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66 example sentences with  impossibly

66 example sentences with impossibly

Boots has the feeling as fresh upon him this moment of speaking as he had then, that he would far rather have had it out in half a dozen rounds with the Governor than have combined with him; and that he wished with all his heart there was any impossible place where two babies could make an impossible marriage, and live impossibly happy ever afterward.

All she could do was not to make confusion, make mixtures, of the living; though she asked herself enough what mixture she mightn't find herself to have prepared if Mr. French should, not so very impossibly, for a restless, roaming manher effect on him!happen to pass while she sat there with the mustachioed personage round whose name Mrs. Maule would probably have caused detrimental anecdote most thickly to cluster.

If the lobes are attached to the cheekbones and there is a pronounced blob in the fold at the top, I address the man instantly as Dawson, however impossibly unlike Dawson he may be.

and I lagged our way unwillingly out to work againrusty of muscles, with a feeling that the heat would now surely be unendurable and the work impossibly hard.

The whole Southern Slav provinces of Austria-Hungary were carried off their feet by a wave of enthusiasm for the allies, and an impossibly strained situation was reached when the Government of Vienna placed itself in violent conflict with Serbia, vetoed her expansion to the sea, insisted upon creating a phantom Albanian State, egged on Bulgaria against her allies, and finally mobilised in order to impose its will upon the Serbs.

Any other course would be impossibly quixotic, and would only have the effect of destroying our power to help the states within our reach.

The sun skips off the water, impossibly bright, impossibly blue.

The sun skips off the water, impossibly bright, impossibly blue.

(And with a weary gesture he points to the orchids, as though they were things of which, not impossibly, "posies" might be made.)

He is borne along, almost involuntarily, and not impossibly against his better judgment, by the throng and restlessness of his ideas as by a crowd of people in motion.

I cannot say why exactly, but I expected at least to hear that the woman had met some dreadful end, not impossibly by burning.

And now above all other times, when, for some reason not fully known to him, she was finding her own life an almost impossibly difficult thing to manage.

"It's perfectly impossibly mad.

She had, however, no idea what the effort was costing him, until after a blazing fire of impossibly rapid volleys under which she went down to defeat, she stopped, called out, "Game and set!" and added in a generous tribute, "Say, you can play!"

You're setting up an impossibly high standard of aesthetic feeling."

[I must say, however, that in some five instances there will occur sentences rather crutched by my own guess-work; and in two instances the characters were so impossibly mystical, that I had to abandon the passage with a head-ache.

My brain has been thinking inarticulately perhaps, all these years: and the English words and letters, as they now stand written, have rather an improbable and foreign air to me, as a Greek or Russian book might look to a man who has not so long been learning those languages as to forget the impossibly foreign impression received from them on the first day of tackling them.

The story is impossibly told, but that will only worry those who are looking for a story.

but when we went gently, life seemed to be ideal for me, impossibly perfect!

Not impossibly, insects would render extinct all other beings, and then the cockroach could proclaim that creation had its apotheosis in it.

Some more of the same may, not impossibly, suffer a collapse before the century has closed.

Every day of the two years that I have been scattering myself about Europe I have wished myself at home in the house where I was born, and have wandered through the rooms in my dreams; yet now that I am here, I find that I was mixing the past impossibly with the present, in a way common to those over fifty.

In front of the men was a power plant of impossibly immense size, in dusky darkness.

To talk of the law and use threats in this atmosphere of serene domesticity seemed impossibly harsh.

The working up of the splendid dialogue between Iago and Othello, may not impossibly have been suggested by this sentence of Lord Bacon: "Breaking off in the midst of what one was about to say, (as if he took himself up) breeds a greater appetite in him with whom you confer, to know more."

"The answer is perhaps no, and not impossibly yes," replied Freydis.

He strained to see impossibly round the corner....

First, it was supposed to be too tragic, too deliberately and impossibly sombre (that sad book of which Charlotte's friend, Mary Taylor, said that it was "not so gloomy as the truth").

What feats could she relate of wonderful dresses got out of impossibly small patterns of silk!

It was, indeed, time for a statesman to step in, and protest, if only in the name of constitutional and political philosophy, against so narrow and unreal an abuse of law-textsdocuments of the highest importance in right hands, and in their proper place, but capable, as all must know, of leading to inconceivable absurdity in speculation, and not impossibly fatal confusion in fact.

There are possibly 2-1/2 or impossibly 3.

There are possibly 2-1/2 or impossibly 3.

