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107 examples of  impaling  in sentences

107 examples of impaling in sentences

Impale him at all hazards.

Impaled on the dexter side with those of his patron saint, Edward the Confessor.

I have subjoined the proper blazon of the arms, which is azure, a cross patonce between five martlets or, impaling France and England quarterly, 1st.

In my own diocese, where for some years after your Majesty's happy accession we were accustomed to impale twenty thousand annually, it is now difficult to find twenty, with the utmost diligence on the part of the executioners.

He even talked of ordering his admiral, Baltaoghlu, to be impaled on the spot; but the janizaries present compelled even Mahomet to restrain his vengeance.

The book mentioned above lies before us with its valves open, helpless as an oyster on its shell, inviting the critical pungent, the professional acid, and the judicial impaling trident.

Of those who had been enlisted in the cause of Sextus, members of the senatorial or equestrian classes were punished, save a few, while in the case of the rank and file all free citizens were incorporated in the legions of Caesar, and those that had been slaves were given back to their masters for vengeance: in case no master could be found for any one of them, he was impaled.

Jemshรญd thus rejoined: "Unjustly am I brought in chains before thee, Betrayed, insultedthou the cause of all, And yet thou wouldst appear to feel my wrongs!" Incensed at this defiance, mixed with scorn, Fiercely Zohรกk replied, "Then choose thy death; Shall I behead thee, stab thee, or impale thee, Or with an arrow's point transfix thy heart!

And when the warriors met his sullen view, Frowning revenge, still more enraged he grew: Loud to the Envoy thus he fiercely cried: "Since Rustem has my royal power defied, Had I a sword, this instant should his head Roll on the ground; but let him now be led Hence, and impaled alive."

"Say, what has Rustem done, that he should be Impaled upon the ignominious tree? Degrading thought, unworthy to be bred Within a royal heart, a royal head.

The smoky, dripping flame showed no man there, but only another long bamboo, impaling what might be another ball of rags.

Nay, of Henry's faction, Of thy false father's faction; speak the truth, He is the head of factions; were he down, Peace, plenty, glory, will impale thy crown. LEI.

[106] It is doubtful whether we ought to read impale or impall.

If the latter, it means to enfold with a pall; but Cleveland uses impale in the same sense

"I now impale her in my arms.

Other governors had been bled, fleeced, and impaled over and over again; but the caitiff, Haj, always remained in possession of the fruits of his tyranny.

Against these he proceeded with the most iron severity; they were burned, hanged, beheaded, and impaled, in all parts of the country, until they were either exterminated or expelled.

3: "Did I impale him with the regal crown?"

Yet, that we were so suddenly overcome by the potency of the powder, I doubt if a full minute passed before we were each one busied after the manner of the bo'sun; and those whose torches had burned out, knocked flaming pieces from the burning fungus, and with these impaled upon their torch-sticks, did so much execution as any.

This man would have impaled Zadig to do honors to the sun, and would then have recited the breviary of Zoroaster with greater satisfaction.

" "Well," said Yebor, shaking his bald pate, "we must impale Zadig for having thought contemptuously of griffins, and the other for having spoken disrespectfully of rabbits."

Nobody was impaled.

I thought that I should once have been impaled on account of a griffin.

Albert, furious at this resistance, had the horrid barbarity to cause to be impaled the chief burghers of the town of Leuwaarden, which he had taken by assault.

Theft is always punished capitally, both in India and China, whether the theft be considerable or trifling; but more particularly so in the Indies, where, if a thief have stolen even the value of a small piece of money, he is impaled alive.

They struck on a spike of coral, which pierced the ship's side and held her impaled; fortunately so, for she was thus prevented from backing out to sea and foundering with all hands, as other vessels did.

Also a tremendous rib-piece was roasting before the fire, being impaled on an upright stake forced in and out between the ribs.

In Uganda, where Stanley in 1875 saw King Mtesa impaling his victims, there are now ninety thousand natives professing Christianity, three hundred and twenty churches, and many thousands of children in the schools.

