77 examples of immortalising in sentences

Then, as it has been remarked, flowers have virtually become the timepieces of our religious calendar, reminding us of the various festivals, as in succession they return, in addition to immortalising the history and events which such festivals commemorate.

and who will fix the site of the pool in Rydal Upper Park, immortalised in the poem 'To M. H.'?

But since the laws of heaven immortalise Our souls, and doom our flesh to swift decay, Tongue cannot tell how fair, how pure as day, Is the soul's thirst that far beyond it lies.

Campanella tells his friend that such trivial things as pastoral poems will not immortalise him.

even that of the worthy who wasted precious years in writing a Homer Burlesqued, what heroic exploits might not I immortalise!

The gods above, that know great Furor's fame, And do adore grand poet Furor's name, Granted long since at heaven's high parliament, That whoso Furor shall immortalise, No yawning goblins shall frequent his grave; Nor any bold, presumptuous cur shall dare To lift his leg against his sacred dust.

A rich pudding-wife or a cobbler cannot die but I must immortalise his name with an epitaph; a dog cannot piss in a nobleman's shoe, but it must be sprinkled into the chronicles; so that I never could remember my treasure more full, and never emptier of honourable and true heroical actions.

On his way to Rome, he visited the miniature mountain republic of San Marino, which he contemplated and described with much the same feeling of interest and amazement, as afterwards, in the Guardian, the little colony of ants immortalised there.

30 Sometimes, misguided by the tuneful throng I look for streams immortalised in song, That lost in silence and oblivion lie, (Dumb are their fountains and their channels dry,) Yet run for ever by the Muse's skill, And in the smooth description murmur still.

He shewed him how foolish it was in princes and other great men not to make friends of those who can immortalise them; and observed, with singular indulgence, that crimes themselves might be no hindrance to a good name with posterity, if the poet were but feed well enough for spices to embalm the criminal.

The reins were jerked, the scraggy night-horse broke into a spasmodic trot turned out of the station, and pulled up in front of the caravansary which an eminent butcher has done so much to immortalise.

Then again there is the incident in Naples, which Tischbein has immortalised in one of his aquarelles.

We lay upon it these pages; may they contribute to immortalise the memory of a person who has relieved so many pains of soul and body, and that of the spot where her mortal remains lie awaiting the Day of Resurrection. TO THE READER Whoever compares the following meditations with the short history of the Last Supper given in the Gospel will discover some slight differences between them.

In the burial-grounds, and principally in that of the Innocents, the monuments of these families of Parisian bourgeoisie were of the most expensive character, and were inscribed with epitaphs in which the living vainly tried to immortalise the deeds of the deceased.

So Major Campbell prepares the charming little cockyoly birds, and I call in the sun to immortalise them.

Some, wishing to immortalise their names, have engraven them deep and large, while others have tried to climb up and insert them high in this book of fame.

There were a hundred men in England who might immortalise themselves by giving this sum, and yet not have a luxury the less.

Bethmann-Hollweg, immortalised by one fatal phrase, has been at last hunted from office by the extremists whom he sought to restrain, and Dr. Michaelis, a second-rate administrator, of negligible antecedents, succeeds to his uneasy chair, while the Kaiser maintains his pose as the friend of the people.

Then he will come home, to be made Keeper of the King's Mews, and presently our Colley will immortalise him in one of those pen-portraits which make so many of the Poet Laureate's friends or foes stand out clear and distinct against the background of the "Apology."

Shall she, the Glory of the British Stage, Pride of her sex, and wonder of the age; Shall she, who, living, charm'd th' admiring throng, Die undistinguish'd, and not claim a song? No; feeble as it is, I'll boldly raise My willing voice, to celebrate her praise, And with her name immortalise my lays.

Yet two things remain of him and will not perishthe one, the tribute left by his free spirit to the finest productions of the human mind; and what he felt, thought, and has immortalised in many men of excellence gone before.

In her need to immortalise this passion she could not have done better.

No one seems to know why the hero of Waterloo chose to immortalise this quiet little west-country town: he does not appear to have had any original connection with it.

He was drowned in the Nile, and the grief of the emperor knew no bounds; he enrolled him among the gods, erected a temple and founded a city in his honour, while artists vied with each other in immortalising his beauty.

EROSTRATUS, an obscure Ephesian, who, to immortalise his name, set fire to the temple of Ephesus on the night, as it happened, when Alexander the Great was born; the Ephesians thought to defeat his purpose by making it death to any one who named his name, but in vain, the decree itself giving wider and wider publicity to the act.

77 examples of  immortalising  in sentences