16586 examples of importants in sentences

From Spain she went to England, organizing there the French exiles into a strength which frightened Richelieu; thence to Holland, to conspire nearer home; back to Paris, on the minister's death, to form the faction of the Importants; and when the Duke of Beaufort was imprisoned, Mazarin said, "Of what use to cut off the arms while the head remains?"

Boots are, perhaps, the most important part of a Ski runner's outfit.

Gloves are another very important item of clothing.

Having often seen the anxiety of relations and friends when their party comes home late, I know how important this is.

Time is very important in January and February, when the weather is cold, as people can be badly frost-bitten if benighted.

Pragmatism is neither a revolt against philosophy nor a revolution in philosophy, except in so far as it is an important evolution of philosophy.

But there remains an even more important deduction from the new psychology.

But this mistake might reveal the important fact that all analysis was a choice, and inspired by volitions.

It emphasizes only those portions of the flux which seem to it important.

As James showed, the distinction between 'dreams' and 'realities,' between 'things' and 'illusions,' results only from the differential values we attach to the parts of the flux according as they seem important or interesting to us or not.

When we mention that a corresponding number of railways meet at the same spot, it will be seen Termonde was an important centre, and that it must have been a wealthy town.

One of the most important of the stations was at Malines, and one of our cars called there every day.

To-day it is important as a railway centre, and for its extensive railway workshops, but the interest of the town lies in the past.

The affairs of his babyhood were far more important to me than my own personal affairs.

Bombing is going to be important.

"This is one of the important British bases, as you know, and it is one of those where many of our men are treated before they are sent home.

There there was a detachment of soldiers, for it was an important post, covering much of the Hun territory beyond.

And just as I was beginning to feel hungryodd, it seemed to me, that such a thing as lunch should stay in my mind in such surroundings and when so many vastly more important things were afoot!the major looked at his wrist watch.

That was one of the most brilliantly and successfully executed attacks of the whole war, and vastly important in its results, although it was, compared to the great battles on the Somme and up north, near Arras, only a small and minor operation.

Many small donations ($1 to $5,000) are particularly important to maintaining tax exempt status with the IRS.

An important consideration in choosing colors for dress was the effect they would have in juxtaposition.

The most important entrance to Noel Park is by Gladstone Avenue, a road 60 ft. wide leading from the Green Lanes to the center of the estate.

] I have already spoken of the great ease and facility with which an argentic enlargement may be made as compared with a collodion transfer, for instance; but there is another and more important point to be considered between the two, and that is, their durability and permanence.

The most important of these missions, politically considered, was, however, that of the Duque de Feria,[70] who arrived in France with a brilliant suite, charged with the most specious and high-sounding professions and promises of Philip of Spain, who pledged himself to support the Regency under all circumstances, and to place at the disposal of the Queen whatever assistance she might require against both external and internal enemies.

Que ceux qui, pour des détails peu importants, négligent l'affaire essentielle, se souviennent de cet exemple.

16586 examples of  importants  in sentences