306 examples of implicate in sentences

<Ply, plic, plicate> (fold): (1) ply, reply, imply, plight, suppliant, explicit, implicit, implicate, supplicate, duplicate, duplicity, complicate, complicity, accomplice, application, plait, display, plot, employee, exploit, simple, supple; (2) pliant, pliable, replica, explication, inexplicable, multiplication, deploy, triple, quadruple, plexus, duplex.

For God's sake tell me, does it implicate anybody else in the guilt?" "No; no one specifically; but it has thrown a hideous additional mystery over the occurrence.

I talked pretty freely with Orme and Craig about myself, the circumstances under which I had undertaken this enterprise, my motives to it, my family, my past misfortunes, and the fate that probably awaited me; but they failed to extract from me, what they seemed chiefly to desire, any information which would implicate others.

She could not but implicate Lucy: but then Lucy might be in her grave.

V. be composed of, be made of, be formed of, be made up of; consist of, be resolved into. include &c (in a class) 76; contain, hold, comprehend, take in, admit, embrace, embody; involve, implicate; drag into. compose, constitute, form, make; make up, fill up, build up; enter into the composition of &c (be a component) 56.

Thus far their account of themselves and their movements was distinct, while, on the other hand, there was not a single fact to implicate either, beyond the suspicion that was more or less common to all who happened to be on the mountain at the moment the crime was committed.

Captain Yorke was on the steps as I came out, hearing the shouts; did he witness this extraordinary occurrence?" "I told you the fugitive had concealed himself in the bottom of the sleigh before I entered it," said Betty, terror seizing her lest a chance word should implicate Geoffrey in the matter.

Besides, to move in the matter at all would be to implicate Lucia; for, of whatsoever kind Campbell's attentions were, she evidently liked them; and a quarrel with her on that score was more than Elsley dared face.

"I laughed," he said,disingenuously because it wouldn't do to implicate Paula"over the idea that perhaps he didn't want a job at all and made up on the spur of the moment the unlikeliest trade he could think of.

In the simple form there is little or no tendency for the affection to implicate the other structures of the joint, whereas in the suppurative form the joint capsule, the ligaments, and the bones soon come to participate in the diseased processes, giving us a condition which we shall afterwards describe as acute arthritis.

There is nothing in this to implicate him.

Before the duel, the following spirited explanation takes place: The prince spoke low, And said: Before you answer what you can, I wish to tell you, as a gentleman, That what you may confess Will implicate no person known to you, More than disquiet in its sleep may do.p.

There was no doubt about him burning the house, it was to implicate the Hynes he did it, to lay it on them.

For the breath of it stirs in these slow quiet moving lines, and its few and simple words implicate the soul of a period.

Do you think he would have kept faith with me if I had given up the documents and promised never to implicate either his country or himself in the trouble?" "Certainly not.

"You don't want to further implicate matters by giving out the name of the power whose seal shows on the wax!

But you must on no account implicate me; for then I should be put to death, all my property would be confiscated, your sister would die of grief, and you would be utterly ruined.

As for anyone else in the room, I can't see that you have anything on usunless perhaps this new evidence you speak of may implicate Asche, or Jameson," he added, including me in a wave of his hand, as if he were already addressing a jury.

The relation of being 'on' doesn't seem to implicate or involve in any way the inner meaning of the manuscript or the inner structure of the deskthese objects engage in it only by their outsides, it seems only a temporary accident in their respective histories.

Thus, even delinquents, who would otherwise be sacrificed voluntarily to public justice, are in a manner protected by delays and chicane, because an investigation might implicate the Convention as the example and authoriser of their enormities.

He is generally understood to mean, "Why do you try to implicate me in a political charge?" and it is supposed that he prudently evaded the question.

For the time being, I have to deal with Mikolka; there are facts which implicate himwhat are facts, after all?

They tried in a most shameful manner it appears, to implicate Sir Marmaduke and Mistress de Chavasse in their disgrace, but as the former very pertinently remarked, "How could he, a simple Kentish squire have aught to do with a smart London club?

It was dear of Billy not to implicate me.

" "Sir, I extol this discretionnot that there is any testimony to implicate more than the crew, but credit is a delicate flower, and it should be handled tenderly.

306 examples of  implicate  in sentences