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124 example sentences with  ill-gotten

124 example sentences with ill-gotten

With the exception of some tobacco, he left all his ill-gotten store to be kept for him by his new friends till he should return.

Let all those who indulge and luxuriate in ill-gotten wealth to-day (and, indeed, their name is Legion), as well as all those who meanly and idly groan because their wealth is taken from them, think long and deeply on these things.

They appropriated all the cannon and ammunition in the magazine by way of preparation for the siege; but some were wise enough to desert the rebel army and steal to their homes with their ill-gotten spoil.

The old stories add, moreover, that the devil presided at the hiding of the money, and took it under his guardianship; but this, it is well known, he always does with buried treasure, particularly when it has been ill-gotten.

Such was the end of Tom Walker and his ill-gotten wealth.

By the bright bow of Heaven, I will have their ill-gotten gains from them, even though I hang for it as high as e'er a forest tree in Sherwood!"

How will you defend this ill-gotten possession?"

on ill-gotten gains, 287.

When the avenger found his enemy he might force him to give up his ill-gotten gains; I agree with you there; but he wouldn't be liable to rob old Thompson, I'm sure."

The interview with Bob West had made him uneasy, for the merchant's cold, crafty nature rendered him an opponent who would stick at nothing to protect his ill-gotten gains.

Greece cannot stomach her ill-gotten gains.

Almost the first these eight advisers did was to ask the states-general at home to recall Governor Kieft, which was promptly done, and while on his way to Europe with his ill-gotten gains, his vessel went down, and the governor perished.

So this was the secret of the striped treasure-chest of old Don Ramirez di Leyra, and this was how he preserved his ill-gotten gains from the Terra Firma and the Province of Veraquas.

With enough of ill-gotten gain to live on comfortably, his miserly instincts are causing him to suffer for the very necessities of life."

Boats came from ships in the offing, and followed its course to "Green End," with no fear of grounding; and traditionary pirates there bestowed in secret caves their ill-gotten gains.

Even her pleasures, were the man to prove better than she expects, coming to her with an abatement, like that which persons who are in possession of ill-gotten wealth must then most poignantly experience (if they have reflecting and unseared minds) when, all their wishes answered, (if answered,) they sit down in hopes to enjoy what they have unjustly obtained, and find their own reflections their greatest torment.

Pick up your ill-gotten gains and begone."

I should judge my own ill-gotten income at twice or three times that of Dawsonwhich even that cautious judge, Euclid, would declare to be absurd.

A bottle that has been cherished for generations until these monsters came with their ill-gotten gold and purchased same.

Oh the contrary, his quiet appeared to her more and more like a callous satisfaction; and his occasional cheerfulness, like an exultation over his ill-gotten gains.

But I do most earnestly hope Roswell will have nothing to do with any such ill-gotten wealth.

Two cunning scoundrelsgeniuses they should be calledwell provided with some ill-gotten fundsbut determined on a grand coup.

The pale man, with the blond eyelashes and the faded blue eyes, who had been dexterously stacking the cards all through the game, decided at that moment that he would not only stop cheating, but he would even lose some of his ill-gotten gains back into the game; only a sudden rush of unbelievable luck kept him from executing his generous and silent promise.

Thus the contest raged for years, until the South, growing strong on her ill-gotten gains, and arrogant from her success with the supple-kneed politicians of the North, put the Church in the North upon the defensive by demanding toleration, if not actual adoption.

This was soon effected, and they left us with profuse expressions of regard; although, from the haste displayed in removing their ill-gotten wealth, it was evident that they placed as little confidence in our honesty, as we did in theirs.

The ill-gotten gold, however, was seized on the way by robbers, whom Caepio himself was accused of employing.

We know, of course, that retribution is bound to descend upon him; but does not dramatic effect imperatively require that, for a brief space at any rate, he should be seenwith whatever qualms of conscience his nature might dictateenjoying his ill-gotten wealth?

