Pick Elegant Words
Do we say   illegible   or  unreadable

Do we say illegible or unreadable

illegible 145 occurrences

There was no mark of identification upon him except a cigarette case graven with an undecipherable monogram in Tiffany's most illegible style of arrow-headed inscription.

<Leg, lig, lect> (read, choose, pick up): (1) elegant, illegible, college, negligent, diligent, eligible, elect, select, intellect, recollect, neglect, lecturer, collection, coil, cull; (2) legend, legion, legacy, legate, delegate, sacrilegious, dialect, lectern, colleague, lexicon.

is a fair copy of the Defence of Poetry, apparently damaged by sea-water, and illegible in many places.

For the rest, though here and there pages are illegible, and though some symbols, especially those representing numbers or chemical compounds, are absolutely undecipherable, it has been possible to effect what I hope will be found a clear and coherent translation.

[About half a score lines, or two pages of an ordinary octavo volume like this, are here illegible.]

On my breast I wore my order of [illegible], and in my belt my one cherished Terrestrial possessionthe sword, reputed the best in Asia, that had twice driven its point home within a finger's breadth of my life; and that clove the turban on my brow but a minute before it was surrenderedjust in time to save its gallant owner and his score of surviving comrades.

[Footnote 3: Last figures illegible: the year is probably 183.]

[Transcriber's Notes: A page was torn in our print copy, causing a few lines in Chapter I to be illegible.

Although rescued, they were afterward chewed up by the puppy, and are at present somewhat illegible.

Um Gottes willen" It straggled off, illegible.

that lantern-jawed countenance of a droll, with its heavy, black, eloquent eyebrows, its high and narrow forehead merging into an extensive bald spot fringed with greyish hair, its rather small, blue, illegible eyes, its high-bridged nose and prominent nostrils, its wide and thin-lipped mouth, its rather startling pallor.

Perplexed, perturbed, Lanyard gazed down into that richly tinted face which, with eyes half-curtained and lips half-parted, seemed to betray so much, yet to his next glance was wholly illegible and provoking.

But are you doing me the honour to be jealous?" "Perhaps, petit Monsieur Paul..." In the broken light of passing lamps her quiet smile was as illegible as her shadowed eyes.

The doctor went away after writing upon a bit of paper these hieroglyphics: [Handwriting: illegible prescription]

Here is what the doctor gave for his relief: [Handwriting: illegible prescription]

And then that Hagenback of his profession wrote upon a piece of paper this: [Handwriting: illegible prescription] There is no definiteness to this account.

" [Handwriting: illegible prescription]

What Goethe says about the most legible handwriting being illegible in the twilight, is doubtless true; and should be oftener borne in mind by frivolous objectors, who declare they do not understand this or do not admire that, as if their want of taste and understanding were rather creditable than otherwise, and were decisive proofs of an author's insignificance.

She mustered up courage enough to ask: "How?" The heavy lids drooped lower over the illegible eyes.

A sign at once impatient and imperative demanded silence, and for a few minutes it obtained unbroken, while the gathering, keyed to high tension, studied closely the face of their leader and found it altogether illegible.

He caught her by the wrist, with sudden vehemence, and holding the necklace before her, said: "Look!" Upon the inside of the gold plate were traced, in almost illegible lines, the letters, "A.R." "It was my child's!"

" The rapid failure of his powers during this year is well exemplified by his handwriting in his Journal entries, which, with occasional rallies, becomes broken and in places almost illegible.

Pencil marks blur badly and become illegible in a few months.

This injunction ought to be superfluous, for common sense tells us that writing which is illegible cannot be read even by the writer, once it has "grown cold."

illegible, as Greek to one, unexplained, paradoxical; enigmatic, enigmatical, puzzling (secret) 533; indecipherable. obscure, dark, muddy, clear as mud, seen through a mist, dim, nebulous, shrouded in mystery; opaque, dense; undiscernible &c (invisible) 447

V. efface, obliterate, erase, raze^, rase^, expunge, cancel; blot out, take out, rub out, scratch out, strike out, wipe out, wash out, sponge out; wipe off, rub off; wipe away; deface, render illegible; draw the pen through, apply the sponge.

cacography^, griffonage^, barbouillage^; bad hand, cramped hand, crabbed hand, illegible hand; scribble &c v.; pattes de mouche

" "[illegible] Do you want to choke me?" returned the tramp in disgust.

[illegible]" Not giving himself time to think of the serious breach of trust he was committing, Conrad took the money from his pocket and transferred it to his companion.

For example how do do, turn to looked, worth fourth thousand In a couble of places, the original material is illegible.

