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229 examples of  impetuously  in sentences

229 examples of impetuously in sentences

he exclaimed impetuously, as a slight girlish figure came towards him, "never say a single word that you do not mean nor express a sensation that you have not felt.

she exclaimed impetuously, "don't you go fer to be thinkin' of sellin'!

But the pieces he impetuously dashed off in his native Scotch dialect can never be forgotten.

thou hast it now?" impetuously interrogated the Persian.

"You are always sneering about our uncle," broke in Ethel, impetuously, "and saying unkind things about Clive.

"The Government perhaps had no choice, so swiftly and impetuously did the torrent of popular commotion roll.

Kurt impetuously asked Lippo, whom he met in the hall carrying a large water-pitcher entrusted to him by Kathy.

"Grace!" said Eve, eagerly, advancing a step or two impetuously, and blushing like the dawn.

"For yourself, my child?" "I was a vain fool," she broke out impetuously.

The fellow was in love, impetuously in love, resenting blindly the slightest advance of any other.

" "Nor need you be," she exclaimed impetuously, her hands pressing mine.

As he slowly retreated and shifted, Jetson drove in more impetuously than ever.

At this Valerie broke in impetuously: "'Nothing venture, nothing have!'

" At last the train reached Paris, and the Lepailleurs, leaving the Northern terminus, were caught and carried off by the impetuously streaming crowd.

But Kitty broke in impetuously, "I'll never wear that old muslin again; it's full of darns, up to my knees, and all out of fashion.

she exclaimed impetuously, as a feeling of despair came over her at the thought of her own poor attempts.

" Smoky burst in impetuously "At six I kin swear that Pap was a-talkin' to me in his own corral.

The other interrupted him impetuously: "One man is not the People!"

After a pause, however, he ventured to speak, "M. Charras, I am instructed to say that if you want money" Charras interrupted him impetuously.

"On my word"more impetuously.

"And the yacht's going back to the nearest American port," he couldn't help adding, impetuously, to reassure her.

We knew it was, for several yards before reaching the building, the torrents of a strong voice came impetuously through an open window, and the burthen of its strains had reference to a revival of "our connexion."

How much do you consider him good for?" Piers pulled a coin impetuously from his pocket and slapped it down on the table in front of Gracie.

His hands gripped hers impetuously.

He stepped into the passage, and impetuously stripped off his heavy coat.

It began impetuously, without preliminary.

"You may take anything you like so far as I am concerned," said Piers impetuously.

A quarter of an hour passed, then impetuously, without preliminary, her door opened and Piers stood on the threshold.

I shall certainly tell my mother, if I keep on writing, and am paid for it," she said impetuously.

Shall you trust me through it all?" "I shall trust you till the day of my death," said Mercy, impetuously.

" "Yes, he is, too,I know he is," said Lizzy, impetuously.

You are the youngest person I know," exclaimed Mercy, impetuously.

"Did you wish to see me?" The woman hesitated a moment, as if trying to phrase her sentence, and then burst out impetuously, with a flood of tears, "Won't you come and help me make my husband come home.

exclaimed Nancy impetuously.

" "You are both very young," rejoined she; "and perhaps you may see another" "I don't want to hear about that now," he exclaimed impetuously, moving hastily toward the window, against which he leaned for a moment.

But he was impetuously attacked by the Count de Lannoy with a considerable force, and perished, after a desperate defence, with full one thousand of his followers.

The soldiers of the ninth legion suddenly closing their files threw their javelins, and advancing impetuously from the low ground up the steep, drove Pompey's men precipitately before them, and obliged them to turn their backs; but their retreat was greatly impeded by the hurdles that lay in a long line before them, and the pallisadoes which were in their way, and the trenches that were sunk.

THE GUINEA-HEN [Impetuously.]

THE GUINEA-HEN [Going impetuously from one to the other.]

The waters from the old works rushed impetuously along the new galleries.

The second opportunity led him impetuously into a draper's shop, where a magnificent shop-walker, after first ceremoniously handing him a high cane chair, passed on his order for pins in a deep and thrilling baritone, and retired in good order.