There were five rows in connection with, and intersecting each other; and whoever entered within them were likely to impale themselves on very sharp stakes.

perforate, pierce, empierce^, tap, bore, drill; mine &c (scoop out) 252; tunnel; transpierce^, transfix; enfilade, impale, spike, spear, gore, spit, stab, pink, puncture, lance, stick, prick, riddle, punch; stave in. cut a passage through; make way for, make room for. uncover, unclose, unrip^; lay open, cut open, rip open, throw open, pop open, blow open, pry open, tear open, pull open.

tar and feather; pelt, stone, lapidate^; masthead, keelhaul. execute; bring to the block, bring to the gallows; behead, decapitate, guillotine; decollate; hang, turn off, gibbet, bowstring, hang draw and quarter; shoot; decimate; burn; break on the wheel, crucify; empale^, impale; flay; lynch; electrocute; gas, send to the gas chamber.

The motion of Mercury is identically that of the impaled orange or the stone in the sling.

Then, in August 1914, there was hoisted the German flag, superimposed with skulls and cross-bones, and all the insignia of piracy and highway robbery on land and on sea, and Germany showed herself an anachronism worthy to impale her arms on the shield of the most execrable domination that has ever oppressed the world since the time when the Huns under Attila raged like a forest fire across the cultivated fields of European civilisation.

The Rhodians were deprived of their liberty because they had impaled certain Romans.

or I'll chain thee here In my dark vaults, and throw thee for thy food The city's garbage, which has stagnant stood, With impure waters for thy daily drink, And lodge thee in my prison till you sink From life impaled in yonder dismal room Of torture; to thy fate so thou hast come?

[Footnote 12: Literally, "impaled on stakes."

After that they impaled them on sharp skewers run perpendicularly the whole length of the body.

Yet even should the outcome prove contrary to our hope,and I will not shrink from mentioning even this contingency,it is better for us to fall fighting bravely than to be captured and impaled, to see our own entrails cut out, to be spitted on red hot skewers, to perish dissolved in boiling water, when we have fallen into the power of creatures that are very beasts, savage, lawless, godless.

He spent most of his time on the Alban estate and did many ridiculous things, one of them being to impale flies on pencils.

In different windows are the arms of England in the garter, surmounted with a crown; and those of Rutland impaling Vernon with its quarterings in the garter; and these of Shrewsbury.

When Mary had first known Margaret and her grandfather, Job Leghan old man who belonged to the class of Manchester workmen who are warm and devoted followers of science, a man whose home was like a wizard's dwelling, filled with impaled insects and books and instrumentsMargaret had a secret fear of blindness.

" I turned to impale him with my impenetratin gaze, when he disappeared in the smoke.

" Under her direction Bennington impaled the two slices of ham on long green switches, and stuck these upright in the ground in such a position that the warmth from the flames could just reach them.

Where the Tagus joins the Hooghly I have bowled the wily googly, I have heard the howdah's howl at Hyderabad; On a rickshaw I've gone sailing, with my boomerang impaling Hooded cobras on the ice-floes off Bagdad.

My great idea is to get rid of my sticks in a fall, as I once impaled my leg on the spike of my stick in a somersault.

Even the most spiteful and morally unkindest little girl will shudder away while her brother tears the wings off a fly or the legs off a frog, or impales a worm on a hook.

I lived in such an atmosphere of violence and crueltyI heard of nothing but slitting noses, putting out eyes, and chopping men in twothat I am persuaded I could almost have impaled my own father.

Seven hundred of the supporters of the young prince were impaled in a row, and that reckless youth was conducted slowly along the line so that he could hear the dying reproaches of the victims of his misguided ambition.

In early life she had been accustomed to impale fools on epigrams, like flies on pins, to see them wriggle.