In addition, places where the scanned text is illegible are marked with a "*".]

[Transcriber's Note: Illegible] upon any person who has not obtained copyright who shall insert the notice "Entered according to act of Congress," or "Copyright," or words of the same import, in or upon any book or other article.

[Transcriber's note: remainder of word illegible] Vitari jubet, et comitum longissimus ordo, Multum praeterca flammarum, atque aenca lampas, [mm] Nec tamen hoc tantum metuas: nam qui spoliet te, Non deerit, clausis domibus, &c.

The Rev. Mr., whose name you have left illegible (is it Sea-gull?) never sent me any book on Christ's Hospit.

The next word is illegible.

More than once I saw tears roll down John's face in spite of him, as he slowly deciphered these illegible little scrawls.

On it was scrawled in almost illegible characters: "U wont git hur agin.

"per" some illegible initials, which stated that Mr Junius Keswick had been traced to a boarding-house in the city, but as the establishment had been broken up for some time, endeavors were now being made to find the lady who had kept the house, and when this was done it would most likely be possible to discover from her where Mr Keswick had gone.

Would nature write so illegible a hand that the mind must wait a long time before becoming able to read what had been inscribed upon it?

I would much rather arrange the business in that way, than have her pop into my office at any moment to ask me about my illegible words.

Many, in taking their notes, abandon the German script as too illegible, and make use of the Latin letters.

It has become somewhat illegible and obscure from repeated folding and unfolding.

When they spoke of a wood with reference to its timber, they used the word silva; sal[Transcriber's note: remainder of word illegible], was a collection of wild-wood in the mountains; nemus, a smaller collection, partaking of cultivation, and answering to our ideas of a grove; lucus was a wood, of any description, which was set apart for religious purposes, or dedicated to some Deity.

Its parapet is a balustrade carved out of freestone, into the soft substance of which a multitude of persons have engraved their names or initials, many of them now illegible, while others, more deeply cut, are illuminated with fresh green moss.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Garie[Here followed a passage that was so scored and crossed as to be illegible.

[TR: Illegible]

[TR: Illegible]

Two Pools, the names of which are illegible.

Does not this make it clear that the pencil-writing on the margins of Mr. Collier's folio, the greater part of which is so indistinct that to most eyes it is illegible without the aid of a magnifying-glass, and of which not a few of the most legible words are incomplete, may be the pencil-memorandums of a man who entered these marginal readings in the century 1600?

In a cramped and almost illegible hand the old wanderer of the mountains had written: Don't go to cabin.

" [Transcribers note *: illegible] ROBERT NICOL.

The Latin inscription is partly illegible, translated it runs: Here lies Julian Nethermyl, Draper, formerly Mayor of this City, who died the 11th day of the month of April in the year of our Lord 1539 and also Joan his wife, to whose souls God be propitious.

Woolley's communication being dated on Sunday, (the manuscript is so excessively badly written as to be almost illegible,) shows that Elizabeth did not summon her council, and evince her displeasure at their conduct, until Saturday, the 13th of February, two days after she was informed of Mary's fate.

Two of them bore nothing but the date line, made illegible, it would seem, by the writer's haste and nervousness.

The mother, at length, when searching for something in a dark and unfrequented closet, found a considerable number of little books, made of this writing-paper, and filled with rude drawings, and with strange and apparently illegible characters, which, however, were at once seen to be the child's work.

At first he tried writing within oblongs cut out of cardboard, but the result was apt to be illegible.

Altogether there were 79 separate parcels of a hundred slaves or more, 156 of between fifty and ninety-nine, 318 of between twenty and forty-nine, 251 of between ten and nineteen, 206 of from five to nine, and 209 of from two to four, 96 of one slave each, and 3 whose returns in the slave column are illegible.

Illegible words either scribbled on scraps of paper or sent as distorted faxed messages were among the most popular methods deployed to communicate their reports.

The most surprising form of this experiment is when we use a coin from which the inscription has been either wholly obliterated, or obliterated in such a degree as to be illegible.

When such a coin is laid upon the red hot iron, the letters and figures become oxidated, and the film of oxide radiating more powerfully than the rest of the coin will be more luminous than the rest of the coin, and the illegible inscription may be now distinctly read to the great surprise of the observer, who had examined the blank surface of the coin previous to its being placed upon the hot iron.

[TR: Much of this interview smeared and difficult to decipher; illegible words indicated by "", questionable words followed by "?".]

" Interviewer: Mrs. Irene Robertson Person Interviewed: Ike McCoy, Biscoe, Arkansas Age: 65 [TR: Illegible words indicated by "", questionable words followed by "?".]

