2272 examples of impatient in sentences

The curious eagles wheel about my path: With sharp and questioning eyes they stare at me, With harsh, impatient screams they menace me, Who, with these vans of cunning workmanship Broad-spread, adventure on their high domain, Now mine, as well.

I wish it were the fashion to use blankets and édredons for the upper covering instead of the lits de plumes; for they are too heavy and promote rather too intense a perspiration, and if you become impatient of the heat, and throw them off you catch an intense cold.

" She laid the telegram on the kitchen table and went out to the impatient boy, and told him there was no answer.

While he ran he whinnied a soft question to which she replied with a toss of her head as though impatient at such ignorance.

The leader, whom they had distinguished by the name of Madge Wildfire, had been summoned to assist at the procession by the impatient shouts of his confederates.

Lionardo grew more and more impatient.

Lionardo Buonarroti must have received similar advice from Rome, for a furious letter is extant, in which Michelangelo, impatient to the last of interference, literally rages at him: "I gather from your letter that you lend credence to certain envious and scoundrelly persons, who, since they cannot manage me or rob me, write you a lot of lies.

When Joseph became overwhelmed with orders he summoned his family from secret quarters in the rear, and father, mother, and children squeezed, shook, and poured for the impatient crowd.

" Wilder made an impatient gesture to the other to obey, and walked up the bank, while he had time to comply.

Ready ever to relieve trouble, impatient always to get to work and remedy a wrong, instead of talking about it, Captain Conwell decided to ride to Newberne, find out what was the matter and have the men's money forwarded at once.

"I forget who it was who said 'Temptation is so pleasing because it need never be resisted.'" He uttered an impatient exclamation under his breath.

He told himself that he mustn't be impatient.

Merle had grown visibly impatient.

The people of Paris were getting impatient of England's silence.

Two days before the recital, David Cannon, with whom she was going over the programme for the last time, turned suddenly from the piano with an impatient shrug of his shoulders.

We were among the number of the latter, but were stopped and held by the button by one of the former, while those more impatient or less sympathizing made their way to the small boats which waited below.

" "What an impatient fellow!

She thought that she was too practical, too much given to seeing but one side to a question, too lacking in consideration for others, too impatient, too relentlessly just, and she humbly thanked God for all these faults, because Tommy's excesses were in the opposite direction, and she could thus restore the balance.

When satisfied with her position, she turns round to the impatient youths, and stretches out her arms towards them, as if to woo their approach.

This is the moment for giving the signal to commence the chace, and each of the impatient youths, dashing his pointed heels into his courser's sides, darts like the unhooded hawk in pursuit of the fugitive dove.

But everybody was not so impatient as the king, who was waiting for his uncle, the Duke of Berry, and writing to him letter after letter, urging him to come.

We wished to exhibit this in contrast with the harsh and impatient manner which teachers too often assume in such a case, as follows: "John Williams and Samuel Smith, come here to me!"

exclaims the master, in a harsh, impatient tone, in the midst of the exercises of the afternoon.

He makes no rejoinder; only I hear him sigh, and put his hand with a quick, impatient movement to his head.

After this practical demonstration Robert Hart never in his life could grow impatient with a man who did not see exactly what he saw when both were standing on opposite sides of a question.

2272 examples of  impatient  in sentences