Possibly his father thought it wise to stand well with the world and parade his honesty; for whatever ill-gotten gains other bankers acquired, he, at least, was an upright man, and his profits were just!

Here they united them with the main band of their ill-gotten gains, and while the greater number of the robbers descended farther into the plains in search of more booty, four of them were sent into the mountains with the horses already procured.

So in my humble opinion it would be much better to allow your brother to enjoy his ill-gotten gains.

Well, to cut a long story short, the prisoners stuck to their confession and refunded their ill-gotten gains.

He has a most absurd idea of what I did for him on the ranche when he had the fever that time, and ever since he went back to enjoy his ill-gotten gains and his title and all that, he has kept writing to me to come out.

Could all the misery his liquor had caused been turned into blood, there would have been enough to have oozed in great drops from every marble ornament or beautiful piece of frescoe that adorned his home, for that home with its beautiful surroundings and costly furniture was the price of blood, but the glamor of his wealth was in the eyes of his guests; and they came to be amused and entertained and not to moralize on his ill-gotten wealth.

It is supposed by shipping men that they perished in the storm with, their ill-gotten treasure.

"Your ill-gotten treasure is gonewhither, you will never know.

"We have searched every room in the upper part of the house, and though we have discovered the whole of your ill-gotten hoards, we have found nothing else.

With a yell of anguish, he fell forward, and was instantly stifled in the glowing torrent, which in a short time flooded the whole chamber, burying the two partners in iniquity, and the whole of their ill-gotten gains, in its burning waves.

The unincumbered Eagle rapidly advances, and is just on the point of reaching his opponent, when, with a sudden scream, probably of despair and honest execration, the latter drops his fish; the Eagle poising himself for a moment, as if to take a more certain aim, descends like a whirlwind, snatches it in his grasp ere it reaches the water, and bears his ill-gotten booty silently away to the woods.

"My child," she cries; "ill-gotten good Ensnares the soul, consumes the blood; With them we'll deck our Lady shrine, She'll cheer our souls with bread divine!"

Should I consent to take a part of the ill-gotten spoils, with what confidence could I attempt to stay the hand of the spoiler.

"Then it is time to put his ill-gotten wealth to good account!

Very soon, we begin to hear of Roman governors who, when put in charge of conquered states, used their offices only to plunder the helpless inhabitants and to return to Rome after their terms were finished, laden with ill-gotten gains.

Here in historical times was the dockyard of Rome; and here, when the poet was a child, Cato had landed with the spoils of Cyprus, as the nearest point of the river for the conveyance of that ill-gotten gain to the treasury under the Capitol.

The sense of justice disappears, because when the fever is on a man he does not stop to ask whether his gains are ill-gotten; and in this age the only restriction on the plundering of the subjects of the Empire was a legal one, and that of no great efficacy.

But when they have effected that, they will be totally dependent for the profits of their ill-gotten gains upon the free laboring people.

If there are individuals at the North, who have sold slaves, I am free to admit, that they should promptly surrender their ill-gotten gains; and no less promptly should the inheritors of such gains surrender them.

Infinitely better to "do justly," and be a Lazarus; than to become a Croesus, by clinging to and accumulating ill-gotten gains.

But when they have effected that, they will be totally dependent for the profits of their ill-gotten gains upon the free laboring people.

If there are individuals at the North, who have sold slaves, I am free to admit, that they should promptly surrender their ill-gotten gains; and no less promptly should the inheritors of such gains surrender them.

Infinitely better to "do justly," and be a Lazarus; than to become a Croesus, by clinging to and accumulating ill-gotten gains.

In the daytime these animals sleep comfortably, digesting their ill-gotten meal in the holes of the rocks, which are so honeycombed that dogs cannot easily get at the hermits.

Read this ye who gloat over ill-gotten wealth, or abuse good fortune; think of the delights of this divine benefactresssilent and unknownbut, above all, of the exceeding great reward laid up for her in heaven.

Queer legends of those privateering days still linger in Newport, and traces of ill-gotten wealth may still be discovered there.

