30685 examples of idea in sentences

Many passages in holy writ enable us to appreciate the pastoral riches of the first eastern nations; and we can form an idea of the number of their flocks, when we read that Jacob gave the children of Hamor a hundred sheep for the price of a field, and that the king of Israel received a hundred thousand every year from the king of Moab, his tributary, and a like number of rams covered with their fleece.

"I have not the most remote idea," replied the duke; "but I know the shepherds number several thousands.

" What an exquisite idea of stillness is conveyed in the oft-quoted line from Gray's "Elegy:" "And drowsy tinklings lull the distant fold.

Some idea of the growth of this species may be inferred from the fact of their attaining to 18 stone before two years, and when further advanced, as much as 40 stone.

Some idea of the extent to which swine were grazed in the feudal times, may be formed by observing the number of pigs still fed in Epping Forest, the Forest of Dean, and the New Forest, in Hampshire, where, for several months of the year, the beech-nuts and acorns yield them so plentiful a diet.

Some people have an idea that skimmed milk, if given in sufficient quantity, is good enough for the weaning period of calf-feeding; but this is a very serious mistake, for the cream, of which it has been deprived, contained nearly all the oleaginous principles, and the azote or nitrogen, on which the vivifying properties of that fluid depends.

The idea of overloading the stomach never suggests itself to their minds.

We shall hardly find the Morris pure and simple in the English May-game; but from a comparison of the two earliest representations which we have of this sport, the Flemish print given by Douce in his "Illustrations of Shakspeare," and Tollett's celebrated painted window, (described in Johnson and Steevens's Shakspeare,) we may form an idea of what was essential and what adventitious in the English spectacle.

The idea of a northern myth will of course excite the alarm of all sensible, patriotic Englishmen, (e.g. Mr. Hunter, at page 3 of his tract,) and the bare suggestion of Woden will be received, in the same quarters, with an explosion of scorn.

It is an odd idea, that almost all our people have had a professional education.

Without any positive violation of truth, the whole dignity of a passage may be undermined by contriving to raise some vulgar and ridiculous notions in the mind of the reader: and language teems with examples of words by which the same idea is expressed, with the difference only that one excites a feeling of respect, the other of contempt.

The true and natural compliment made by him, was that those books had given him a very new Idea of the English Politeness, and that he did not question but there were excellent compositions in the native language of a country, that professed the Roman Genius in so eminent a degree.

otherthat the story does very specially mean what it saysplain money; and that the reason we don't at once believe it does so, is a sort of tacit idea that while thought, wit and intellect, and all power of birth and position, are indeed given to us, and, therefore, to be laid out for the Giver,our wealth has not been given to us; but we have worked for it, and have a right to spend it as we choose.

If she were conveyed to the South, though the courts ought to decide she was free, it is doubtful whether they would do it; for, like Achilles, they scorn the idea that laws were made for such as they.

"But I know Mr. Royal had very little confidence in Mr. Fitzgerald; and the brief acquaintance I had with him impressed me with the idea that he was a heartless, insidious man.

This idea was very pleasant to him; for it was not easy to relinquish the beautiful young creature who had loved him so exclusively.

He slackened his pace a little, with the idea that she might come out to meet him; but when he entered the parlor, she was still occupied with her work.

" "Likely as not, likely as not," responded the old gentleman, smiling complacently at the idea of re-enacting the beau.

We may form some idea of the religious spirit of the Middle Ages from the Gothic cathedrals, which had the same relative position in the world's architecture as Shakespeare's work does in literature.

To find four different terms for nearly the same idea "difference," "odds," "distinction," and "contrariety," involves considerable painstaking.

He had much of the modern idea of growth in both government and religion, and he "accepts no system of government either in church or state as unalterable.

" The idea in Shakespeare's simpler expression, "the heavenly rhetoric of thine eye," was expanded by Donne into: "Our eye-beams twisted, and did thread Our eyes upon one double string.

The student will obtain a fair idea of the prose of this age by reading Milton's Areopagitica, Cassell's National Library (15 cents), or Temple Classics (45 cents); Craik, II., 471-475; the selections from Thomas Hobbes, Craik, II., 214-221; from Thomas Fuller, Craik, II., 377-387; from Sir Thomas Browne, Craik, II., 318-335; from Jeremy Taylor, Craik, II., 529-542; and from Izaak Walton, Craik, II., 343-349.

Suppose that Bunyan had held the social service ideals of the twentieth century, how might his idea of saving souls have been modified? Lyrical Poetry.

I would write to grannie and mother explaining matters, and I felt sure they would heed me, as they had no idea what the place was like.

30685 examples of  idea  in sentences