392 examples of impostors in sentences

Addressing myself to you, as teachers, I would say, mere book learning in physical science is a sham and a delusionwhat you teach, unless you wish to be impostors, that you must first know; and real knowledge in science means personal acquaintance with the facts, be they few or many.

Sovereigns, magistrates, counsellors, and impostors, struck with the common frenzy, entered into friendship and alliance, formed private fraternities, and sometimes proceeded to such a pitch of extravagance, as to involve themselves and their posterity in ruinous debts.

Perhaps the delight expressed in its annual reports in the exposure of impostors was a shade too heartyat any rate one can see therein cause sufficient for Lamb's counter-blast.

The major's eyes twinkled as he assumed a perfectly impassive expression, and rapidly delivered himself of the following thunderbolt, "Girls, you have been deceived, and the young men you love are impostors.

The Alchemist makes a strong presentation of certain forms of credulity in human nature and of the special tricks which the alchemists and impostors of that day adopted.

His instruments or factors, politicians, Priests, Impostors, Heretics, blind guides.

His ordinary instruments or factors which he useth, as God himself, did good kings, lawful magistrates, patriarchs, prophets, to the establishing of his church, are politicians, statesmen, priests, heretics, blind guides, impostors, pseudoprophets, to propagate his superstition.

How many silly souls have impostors still deluded, drawn away, and quite alienated from Christ!

How many such impostors, false prophets, have lived in every king's reign?

What prodigious follies, madness, vexations, persecutions, absurdities, impossibilities, these impostors, heretics, &c., have thrust upon the world, what strange effects shall be shown in the symptoms.

Such as lead are heretics, schismatics, false prophets, impostors, and their ministers: they have some common symptoms, some peculiar.

Now what these brain-sick heretics once broach, and impostors set on foot, be it never so absurd, false, and prodigious, the common people will follow and believe.

In our days we have a new scene of superstitious impostors and heretics.

These menmany of whom are described as having been mere impostors, ostentatious pedants, or ignorant hypocritesacted somewhat like domestic chaplains in the houses of their patrons.

In the earlier periods of their history, both in England and Scotland, beggars were generally of such a description as to entitle them to the epithet of sturdy; accordingly they appear to have been regarded often as impostors and always as nuisances and pests.

"For the last thirty years all the astrologers and mountebanks in the kingdom, as well as a host of other impostors, have predicted at given intervals that I was about to die, so that when the time comes some of these prophecies must prove correct and will be quoted as miracles, while all the false ones will be studiously forgotten.

I very soon came to the conclusion that the professional, paid mediums were, in many cases, the worst kind of impostors, and, in all cases, so far as any intellectual evidence was concerned, of an absurd triviality.

Impostors were to be found, appearing every day under new names and with fresh miracles, imposing on the credulity of the public, and amassing wealth by defrauding the pious multitude.

Some of these impostors, too insolent in their practices, were discovered and punished, whilst others derived from them their whole fortune and subsistence.

His design was to lash the follies and vices of the day, and his dramatis personæ consisted for the most part of gulls, impostors, fops, cowards, swaggering braggarts, and "Pauls men."

I do; their sculpture and painting have been employed on most ignoble objectson scourgers and hangmen, on beggarly enthusiasts and base impostors.

These symptoms of terrour and amazement might better become impostors true only to fear, might become a coward at the recital of such falsehoods, as no man could credit, whose understanding was not weakened by his terrours; tales, told by a woman over a fire on the authority of her grandam.

The sails, too, cast their shadows upon deck; and then, neither of the two Italians was a wizard at detecting impostors, as he knew by experience.

These Men therefore bear hard upon the suspected Party, pursue her close through all her Turnings and Windings, and are too well acquainted with the Chace, to be slung off by any false Steps or Doubles: Besides, their Acquaintance and Conversation has lain wholly among the vicious Part of Womankind, and therefore it is no Wonder they censure all alike, and look upon the whole Sex as a Species of Impostors.

There is hardly a Man in the World, one would think, so ignorant, as not to know that the ordinary Quack Doctors, who publish their great Abilities in little brown Billets, distributed to all who pass by, are to a Man Impostors and Murderers; yet such is the Credulity of the Vulgar, and the Impudence of these Professors, that the Affair still goes on, and new Promises of what was never done before are made every Day.

392 examples of  impostors  in sentences