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366 examples of imitator in sentences

The doll-cherishing, housekeeping imitator of mother is another story.

As THEOCRITUS is famoused for his Idyllia in Greek, and VIRGIL for his Eclogues in Latin: so SPENSER their imitator in his Shepherds Calendar is renowned for the like argument; and honoured for fine poetical invention, and most exquisite wit.

If ever any author deserved the name of original (says Pope) it was he: 'His poetry was inspiration indeed; he is not so much an imitator, as instrument of nature; and it is not so just to say of him that he speaks from her, as that she speaks through him.

In the history of fiction, does Scott rank as an imitator or a creator?

It seemed to be the art of Nature herself; as though, in a fit of playfulness, she had imitated her imitator.

It contains not only the "Giace Cartago," and the "appena i segni," &c., but the contrast of the pride with the mortality of man, and, above all, the "dying" of the cities, which is the finest thing in the stanza of its imitator.

If the divine is faithful, man also must be faithful; if it is free, man also must be free; if beneficent, man also must be beneficent; if magnanimous, man also must be magnanimous; as being then an imitator of God he must do and say everything consistently with this fact.

paraphrase, parody, take-off, lampoon, caricature &c 21. plagiarism; forgery, counterfeit &c (falsehood) 544; celluloid. imitator, echo, cuckoo^, parrot, ape, monkey, mocking bird, mime; copyist, copycat; plagiarist, pirate.

If thou canst not so win him, put it up, if thou beest a true Christian, a good divine, an imitator of Christ, ("for he was reviled and put it up, whipped and sought no revenge,") thou wilt pray for thine enemies, "and bless them that persecute thee;" be patient, meek, humble, &

A mind reformed and pure, the imitator of God, raising itself above things human, confining all its desires within itself.

Its pretended source and the sham Oriental disguise make the work an unworthy member of that group of feigned Oriental letters begun by G.P. Marana with "L'Espion turc" in 1684, continued by Dufresny and his imitator, T. Brown, raised to a philosophic level by Addison and Steele, and finally culminant in Montesquieu's "Lettres Persanes" (1721) and Goldsmith's "Citizen of the World" (1760).

Not that he was an imitator; few have been more original or have put more of their own personality into their work.

The most noted imitator of this class was Micheli of Florence.

In spite of its strongly marked Michelangelesque mannerism, both as regards feeling, facial type, and design, I cannot regard the bas-relief, in its present condition at least, as a genuine work, but rather as the production of some imitator, or the rifacimento of a restorer.

He was, like others, easily flattered by an imitator by whom he could not fear ever to be rivalled, and repaid my assiduities with compliments and professions.

He thought himself a creator, he was only an imitator.

M. Marat was a logician of this sort, and M. Romieu is, after all, only a pale imitator of the cracked horse-leech; but as he wrote in the interest of "order," and for the preservation of property, we rarely hear of his thirst for blood.

If the best Imitator of Nature is not to be esteemed the best Painter, but he that makes the greatest Show and Glare of Colours; it will necessarily follow, that he who can array himself in the most gaudy Draperies is best drest, and he that can speak loudest the best Orator.

But among women artists Madame O'Connell was the first who could justly be called his imitator, and her work was done in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Hogarth, who has been called the Father of English Painting, was a man of too much originality to be a mere imitator of foreign artists.

K. Windscheid professes to discover a different hand in the third book, and is inclined to ascribe it to some imitator of Browne.

To any one observing us at this time it would have seemed that I was but a hanger-on, and a feeble imitator of Marshall.

FISCHART, JOHANN, a German satirist; an imitator of Rabelais (1545-1589).

"Let every man remember that cause for courage, which may be most agreeable to his own habits and opinions," concluded this imitator of the Hannibals and Scipios of old; "for that is the surest and the briefest method of bringing his mind into an obstinate state.

We can do some of these things by apparatus designed by the brain of manand man really is but an imitator and adaptor of Nature.

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