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14632 example sentences with  improved

14632 example sentences with improved

With him he improved himself in the Spanish and Italian languages, the latter of which they studied under Isola, a teacher at Cambridge, afterwards creditably known by an edition of the Gerusalemme Liberata.

My dear little Nony [Footnote: Mr. Croker's adopted daughter, afterwards married to Sir George Barrow.] was worse last night, and not better all to-day; but this evening they make me happy by saying that she is decidedly improved.

Towards the end of 1821 Mr. Murray received a letter from Messrs. Longman & Co., intimating, in a friendly way, "you will see in a day or two, in the newspapers, an advertisement of Mrs. Rundell's improved edition of her 'Cookery Book,' which she has placed in our hands for publication."

Now, the "Domestic Cookery," as enlarged and improved by Mr. Murray, was practically a new work, and one of his best properties.

In the original a dull and spiritless imitation of Marivaux, the work was not improved by translation, and met naturally the reception due its slender merits.

The various adventures which happened to Natura, I thought, afforded a more ample field, than those of any one man I ever heard, or read of; and flatter myself, that the reader will find many instances, that may contribute to rectify his own conduct, by pointing out those things which ought to be avoided, or at least most carefully guarded against, and those which are worthy to be improved and imitated."

In this result a disposition is manifested on the part of that nation corresponding with the disposition of the United States, which it may be hoped will be improved into liberal arrangements on other subjects on which the parties have mutual interests, or which might endanger their future harmony.

It is true that the improved condition of the public revenue will not only afford the means of maintaining the faith of the Government with its creditors inviolate, and of prosecuting successfully the measures of the most liberal policy, but will also justify an immediate alleviation of the burdens imposed by the necessities of the war.

I am not unaware of the great importance of roads and canals and the improved navigation of water courses, and that a power in the National Legislature to provide for them might be exercised with signal advantage to the general prosperity.

The money he brought home would not have made him a rich man in America, but it would go a long way in the dale, and the soil and flocks at Ashness could be improved by modern methods and carefully spent capital.

She improved her opportunity while he held her hands.

It was a fortified place of great consideration in the former wars, and if the fortifications were repaired and improved, it might be made almost impregnable, as it would enfilade the road on each side.

Improved facilities needed for care cf chronic illness.

R626880. Improved blue ribbon edition of Hertel Bible.

But taking advantage of the opportunity, exclaimed: "Well, Carl, you have improved, I hope, since I was here?

I feel safe in saying that this young man will never be happy, nor his physical condition improved, until he pays the full price of his sin.

improved him somewhat.[204] THE NOBLE RED MAN Beginning with the Californians, their utter lack of moral sense has already been described.

The result of this would be that the condition of our social, civil, and political affairs would be incalculably improved.

Placed at a very early age at the head of the French establishments at Chandernuggur, he had improved the city and constructed a fleet, all the while acquiring for himself an immense fortune; he had just been sent to Pondicherry as governor-general of the Company's agencies, when the war of succession to the empire broke out in 1742.

He dressed better; refrained from the bottle; paid more attention to his mind; improved in manners, by keeping better company; and, in the course of the next twelvemonth, had made rapid advances toward respectability.

a new and much improved edition, by G.F. Krebel, appeared in 1766.)

"When I roamed in the woods as a free man, I had my own ideas; prison has not improved them.

Among these were one or two families at Painesville, near the lake, at Parkman, several at Warren, and more at Cleveland, who had made each other's acquaintance, and who, as the country improved and the means of communication were perfected, formed and kept up a sort of association over the heads, and hardly within the observation, of the people generally.

" "You find him improved in appearance and manners?" persisted the Judge.

I used to get into the habit of jotting down the things he had said, and I improved by practice.

It will be found also that the bill contains appropriations for rivers upon which there not only exists no foreign commerce, but upon which there has not been established even a paper port of entry, and for the mouths of creeks, denominated harbors, which if improved can benefit only the particular neighborhood in which they are situated.

But the prevailing themes of the plays I saw spoke of a fractious landscape inhabited by a citizenry at racial, sexual and social odds with one another a divide that can only be improved if people take the time to lend an ear.

Cologne improved in the second-half and replacement midfielder Dominick Drexler pulled back a late goal.

Customer queries are better than pre-Covid levels, say developers, who also claim that conversion rates from site visits to sales have improved from what they were before the pandemic.

Heritage bank Plc in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), under the Nigerian Incentive-Based Risk Sharing in Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) has continued to drive improved investment outcomes and job creation.

Her placement of the ball has improved as well.

Motshekga added that the number of provinces classified as having low risk levels has improved from two to six over the past week.

Mourinho was appointed replacement for Mauricio Pochettino in November 2019 and has improved their progress on the Premier League table.

Moving forward we will see continued momentum from new and improved products.

Mr. Abiodun Agbemola, observed that the relative peace being enjoyed in the state has improved the housing development in the state.

Not only has my body composition changed (fat loss and no muscle loss), but my performance inside exercise program has improved considerably.

Not only is Jokic’s production incredible, which is absolutely is, but he has consistently and constantly improved his game year after year which is just another reason that Malone is proud of Denver’s Serbian Sensation.

Three or four different editors worked on the book and improved it.

Through a multi-factored approach, PDEV attempts to deliver enhanced returns and maximize diversification in an attempt to provide potentially improved risk-adjusted returns, compared to traditional market-capitalization-weighted indices.

Tormanen had six rebounds and five steals while Peterson and Pinoniemi had four steals each as the Braves improved to 5-1 in the conference and 9-5 overall.

Tourism will also be propelled by improved connectivity.

