheme while it was yet only in idea, than to defeat it in its execution.

Phidias reformed this idea, and gave to her beauty and youth.

Thus in books one constantly meets his own idea, his own feelings, even his most private ones, which he thought could not be known or appreciated beyond his own bosom.

I had an idea that my man was not a bomber.

"They will do their best to follow up my idea at the Front, and I shall start a campaign here.

I am testing an idea, that is all.

It is an idea most splendid.

You have no idea how awful the body used to look, to my unaccustomed eyes, as it rose slowly out of the tank.

He has a great predilection for turning to the leftthat he apparently thinks is the right side for small appeals of a special character; and when he gets back again, for the purpose of either looking at his book or sending out a new idea, he makes a short oscillating waddlea sharp, whimsical, wavy motion, as if he either wanted to get his feet out of something or stir forward about half an inch.

We had recently a half-solemn, half-comic desire to see the very latest development of Preston Mormonism in its Lune-street home; but having an idea that strangers might be objected to whilst the "holding forth" was going on, that, in fact, the members had resolved themselves, through diminished numbers, into a species of secret conclave, we were rather puzzled to know how the business of seeing and hearing could be accomplished.

Nevertheless we went to the Temperance Hotel, and after some conversation with a person therenot a Mormonwe decided to go right into the meeting-room, the idea being that, under any circumstances, we could only be pitched into, and then pitched out.

Without any positive violation of truth, the whole dignity of a passage may be undermined by contriving to raise some vulgar and ridiculous notions in the mind of the reader: and language teems with examples of words by which the same idea is expressed, with the difference only that one excites a feeling of respect, the other of contempt.

The true and natural compliment made by him, was that those books had given him a very new Idea of the English Politeness, and that he did not question but there were excellent compositions in the native language of a country, that professed the Roman Genius in so eminent a degree.

otherthat the story does very specially mean what it saysplain money; and that the reason we don't at once believe it does so, is a sort of tacit idea that while thought, wit and intellect, and all power of birth and position, are indeed given to us, and, therefore, to be laid out for the Giver,our wealth has not been given to us; but we have worked for it, and have a right to spend it as we choose.

It was a most extraordinary inspiration of genius in the fifteenth century which created, not an opinion, but a conviction that Asia could be reached by sailing west; and how were common minds to comprehend such a novel idea?

Wrapped up in those glorious visions which come only to a man of superlative genius, and which make him insensible to heat and cold and scanty fare, even to reproach and scorn, this intrepid soul, inspired by a great and original idea, wandered from city to city, and country to country, and court to court, to present the certain greatness and wealth of any state that would embark in his enterprise.

The idea is movement, not exertion, and the muscles are restrained.

Roswell had never liked the idea of leaving Daggett behind him, at that season, and in that latitude; and he relished it still less, now that he saw a false reason might be attributed to his conduct.

That pleasant idea of "home," in which is concentrated all that is blessed in this life, the pale of the Christian duties and charities excepted, brings to each mind its particular forms of happiness and good.

The idea of parting with property at all, was too painful for him to think of making a will; and without such an instrument, there were others who would have come in for a part of the assets, "share and share alike," as the legal men express it.

As the season advanced, the idea of preserving more than the lives of his men was gradually abandoned by Gardiner; though Daggett still clung to his wreck, and actually had wood transported back to it, that he might stay as much as possible near his property.

If she were conveyed to the South, though the courts ought to decide she was free, it is doubtful whether they would do it; for, like Achilles, they scorn the idea that laws were made for such as they.

"But I know Mr. Royal had very little confidence in Mr. Fitzgerald; and the brief acquaintance I had with him impressed me with the idea that he was a heartless, insidious man.

This idea was very pleasant to him; for it was not easy to relinquish the beautiful young creature who had loved him so exclusively.

He slackened his pace a little, with the idea that she might come out to meet him; but when he entered the parlor, she was still occupied with her work.

" "Likely as not, likely as not," responded the old gentleman, smiling complacently at the idea of re-enacting the beau.

"And it ain't for me to say, but she had an idea that I was very good-looking in them days.

He had a faint idea that, even from his own point of view, he might have made a better selection for his niece's hand.

