46 examples of impossibly in sentences

Any other course would be impossibly quixotic, and would only have the effect of destroying our power to help the states within our reach.

(And with a weary gesture he points to the orchids, as though they were things of which, not impossibly, "posies" might be made.)

And now above all other times, when, for some reason not fully known to him, she was finding her own life an almost impossibly difficult thing to manage.

She had, however, no idea what the effort was costing him, until after a blazing fire of impossibly rapid volleys under which she went down to defeat, she stopped, called out, "Game and set!"

You're setting up an impossibly high standard of aesthetic feeling.

[I must say, however, that in some five instances there will occur sentences rather crutched by my own guess-work; and in two instances the characters were so impossibly mystical, that I had to abandon the passage with a head-ache.

My brain has been thinking inarticulately perhaps, all these years: and the English words and letters, as they now stand written, have rather an improbable and foreign air to me, as a Greek or Russian book might look to a man who has not so long been learning those languages as to forget the impossibly foreign impression received from them on the first day of tackling them.

The story is impossibly told, but that will only worry those who are looking for a story.

In front of the men was a power plant of impossibly immense size, in dusky darkness.

To talk of the law and use threats in this atmosphere of serene domesticity seemed impossibly harsh.

"The answer is perhaps no, and not impossibly yes," replied Freydis.

First, it was supposed to be too tragic, too deliberately and impossibly sombre (that sad book of which Charlotte's friend, Mary Taylor, said that it was "not so gloomy as the truth").

It was, indeed, time for a statesman to step in, and protest, if only in the name of constitutional and political philosophy, against so narrow and unreal an abuse of law-textsdocuments of the highest importance in right hands, and in their proper place, but capable, as all must know, of leading to inconceivable absurdity in speculation, and not impossibly fatal confusion in fact.

There are possibly 2-1/2 or impossibly 3.

Marion Morehouse Cummings (W); 4Dec67; R423500. There are possibly 2-1/2 or impossibly 3.

To see all that multitude changed to a picture, smitten rigid, as it were, into the semblance of realistic wax, was impossibly wonderful.

Wells, as a matter of fact, is almost impossibly beautiful, and incredibly romantic.

You may think me impossibly silly, but I never supposed that he could get down.

As for literature, he purchased some new poems by Balmont, some essays by Merejkowsky, and André Biely's St. Petersburg, but the first of these he found pretentious, the second dull, and the third quite impossibly obscure.

yet so remote, her impossibly ethereal standards, her light words that so often abashed a man for no reasonable cause.

A woman would be impossibly difficult to please, if, in the end, she failed to respond to such a lover as Tristram!

Then she got back into bed, relieved in mind as to him but absolutely quaking at what she had done and at the impossibly embarrassing position she would have placed herself in, if he had awakened and known that she had come!

It was one of those impossibly amusing Paris farces, on the borderland of all convention

It had been too impossibly wet to go on, and they had sent the ladies back in the motors and had come across the park on their way home, and, hearing the sound of music, had glanced in.

I hope you have not found it all too impossibly difficult, but it will soon be over now.

46 examples of  impossibly  in sentences