"It was just like these cyclones that is [TR: illegible word] around here in Arkansas, exactly like that.

Hood was the [TR: illegible word] he thinks, but he was given to Captain Condennens to wait on him.

I would not give you the trouble to do this if I could get them in any other way, but I can not, as all back numbers are gone, and the copy I have has been borrowed and worn, so as to be illegible in many places.

The artist bowed profoundly, and left the room in order to give the necessary orders for his immediate departure; while his royal guest seized a pen, and with a trembling hand, and in almost illegible characters, wrote the following affecting letter: "SireDuring many years I have been deprived of your dear presence, and have implored your clemency without any reply.

She looked at the book that he held open before her, and perceived that its vertical ruling betokened a sordid import, that its list of items in an illegible mixture of English and German was lengthy.

May I point out rather a ludicrous misprint (doubtless owing to an illegible MS.) at p. 120.

It contained only a half-sheet of paper, with these words written upon it in the cramped half-illegible hand which figured on the outside: "The person advertising for Marian Nowell is requested to call at No. 5, Queen Anne's Court, Wardour Street, any evening after seven.

A feverish sort of life is led here day and night, as deficient addresses must be completed, and the illegible ones deciphered.

A square copper coin, inscription illegible.

if you prepare a slate the doctor will give you a message on it in his own handwrite and one characteristic of him ESW (In a small, rather illegible hand.)

The last words were somewhat illegible, and Mrs. Patterson suggested another trial; she thought the Spirits would write it plainer.

" (Signed by initials which are illegible, but evidently those of the Provincial President.)

There is an illegible word in the original.

This strange production, almost illegible, was sent to the unfortunate printers; with infinite difficulty a proof-sheet was obtained, which, being sent to the author, was presently returned in almost as hopeless a chaos of corrections as the manuscript first submitted.

On its cover was a metal plate with an illegible inscription.

In several places there were mere evidences of words, now entirely illegible.

They are fast becoming illegible, worn out by the rain that raineth every day, and our prim, present-day parsons do not look with favour upon them, besides whichto use a clumsy phrasebesides which most of our churchyards are now closed against burials, and without texts there can be no sermons: 'I'll stay and read my sermon here, And skulls and bones shall be my text.

On her way home she opened one of them and read it, and paused, and read, and studied as if the hand was illegible, and looked grave and hurt, and as if tears would start, and then calm and proud.

What then?" The man scratched his head, contemplating William as he might some illegible sign-post set up at an unusually bothersome cross-road.

[Footnote B: Some of the words in the warrant are illegible.

He was a land surveyor, and the town clerk, a close observer of men and their public and private affairs, and kept a careful record of current events in a "crabbed, eccentric but by no means entirely illegible hand" during the long years of his sojourn in the "Lord's Waste.

[TR: word illegible] did hit dat way.

[TR: illegible] in their skirts and when they stopped wearing them and wore narrow skirts?

No. 42. Were there any Negroes of your acquaintance who were skilled [TR: illegible] particular line of work?

It was so badly worn that it was almost illegible, but it showed a picture of Mama Duck and below it was given her age, 109.

Don't go wandering off for the rest of the day, pinching soft billets for yourself and the Sergeant-Major and your other pals, as you usually do!" Alphonso saluted guiltilyevidently the astute Cockerell had "touched the spot"and was turning away, when suddenly the billeting officer's eye encountered an illegible scrawl at the very foot of his list.

First, the parapet has an almost illegible inscription, ANTONIVS.

Of them it is also determined that they "do kepe an alle for the comodetie of the [Transcriber's note: WORD ILLEGIBLE] dytts in the sayd Towne to be kept abowts the tyme of Shrofftyde," [Transcriber's note: WORD(S) ILLEGIBLE] just before Lent.

Of them it is also determined that they "do kepe an alle for the comodetie of the [Transcriber's note: WORD ILLEGIBLE] dytts in the sayd Towne to be kept abowts the tyme of Shrofftyde," [Transcriber's note: WORD(S) ILLEGIBLE] just before Lent.

Miss Edith possessed an acuteness of perception which enabled her to decipher almost illegible words by comparing them with others which were better written.

Photogravure from Painting by [*illegible name]]

The floor, too, is almost entirely overlaid by tombstones, but, like those in the nave, they are greatly defaced, and the inscriptions are for the most part illegible.

The general public saw in him a man who flung himself into his cases with the fervor and passion of a mountain-torrent, whose eloquence was exuberant and sometimes extravagant, who said quaint and brilliant things with a very grave countenance, and whose handwriting was picturesquely illegible.

