82 examples of ill-humoured in sentences

All my ill-humour had gone, and I was now in a hurry to set myself right with my conscience.

I hope my uncle will not come from beyond seas any more;" but I said this very softly, and had a kind of notion that I was in a perverse ill-humoured fit.

The ladies I saw wondered to see the great philosopher, whose wisdom and wit they had been admiring all the way, get into ill-humour from such a cause.

Perhaps that is another reason why she is ill-humoured.

" His ill-humour lasted until the night of the "Lead," which, largely owing to the presence of a sporting fishmonger who had done well at the races that day, and some of his friends, realized a sum far beyond the expectations of the hard-working promoters.

My uncle made me an ill-humoured gesture.

I was afraid of Babet, I was ill-humoured, and now I am jealous, for I can see very well that I shall never be able to love you as much as she does, 'Tell him,' she repeated to me yesterday, blushing, 'that if he gets killed, I shall go and throw myself into the river at the spot where he gave me to drink.'

Your wife, with a new dress, soon loses her temper and its beauty; the children splash you and their little frilled continuations; and ill-humour is the order of the day; for on such occasions you cannot slip into a tavern, and follow Dean Swift's example: On rainy days alone I dine, Upon a chick, and pint of wine: On rainy days I dine alone, And pick my chicken to the bone.

Annas was a thin ill-humoured-looking old man, with a scraggy beard.

The Duke scouted her ill-humour and treated her cruelly.

He is free from ill-humour, which you know is the fault I detest most.

As it was, he could only say: "Don't talk such nonsense!" "Ho," said sheand indeed she was shamefully ill-humoured today"nonsense, indeed!

naught but ill-humour brings; I'd be an Alderman, rich with a net full, Rolling in Guildhall, whilst old Bow bells ring.

Being neither a flatterer nor an intriguer, Porpora's rough frankness was no passport to influence, and his ill-humour made enemies rather than friends.

"Speaking impatiently to servants, or any thing that betrays unkindness or ill-humour, is certainly criminal.

Such a beau of beaux, no doubt he was annoyed that an insignificant little country bumpkin should not be flattered by his patronage, or probably he thought me rude or ill-humoured.

These measures, of course, created murmurings on one side, and ill-humour and contempt on the other.

They had always suffered from the occasional scarcity due to the ill-humour of the Spanish King or the natural failure of the Sicilian harvest.

Herder could be charmingly prepossessing and brilliant, but he could just as easily turn an ill-humoured side forward.

It will be well if the ill-humour, which increases, does not break out into overt acts.

"I was the ill-humoured, boisterous man in Scotch attire last night.

There Percy's wild mirth and eloquent descriptions partly banished my ill-humour, but as I neared London all my fancied evils returned to me again.

The entertainment was probably ingenious and splendid enough, but every one took his cue from the king's pettishness, and poor "Mr. Jones" had to bear his share of the ill-humour.

If coffee had been known among the Greeks and Romans, Homer would have taken his lyre to celebrate its virtues; Horace and Juvenal would have immortalized it in their verses; Diogenes would not have concealed his ill-humour in a tub, but would have drunk of this divine liquid, and have directly found the honest man he sought for; it would have made Heraclitus merry; and with what odes would it have inspired the muse of Anacreon!

" On his birthday in 1853 he writes: "I have just made two resolvesfirst, never to give way to temper, fret, ill-humour, party spirit, or prejudice; second, to work my best in what I may have still to do.

82 examples of  ill-humoured  in sentences