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1800 examples of  illusion  in sentences

1800 examples of illusion in sentences

Was that an illusion?

How far that illusion was shared by his entourage it is difficult to say.

I blessed that illusion, anyway.

To think so is so common an illusion to the climber that the Boy had heartened himself by saying, when he got there he would find it like the rest, horribly steep, but not impossible.

And glory long has made the sages smile, Tis something, nothing, words, illusion, wind Depending more upon the historian's style Than on the name a person leaves behind.

Stay Illusion: [Sidenote: It spreads his armes.

It is an illusion, which should receive no endorsement, either tacit or express, in any work on economics.

They are also very obviously inspired with the belief (similar to the illusion which is a point of honor with the male trade unionist) that high wages for women in well-paid occupations will help to raise the wages of sweated women workers in other trades.

The vain amusements and allurements of the world have no sympathy with anything but dissipation, in which, the mind, yielding to the fleeting seductions of art, leaves the heart empty as soon as the illusion disappears.

'That waiter has given the finishing touch to my illusion.'

The old illusion still prevails and has power over little towheaded Joseph on the Berkshire interval.

They take the place of hills, and give the eye what it craves,distance; which softens angles, conceals details, and heightens colors,in short, transfigures the world with its romancer's touch, and blesses us with illusion.

It proved more distanta common illusion in the crystal atmosphere of these upland regions.

But a week or two more, and Beatrice's prophecy had progressed so far towards fulfilment, that Antony was going about the woods and the moors saying over to himself the name he had found for the Image, as we saw in the first chapter; and his love for Silencieux, begun more or less as a determined self-illusion, grew more and more of a reality.

That may have been an illusion, but it was during these days that he did actually hear her speak for the first time.

Thus in like manner for Antony did Silencieux alternate between reality and dream that afternoon, though all the time he knew that, however now and again the daylight seemed to create an illusion of her remoteness, she was still his, and he of all men her chosen lover.

Surely those terrible words had been an illusion of the dark hours.

Was he changing one illusion for another? "Fool, no one hears you," and he threw himself face down in the grass and sobbed.

In those months on the hills he had realised human love, in the love of a true and tender and fairy-like woman, and he knew that no illusions, however specious, were worth that realitya reality with all the magic of an illusion.

" Was Silencieux a living spirit, after all,no mere illusion, but one of those beautiful demons of evil that do possess the souls of men?

Never again could return even the illusion of those happy weeks on the hills.

She had not dragged Jerrold down; she had raised him to his highest intensity of loving, she had brought him, out of the illusion of his life with Maisie, to reality and kept him there in an immaculate faithfulness.

After all, that sense of hidden certainty was an illusion.

Part of Maisie, the adorable part we know, isn't aware of any incompleteness; it lives in a perpetual illusion.

About twenty years ago, a well-known cattleman wrote the following description of the cowboy and the life he led: "If any one imagines that the life of a cowboy or ranchman is one of ease and luxury, or his diet a feast of fat things, a brief trial will dispel the illusion, as is mist by the sunshine.

The moral peripetythe sudden dissipation of some illusion, or defeat of some imposture, or crumbling of some castle in the airis a no less characteristic incident of real life, and much more amenable to the playwright's uses.

They had been used to mental trickery ever since they cut their first teeth, and were expert at combinazione; they had the illusion of serving their party, cheaply gained by a few compromises here and there!...

In order to calm his restless soul he pours out a flood of energetic language on his intimate friends, or to himself alone, and in this way gains the illusion of action cheaply enough.

So real was the illusion that he gripped two handfuls of moss and looked about sharply, but of course saw nothing.

There in the seat where I was wont to pursue my even tenor as an orchid slumbered Martin Dyke, amateur desecrator of other men's houses, challenger of the wayward fates, fanatic of a will-o'-the-wisp pursuit, desperate adventurer in the uncharted realms of love; and in his face, turned toward the polychromatic abominations of the house, so soon to be deserted, was all the pathos and all the beauty of illusion-haunted youth.

The light that never was, on sea or land, the look that I had surprised on the face of illusion-haunted Youth in the moon glow, gleamed in Martin Dyke's eyes.

For impressing the imagination of her audience she relied mainly on her own imagination and her voice; striking no attitudes, and allowing herself nothing of that facial distortion which is the resort of the unimaginative, and destroys not creates illusion.

