6196 examples of imaged in sentences

A strangely imaged flow of consciousness, the imaginative state, may also be evoked by morphine and cannabis indica.

Unknown to herself she still imaged a kind of uncertainty in her fate which would not permit her to lay aside all thought of Damon.

It was the night, and Lara's glassy stream The stars are studding each with imaged beam: So calm, the waters scarcely seem to stray,

I believe I had imaged a valley enclosed by rocks, and terminated by a broad expanse of water.

The heroine, as imaged in his mind, is arrayed in a loveliness which limner never compassed.

The author was pointed out to me, soon after, and for once, I saw a poet whose mind was well imaged in his person.

His imaged birds, and painted bowl, And venison, for a journey dressed, Bespeak the nature of the soul, Activity, that wants no rest.

Thus in these few little weeks Ben Darbya beast of the forest in his unbridled passionshad in some measure imaged the life history of the race.

Sometimes it is a spirit yet unknown, In whose dim-imaged features seem to smile The dear delight of these high-mansioned thoughts, That sometimes visit me.

Her tyrant's-heart was imaged in her face, That flushed, then altering put on blank disdain.

We felt ourselves fairly imaged when standing before her, as in a clear plate-glass mirror.

He bent him o'er the river's brim, And on the radiant vision gazed; For lovelier still it seemed to him, That in its breast his imaged blazed.

Thus the soul herself is imaged in the marble "most sweetly slumbering in the gates of dreams.

A different but scarcely less important phase of mediaeval thought is imaged in the frescoes of the Cappella degli Spagnuoli in S. Maria Novella.

The Forms of the letters of the alphabet, when imaged, as they sometimes are, in that way, are equally easy to be accounted for, therefore the ordinary Number-Form is the oldest of all, and consequently the most interesting.

His glory brighter than the brightest thought Can picture, holier than our holiest awe Can worship,imaged only in I AM!

The Flight of Satan to the Gates of Hell is finely imaged.

Satan's Approach to the Confines of the Creation, is finely imaged in the beginning of the Speech, which immediately follows.

His Departure from before the Throne, and the Flight through the Choirs of Angels, is finely imaged.

That intermixture of delicious hues, Along so vast a surface, all at once, In one impression, by connecting force Of their own beauty, imaged in the heart.

And so it has been easy for us to show you the orator imaged in this colored chart, and we shall have no trouble in justifying our choice of colors.

The libertine longings of nature, the free fecundities of mother-earth, imaged to the grosser people the Power working round about them and within their very bodies; and men and women gave free rein to their appetites and passions, in honor of divinities like Ashera, the Syrian Venus.

It is well known that the religion of the old Egyptians led them to regard this life as a mere temporary incident, an unimportant phase of their progress toward that larger and grander state imaged to them with mysterious sublimity in the idea of Death or Eternity.

The meaning is too obvious it may be, but the thought is well imaged.

What,the foolish well Whose wave, low down, I did not stoop to drink, But sat and flung the pebbles from its brink In sport to send its imaged skies pell-mell, (And mine own image, had I noted well!)

6196 examples of  imaged  in sentences