The spoils taken were valued at three millions of crowns, and this in the end proved the ruin of the French power in Italy, for so many of the soldiers, demoralised by plunder, deserted with their ill-gotten gains and went home.

He is then released; one of his pals gives a false alarm to Vidocq's mother, and during her temporary absence, Vidocq enters his home with a false key, steals 2,000 francs from a strong chest, with which he escapes to Ostend, (intending to embark for America,) where he is decoyed by a soi-disant ship-broker, and loses all his ill-gotten wealth.

That he was cheated out of some of his ill-gotten gains is probable enough, but it is in the highest degree improbable that he was known to be living in poverty, and yet that the large reward offered for his apprehension was not earned.

That some of his ill-gotten gains were recovered at the time seems clear from an Act of Parliament passed in 1705, enabling the Crown to "dispose of the effects of William Kidd, a notorious pirate, to the use of Greenwich Hospital"; which institution received accordingly 6472-1.

And go at night by stealth, To hide within the earth awhile His last ill-gotten wealth.

On the other hand, it is the barest justice to him to say that his hands were clean from those ill-gotten gains which made the fortunes of many of the wealthiest public men at Rome, who were criminals in only a less degree than Verrespeculation, extortion, and downright robbery in the unfortunate provinces which they were sent out to govern.

A fishing boat picked him up and landed him at Macao, where information was given to the officers of government, and the crew of the junk, with their ill-gotten gains, were seized, on their arrival at the port of destination in Fokien.

She fulfilled every expectation through a long and virtuous life, during which time they enjoyed the ill-gotten wealth of the ranger band; and, although the splendour of their living was exceeded only by that of the Caliph's, they were bountiful to their dependents: they built an asylum for the destitutewere universally beloved and respectedand their magnificence was only surpassed by their benevolence!

In sharing their ill-gotten spoils of war: Chiefs shall be grudged the part which they pretend; Lords envy lords, and friends with every friend About their impious merit shall contend.

Nor need they fail to secure suitable markets for the sale of their ill-gotten cargoes.

Does any rational man seriously believe, that if his Mammon was unrighteous, that is, if his wealth were ill-gotten, he would save his soul, and be received into eternal life, for giving away part of it, or even the whole of it?

This, I think, is what our Lord bids us do, if we have wronged any man, and fouled our hands with the unrighteous mammon, that is, with ill-gotten wealth.

It was argued that notwithstanding what they must have spent in orgies and debauchery the pirate and his companions must still have an enormous amount of wealth hidden in some place known only to themselves, and that they were enjoying their ill-gotten gains.

His exile will content me, provided that it be accompanied by the confiscation of his ill-gotten wealth."

But dragon Schomberg has a sting left in his malicious tale, told to the unlikely trio of scoundrels, to the effect that Heyst has ill-gotten treasure hoarded on his island.

We should have had better members of Parliament, better religious teachers, honester tradesmen, fewer foolish demagogues, less impudence in infamous and brutal men; and we should not have had among us the abomination of men calling themselves religious while living in splendor on ill-gotten gains.

"Sometimes a sudden fancy came, That he who bore my father's name, Broken in spirit and in health, Was weary of ill-gotten wealth.

His hand was like iron upon the plunderers, the pluralists, the fraudulent officials, gorged with their ill-gotten booty.

"I expect you'll find the cash tied up in a big bag in the middle of your bed," said Herbert, as he bade them good-night, "and something horrible squatting up on top of the wardrobe watching you as you pocket your ill-gotten gains.

He paid what he could with his ill-gotten pelf, And something, it might be, reserved for himself:

He saw his own weakness in its true light, despised himself for having yielded, and looked upon the heap of gold before him as so much ill-gotten wealth, which it would be a delight to restore to the hand from whence it came.

For a time he was the idol of the town, while he gave costly dinners and showered his ill-gotten gains to embellish his favorite temple, and to build a tower upon it to look down in contempt upon all the lesser shrines.