The reef before the Head stretches out a quarter of a mile, looking bold in the dead low-water that then was, and showing to what extent the sea has pushed back this coast, three wrecks impaled on them, and a big steamer quite near, waiting for the first movements of the already strewn sea to perish.

gu. charged with three escallop shells of the first, impaling a saltire sa.

All the attributes of sovereignty vested in Congress by the Constitution it impales upon the point of an alleged implication.

Who can describe the anguish of that mind which feels itself impaled upon the iron of arbitrary powerits living, writhing, helpless victim!

All the attributes of sovereignty vested in Congress by the Constitution it impales upon the point of an alleged implication.

Who can describe the anguish of that mind which feels itself impaled upon the iron of arbitrary powerits living, writhing, helpless victim!

They came presently to a separate part of the forest, which is impaled upon a straight white road.

My mother rose, whose broad and queenly limbs A fiery arrow did impale, and round Pursuing tongues oozed up of nether fire, And fastened on her: like a winter-blast Among the steeples, then she shrieked aloud, 'Pray for me, daughter; save me from this torment, For thou canst save!'

Thousands of men were set to work sharpening stakes and driving these stakes, point upward, in the ground, so as to impale any soldiers who fell upon them.

For small fish I used the latter, and in thrusting into a school was pretty sure to impale one or two.

He poised his smallest lance and thrust it with a very quick, but exact, motion, so that almost every time he impaled a shrimp upon its prongs.

he ordered Clapham (a squire to lord Warwick) and nineteen others, all gentlemen, to be impaled.

Yet so barbarous was the age, that this same learned man impaled forty Lancastrian prisoners at Southampton, put to death the infant children of the Irish chief Desmond, and acquired the nickname of "The Butcher of England."Old and New London, ii. 21.

He wrote to O'Brien,"I frankly own, I would have lost the peace, and been myself impaled, rather than have yielded this concession.

He took up the long forkit chattered against the pot as he seized itand, overcoming a momentary and inexplicable nausea, impaled the first piece of meat that rolled to the surface.

He broke their necks; he had off their heads; he smashed their bones; he caved in their ribs; he impaled them, and he transfixed them.

Till the small culprit on his nightly couch Dream'd of strange pains, and felt his body writhe In tortuous pangs around the impaling stake.

The stone piers at the entrance of the court (over which are the arms of Rich, quartering Bouldry and impaling Cope) were designed by Inigo Jones.

Also the four-pointed contraptions called chevaux de frise, whichhowever you throw themwill always stick a fatal point upwards, to impale the horse or man who cannot or will not look where he is going.

The Winnebagos reached home just in time to see Many Eyes, impaled on Kaiser Bill's horns, borne swiftly through the garden toward the stable.

Young fellows being always hungry, and tea and dry toast being the meagre fare of the evening meal, it was a trick of some of the Boys to impale a slice of meat upon a fork, at dinner-time, and stick the fork holding it beneath the table, so that they could get it at tea-time.

Also I have made a decree, that whoever shall make this command invalid, a beam shall be pulled out from his house, and he shall be impaled upon it, and his house shall for this be made a refuse heap.

In "The Funeral" the author impaled, with many a merciless slash of the pen, the hypocrisy and vulgar flummery that characterised the whole gruesome ceremony of conducting to its earthly resting-place the body of a well-to-do sinner.

To delight in seeing men stabbed, poisoned, racked, or impaled is certainly the sign of a cruel temper; and as this is often practised before the British audience, several French critics, who think these are grateful spectacles to us, take occasion from them to represent us as a people who delight in blood.

She is a disgrace to her family, and shall soon see her husband impaled on a stake.

On the side of the court, towards the west watch-tower, was the hall, covered with lead; and over the gate thereof were formerly cut in stone the arms of Brotherton impaled with Bouchier, quartering Louvain, supported with a lion and an eagle.

He wanted my sword; he tried to chew off my shoulder straps; he almost impaled himself on my spurs.

The Eagle was fairly impaled on a sharp point of the sunken reef and was immovable, but the waves were dashing high over the bows.

