61 examples of illusive in sentences

of Patagonia, has more than once deceived both French and English navigators; and rock Dunder, in the West Indies, bears a resemblance, at a distance equally illusive.

It was all so illusive a breath might have blown it away; yet there it was, real as life,a circular camp of white cone-shaped tepees, astir with Indian people.

He could perceive, also, as plainly as if he were in that other room, the deep ardent eyes of the prince downbent upon the blither ones, the commanding figure of the man near that other slender, almost illusive presence.

Then all illusive speculations merged abruptly into a realization that needed no demonstration.

"I've been thinking over some of the pictures I've seen recently and I can't imagine a moral, however intangible or illusive, in connection with any of them.

It blooms triumphantly, and the old man bears it in his trembling hands to the carefully prepared furnace where fire must add to its beauty of form the illusive, decisive beauty of color.

Nor less the shifting cur avoid, that breaks 70 Illusive from the pack; to the next hedge Devious he strays, there every mews he tries: If haply then he cross the steaming scent, Away he flies vain-glorious; and exults As of the pack supreme, and in his speed And strength unrivalled.

While from above descends in milky streams One scanty pencil of illusive beams, Suspended crags and gaping gulphs illumes, 100 And gilds the horrors of the deepen'd glooms.

A story made to the order of a moral concept is always apt to advertise its origin, to the detriment of its illusive quality.

were their vain imaginings of Thee, Who saw Thee only through the illusive cloud That sin had flung around their spirits, like a shroud.

Their tears, their laughter, you command with ease, The lofty still they honor, the illusive love.

Ah, fond deceit!too soon the heart, unblest, Unsated, turns from these illusive charms Back to the haunting dream of heav'n once known: It pines for those soft eyes, that throbbing breast, Those sweet life-giving lips, those circling arms The breath, the touch, the warmth of Beauty flown.

If political "independence"if a free governmentbe the poor thingthe illusive image of an American brainwhich you sneeringly represent it, we owe little thanks to those who purchased it for us, even though they purchased it with their blood; and little pains need we take in that case to preserve it.

Shall I go and tell him that you won't come down because you think he is angry with you?' Ten minutes passed, and no answer could be obtained from Emilyonly passionate and illusive refusals, denials, prayer to be left alone; and these mingled with irritating suggestions that Julia had better go at once, that Hubert might be waiting for her.

His Excellency, my master, is a man of great forbearance; but he knows what steps to take with nations who exhaust his patience with illusive expressions of friendship.

It is probable that much of what passes for hallucination proper belongs in reality to the hybrid case, being an illusive interpretation of some induced visual cloud or blur.

And comparatively short as his working life proved to behampered for ten years by the sternest poverty, and for nearly ten more by the sad, illusive optimism of the poitrinairethe task of the mere surveyor is no light or perfunctory one.

After measuring the distances again with his eye, to be sure that he should raise no illusive hope, he pointed out to Marcia the way of escape.

What, then, has he gained beyond a momentary illusive pleasure which vanished with the occasion?

Marie Antoinette, accustomed to a numerous family, affectionately united, sought friends who could "love her for herself," as she used to say: an illusive hope, in one of her rank, for which she was destined to pay dearly.

After a fleeting, illusive hope, prudence condemned me to acquiesce in the humble station of a mute.

I saw a fox, a badger, and another furry creature, too illusive to name.

The heat veils lifted in ripples, and any object not near at hand seemed illusive.

The knell of my thirtieth year has sounded, in three or four years my youth will be as a faint haze on the sea, an illusive recollection; so now while standing on the last verge of the hill, I will look back on the valley I lingered in.

Now the achievement seemed as illusive as the reward.

61 examples of  illusive  in sentences