At the 2018 MSSM meet in Selangor, the powerful boy, standing at 163m and weighing 72kg, improved his distance to 53.54m, though it was only good for a silver medal.

Data shows the number of long-term care home residents with improved behavioural symptoms has not improved in the last four years.

Data shows the number of long-term care home residents with improved behavioural symptoms has not improved in the last four years.

Improved access to local businesses and organizations by people with disabilities.

Improved air quality control means a reduced potential for mold and mildew growth.

Improved and flexible working conditions contribute to a greater morale and improved productivity.

Improved and flexible working conditions contribute to a greater morale and improved productivity.

Improved approximation for 3-dimensional matching via bounded pathwidth local search

Improved aquatic science Number of primary publications Maintain current levels 153 peer-reviewed publications were produced by in 2008 (the most recent year for which data is available).

Improved cognitive functioning is one benefit of running that is especially pertinent to students.

Improved communication and transparency during the complaints process.

Improved, comprehensive monitoring of IBA trigger species and species of conservation interest throughout the entire IBA is needed.

Improved conditioning, particularly of the neck; protective head gear; and careful medical supervision also minimize the risk of head injury or trauma.

Improved coverage - Receive higher coverage amounts for accidents, illness, dental coverage, customer benefits and much more.

Improved employment earnings represent the most effective way for families on social assistance to increase their income.

Improved engine maintenance can reduce emissions by up to 65 per cent for gases () and up to 55 per cent for diesel particulate matter.

Improved facilities and new equipment in provincial parks are intended to increase accessibility for people with limited mobility and physical disabilities.

Improved fertilizer recommendations and the replacement of fertilizers by manure have led to a 30% reduction in fertilizer use in recent years.

Improved governance for fragile states was also an issue of broader relevance, embracing countries such as Haiti, where Canada had a major development and security investment as well.

Improved maintenance access, including new concrete ramps at the mechanical building (for ice resurfacer) and south double doors (for added service access) are in place.

Improved management is needed because both wildlife and timber have high production potentials and demand from users is strong, but conflicts over land use are common.

Improved outcomes in patients with head and neck cancer using a standardized care protocol for postoperative alcohol withdrawal.

Improved parameter estimation of point- and line-based transformation model for remote sensing image registration.

Improved performance and capacity at the Mississauga Central Ambulance Communications Centre, including the implementation of new technology and triage tools, to ensure the safety of the people of Halton.

Improved performance of RFID/NFC antennas in mobile devices, such as smart phones, laptops, notebooks and tablets.

Improved post-processing capabilities: New classes to compute functionals such as overall current density and all types of heat losses.

Improved prediction of snake movements under different conditions would allow better protection of wetland habitats at Grafton Lake against human disturbance through more strategic surveys when monitoring and researching ths species in the future.

Improved property tax payment options.

Improved protection of colonial nesting islands would doubtless benefit this and associated species.

Improved public speaking skills.

"Improved public transit is an important factor in enhancing the quality of life for residents of Moncton and in communities throughout the country," Moore said.

Improved quality, comfort and ergonomics for an optimal driving and ownership experience.

Improved relevance is expected to result in improved achievement, retention and graduation rates for First Nations' students.

Improved relevance is expected to result in improved achievement, retention and graduation rates for First Nations' students.

Improved reproductive performance in fish generally was associated with reduced use of molecular chlorine, improved condensate handling, and liquor spill control.

Improved reproductive performance in fish generally was associated with reduced use of molecular chlorine, improved condensate handling, and liquor spill control.

Improved response with respect to parenting after separation and providing protection orders.

Improved rubber straps adjust quickly for a perfect fit.

Improved searchable public key encryption with designated tester.

Improved sensitivity to fluorescence for cancer detection in wide-field image-guided neurosurgery.

Improved service delivery will continue to provide opportunities and success for all Manitobans.

Improved soft tissue healing is the benefit of the application of LEPT.

Improved survival in patients with diabetic nephropathy.

Improved terms for consolidating the debt of the poorest developing countries notably in Sub-Saharan Africa are also making a contribution.

Improved the operating efficiency of the recycling facility by integrating a new expansion with a redesigned recycling process.

Improved three-dimensional remote aggregations of magnetotactic bacteria for tumor targeting.

Improved transient performance and converter miniaturization are the major driving factors behind high frequency operation of switching power supplies.

Improved Trust-Based Decision Making for Transportation Environments through an Ontological Representation.

Improved wildlife management that combines science and traditional knowledge has implications for Indigenous people worldwide.

Improvements in 2-back accuracy correlated with activation increases in lateral and medial prefrontal and lateral parietal regions, and improved recollection scores correlated with activation increases in the left hippocampus.

Improving the exchange of information between providers facilitates integration and care coordination, improved quality of care, reduces the duration of care, increases accessibility, and reduces cost and medical error rates.

In addition, we show that by providing direct connections between memory arrays, the FPGA density can be improved somewhat, and the average memory access time can be reduced significantly.

In addition, while the accuracy of employment income data was improved in the latest census through the use of personal income tax and benefits records, the composition of income remains unclear.

Now, what we did was in 2001, we improved the situation, and this year, in 2005, we continue to improve the situation so that there is greater, better governance, better transparency, and better accountability.

Now with new technology this has greatly improved.

NVP can often be improved by making changes to your diet/lifestyle and by taking plenty of rest.

One could have expected, in particular, to see the status of the history of women’s education improved.

One is that they will have improved access to the Alaskan market, which is the only market that we are close to in order for it to matter at all.

The Davie Trail, used by First Nations for eons past, became an alternate route to the Yukon gold fields when it was improved for non-native prospectors by the North West Mounted Police in the 1890s.