The second opportunity led him impetuously into a draper's shop, where a magnificent shop-walker, after first ceremoniously handing him a high cane chair, passed on his order for pins in a deep and thrilling baritone, and retired in good order.

Does fate part all true lovers, I wonder?' 'You parted Lesbia and Mr. Hammond,' said Mary, impetuously.

The standards and arms were instantly snatched up, and they were with difficulty restrained from running impetuously on, both indignation at their late defeat stimulated them, as well as the shouts striking their ears with increasing vehemence, as the contest grew hotter

"Save it, pup," cried Dick, pointing to the child, which had been caught in an eddy, and was for a few moments hovering on the edge of the stream that rushed impetuously towards the fall.

In a few minutes Dick gained a strip of open ground beyond, and found himself on the bank of a broad river, whose evidently deep waters rushed impetuously along their unobstructed channel.

Arrested in her course of raging passion by a sudden flood of warm and irresistible emotion, she had resigned, as impetuously as she had taken them up, her purposes of vengeance, and consequently, her plans for her nephew and niece.

"I wish people," she adds impetuously, "would shake off sleep as soon as the blushing morn does peep in at their windows.

He rushed impetuously at Andy, but he was blinded by his own impetuosity, and his adversary, who kept cool and self-possessed, had, of course, the advantage.

"This observation," he says, "seems to me to prove that, when the sea burst impetuously into Hudson's Bay, and tore away these islands from the main land, it must have come rushing from the east and south-east, and have washed away the earth towards the westa circumstance which has occasioned their present low position.

After her first hesitation, she spoke quickly, impetuously, and without pause, as something that would come out.

She spoke impetuously, and her eyes shone with eagerness, and more.

But Sin Saxon, when the doors closed at either hand, and the girls alone were left around the fragments of their feast, rushed impetuously across toward Miss Craydocke, and went down beside her on her knees.

"There isn't much moreto tell," she went on, but a good deal less impetuously.

"But I am sure Miss Jennings is sick," began Mr. Watkins, impetuously.

" A few years before this Sylvia would have burst out impetuously, "Oh yes, I have!

Polly tossed out the words impetuously.

she burst out impetuously, "he's got to know it!

The paddles are impetuously beating into the sea, and now and then breaking into thunder, as one or the other of the wheels runs wild, as the rolling lifts it clear of the water.

The course of the future was hurried impetuously forward by his own secret wishes.

" "For heaven's sake" broke in De Catinat impetuously.

willingly!" cried Haguna, impetuously, and pulled a pair of scissors from her pocket to immediately make the beautiful offering.

The song of winds that sweep Impetuously around Our rolling sphere, and keep Up conferences profound; The music of the sea, When battling waves run mad; Far sweeter there may be, But none so wild and sad.

"If he is, you have killed him, you damned old fool, you!" responded Thorne, impetuously, thrusting the man aside with an angry gesture, and bending down to examine the lad's inert form.

But before she could be daunted by her misgiving it vanished; for he impetuously caught her in his arms and, utterly forgetting the onlookers, kissed her until every nerve in her body was tingling in the sweeping flame of that passion which his parting caress had stirred to vague but troublesome restlessness.

" "But who shall say that the French are a strong people?" demands Mr. Morris, impetuously, and turning to the company.

Mr. Morris, conscious that he had spoken impetuously and perhaps with too much warmth, made no reply to Monsieur de Lafayette's last words, spoken with some animus, and in a few minutes made his way to Calvert.

They feel impetuously the primal necessities of animal life,hunger and love.

Thus Captain Ulysses Ferragut impetuously decided his destiny.

Suddenly she would spring up impetuously like a spring that is unwound, like a serpent that uncoils itself, and would begin to dance, almost without moving her feet, waving her lithe limbs....

For centuries it had given expression, even to satiety, to a naive joy in the present; on this theme, all that could be said had been said, all that could be sung had been sung, and the Rhetoricians were at work with alliteration and refrain when Christianity came, and impetuously forced the language to speak the desire of the soul.

