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195 examples of  impervious  in sentences

195 examples of impervious in sentences

Their two boatmen had built them a log shanty; open in front, and covered with bark so as to be impervious to the rain, while within was a luxurious bed of boughs.

He was always making love to me, and was quite impervious to snubbing.

My dear coz, the placid Teutonic mind is impervious to anything so unphilosophical.

Potts and O'Flynn waited anxiously to sample the punch before giving way to complete satisfaction, and Kaviak was impervious to considerations either of punch or conviviality, being wrapped in slumber on a corner of the buffalo-skin, between Mac's stool and the natives, who also occupied places on the floor.

But Nicholas, impervious to irony, held out the parki.

Franklin foresaw the end and left for Philadelphia accompanied by the Reverend John Carroll, whose twelve days of disheartening experience with the leading French-Canadian clergy had convinced him that they were impervious to any arguments or blandishments emanating from the Continental Congress.

Words that would thrill the most impervious heart, call for the interference of the most indifferent.

But the men who have made and are sustaining this war, together with the men, civil and military, who have breathed its present spirit into the German Army, are really moral outlaws, acknowledging no authority but their own arrogant and cruel wills, impervious to the moral ideals and restraints that govern other nations, and betraying again and again, under the test of circumstance, the traits of the savage and the brute.

Nor was it without opposition that he thus made his way into a country rude and impervious by nature.

Argument was not his strong point, and, like most men who cannot argue, he was almost impervious to the arguments of others.

He watched the plain face as the music rose and fell, himself impervious to its transcendent tones.

Most solids, and especially metals, according to their electric condition, are more or less impervious to itantapergic.

The crystal in question consisted of ..., which, as those who manufactured it for me are aware, admits of being cast with a perfection and equality of structure throughout unattainable with ordinary glass, and wrought to a certainty and accuracy of curvature which the most patient and laborious polishing can hardly give to the lenses even of moderate-sized telescopes, whether made of glass or metal, and is singularly impervious to heat.

The dull-red steeps, and darkening still, aspire, To where afar rich orange lustres glow Round undistinguish'd clouds, and rocks, and snow; Or, led where Viamala's chasms confine Th' indignant waters of the infant Rhine, 185 Bend o'er th' abyss?the else impervious gloom His burning eyes with fearful light illume.

"Well then, I'll be a stage hand," declared Bobby, whose feelings were impervious to slights.

He had a garden sufficiently spacious, which was carefully rendered impervious to every human eye.

Now the fair Delia studiously sought to plunge herself in impervious solitude; and now, worn with a train of gloomy reflections, she with equal eagerness solicited the society of her favourite companion.

For some time the Government continued to appear impervious to the Nationalist spirit and professed to regard the movement as a schoolboy's game.

On the right, a sluggish river glided, like a serpent, stealthy, sinuous, and dark, into a seemingly impervious jungle; on the left, a Southern swamp filled the air with malarial damps, swarms of noisome life, and discordant sounds that robbed the hour of its repose.

The soldier was, however, impervious to his lordship's attacks, until the project was finally abandoned in despair.

Mr. Heatherbloom seemed now quite impervious to stab or thrust.

Was Miss Van Rolsen still talking, or rambling on to the impervious beautiful girl?

He is rather too impervious and too oracular; but then who would not be if they had the chance?

By that means I am rendered impervious to all atmospheric changes of temperature.

It may not be necessary that you should be insulted or ridiculed in order to become a rider, although there are girls who seem utterly impervious by teaching by gentle methods.

Grigson is our Flight Commanderone of those rugged and impenetrable individuals who seem impervious to any kind of shock.

In sum, they were not altogether impervious to the exigencies of their environment.

It consists of impervious forests, steep ravines, and dismal swamps.

unpierced^, imporous^, caecal [Med.]; closable; imperforate, impervious, impermeable; impenetrable; impassable, unpassable^; invious^; pathless, wayless^; untrodden, untrod. unventilated; air tight, water tight; hermetically sealed; tight, snug.

Adj. opaque, impervious to light; adiaphanous^; dim &c 422; turbid, thick, muddy, opacous^, obfuscated, fuliginous^, cloud, hazy, misty, foggy, vaporous, nubiferous^, muggy^ &c (turbidity) 426.1. smoky, fumid^, murky, dirty.

Joseph was a sincere Catholic, but he was not impervious to the enlightened ideas of his age; he was an admirer of Frederick, and his edict was prompted by a genuinely tolerant spirit, such as had not inspired the English Act of 1689.

Who is the Tortoise? THE BLACKBIRD A hard old character, impervious, I fear, to moral problems, who goes in for walking matches in a loud check suit!

A species of woodbine formed a complete mantle over the branches of the fallen tree, almost impervious to the rain or the rays of the sun.

The party left Lefroy's station of Welbing on the 9th of September, with ten pack, and two riding-horses, but did not succeed in penetrating any distance beyond the Murchison, being turned back at all points, after repeated efforts, by the belt of impervious scrub between the Murchison and Gascoyne.

