195 examples of impervious in sentences

Their two boatmen had built them a log shanty; open in front, and covered with bark so as to be impervious to the rain, while within was a luxurious bed of boughs.

He was always making love to me, and was quite impervious to snubbing.

But the men who have made and are sustaining this war, together with the men, civil and military, who have breathed its present spirit into the German Army, are really moral outlaws, acknowledging no authority but their own arrogant and cruel wills, impervious to the moral ideals and restraints that govern other nations, and betraying again and again, under the test of circumstance, the traits of the savage and the brute.

Argument was not his strong point, and, like most men who cannot argue, he was almost impervious to the arguments of others.

He watched the plain face as the music rose and fell, himself impervious to its transcendent tones.

"Well then, I'll be a stage hand," declared Bobby, whose feelings were impervious to slights.

He had a garden sufficiently spacious, which was carefully rendered impervious to every human eye.

Now the fair Delia studiously sought to plunge herself in impervious solitude; and now, worn with a train of gloomy reflections, she with equal eagerness solicited the society of her favourite companion.

He is rather too impervious and too oracular; but then who would not be if they had the chance?

It may not be necessary that you should be insulted or ridiculed in order to become a rider, although there are girls who seem utterly impervious by teaching by gentle methods.

In sum, they were not altogether impervious to the exigencies of their environment.

Adj. opaque, impervious to light; adiaphanous^; dim &c 422; turbid, thick, muddy, opacous^, obfuscated, fuliginous^, cloud, hazy, misty, foggy, vaporous, nubiferous^, muggy^ &c (turbidity) 426.1. smoky, fumid^, murky, dirty.

A species of woodbine formed a complete mantle over the branches of the fallen tree, almost impervious to the rain or the rays of the sun.

The party left Lefroy's station of Welbing on the 9th of September, with ten pack, and two riding-horses, but did not succeed in penetrating any distance beyond the Murchison, being turned back at all points, after repeated efforts, by the belt of impervious scrub between the Murchison and Gascoyne.

All these precautions, however, availed but little, for, after the Resurrection, many persons who had been long dead arose from their graves, and appeared to those among their descendants who were not sufficiently hardened to be impervious to grace, and exhorted them to be converted.

He became all at once easy and impervious again.

To the armed soldier, carrying nothing with him but the instruments of war, what in reality was impervious or insurmountable?

To make it clearer, we could send a navy against such a city as New York or Liverpool, and explode every mine in front of us as we went; and meanwhile our mines are impervious.

His manner was of the world, worldly, and gave the idea of complete heartlessness and savoir faire; yet under this seemingly impervious covering lurked a womanly romance of temperament, a womanly tenderness of heart, than which nothing would have made him so angry as to be accused of possessing.

Farther on, coatis, with short ears, and long tails; companies of little Guinea pigs; armadillos, a species of hedge-hog without the quills, but covered with an armor of scales, more compact and impervious than that of the ancient knights of the Middle Ages, arrange themselves along the line of his route, as if to pass him in review.

And "somewhere" found a Front; Said I; as in my tympanum I heard the cannon's roar, "'Twill be a wonder if I come Impervious through the War." Yet bomb, shell, bullet and grenade Made no great hit with me; And now I'mwell, I've just been paid My war gratuity.

But to bullets fired from an earthly gun the silhouette of the murdered deputy's ghost, arisen in these winter woods to prevent another slaughter, was impervious.

It fixes its nest in place by means of the resin of the tree and coats it with the same material, so as to render it impervious to the rain.

Portland cement concrete if made with a non-porous aggregate is impervious to moisture, and yet at the same time, if not hydraulically compressed, will take up a sufficient quantity of moisture from the air to prevent condensation upon the surface of the walls.

That many of the modern Quakers should be blinded by bales of cotton, heaped up between their souls and the divine light, is not remarkable; for cotton is an impervious material.

195 examples of  impervious  in sentences