There are possibly 2-1/2 or impossibly 3.

There are possibly 2-1/2 or impossibly 3.

To see all that multitude changed to a picture, smitten rigid, as it were, into the semblance of realistic wax, was impossibly wonderful.

The Senator says life is so impossibly difficult here that only those in the best of health can stand it, and to face such chances requires the buoyancy and hope of youth.

Wells, as a matter of fact, is almost impossibly beautiful, and incredibly romantic.

You may think me impossibly silly, but I never supposed that he could get down.

As for literature, he purchased some new poems by Balmont, some essays by Merejkowsky, and Andrรฉ Biely's St. Petersburg, but the first of these he found pretentious, the second dull, and the third quite impossibly obscure.

The poor in a lump are bad'coarse and ill-mannered at any ratethat must be the real meaning of her soft dignity, so friendly yet so remote, her impossibly ethereal standards, her light words that so often abashed a man for no reasonable cause.

A woman would be impossibly difficult to please, if, in the end, she failed to respond to such a lover as Tristram!

Then she got back into bed, relieved in mind as to him but absolutely quaking at what she had done and at the impossibly embarrassing position she would have placed herself in, if he had awakened and known that she had come!

It was one of those impossibly amusing Paris farces, on the borderland of all convention but so intensely comic that none could help their mirth, and Tristram shook with laughter and forgot for the time that he was a most miserable young man.

It had been too impossibly wet to go on, and they had sent the ladies back in the motors and had come across the park on their way home, and, hearing the sound of music, had glanced in.

I hope you have not found it all too impossibly difficult, but it will soon be over now."

The wine seems black, and yet at the same time powerfully and almost impossibly red; the sky seems black, and yet at the same time to be only too dense a blend of purple and green.

But the loss can feel almost impossibly strong in New York, in that whatโ€™s gone are the very reasons so many arrived.

But, two years on, as life locked down due to pandemic, came to mind, as even Swisher's nearby friends felt impossibly far.

For instance, given the input โ€œThe characters, cast in impossibly contrived situations, are totally estranged from reality,โ€ TextFooler might output โ€œThe characters, cast in impossibly engineered circumstances, are fully estranged from reality.โ€

For instance, given the input โ€œThe characters, cast in impossibly contrived situations, are totally estranged from reality,โ€ TextFooler might output โ€œThe characters, cast in impossibly engineered circumstances, are fully estranged from reality.โ€

His mind was imprisoned for centuries until impossibly wealthy businessman Laurens Bancroft offers him the chance to live again.

โ€œI still think the onus is on her to explain why their numbers were wrong (their new numbers seem impossibly low, so I suspect they are wrong as well).

Later I transported impossibly young, always willing troops during the Vietnam War โ€” the first conflict to generate nationwide protests from incensed young people.

Pass rushers are impossibly difficult to find and teams move heaven and earth to acquire them if possible.

Somehow, impossibly, this is getting even worse from Zverev.

The swimsuit continued with teeny thong bottoms which were pulled high on her hip bones, highlighting her impossibly narrow waist.

At its best moments, โ€œAll The Differenceโ€ uses its structure to make its plot all the more resonant โ€” by putting you in the heads of characters making impossibly tough decisions, their outcomes weigh all the heavier.

However, at the moment I believe that most or all of the active Go core team is employed by Google, making the distinction impossibly to determine in practice (at least from outside Google).

And donโ€™t miss Paoloโ€™s impossibly hard trivia.

In the end the very longest panel was only eight feet long, so it meant none of the segments were impossibly heavy.

Itโ€™s quick, easy, done before your favourite TV show is over, and looks impossibly cute.

Left to prepare for the arrival of his parents, his girlfriend, and her parents, Alan is a disaster: panicking and bathed in sweat, the simple prosciutto and parmesan canapes Ted taught him to make seem impossibly complicated.

Now that this impossibly hard thing is over, I hope after the Bike Rally there is some time for you to just be, whether itโ€™s knitting, swimming with Elliot, or taking turns sitting on all of your chairs.

Some believe the value of good grades will become even more important in such a scenario, resulting in graduate schools being effectively closed to all except those with impossibly high averages.

The impossibly high Pentagon estimates can only be interpreted as part of an effort to justify an indefinite US presence in Syria and Iraq.

The scattered, impossibly scenic islands of the South Pacific make for the perfect cruise destination but, beyond the scenery, there are many reasons why cruising is a great way to experience this beautiful, balmy destination.