It may, indeed, be wondered at that he and his Janissaries should be allowed to retain all their ill-gotten booty, under the name of private property; but Count de Bourmont, though not without talent, was essentially a weak man, and was in this instance overreached by the wily Moor.

What does it look like but that he's an impostor, who's just made all he can out of the property while he'd the chance, and is now away to enjoy his ill-gotten gains?

God will cast him forth as a homeless wanderer, emptied of all his possessions, all his ill-gotten wealth.

At this interview the Russian unburdened his heart of all malice and hatred, and gave vent to ill-gotten secrets, of which Buckingham's schemes were foremost.

The palace appears to have been sold by Bishop Barlow to Protector Somerset, and upon the dispersal of Somerset's ill-gotten gains it passed into the hands of Sir J. Gates, who unroofed the building for the sake of its lead and timber.

John will not be cursed with one guinea of ill-gotten wealth.

He knew not whether this old man was taking leave of sober daylight reason, or whether some fresh sense of the worthlessness of earthly wealth, more especially ill-gotten wealth, had come to him from a sudden remembrance of this silveror

The climax was reached when she boldly advertised a reward of two thousand louis for a clue to the jewellery of which burglars had robbed herjewels of which she published a long and dazzling list, thus bringing to memory the days when the late King had squandered his ill-gotten gold on her.

As for Pergami, the idol with the feet of clay, who had clouded her last years in tragedy, he survived for twenty years more to enjoy his honours and his ill-gotten gold; while William Austin, who had masqueraded as a Prince and called Caroline "mother," ended his days, while still a young man, in a madhouse.

He it was who prepared their bonds and contracts, and placed out their ill-gotten gains at exorbitant usance.

The more I thought of this the more convinced I was that that was, indeed, his proposed plan of actionoh, how I loathed the blackleg!and mine henceforth would be to dog his every footstep and never let him out of my sight until I forced him to disgorge his ill-gotten booty.

When I remembered TheodoreTheodore, whom only a thin partition wall had separated from the full knowledge of the value of his ill-gotten treasure!I could have torn my hair out by the roots with the magnitude of my rage.

As it was, my final hopeand that a meagre onewas to arouse one spark of honesty in the breast of the arch-traitor, and either by cajolery or threats, to induce him to share his ill-gotten spoils with me.

He added: 'Their flight history suggests they are seasonal thieves, flying into the UK for the winter and returning to Romania to enjoy the summer with their ill-gotten gains.

Here, he’s a ruthless heroin dealer who wants a slice of Mickey’s criminal empire huge, underground cannabis-growing farms built on the estates of cash-strapped aristocrats who need the ill-gotten moolah to protect the family escutcheon.

Along the way, he added check fraud to his repertoire, and made himself an ill-gotten fortune.

In addition to the sentence, my team are using the powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act to remove any ill-gotten gains acquired by Lockey.

Magically passing over the 6,000,000 Americans who have contracted Covid and the 180,000 who have died in the trenches of this ill-gotten war, Trump threw all caution to the wind.

Meanwhile, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Bhubaneswar Vigilance Cell quizzed the officials of three banks where the ill-gotten money has been deposited.

Most individual penalties, though they might make US policymakers feel good, do little more than inconvenience regime elites, who are denied the pleasure of purchasing a second home or hiding ill-gotten assets in America.

Another power greedy Mrs. Potato-head Democrat spud, popping out of the ground right before the election to harvest some of the ill-gotten Biden Booty, just like Pocahontas who seeks to enfeeble the very businesses that create the jobs that feed us.

They kept the ill-gotten money with them.

With Hank's wife Sarah (Bridget Fonda) involved, an attempt is made to cover up what happened and keep their ill-gotten gains.

In 1976, Swanson reports, adroit tunneling was instrumental in a Nice, France, bank robbery that garnered $10-$12 million for the thieves who are still enjoying their ill-gotten loot today.

Saint Hill, the manor Hubbard bought in East Grinstead, England, with his ill-gotten gains.