225 examples of idlers in sentences

They are merely two of the modes in which idlers endeavour to vary their amusements.

ask the other idlers.

At his words, the whole band of idlers began to chatter.

Stamping through the snow to the hotel he asked the idlers around the stove, "Has any of you gents seen a man named Pete Reeve pass through this town?" They looked at him in amazement.

"A couple of dozen eggs, he says to me, and a few pounds of beef and three or four quarts of milk and a bowl of flapjacks and a platter of bacon," was the way the second version of the historic order for food came to the idlers.

He pushed the battered hat far back on his head and looked at the silent, attentive line of idlers who sat on the veranda.

" While this question was being asked, Bull saw that the line of idlers settled forward in their chairs to hear the answer.

Some of the idlers even rose and sauntered to the edge of the veranda, the better to see the baiting of the giant.

The idlers hastily veiled their mouths with much coughing and clearing of the throat.

Those reflections his master never made, or made without effect; for, under pretence that Cave obstructed the discipline of the school, by selling clandestine assistance, and supplying exercises to idlers, he was oppressed with unreasonable tasks, that there might be an opportunity of quarrelling with his failure; and when his diligence had surmounted them, no regard was paid to the performance.

If the idlers would work, nobody would be overworked.

It was only when an inspector and two police constables, accompanied by a detective in plain clothes and a medical officer, appeared upon the scene, and stood round a first-class railway compartment, that a few idlers realized that something unusual had occurred, and crowded round, eager and curious.

"We both room in Hampton, but Digbee's a grind, you know, and doesn't care to waste his time on us idlers."

So they walked back through the Park, and it was fullfull to overflowing; nevertheless, amongst all the riders, drivers, sitters, strollers, and idlers, there appeared neither of the smart-looking gentlemen who had roused Nina's indignation by bowing to her in the morning without having the honour of her acquaintance.

In front of us we can see over the heads of the crowd the Rostra at the farther end of the Forum, where an orator is perhaps addressing a crowd (contio) on some political question of the moment, and giving some occupation to the idlers in the throng; and to the right of the Rostra is the Comitium or assembling-place of the people, with the Curia, the ancient meeting-hall of the senate.

placed ponderous tomes open at some curious or amusing story of otherwise forgotten ages, to arrest the fancy of elegant literati,exhibited rare and grotesque curiosities, the glittering mica that he had picked up in his long researches, as toys for these idlers of taste.

I think we women have all we can do now.' "'To be respectable,' said Mrs. Bill; 'but let's try to do something else.' "'Why don't you form a Ladies' Protective Union,' Bill suggested, 'an' choose the tiara for a symbol, an' strike for no hours a day an' all your husbands can earn?' "'And the employment of skilled idlers only,' Mrs. Bill put in.

'You have it in your power to redeem the skilled idlers of this community.'

Miss Cobbe summons us to admire Christian civilisation, and we see idlers flaunting in the robes woven by the toilers, a glittering tinselled super-structure founded on the tears, the strugglings, the grey, hopeless misery of the poor.

" Then I differentiated the methods of the Socialist and the Radical Individualist, pleading for union among those who formed the wings of the army of Labour, and urging union of all workers against the idlers.

Consequently, not only the commissioners of the treaty, with their clerks and officials, but traders, claimants, travellers, and idlers innumerable were upon the ground.

I carefully examined the hands of this crowd, but I was not long in discovering that these elegant idlers had nothing good to offer.

It is singular that workmen do not take a lesson from their shrewder employers, who, if they have organizations of their own, never confer upon any officer or committee of idlers the power to control the trade.

An organization of employers is always controlled by those most actively engaged in the business, and not by coteries of paid idlers; no central committee of men, with nothing to do but make trouble, can involve a whole trade in costly controversies.

Courbevoie!"the passengers were scrambling out en masseand beyond the barrier one saw a confused crowd of charrette and omnibus-drivers, touters, fruit-sellers, and idlers of every description.

225 examples of  idlers  in sentences