These arms, impaled by those of Lower, occur on a monument at Llandulph, near Saltash, to the memory of Sir Nicholas Lower, and Elizabeth his wife, who died in 1638.

HORRIBLE PUNISHMENTS Strangling, stoning, burning, impaling, flaying alive, tearing limb from limb, throwing from a tower, burying alive, disemboweling, enslaving, drowning, mutilating, are some of the punishments inflicted by savages and barbarians in all parts of the world on adulterous men or women.

War parties, whose members in dreadful derision left women and children impaled by their trail to greet the sight of the pursuing husbands and fathers, found food and lodging at the Moravian towns.

In particular, four Sandusky Indians having taken some prisoners, impaled two of them, a woman and a child, while on their way to the Moravian towns, where they rested and ate, prior to continuing their journey with their remaining captives.

A white man who had just escaped this same impaling party, also warned the Moravians that the exasperated borderers were preparing a party to kill them; and Gibson, from Fort Pitt, sent a messenger to them, who, however, arrived too late.

Azure a lion rampant or, with a crescent for difference, impaling argent a cross engrailed flory sable between four Cornish choughs properCrest, on a wreath of the colours a Saracen's head full-faced, couped at the shoulders proper, wreathed round the temples and tied or and azure.

Yelling, wild as they were in tribal days before the British brought order and peace to India, the horsemen galloped across the open space, picking up handkerchiefs from the ground and impaling tent pegs on their lances.

There are, besides the above-mentioned, innumerable Retainers to Physick, who, for want of other Patients, amuse themselves with the stifling of Cats in an Air Pump, cutting up Dogs alive, or impaling of Insects upon the point of a Needle for Microscopical Observations; besides those that are employed in the gathering of Weeds, and the Chase of Butterflies: Not to mention the Cockle-shell-Merchants and Spider-catchers.

To delight in seeing Men stabbed, poysoned, racked, or impaled, is certainly the Sign of a cruel Temper:

I begin to tremble for the poor Greeks; they will be sacrificed like the Catalans, and left to be impaled for rebellion, as soon as that vainglorious woman the Czarina has glutted her lust of fame, and secured Azoph by a peace, which I hear is all she insists on keeping.

Come Shepherds come, impale your brows With Garlands of the choicest flowers The time allows.

Fate slew him, but he did not drop; She felled he did not fall Impaled him on her fiercest stakes He neutralized them all.

Fate slew him, but he did not drop; She felled he did not fall Impaled him on her fiercest stakes He neutralized them all.

Another bear had been impaled and tossed and trampled.

By that name let him stand forth impaled upon the scorn of an age that has not lost the grace of reverence, who, mindless of majestic age, the dignity of letters, an influence unrivalled and benign, associations tender and most holy, upon these venerable and sacred books spits his shallow scepticism, spumes his spleenful sarcasm, and smuts them with his own sensuality.

Mr. Leet, who acted as the Soyer of our campaign, was standing over me with a slice of bacon impaled on a bowie-knife in one hand, and a poker in the otherboth of which insignia of office he was brandishing furiously, with the intention of waking me up more effectually.

A practical-minded man, he preferred to owe the safety of his carcass to his rival rather than have it impaled on Apache lances.

Conceive if you can the darkness of Egypt, the darkness that can be felt, impaled and stabbed through its whole thickness by one mighty moonbeam, clear and clean and cold, from the top to the bottom.

" "Why, what have I done," asked Dr. Latimer, in a surprised tone, "that you should impale me on your pen?"

Impaled himself to keep them out, not in; Can sow, and dares trust corn where they have been; Can use his horse, goat, wolf, and every beast, And is not ass himself to all the rest!

The incident served to make us more careful, and at the narrowest place in the path we used the utmost caution, for the rocks below rose up like dragon's teeth, ready to impale us if we should make a false stepand that white drawn face haunted us like a specter.

" Then she would impale him and invite me to look at him with the microscope.

On the bush where William had been tied a piece of paper was impaled and fluttered in the wind.