Which is the illusion, one wonders,the original enchantment or the final disenchantment?

The Ideas carry with them an unavoidable illusion of objective reality, and the sophistical inferences which spring from them are not sophistications of men, but of pure reason itself, are natural misunderstandings from which even the wisest cannot free himself.

At best we can succeed in avoiding the error, not in doing away with the transcendental illusion from which it proceeds.

We can see through the illusion and avoid the erroneous conclusions built upon it, not shake off the illusion itself.

We can see through the illusion and avoid the erroneous conclusions built upon it, not shake off the illusion itself.

An interesting case of poetical illusion.

CYNIC TUB (The), Diog'enรชs, the Cynic philosopher lived in a tub, and it is to this fact that illusion is made in the line: [They] fetch their doctrines from the Cynic tub.

The ground seemed to shake with the shock and rush, while the furious movement of the willow bushes as the wind poured over them increased the curious illusion that the island itself actually moved.

For a long time I thought they must every moment disappear and resolve themselves into the movements of the branches and prove to be an optical illusion.

The illusion is rendered more complete in such a case by having a box to receive the painting on its bottom, and where the lens and mirror, fixed in a smaller box above, are made to slide up and down in their place to allow of readily adjusting the focal distance.

And all sorts of things that inevitably mar the tense illusion which is the aim of the short storythe introduction, for example, of the author's personalityany comment that seems to admit that, after all, fiction is fiction, a change in manner between part and part, burlesque, parody, invective, all such thing's are not necessarily wrong in the novel.

The little cut-out paper doll figure was pinned to the wood by a short, sharp kitchen knife driven viciously deep, and the handle, quivering with the closing of the door, gave the illusion that the hand that had delivered the blow must have only at that instant been withdrawn.

The illusion was complete.

The sight of the dingy ceiling and the gas-fixture depending therefrom dispelled the illusion.

For it was an illusion that my love for you was cured; now, in the presence of death, I know that I still love you.

The language adds to the illusion.

The towns too, with their open squares and arched passages, have quite a southern look; but the damp, gloomy weather was enough to dispel any illusion of this kind.

My quest was an illusion.

He paid no attention to it, thinking it only an illusion, but, after an interval, it was repeated so distinctly that he packed his knapsack, took his dog, and went out with the intention of going home.

I believe, then, that what seems to the criminal lawyers and passionate philanthropists self-evident, is in truth an illusion, springing from a very shallow kind of impatience, heated in some of them by the addition of a cynical contempt for human nature and the worth of human existence.

Shut off the first and turn on the third, and the picture will be identical with the illusion.

I was the victim of a very curious illusion to-day.

But she sank into the chair before her breakfast tray and ate with an appetite which took something form this illusion, while Titine brought her letters and a long box of flowers which were unwrapped and placed in a floor-vase of silver and glass in an embrasure of the window.

There is usually a streak of illusion or a flash of hope somewhere on the horizon.

Each sentence was as good as he could make it, harmonious to the ear, with words of precious meaning skilfully set; and he believed in it with the illusion so indispensable to an artist's wellbeing and continuance in good work.

He was at the age of hope, and something within him, which did not represent mere youthful illusion, supported his courage in the face of calculations such as would have damped sober experience.

That you've lost nothing but a dangerous illusion; that you have been honorable with him, and all the wrong and the shame are upon him.

Sitting on the bench by Aniela's side, I had the blissful illusion that I was sitting with my affianced wife.

In regard to this I have no illusion whatever.

This promising army, the last hope of the Emperor, was nothing but an illusion, as soon as the charm was dissolved which had called it into existence; by Wallenstein it had been raised, and, without him, it sank like a creation of magic into its original nothingness.

The unities of the drama are rules which are the result of good sense, and serve greatly to heighten the entertainment of the stage; they undoubtedly tend to keep up the necessary illusion that we are witnessing scenes in real life, and the more they are acted up to, the greater is the merit of the piece, and the more perfect the effect produced.

Again, in Coriolanus, now we find him expelled by the Romans, afterwards residing amongst the Volscians, and eventually marching an immense army to the gates of Rome; all within the space of two or three hours: this is a sad blow to any scenic illusion, and tends to weaken, if it does not entirely break, the thread of the imagination.

