491 examples of impertinence in sentences

But it is amazing to me, I own, that with so much of the gentleman, such a general knowledge of books and men, such a skill in the learned as well as modern languages, he can take so much delight as he does in the company of such persons as I have described, and in subjects of frothy impertinence, unworthy of his talents, and his natural and acquired advantages.

He has always had the folly and impertinence to make a jest of me for using proverbs: but as they are the wisdom of whole nations and ages collected into a small compass, I am not to be shamed out of sentences that often contain more wisdom in them than the tedious harangues of most of our parsons and moralists.

"At what?" "At your impertinence!" "I was not impertinent.

Lord Halifax very justly tells his daughter, that a husband's kindness is to be kindly received by a wife, even when he is drunk, and though it is wrapped up in never so much impertinence.

I should have been much astonished if Lord Denbigh should have offered to kiss me; and I dare swear Lord Trentham never attempted such an impertinence to you.

And I have good hope that this will be the case for several reasons, and, among others, for one which I can barely allude to, for it might be an impertinence in me to dwell upon it.

The ambition which had once been identified with the cares of office or the dangers of war now found sufficient food in the bickerings of party-spirit, and revenged itself by salon jokes and salon impertinence for the loss of a lead it either could not or would not take in Parliament.

His impertinence and audacity exceeded anything ever recorded of men of fashion,as when he requested his royal master to ring the bell.

The fly should be used as the symbol of impertinence and audacity; for whilst all other animals shun man more than anything else, and run away even before he comes near them, the fly lights upon his very nose.

It would be an impertinence in me to praise a work of histo pronounce on its quality; and that I happen to like it can be of no consequence to him.

That is like his dissenting impertinence.

Indeed, nothing could exceed the frivolity of the great, except their impertinence.

Clerambault smiled at the youthful impertinence which did not diminish Maxime's admiration for his father but rather added to its flavour.

Time and space are but physiological colors which the eye maketh, but the soul is light; where it is, is day; where it was, is night; and history is an impertinence and an injury if it be any thing more than a cheerful apologue or parable of my being and becoming.

Instead of a friend in a postchaise or in a Tilbury, to exchange good things with, and vary the same stale topics over again, for once let me have a truce with impertinence.

She is full of Motion, Janty and lively in her Impertinence, and one of those that commonly pass, among the Ignorant, for Persons who have a great deal of Humour.

The Truth of it is, Learning, like Travelling, and all other Methods of Improvement, as it finishes good Sense, so it makes a silly Man ten thousand times more insufferable, by supplying variety of Matter to his Impertinence, and giving him an Opportunity of abounding in Absurdities.

Opposite to this Folly is another no less unreasonable, and that is the Impertinence of being always in a Hurry.

"Then I shall request Mr. Rose to do so in future; your conceit and impertinence are getting intolerable.

Dr. Rowlands continued"I suppose this dastardly impertinence has been perpetrated by some boy out of a spirit of revenge.

It is not merely that we don't want to know how the scene affected him, and that we resent as an impertinence the elaborate account of his tender emotions; we don't wish to be reminded of his presence at all.

Kate says her impertinence is intolerable, but suffers it rather than resort to severity with her old benefactress.

The offensive impertinence of Mr. Agoncillo is quite conspicuous in this consular communication.

At a dinner an American looked at my loaded plate and said, with delicious impertinence, "Confidentially, I don't mind telling you that dinner is coming.

Take that for your impertinence.

491 examples of  impertinence  in sentences