Here and there a lone cot, a mere speck, met the eye amidst a landscape composed of nothing but barren wastes and thick forests, nearly impervious to the light.

All these precautions, however, availed but little, for, after the Resurrection, many persons who had been long dead arose from their graves, and appeared to those among their descendants who were not sufficiently hardened to be impervious to grace, and exhorted them to be converted.

He became all at once easy and impervious again.

He had a brain that was absolutely impervious to large ideas: the notion of consolidating and strengthening his Empire by ameliorating its internal conditions, by bringing it within speaking distance of the influence of civilisation and progress, by taking advantage of and developing its immense natural resources, by employing the brains and the industry of his subject races, seems never to have entered his head.

Haines alone seemed impervious to her charm.

Sometimes he even had his scouts circulate false reports, in order that the soldiers might at the same time practice military manoeuvres and be so impervious to alarm as to be ready for anything.

To the armed soldier, carrying nothing with him but the instruments of war, what in reality was impervious or insurmountable?

All of which, though true, had no effect on the sniffling young woman across the way, nor the sleeper on the hardwood bench next mine, nor the bald-headed, big-lipped police sergeant who bent over his desk in the corner, impervious to these usual outbursts of the newly arrested, as he laboriously scrawled in the police blotter the report of the day's round-up.

There are some men who dwell for years Within the battle's hem, Almost impervious, it appears, To shot or stratagem; Some well-intentioned sprite contrives By hook or crook to save their lives (It also keeps them from their wives), And Jones was one of them.

To make it clearer, we could send a navy against such a city as New York or Liverpool, and explode every mine in front of us as we went; and meanwhile our mines are impervious.

There have been men, claiming to be considered wise men, who have ridiculed the exertions of these daughters of philanthropy, and have made them objects of ridicule, but, happily, they are impervious to the shafts of folly; and as heedless of the unjust censures, as they are undesirous of the applause of man.

COATThe coat is wiry, hard, long and close at the roots, impervious to water.

He was a natural water-dog, with a constitution impervious to chills, and entirely free from the liability to ear canker, which had always been a drawback to the use of the Spaniel as a retriever of waterfowl.

The little locks should be so close together as to be impervious to water, and all parts of the body should be evenly covered with them, including the tail and legs.

" At every point Ralph felt his hold slip off the surface of his father-in-law's impervious fatalism.

In vain the vivifying orb of day Darts on th' impervious ice his fervent ray; Cold, keen as chains the oceans of the Pole, Numbs the shrunk frame, and chills the vig'rous soul 10 At length they reach luxuriant Chili's plain, Where ends the dreary bound of winter's reign; Where spring sheds odours thro' th' unvaried year, And bathes the flower of summer, with her tear.

His manner was of the world, worldly, and gave the idea of complete heartlessness and savoir faire; yet under this seemingly impervious covering lurked a womanly romance of temperament, a womanly tenderness of heart, than which nothing would have made him so angry as to be accused of possessing.

" =332.= As, when from some proud capital that crowns Imperial Ganges, the reviving breeze Sweeps the dank mist, or hoary river fog Impervious mantled o'er her highest towers, Bright on the eye rush Bramah's temples, capp'd With spiry tops, gay-trellised minarets, Pagods of gold, and mosques with burnish'd domes, Gilded, and glistening in the morning sun, So from the hill the cloudy curtains roll'd,

The humble but rather massive structure is almost impervious to the touch of time.

This impervious thicket is like a huge wall, separating near neighbors, rendering them, as it were, inhabitants of distant regions, and obliging them to make long and circuitous river journeys before they can hold communication.

It was discovered by Columbus in Hispaniola, and among the presents sent by Cortรฉs to Charles V. were cotton mantles, vests, and carpets of various figures, and in the conquest of Mexico the Indian allies wore armor of quilted cotton, impervious to arrows.

Mail-clad steamers, impervious to shells and red-hot balls, and almost, if not quite, invulnerable by solid shot and balls from rifled cannon at the distance of a hundred yards, have been launched upon the deep, and already form an important part of the navies of France and England.

The hauberk and corselet were used by the Crusaders, and the chain-armor of Milan was nearly or quite impervious to the sword and spear.

With these she practised at short distances upon targets of strong oaken plank faced with iron plates of four to five inches in diameter, but found the plates impervious to balls, and vulnerable only by steel bolts of small diameter, fired at short distances from Whitworth and Armstrong cannon,bolts so small that the wounds they made in the frames faced with iron usually closed or did little mischief.

Low in the hull, they would offer but little surface to the fire of the enemy, and their sides would be impervious to shot and shell.

There would be fewer people there; fewer minds crowded together, making a dense atmosphere that was impervious to the piercing, however sharp, of truth.

Cailliรฉ travelled by narrow paths impervious to horses or carriages, and with a party of natives bearing merchandise on their heads.

"Even a stony-hearted manager could not be impervious to this hat," was her parting comment to her glass.

In the evening we anchored under one of larger size than usual, about four miles from the mainland, the shores of which had been traced during the day, without losing sight of any part of it; it was still low, and bounded either by dunes of sand, or an impervious forest of mangroves, beyond which no part of the interior could be seen.

