927 examples of implementing in sentences

Accordingly, one of their most favourite vehicles was a besom or broom, an implement which, it has been suggested, from its being a type of the winds, is an appropriate utensil "in the hands of the witches, who are windmakers and workers in that element."

Then be assured That least of all can aughtthat ever owned 80 The heaven-regarding eye and front sublime [C] Which man is born tosink, howe'er depressed, So low as to be scorned without a sin; Without offence to God cast out of view; Like the dry remnant of a garden-flower 85 Whose seeds are shed, or as an implement Worn out and worthless.

Old Will had always been accused of being unsociable and considering himself above the neighboring farmers; and it was true that Bob West, the implement dealer, was his only associate before Captain Wegg arrived.

"He's our implement man, an' hardware dealer.

Jack Harpe watched them, threw up a few more half-hearted shovelfuls, and then slammed the implement to earth with a clatter, hitched up his pants, and strode hurriedly after the officers.

[Edits., beyond discourse, she's a paragon for a prince, than a fit implement for a gentleman; beyond my element.]

CHAPTER XXX THE NEEDED IMPLEMENT Ralston rode home with an uncomfortable recollection of the little dinner-party in Calcutta at which Hatch had told his story of the Englishwoman in Mecca.

The ancient barrages, the canals, the systems of irrigation were all allowed to silt up and become useless; and at the end of the nineteenth century you would not find in all Mesopotamia an agricultural implement that was in any way superior to the ploughs and the flails of more than two thousand years ago.

* Another day I took her from the pitch to one of the kitchens in the village with some of the fish, till then always thrown away, and taught her cooking: for the only cooking-implement in the palace is the silver alcohol-lamp for coffee and chocolate.

What makes this splendid monument so interesting is the assertion made by nearly all authorities on the subject that these enormous works must have been excavated without spade or tool other than the puny implement called a "celt."

I do most of my buying right in Frederick, but I'd broke my disker, and if you send, it's maybe weeks before the implement house will 'tend to you.

Besides, almost everyone would like to leave the act unimplemented, since it would open up a can of worms and endless more problems if anyone went ahead implementing it.

But then, implementing this vision was a problem.

They were smoothed and straightened by a stone implement.

This, as it shrunk in drying, bound the different parts of the implement together in the strongest possible manner.

It is deemed a great exploit with whalers, though it is not of very rare occurrence, to inflict a death-wound with the harpoon; that implement being intended to make fast with to the fish, which is subsequently slain with what is termed a lance.

There on the table in his studio are the lenses through which he looked at his specimens, the bronze implement he used in scraping the dry soil from the pottery; colors, brushes, manuscripts, and notes about the collections are lying about.

The oars were soon out, Carlo took the tiller, and a feeling of exultation glowed at the heart of Raoul, as he bent to his ashen implement, and felt the boat quiver with the impulse.

Prayer is the little implement Through which men reach Where presence is denied them.

At half-past seven, element Nor implement was seen, And place was where the presence was, Circumference between.

In practice, city centers of wealth and power have expanded, using the military as the readiest means of implementing policy.

FURZE, GORSE, or WHIN.Is used in husbandry for fences, and is also much cultivated for fuel for burning lime, heating ovens, &c. Cattle and sheep relish it much; but it cannot be eaten by them except when young, in consequence of its strong spines; to obviate which an implement has been invented for bruising it.

Although neither he nor his companion possessed any other implement to effect this object, than the large seaman's knife of the latter, the temptation was too great not to make the trial.

The answer came up faintly against the air, but it was uttered with much practice in the implement, and with an exceeding compass of voice.

Or, given a piece of ancient pottery or stone implement, the psychometrist is able to picture the time and peoples connected with the object in the pastsometimes after many centuries are past.

927 examples of  implementing  in sentences