1479 examples of immortality in sentences

Only by others borne across the sea Came the incredible wild blasphemy They called her deathas though it could be true Of such an immortality as you!

But I, who have lived so long, have worked so ceaselessly, with only virtuous loves and solemn thoughts,I must endure immortality.

If I were writing fiction I might go on almost indefinitely with the story of Anna; but in real life stories have a curious way of coming to quick fruition, and withering away after having cast the seeds of their immortality.

No poem that we can enjoy, no speech that tickles us, no prophecy that thrills usneither dinner nor immortality for them!

They entreat you for a hearing: they cry out from their caseslike men, in an eternal struggle for survival, for immortality.

Take John Bunyan as a pattern of the man who forgot himself into immortality.

But if he denies doctrines which cannot be demonstrated, such as the existence of a personal God or the immortality of the soul, he incurs serious disapprobation and at one time he might have been put to death.

Averroes held the eternity of matter and denied the immortality of the soul; his general view may be described as pantheism.

To a plain mind this seems much as if one said that the doctrine of immortality is true on Sundays but not on week-days, or that the Apostles Creed is false in the drawing-room and true in the kitchen.

He says of immortality that it is the most generally received doctrine, the most usefully believed, and the most weakly established by human reasons; but he modified this and some other passages in a second edition.

The French people recognizes the existence of the Supreme Being and the immortality of the Soul; the liberty of other cults was maintained.

Its doctrines, briefly formulated, were: God, immortality, fraternity, humanity; no attacks on other religions, but respect and honour towards all; gatherings in a family, or in a temple, to encourage one another to practise morality.

If you believe in the immortality of the soul for philosophical reasons, you are orthodox, but you have no part in faith.

In 1770, French readers were startled by the appearance of Baron D’Holbach’s System of Nature, in which God’s existence and the immortality of the soul were denied and the world declared to be matter spontaneously moving.

He notes that the doctrine of immortality is omitted in the law of Moses, but this doubtless was a mysterious dispensation of Providence.

His Critic of Pure Reason demonstrated that when we attempt to prove by the fight of the intellect the existence of God and the immortality of the Soul, we fall helplessly into contradictions.

It may be said that the advance of knowledge has thrown no light on one of the most important beliefs that we are asked to accept on authority, the doctrine of immortality.

The corruption of Christianity has been due to theology with its insane licence of affirmation about God, its insane licence of affirmation about immortality; to the hypothesis of a magnified and non-natural man at the head of mankind’s and the world’s affairs; and the fancy account of God made up by putting scattered expressions of the Bible together and taking them literally.

The more violent thy torture is, the less it will continue: and though it be severe and hideous for the time, comfort thyself as martyrs do, with honour and immortality.

That famous philosopher Epicurus, being in as miserable pain of stone and colic, as a man might endure, solaced himself with a conceit of immortality; "the joy of his soul for his rare inventions, repelled the pain of his bodily torments.

Modo in egestate, tribulatione, convalle deplorationis, &c. "Thou art now in the vale of misery, in poverty, in agony," [3808]"in temptation; rest, eternity, happiness, immortality, shall be thy reward," as Chrysostom pleads, "if thou trust in God, and keep thine innocency."

110. immortality; and "more have got this honour and eternity for their beauty, than for all other virtues besides:" and such as are fair, "are worthy to be honoured of God and men.

The unhappy effect which St. Paul's (may I not say) incautious language respecting Christ's return produced on the Thessalonians, led him to reflect on the subject, and he instantly in the second epistle to them qualified the doctrine, and never afterwards resumed it; but on the contrary, in the first Epistle to the Corinthians, c. 15, substitutes the doctrine of immortality in a celestial state and a spiritual body.

Deeply am I persuaded of Luther's position, that no man can worthily estimate, or feel in the depth of his being, the Incarnation and Crucifixion of the Son of God who is a stranger to the terror of immortality as ingenerate in man, while it is yet unquelled by the faith in God as the Almighty Father.

No one mistakes the doctrines of Paul for those of Mohammed, because both taught the immortality of the soul.

1479 examples of  immortality  in sentences