"Whatever could have put such an idea as that into your head?

My idea is he always ought to take Mrs. Culpepper with him.

I don't say I ain't been to a theayter once or twice in my life, but I always come away with the idea that anybody could act if they liked to try.

Next to receiving them from Heaven, you are the person from whom I would chuse to receive gifts and graces: I am very well satisfied to owe them to your own delicacy of imagination, which represents to you the idea of a fine lady, and you have good nature enough to fancy I am she.

"Of recent years," said Ketchell, "we thought he'd given up the idea.

E. In confirmation of the idea entertained of the present route of Marco, from Ormus by Kerm-shir, to the north-east of Persia, there is, in the maps, a short river in the desert between Diden and Mastih, which has no outlet, but loses itself in the sands, on which account he may have called it subterraneous, as sinking into the earth.

If the reader has any idea of the difficulty attendant on making out so many places, disguised by a vicious orthography, a difficulty, which is still more increased by the necessity there is for determining, with accuracy, the situation of these places, and their probable distances from each other, he will be ready to allow that the task is certainly not very trifling, nor to be accomplished without much labour.

She did not dream of ever being anything else; and as she remained young marvellously long,as her beauty, or the charm, whatever it was, that distinguished her, endured until a very late epoch of her life,she was far advanced in years before the idea of becoming famous through any other medium save that of her exterior advantages ever struck her.

The misrule of monarchs does not bring permanent degradation on a nation, unless it shares the crimes of its monarch,as in the case of the Romans, when the leading idea of the people was military conquest, from the very commencement of their state.

The great idea of Prussia is military aggrandizement; it is no longer a small kingdom, but a great empire, more powerful than either Austria or France.

We may form some idea of the religious spirit of the Middle Ages from the Gothic cathedrals, which had the same relative position in the world's architecture as Shakespeare's work does in literature.

To find four different terms for nearly the same idea "difference," "odds," "distinction," and "contrariety," involves considerable painstaking.

He had much of the modern idea of growth in both government and religion, and he "accepts no system of government either in church or state as unalterable.

" The idea in Shakespeare's simpler expression, "the heavenly rhetoric of thine eye," was expanded by Donne into: "Our eye-beams twisted, and did thread Our eyes upon one double string.

The student will obtain a fair idea of the prose of this age by reading Milton's Areopagitica, Cassell's National Library (15 cents), or Temple Classics (45 cents); Craik, II., 471-475; the selections from Thomas Hobbes, Craik, II., 214-221; from Thomas Fuller, Craik, II., 377-387; from Sir Thomas Browne, Craik, II., 318-335; from Jeremy Taylor, Craik, II., 529-542; and from Izaak Walton, Craik, II., 343-349.

Suppose that Bunyan had held the social service ideals of the twentieth century, how might his idea of saving souls have been modified? Lyrical Poetry.

" When Astolfo blows the magic horn which drives every body out of the castle of Atlantes, "not a mouse" stays behind;not, as Hoole and such critics think, because the poet is here writing ludicrously, but because he uses the same image seriously, to give an idea of desolation, as Shakspeare in Hamlet does to give that of silence, when "not a mouse is stirring."

Referring to the practice of nations and the writings of publicists, he declared that, according to "the modern rule," "tangible property belonging to an enemy and found in the country at the commencement of war, ought not to be immediately confiscated;" that "this rule" seemed to be "totally incompatible with the idea that war does of itself vest the property in the belligerent government;"

It has been said that Rousseau got the idea of taking the "off side" of this question from his literary friend Diderot, and that his unexpected success with it was the secret of his life-long career of opposition to all established institutions.

By the way, that's a capital idea about the secret staircase.

"That was my idea," he said, in a complacent tone.

Having forgotten to supply himself with one, Tartarin conceived the happy idea of bleating like a kid.

His blood was up at the very idea.

I suppose it was the dimly-understood talk of the better country that gave John and me the idea of our Kingdom.

The babus in charge of these stations hadn't an idea what Scandinavians were, but would have scorned to ask.

"Who ever heard of such an idea?

I would write to grannie and mother explaining matters, and I felt sure they would heed me, as they had no idea what the place was like.