229 examples of impetuously in sentences

he exclaimed impetuously, as a slight girlish figure came towards him, "never say a single word that you do not mean nor express a sensation that you have not felt.

thou hast it now?" impetuously interrogated the Persian.

"You are always sneering about our uncle," broke in Ethel, impetuously, "and saying unkind things about Clive.

"For yourself, my child?" "I was a vain fool," she broke out impetuously.

At this Valerie broke in impetuously: "'Nothing venture, nothing have!'

How much do you consider him good for?" Piers pulled a coin impetuously from his pocket and slapped it down on the table in front of Gracie.

His hands gripped hers impetuously.

It began impetuously, without preliminary.

"You may take anything you like so far as I am concerned," said Piers impetuously.

But he was impetuously attacked by the Count de Lannoy with a considerable force, and perished, after a desperate defence, with full one thousand of his followers.

The soldiers of the ninth legion suddenly closing their files threw their javelins, and advancing impetuously from the low ground up the steep, drove Pompey's men precipitately before them, and obliged them to turn their backs; but their retreat was greatly impeded by the hurdles that lay in a long line before them, and the pallisadoes which were in their way, and the trenches that were sunk.

The standards and arms were instantly snatched up, and they were with difficulty restrained from running impetuously on, both indignation at their late defeat stimulated them, as well as the shouts striking their ears with increasing vehemence, as the contest grew hotter

" A few years before this Sylvia would have burst out impetuously, "Oh yes, I have!

But before she could be daunted by her misgiving it vanished; for he impetuously caught her in his arms and, utterly forgetting the onlookers, kissed her until every nerve in her body was tingling in the sweeping flame of that passion which his parting caress had stirred to vague but troublesome restlessness.

And seeing their domesticated fellows the wild elephants infuriated and with the temporal juice trickling down rushed impetuously on the former, with the intention of killing them.

"I wish I was sure," he began impetuously, then he checked himself.

"That is just what he would do," and then, impetuously, "how I envy him!" "Envy him?"

This was the thought that came most forcibly to me when Mr. Brennan, the owner of the house Dicky had impetuously decided to rent, told us that Miss Draper had looked over the place for an artist friend, and that she would have taken it only for finding another house nearer her own home.

he added, striding impetuously up and down the cell and clenching his fists.

she cried, impetuously, and waved her hand before her eyes, which were fixed expressionless on the crystal.

" "Then there will I seek him," he added, impetuously; but he was prevented by the entrance of Herbert himself, and Percy started from him in astonishment and alarm.

'You can't wonder, Eugénie,' he said, impetuously, 'that I often wish his death.'

"She cannot be secretly removed, of course, for we have a detective in the house able and strong, besides the old well-paid negress, both of whom" "Have played you false," I interrupted, rising impetuously, and throwing back the loose leaf of the door, "and I am here to tell you this.

In answer to these words the hero presented himself impetuously before her, swore he would do all in his power to fulfill her wishes, and having received from her fair hand a ring, which she declared would bring the wearer good luck, he hastened off to the mountain gorge to encounter the dragons.

When Dietrich saw her on the battlement, wringing her hands in despair, he rushed impetuously forward, crying that he had come to save her.

229 examples of  impetuously  in sentences