" "His writing is rather illegible.

I read the dirty, almost illegible scrawl through more carefully this time.

The post-marks were illegible, and the envelope much crumpled.

[Footnote 1: Word here illegible.

The Princess Augusta asked Lord Walsingham for a frank; he wrote one for her in such detestable characters that, at the end of a week, after having wandered half over England, it was opened, and returned to her as illegible.

unreadable 28 occurrences

Telegrams [unreadable] Telephone Mayfair 4707 B.R.C.S. or Order of St. John ... Sir, Will you kindly fill up the following form of Medical Certificate, returning it to the address given above.

It is distinctly ascertained that she expressly prohibited him from doing so; they continued to correspond to the last, and her affectionate, though unreadable, reminiscences, are sufficient proof that she at no time considered herself to be neglected, injured, or aggrieved.

" Jacobs, in his "Lives of the Poets," speaks of him as a multifarious writer of unreadable trash,and names but few of his productions.

There is something genuine, honest, gentlemanly, and unreadable in him.

He had studied the face of the big man from up north all during the scene, and he found the stern features unreadable.

The poems of Rochester, the plays of Dryden, Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and Farquhar, all popular in their day, are mostly unreadable.

In this term I accomplished the preparation of a volume of Mathematical Tracts on subjects which, either from their absolute deficiency in the University or from the unreadable form in which they had been presented, appeared to be wanted.

They were unreadable and produced no effect.

He remembered how her ladyship's grandson had compared her with the Sphinx; and it seemed to him to-night, as he studied her proud and tranquil beauty, that there was indeed something of the mysterious, the unreadable in that countenance, and that beneath its heroic calm there might be the ashes of tragic passion, the traces of a life-long struggle with fate.

He was, however, a man of some talent, though his poems are now hopelessly unreadable, and seems to have had a singular attraction for Johnson.

No other excuse at least can be given for the composition of one of the heaviest and most unreadable of dramatic performances, interesting now, if interesting at all, solely as a curious example of the result of bestowing great powers upon a totally uncongenial task.

The militarist monomania of Germany will have become incomprehensible; her Welt Politik literature incredible and unreadable....

There was an unfathomable, unreadable look in her dark eyes.

He introduced the Pindaric ode into English, and wrote an epic poem on a biblical subjectthe Davideisnow quite unreadable.

Were there only a compensatory arrangement for this also in another class who should be driven by a like irresistible instinct to unreadable books, the heart of the political economist would be gladdened at seeing the substantial rewards of authorship so much more equally distributed by means of a demand adapted to the always abundant supply.

Some of the things are quite unreadable to methough my family, with its Indian Civil Service associations, has kept up a knowledge of Hindustani from generation to generationand none are absolutely plain sailing.

No wonder he stormed, for the impossible had been made not only consistent, but unreadable.

It is startling to find Mill's Logic described (1843) as a "great unreadable book, and its elaborate demonstration of axioms and truisms."

Sir James Stephenthe distinguished sire of two distinguished contributors, who may remind more than one editor of our generation of the Horatian saying, that "Fortes creantur fortibus et bonis, ... neque imbellera feroces Progenerant aquilae columbam" this excellent writer took a more just measure of the book which Jeffrey thought unreadable.

[Footnote 1: "(unreadable on original page) in Dryden's 'Conquest of Granada.'

He therefore sent off one of his men to him with a letter, written in almost unreadable German, to the effect that if he would come to Altenburg and resume command of the band which had gathered there from the remnants of his former troops who had been dispersed, he, Nagelschmidt, was ready to assist him to escape from his imprisonment in Dresden by furnishing him with horses, men, and money.

" Valencia's angry eyes questioned the unreadable ones of his majordomo; but he did not let go, and so the three stood for a moment longer.

Waring's eyes were unreadable.

In the glow of the hanging lamp, Starr's lined, grizzled features were as unreadable as carved bronze.

" Bondsman knew that she proffered sympathy, and he licked her hand lazily, gazing up at her with bright, unreadable eyes.

As a young manand it is to his earlier years that the bulk of the eclogues must be attributedSpagnuoli was noted for the elegance of his Latin verse; but his facility led him into over-production, and Tiraboschi reports his later writings as absolutely unreadable.

What is the good of reminding them, being so majestical, of Guizot's pertinent remark, 'that if a book is unreadable it will not be read,' or of the older saying, 'A great book is a great evil'?

The style of newspaper reporters is not without merit; it is very rarely unreadable; but for all its virtue it is rarely a well of English undefiled.