306 examples of impetuosity in sentences

The Colonel had untied Nig, and the Leader, unmindful of the impending change in his fortunes, dashed past the muddy man from the gulch with such impetuosity that he knocked that gentleman off his legs.

If, on the other hand, he habituate himself to impetuosity of mind, and show it also in his way of doing things, is he not then over-impetuous?" "You are right," said the Master.

And the six obfuscations resulting from not liking to learn about them are, respectively, these:fatuity, mental dissipation, mischievousness, perversity, insubordination, impetuosity.

" The woman with the lantern smiled sadly, as though amused by my impetuosity.

She flung herself upon him with the impetuosity of a wild beast, and attacked him furiously, crying aloud, "Arab!

After a short, but ineffectual struggle against the fiery impetuosity of the Spaniards, they were overpowered and threw down their arms.

Although the latter was evidently madly in love with her the girl had the discretion to see how selfish and unrestrained was his nature, and once or twice he had already frightened her by his impetuosity.

For that reason alone, he was ready to curb his fierce impetuosity.

You shall be persuaded with your own eyesperhaps you will regret your impetuosity.

In whatever sphere of society amongst them you go, you find the subject of "protecting their rights" urged with impetuosity; the same rancorous feeling towards men of abolitionist sentiments, and the same deprecation of the slave race.

I was thinking of Flora, upon the deck of the steamship, when, in a moment of chagrin, she had been so near throwing herself over; wondering to what fate her passion and impetuosity would hurry her now, if she knew; cursing myself for my weakness and perfidy; while Joseph kept asking me what I intended to do.

As we realized the truly formidable appearance of the caravan, Hal, with his usual impetuosity, declared that there wern't Indians enough in the country to whip us; for confirmation of his opinion, appealing to old Jerry, who, however, only shrugged his shoulders after the peculiar manner of frontiersmen, and said, "Quien sabe?"

Owing to their excitement and impetuosity, this great misfortune passed unnoticed by the soldiers, they conquered before they perceived that they were fighting without a leader.

On they came with irresistible impetuosity, bellowing furiously, while their hoofs thundered on the turf with the muffled continuous roar of a distant but mighty cataract; the Indians, meanwhile, urging them on by hideous yells and frantic gestures.

At last the word was given to advance, and the whole line rushed forward with the terrific impetuosity peculiar to a charge of the clans.

I was no longer conscious to the feebleness of disease, but rushed along with fervent impetuosity.

This latter state is a matter of comparative unimportance in a country like the Republic, where the field is so great, and a livelihood easily attainable until some opening occurs, when they are as ready to rush into it again as if they had been foaled at Niagara, and had sucked in the impetuosity of its cataract.

Here, as in every other fight in which he was engaged, the impetuosity of Prince Rupert proved the ruin of the Royalists.

Indeed, keen, strong intellect, inflamed with passion, and inspirited by that "ardour and impetuosity of mind" which Wordsworth is compelled to allow to him, rather than creative or original genius, is the differentia of Dryden.

But parents have a right to show a terrible anger when thwarted by their children, and in this case the father too much resembled the son in wilful impetuosity of temper.

With the characteristic caprice and impetuosity of youth, Cadurcis rapidly and ardently imbibed all these doctrines, captivated alike by their boldness and their novelty.

But our advance was so rapid, our impetuosity such, that, long before they expected us, we overtook the main body of the enemy.

It was evident enough that he made himself acquainted with the haunts of his former schoolfellow; and, in one of them, he rushed furiously and unexpectedly upon him, affrighting his intended victim, but failing in his purpose of vengeance by the very impetuosity of his assault.

In no Russian family is the attempt to prevent children from knowing what life really is maintained for long; the spontaneous impetuosity of the parents breaks it down.

Katharina, one of four daughters of a Viennese manufacturer who had seen better days, and, like her sisters, endowed with great artistic talent and practical energy, might have proved the salvation of Grillparzer's existence as a man if he had been more capable of manly resolution, and she had been less like him in impetuosity and stubbornness.

306 examples of  impetuosity  in sentences