1083 examples of imply in sentences

It would appear, from the same poem, not only that the Alighieri were the more important house, but that some blot had darkened the scutcheon of the Elisei; perhaps their having been poor, and transplanted (as he seems to imply) from some disreputable district.

The dedicatory lines of the Culex imply that the body of the poem was already complete.

Vergil's own words would imply that his early effort centered about Aeneas' wars in Italy; the sixth Eclogue, Cum canerem reges et proelia, is rather explicit on this point.

The poem does not by any means imply that Vergil favored Brutus and Cassius or felt any ill-will towards Octavian.

If there is any fallacy in this supposition, the inferences may be erroneous; but the error would imply the disgrace of the United States, or parts of them,a disgrace from which every man of true honor and genuine patriotism will be happy to see them rescued.

When there's mutual affection, companionship, all those intimate interests that marriage is supposed to imply, I daresay a woman gives full measure for all she receives.

Condivi and Vasari imply, indeed, that this was the case; but, beside the physical impossibility, the fact remains that certain portions are obviously executed by inferior masters.

The allegory seems to imply that happiness is not to be attained, as human beings mostly strive to seize it, by the fierce force of the carnal passions.

A pretender to science cannot always be safely judged of by a brief publication, for the knowledge of some facts does not imply the knowledge of other facts; but the claimant of poetic honours may generally be appreciated by a few pages, often by a few lines, for if they be poetry, he is a poet.

They have supposed it to imply a suggestion that our Lord was not only "tempted in all things like as we are"which

LECTURE IV CONCERNING FECHNER 131 Superhuman consciousness does not necessarily imply an absolute mind, 134.

This decree, however, has not passed, but the alarm is universal, and does not imply any great confidence in the new government.

For what does it imply?

My Frontispiece, I believe, may be extended to imply, That several of our Misfortunes arise from Things, as well as Persons, that seem of very little consequence.

This use of the art is a natural and reasonable consequence of affection; and though, like other human actions, it is often complicated with pride, yet even such pride is more laudable than that by which palaces are covered with pictures, that, however excellent, neither imply the owner's virtue, nor excite it.

A man who has duly considered the condition of his being, will contentedly yield to the course of things; he will not pant for distinction where distinction would imply no merit; but though on great occasions he may wish to be greater than others, he will be satisfied in common occurrences not to be less.

" "Your words imply bad news, monsieur," returned Castleman.

" Max understood Yolanda's words to imply that her station in life was even lower than it seemed, or that there was some taint upon herself or her family.

The negroes were free, but they must understand that freedom did not imply idleness.

Sink everything into Dewey-Aguinaldo coöperation, that was on both sides honest even if it did not imply any actual arrangement, which, of course, Dewey himself could not make.

"If you imply" "Nonsense," he answered sharply, "I imply nothing.

"If you imply" "Nonsense," he answered sharply, "I imply nothing.

Persuaded of the adaptation and sufficiency of divine ordinances to effect reformation, we will refuse to identify or incorporate with any substitutes for these, or to co-operate with voluntary associations for moral reform, whether secret and sworn, or open and pledged, as these imply want of faith in divine ordinances, and in the wisdom and beneficence of our covenant God. IV.

[d] A hardy slight Did this unprecedented course imply Of college studies and their set rewards; Nor had, in truth, the scheme been formed by me Without uneasy forethought of the pain, 330 The censures, and ill-omening of those To whom my worldly interests were dear.

They can reflect no dishonour on his Majesty." "Save that they seem to imply a belief on your part that his Majesty has chosen his officers badly," Buckingham said, regarding the young man fixedly.

1083 examples of  imply  in sentences