366 examples of imitator in sentences

The imitator sees that it is easy to do that which has already been done.

Dr. Francklin prefaced his edition with a Life, written by a friend in the form of a Dialogue of the Dead in the Elysian Fields between Lord Lytteltonwho had been, in his Dialogues of the Dead, an imitator of the Dialogues so called in Lucianand Lucian himself.

As THEOCRITUS is famoused for his Idyllia in Greek, and VIRGIL for his Eclogues in Latin: so SPENSER their imitator in his Shepherds Calendar is renowned for the like argument; and honoured for fine poetical invention, and most exquisite wit.

Each possesses a perfect facility and command over his own peculiar manner, which has secured him from having any successful imitator.

paraphrase, parody, take-off, lampoon, caricature &c 21. plagiarism; forgery, counterfeit &c (falsehood) 544; celluloid. imitator, echo, cuckoo^, parrot, ape, monkey, mocking bird, mime; copyist, copycat; plagiarist, pirate.

Perhaps he wouldn't have done anything at all; he might have become, at best, a mediocre imitator of the great masters in what they have already done to a finish, or one of the modern innovators who strive after originality by seeing how cleverly they can dodge about through the rules of harmony and at the same time avoid melody.

He was considered to be Johnson's best imitator; and has vanished like other imitators.

Boswell, the faithful imitator of his master in this respect, delighted in taking up the parable.

Because I knew of it beforehand? Consider rather whether this was not his reason for calling on me, that, when he had performed an action very like those which I myself had done, he called me above all men to witness that he had been an imitator of my exploits.

O citizen, born for the republic; mindful of the name he bears; imitator of his ancestors!

Like all "natural geniuses" Goethe begins as an imitator, dependent upon others; for the poet also must first learn to speak and to walk.

Unquestionably he is the greatest of Shakespeare's successors in the romantic drama, perhaps his only direct imitator.

In his poem called The Purple Island, Phineas Fletcher, a Puritan imitator of Spenser in Cambridge, essayed to set forth the struggle of the soul at grip with evil, a battle in which the bodythe "Purple Island"is the field.

Barrenness was not the fault of the Father of English poetry; and amid the profusion of images which he presented, his imitator had only the task of rejecting or selecting.

But among women artists Madame O'Connell was the first who could justly be called his imitator, and her work was done in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Hogarth, who has been called the Father of English Painting, was a man of too much originality to be a mere imitator of foreign artists.

The imitator, having probably seen the play represented, has carried away the words, but by transposing them, and with the change of one expression"men" for "things"has lost the spirit: there is a pun no longer.

Commencing in nearly the same words, the imitator entirely mistakes this, in stating the object of clothing to be to "shrowd us from the winter's rage;" which is, nevertheless, true enough, though completely beside the purpose.

203 As the morning does not derive its glory from the circumstance of its being "wash'd with dew," and as it is not a peculiarly apposite comparison, I conclude that here, too, as in other instances, the sound alone has caught the ear of the imitator.

Is it not evident that Shakespeare chose the word "sped" as a rhyme to "bed," and that the imitator, in endeavouring to recollect the jingle, has not only spoiled the rhyme, but missed the fact that all "three" were "married," notwithstanding that "two" were "sped"?

K. Windscheid professes to discover a different hand in the third book, and is inclined to ascribe it to some imitator of Browne.

BAROCCI, a celebrated Italian painter, imitator of the style of Correggio (1528-1612).

CANTARINI, SIMONE, an Italian painter, born at Pesaro; a pupil of Guido and a rival, but only an imitator from afar (1612-1648).

FISCHART, JOHANN, a German satirist; an imitator of Rabelais (1545-1589).

We can do some of these things by apparatus designed by the brain of manand man really is but an imitator and adaptor of Nature.

366 examples of  imitator  in sentences