After pulling through its various winding channels for about a mile, where it was scarcely broad enough for the boat to pass, its further investigation was given up, and we commenced our return, but the mangroves were so thick, and formed so impervious a net-work, that we had great difficulty in effecting it.

Their humorously cynical outlook at the Boche temper renders them impervious to anything the Germans can ever do or think of.

Captain Abney, to be of a very stable and not easily decomposed nature; while if the pictures are passed through a solution of alum after washing and fixing, the gelatine also is so acted upon as to be rendered in a great degree impervious to the action of damp, and the pictures are then somewhat similar to carbon pictures without carbon.

But Mr. .Whitlock, who had received his training in shirt-sleeve diplomacy as Socialist Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, was as impervious to German suggestions as he had been to the threats and pleadings of party politicians, and told Baron von der Golz, the German Governor, politely but quite firmly, that he did not take his orders from Berlin but from Washington.

Mr. Scott, an experienced engineer, has experimented upon leather prepared with Mr. Hunt's Composition, and found it "impervious to moisture at all degrees of pressure that leather will bear."

Farther on, coatis, with short ears, and long tails; companies of little Guinea pigs; armadillos, a species of hedge-hog without the quills, but covered with an armor of scales, more compact and impervious than that of the ancient knights of the Middle Ages, arrange themselves along the line of his route, as if to pass him in review.

A fine FellowHe had strong principles as well as warm feelings, and a fine and resolute sense of honour utterly impervious to attack.

And "somewhere" found a Front; Said I; as in my tympanum I heard the cannon's roar, "'Twill be a wonder if I come Impervious through the War." Yet bomb, shell, bullet and grenade Made no great hit with me; And now I'mwell, I've just been paid My war gratuity.

No doctor would now begin a medical treatise by saying, 'the ideal man requires no food, and is impervious to the action of bacteria, but this ideal is far removed from the actualities of any known population.'

But to bullets fired from an earthly gun the silhouette of the murdered deputy's ghost, arisen in these winter woods to prevent another slaughter, was impervious.

Kneeling in the glare of the lantern they had brought, as impervious as his own shadow sprawling behind him, he continued to shave the dead man on the floor.

It fixes its nest in place by means of the resin of the tree and coats it with the same material, so as to render it impervious to the rain.

These small fields are surrounded by a border of impervious clay.

Portland cement concrete if made with a non-porous aggregate is impervious to moisture, and yet at the same time, if not hydraulically compressed, will take up a sufficient quantity of moisture from the air to prevent condensation upon the surface of the walls.

That many of the modern Quakers should be blinded by bales of cotton, heaped up between their souls and the divine light, is not remarkable; for cotton is an impervious material.

Many of the members of the House of Commons were themselves in a state of panic, and therefore impervious to argument.

These words, if we are not altogether impervious to feeling, might well make our hair stand on end.

Fortunately, the ant-cone, with its thick walls, was perfectly impervious.

The side of the hill was clear, but its summit, which was broad and flat, was covered with a rank growth of small timber, so dense as to be impervious to horse.

If he had been a lover besieging a beautiful girl's heart he could not have been more attentive, while he was absolutely impervious to all the chilling rebuffs she gave him.

The soil was everywhere very inferior, and a few patches only of clean land was to be found, the principal part being overrun with dense scrub and impervious thickets.

The whole of the island is clothed with an almost impervious scrub, which growing laterally forms a perfect network, so that it is impossible to traverse it.

It is the more conspicuous from the circumstance that all the rest of the island is covered with low hills, clothed in an almost impervious scrub.

The Chinese have been considered by many impervious to Christian influence, but the following paragraph shows that by "deeds, not words," the Oriental, sometimes, expresses his gratitude.

Yet the same things were about his elder brother Arthur, an exceedingly clever fellow, who remained quite curiously impervious to the impressiveness of pretty things all his days.

The statesmen of the time must be impervious to dulness; they must crush the artist within them to a powder.

I see right through the man, but he is absolutely impervious; and it is my accursed politeness that makes it impossible for me to say bluntly what I know he will dislike and what he genuinely will not understand.

Hope and the future for me are not in lawns and cultivated fields, not in towns and cities, but in the impervious and quaking swamps.

The door-frames and window-frames are of metal, rounded and impervious to draft.

He had that tough skin of true vulgarity which is impervious to any thing but downright hard blows.

It is consequently impervious to water and furnishes a good natural drainage.

It was a terrible task that was cut out for our men, by the delay in the Senate, mischievously elongated, the insurgents having fortified themselves in a way that they knew would have been utterly impervious by Spaniards.

Impervious to her incredulity, Low turned his calm eyes on her face.

Low's Indian phlegm was impervious to such assault.

"What does Lincoln mean?" he would blankly exclaim, impervious alike to the drollery and to the keen prod concealed within it.

" "Ah! you don't know how impervious our style of old squire and squiress can be!

Frank's ears were quite impervious to all his storming, and if he was to reduce his words to paper, they came less easily.