145 examples of idolizes in sentences

I am less inclined, my lords, to favour the present motion, because I have long been desirous of seeing the ancient method of general addresses revived by this house; a method of address by which our princes were reverenced without flattery, and which left us at liberty to honour the crown, without descending to idolize the ministry.

I, there's the poynt: My sinnes like Pullies still drew me downewards: 'Twas I that taught thee first to Idolize, And unlesse that I can with-draw thy mind From following that I did with tears intreat, I'me lost, for ever lost, lost in my selfe and thee.

If you only knew how I idolize you at this moment, after all the cruel words you have uttered, you surely would relent.

Faces fickle as April skies, Eyes where Cupid has made his lair; When they tempt you to idolize, Then for a broken heart prepare.

The Indian idolizes justice, like every race in its youth; he asks for punishment when he has done wrong, just as he is exasperated when he has not deserved it.

for, entertain a love &c n.. for, harbor cherish a love &c n.. for; regard, revere; take to, bear love to, be wedded to; set one's affections on; make much of, feast one's eyes on; hold dear, prize; hug, cling to, cherish, pet. burn; adore, idolize, love to distraction, aimer eperdument

V. be impious &c adj., profane, desecrate, blaspheme, revile, scoff; swear &c (malediction) 908; commit sacrilege. snuffle; turn up the whites of the eyes; idolize.

As for Jack, he perfectly idolizes her.

Sometimes the wretch, unaw'd by heav'n or hell, With mad devotion idolizes honour.

Ambition was her crime; but meaner folly Dooms me to loathe, at once, and dote on falsehood, And idolize th' apostate I contemn.

The fact that it is a false alarm, and that there is no rational explanation for Prinzivalle's wanton insult to a woman whom he reverently idolizes, in no way makes matters better.

A great reader in the quietness of her home, where all her tastes were indulged,a lover of poetry, and so genial and sympathizing as to be always sure to be filled with the spirit of her time,how could she fail to idolize Byron as others did?

Many witnesses are yet living of his own egotism and malignity; and often has he heaped upon his "beloved Friend, the laurel-honouring Laureate," epithets of contempt, and pity, and disgust, though now it may suit his paltry purposes to worship and idolize.

She just idolizes him.

It is permitted us to love their memories, but not to idolize them.

I wish to prevent this and to conjure you to take the advice of a mother who knows the world, who idolizes her children, and whose only desire is to pass her sorrowful days in being of service to them.

"Incessantly repeated stretches of authority," said the Parliament of Besanccon, "forced registrations, banishments, constraint and severity instead of justice, are astounding in an enlightened age, wound a nation that idolizes its kings, but is free and proud, freeze the heart and might break the ties which unite sovereign to subjects and subjects to sovereign."

W'en dat brass stick he twirls, Ole maids an' lub-sick gurls Looks on wid longin' eyes, Dey simpley idolize Dat han'sum man.

To finish my observations, and my contrast, no Specie whatever is to be seen; and the people, if they still idolize their new form of government, do it at present with great sobrietythe Vive la nation!

She idolizes Marion.

I would have been glad to have spared the poor old woman, for she idolizes her son, but you remember I told you that although she loved me, he had made her believe the vile things he said of me.

"Marion loves her grandmother dearly, and the old woman fairly idolizes the child, although her feebleness has compelled her to leave most of the care of the child to hired nurses.

"He almost idolizes him, and when he was up for Judge Tim's exertions alone procured for him a hundred extra votes.

Ah, sir," he continued, whilst tears of agony streamed through his firmly-closed fingers, "you cannot conceive the unutterable bitterness of the pang which rends the heart of him who feels that he is not only despised, but loathed, hated, execrated, by her whom his soul idolizes!

He idolizes his mother; but she is oppressed with the cares of a family, suffering through the improvidence and bad habits of its head, and though she had been otherwise situated, the widow of Laym, the Elector's valet, could hardly be the proper person to fit the young artist for future intercourse with the higher ranks of society.

145 examples of  idolizes  in sentences
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