And seeing their domesticated fellows the wild elephants infuriated and with the temporal juice trickling down rushed impetuously on the former, with the intention of killing them.

she cried, impetuously snatching at the word.

"I wish I was sure," he began impetuously, then he checked himself.

"That is just what he would do," and then, impetuously, "how I envy him!" "Envy him?"

This was the thought that came most forcibly to me when Mr. Brennan, the owner of the house Dicky had impetuously decided to rent, told us that Miss Draper had looked over the place for an artist friend, and that she would have taken it only for finding another house nearer her own home.

" My friend came over to me impetuously, and kissed me warmly.

Jack was embarrassed because I had so impetuously embraced him before Katherine.

he added, striding impetuously up and down the cell and clenching his fists.

she cried, impetuously, and waved her hand before her eyes, which were fixed expressionless on the crystal.

He rubbed his nose with a forefinger, then tossed back the cowlick, and said, impetuously: "I have itI have it!

He sprang forward impetuously and held out his arms, but she waved him back.

While we lay here as we thought in perfect ease and security, the river of Belem suddenly swelled on the 24th of January so high, that before we could get a cable on shore the fury of the water came so impetuously on the admirals ship that it broke one of her anchors, and drove her with such force against the Galega as to bring the foremast by the board, and both ships were carried away foul of each other in the utmost danger of perishing.

" "Have you not my love, my confidence, my fondest, warmest esteem?" exclaimed Percy, impetuously, and twining his arm, as in fondness he often did, around his brother's neck.

With Arthur, Ellen speedily resumed her place; the remembrance of that neglected little girl had never left Mr. Myrvin's mind, and when, radiant in animation and returning health and happiness, she hastily, almost impetuously, advanced to meet him, he pressed her to his bosom with the affection of a father; and even as a daughter Ellen devoted herself to him during his residence at Oakwood.

" "Then there will I seek him," he added, impetuously; but he was prevented by the entrance of Herbert himself, and Percy started from him in astonishment and alarm.

"Let me write but two lines, to tell Captain Seaforth I am safe and well," said Edward impetuously, as he sprung with renewed spirits from the couch on which he had been so long an unwilling prisoner.

" "Perish honours and title too, if they could deprive me of the gentle girl I love!" exclaimed the young captain, impetuously.

'You can't wonder, Eugรฉnie,' he said, impetuously, 'that I often wish his death.'

He spoke impetuously, with growing emotion, conscious of an infinite relief and abandonment.

And she came forward, impetuously holding out both her hands.

But his reverie was interrupted by the sound of jingling spurs without, and the old humor struggled back into his eyes as Don Josรฉ impetuously entered.

"She cannot be secretly removed, of course, for we have a detective in the house able and strong, besides the old well-paid negress, both of whom" "Have played you false," I interrupted, rising impetuously, and throwing back the loose leaf of the door, "and I am here to tell you this.

Irnfried the Thuringian, and Hawart the Dane, seeing him fall, rushed impetuously upon the Burgundians to avenge him; but both fell under Hagen's and Volker's mighty blows, while their numerous followers were all slain by the other Burgundians.

Hildebrand, seeing this act of treachery, sprang impetuously forward, and, drawing his sword, slew her who had brought untold misery into the land of the Huns.

This boastful talk gradually roused the anger of the giant Asprian, who was but little accustomed to hide his feelings; and when the emperor's pet lioness came into the hall and playfully snatched a choice morsel out of his hand, he impetuously sprang to his feet, caught her in his powerful grasp, and hurled her against the wall, thus slaying her with a single blow.

In answer to these words the hero presented himself impetuously before her, swore he would do all in his power to fulfill her wishes, and having received from her fair hand a ring, which she declared would bring the wearer good luck, he hastened off to the mountain gorge to encounter the dragons.

When Dietrich saw her on the battlement, wringing her hands in despair, he rushed impetuously forward, crying that he had come to save her.

" "I would love to, of course," Dot said impetuously.

" "I believe you make allowances for everyone," said Dot, impetuously.