1800 examples of illusion in sentences

CYNIC TUB (The), Diog'enês, the Cynic philosopher lived in a tub, and it is to this fact that illusion is made in the line: [They] fetch their doctrines from the Cynic tub.

The ground seemed to shake with the shock and rush, while the furious movement of the willow bushes as the wind poured over them increased the curious illusion that the island itself actually moved.

For a long time I thought they must every moment disappear and resolve themselves into the movements of the branches and prove to be an optical illusion.

And all sorts of things that inevitably mar the tense illusion which is the aim of the short storythe introduction, for example, of the author's personalityany comment that seems to admit that, after all, fiction is fiction, a change in manner between part and part, burlesque, parody, invective, all such thing's are not necessarily wrong in the novel.

The little cut-out paper doll figure was pinned to the wood by a short, sharp kitchen knife driven viciously deep, and the handle, quivering with the closing of the door, gave the illusion that the hand that had delivered the blow must have only at that instant been withdrawn.

The sight of the dingy ceiling and the gas-fixture depending therefrom dispelled the illusion.

The language adds to the illusion.

The towns too, with their open squares and arched passages, have quite a southern look; but the damp, gloomy weather was enough to dispel any illusion of this kind.

My quest was an illusion.

He paid no attention to it, thinking it only an illusion, but, after an interval, it was repeated so distinctly that he packed his knapsack, took his dog, and went out with the intention of going home.

Shut off the first and turn on the third, and the picture will be identical with the illusion.

I was the victim of a very curious illusion to-day.

That you've lost nothing but a dangerous illusion; that you have been honorable with him, and all the wrong and the shame are upon him.

Sitting on the bench by Aniela's side, I had the blissful illusion that I was sitting with my affianced wife.

In regard to this I have no illusion whatever.

No winsome illusion of nature's could brighten this little world that had at last turned quite sinister.

We had taken the precaution to hang, at the top of the mast, some gun-powder and pistols, with which we had provided ourselves on board the frigate: we made signals by burning a great many charges of powder; we even fired some pistol-shot, but it seems that these fires were only an illusion of the eyesight, or perhaps they were nothing but the dashing of the breakers.

Whether it were an illusion or reality we thought we saw it, and that we distinguished the burning air of the Zaara Desert.

Verily association with fools produceth an illusion that entangleth the mind, as daily communion with the good and the wise leadeth to the practice of virtue.

And uttering frightful yells and roaring like a mass of clouds charged with rain, the fiend began to spread the illusion proper to his species.

And Dhaumya of great (ascetic) energy, in the presence of the sons of Pandu, destroyed the fearful illusion that had been spread by the Rakshasa, by applying various mantras, calculated to destroy the Rakshasa.

And beholding his illusion dispelled, the mighty Rakshasa of crooked ways, capable of assuming any form at will, expanded his eyes in wrath and seemed like death himself.

O foremost of male beings, I snatched it from thee, helped by my powers of illusion.

The siege train imported by the deputy shortly dispelled that illusion.

The thick softness of gaslight, with the lovely specks and motes in it, so like natural light, gave illusion to many a scene which is now revealed in all its naked trashiness by electricity.

1800 examples of  illusion  in sentences