The illusion which he produced on his worshippers can be compared only to those illusions to which lovers are proverbially subject during the season of courtship.

It was an illusion which affected even the senses.

No winsome illusion of nature's could brighten this little world that had at last turned quite sinister.

Sir Bale affected no airs of scepticism now; his imagination was stirred, and a sense of some unknown reality at the bottom of that which he had affected to treat before as illusion, inspired a strange interest in the experiment.

She no longer heard the unearthly mimickry of her sister's voice; there remained only the fear and suspense which that illusion or visitation had produced.

We had taken the precaution to hang, at the top of the mast, some gun-powder and pistols, with which we had provided ourselves on board the frigate: we made signals by burning a great many charges of powder; we even fired some pistol-shot, but it seems that these fires were only an illusion of the eyesight, or perhaps they were nothing but the dashing of the breakers.

Whether it were an illusion or reality we thought we saw it, and that we distinguished the burning air of the Zaara Desert.

The illusion director.

Claire had to acknowledge that at a distance her aunt gave a wonderful illusion of arrested youth as she stood with one hand grasping the collar of her gorgeous mandarin coat.

She used to come every other afternoon at the appointed time and almost challenge him by her reproachful silence to do something, if only to provide her with an illusion.

In another instant the illusion that her presence had given him passed.

Verily association with fools produceth an illusion that entangleth the mind, as daily communion with the good and the wise leadeth to the practice of virtue.

And uttering frightful yells and roaring like a mass of clouds charged with rain, the fiend began to spread the illusion proper to his species.

And Dhaumya of great (ascetic) energy, in the presence of the sons of Pandu, destroyed the fearful illusion that had been spread by the Rakshasa, by applying various mantras, calculated to destroy the Rakshasa.

And beholding his illusion dispelled, the mighty Rakshasa of crooked ways, capable of assuming any form at will, expanded his eyes in wrath and seemed like death himself.

O foremost of male beings, I snatched it from thee, helped by my powers of illusion.

And furnished with prowess of illusion, the car was drawn with such speed that the eye could hardly mark its progress.

The siege train imported by the deputy shortly dispelled that illusion.

This looks like strong evidence, but when we examine the facts the illusion vanishes.

185 I spake with faltering voice, like one Not wholly rescued from the pale Of a wild dream, or worse illusion; But, straight, to cover my confusion, Began the promised Tale.

if so, you are not far From its pains and its confusions: For the very fact of pleading Disillusion, shows that thou 'Neath illusion's yoke doth bow, And the patient who is needing Remedies doth prove that still The sharp pang he doth endure, For there 's no one seeks a cure

Nay more, illusion now doth bear to me The sweetest sounds of dulcet harmony, Music and voice combine: O solitude!

He depicted no age of innocence; his poetry reflects no philosophical illusion of primitive simplicity; he elaborated no imaginary cult of mystical worship.

In a sense, of course, Love is necessarily a fiction, whether pleasing or otherwise; for illusion is of the essence of it.

Tityrus sees more in Amaryllis than his brother shepherds see, just as Mr. Whistler sees more in a November fog than is visible to the eye of the casual wayfarer who gets lost in it, and mingles profanity with his coughs, yet, granting this, the reality and completeness of the illusion does not admit of doubt.

Marcus might have added, that the old gentleman's flowing white locks and benevolent features had contributed to the illusion; but he had already discovered that Mr. Van Quintem, like himself, was averse to compliments.

The thick softness of gaslight, with the lovely specks and motes in it, so like natural light, gave illusion to many a scene which is now revealed in all its naked trashiness by electricity.

Allusion, illusion, delusion, distinguished, 25.

Delusion, illusion, allusion, distinguished, 25.

Illusion, allusion, delusion, distinguished, 25.

Neither men nor women have any illusion as to miracles presently to be performed which shall "sweep out" or "drive back" the Boche.

But often the incongruity is within the poem itself, and the poet, destroying the illusion of his created image, gets a melancholy satisfaction from derision of his own grief.

Est-ce une illusion?

It was no illusion; and the unfortunate princess was obliged to confess to her lover that she was already married to Don Gusman.

And then with a thrill of the pulses came the exultation of rapid movement, banishing the illusion, while the very heart of her rejoiced in the knowledge thereof.

"I never destroy a pretty illusion if I can help it.