347 examples of illiterate in sentences

The first walk that he took on the beach proved to him that this was no place for illiterate snobs and shoddyites.

But when detraction is printed in the morning paper you can't overlook it without incurring the suspicion of being illiterate and virtueless.

In view of the fact that she did accomplish her mission, the voices which inspired this illiterate peasant to deliver France are not to be derided.

Nor was he indisposed to believe in the care of a Divine Providence, or in its justice, though less believing in this respect than the illiterate but earnest-minded seaman who stood at his side.

The franchise being within the reach of every one who chose to stretch out a hand and grasp it, might at any time be claimed by vast numbers of persons who had recently been slaves, and were still generally illiterate.

A great poet who appears in illiterate times, absorbs into his sphere all the light which is anywhere radiating.

They cannot denythey do not denythat for this night they are our sisters: gentle or simple, scholar or illiterate servant, for twelve hours to comewe on the outside have the honor to be their brothers.

Whatever sort of society he lives in, whether he be surrounded by illiterate heroism or placid culture, the epic poet has a definite function to perform.

" Little Bel was too loyal at heart to her illiterate mother to wound her further by reiterating her point.

Guianerius had a patient could make Latin verses when the moon was combust, otherwise illiterate.

A man of his birth, a man of his taste, a man of his talents, a man of his habits, can have nothing in common with such miserable creatures as we now call Radicals, of whom I know not that I can better express the illiterate and blind ignorance and vulgarity than by saying that the best informed of them have probably never heard of Lord Byron.

The syndic was her tenant, and bowed down to her, and the rest of the illiterate officials followed his lead.

Clearly, the writer was an illiterate man, and it was at once plain that he may have made the same mistake with ensuing words.

The allowance for labor, in addition to their maintenance, is twenty-five cents per day; but they require those illiterate men to advance the whole before they can leave the prison, and then to take a certificate for their labor, and go for it to another departmentto collect which, is ten times more trouble than the money when received is worth.

Yet, alphabetic script is used only in cases in which illiterate adults have to be enabled in a short time to read very simple informations.

Finding himself more illiterate than was usual even in an illiterate age, he retired to a tower, which he built in the beautiful forest of Barden, and there, under the direction of the monks of Bolton Abbey, gave himself up to the forbidden studies of alchemy and astrology.

A letter of the old lord, his father, which, by the by, is not the letter of an illiterate man, is still extant, in which he complains in very moving terms of his son's degeneracy and misconduct.

The older type of miner was illiterate, incurious; he read nothing, lived his own life, and if he had any intellectual and spiritual urgencies in him beyond eating and drinking and dog-fighting, the local little Bethel shunted them away from any effective social criticism.

"It would have been better for you, to have remained illiterate, and to have been even hewers of wood.

"Or he was not the illiterate personage that he affected to be.

Some men, who hope to be valued as scholars, yet stickle for an odd phrase, which critics have denounced as follows: "But the history of the language scarcely affords a parallel to the innovation, at once unphilosophical and hypercritical, pedantic and illiterate, which has lately appeared in the excruciating refinement 'is being' and its unmerciful variations.

Among other things, they understood and respected the dignity of literature, and would not have expected an editor to run a literary venture in the interests of the illiterate.

of the population are still illiterate, mainly on account of the inadequacy of the educational budget.

In the case of the illiterate country inhabitants, with an income from land of less than £12 a year, fifty of them choose one delegate having one vote in the parliamentary election.

But whilst the Rumanians of Bessarabia were, with few exceptions, illiterate peasants, in Transylvania there was a solidly established and spirited middle class, whose protests kept pace with the oppressive measures.

347 examples of  illiterate  in sentences