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Do we say   impudent   or  imprudent

Do we say impudent or imprudent

impudent 594 occurrences

Clay, there is reason to believe, went to his grave in the belief that each of these assertions was an unmitigated falsehood, and the writer of the above adduces them merely as remarkable instances of cool, impudent lying.

But Jabez wuz loud, boastin', arrogant, his pert impudent face proclaimin' the great things he wuz goin' to do, but never did.

Alexander when he was presented with that rich and costly casket of king Darius, and every man advised him what to put in it, he reserved it to keep Homer's works, as the most precious jewel of human wit, and yet Scaliger upbraids Homer's muse, Nutricem insanae sapientiae, a nursery of madness, impudent as a court lady, that blushes at nothing.

Verily, this is the most impudent attempt to impose a naked Socinianism on the public, as the general religion of the nation, admitted by all but a dunghill of mushroom fanatics, that ever insulted common sense or common modesty!

It is a gross and impudent delusion to call a Book his authority, which he receives only so far as it is an echo of his own convictions.

In the whole 'Bibliotlieca theologica' I remember no instance of calumny so gross, so impudent, so unchristian.

Shall the impudent, banish them from your affections and usurp their places in your hearts?

I'le not speak for thee, for all thy cunning, if you will be safe chop off his head, for there was never known so impudent a Rascal.

The impudent spirit of young America has not yet exerted its baneful influence here.

We are afraid of the light, of impudent opinion and the rulers of the hour who call to us saying: "Put it out!

In the old days at school he used to scandalise Clerambault's provincial mind by his impudent disrespect for all values, political and socialcountry, morality, and religion.

" "You impudent villain!" cries the lady in a rage.

But the magistrates simply told me they had nothing to do with such statements, and that I seemed a most impudent rascal to trump up such things against my master.

"For my part," cried Olivia, "I don't like him, he is so extremely impudent and familiar."

Sir, be credible, tis ballanst to be superlative politicke custome in these houres to dwell in shallowe accoutrements, as a defence for the abilitie of his pursse from the infringed Oath of some impudent face, that will borrowe a gentlemans revenewes if he be vestally adornd: Ile tell you sir by this bright Horrison Scil.

Harkee, officers, shut me up yonder Italian knave for a week on bread and water, for daring to trifle with the time and good-nature of the public in this impudent manner.

I shall just talk to the Marquis or "Gaston" whenever I like, I was quite polite to the Baronne, because she is such a dear; but I am afraid, if Godmamma had said it all, I should have been impudent.

"This fellow also was among the wool-comber's disciples," said they; and their successful dealing with Mazurier encouraged the authorities to hope that soon all this evil would be overcome,trampled in the dust: this impudent insurrection of thought should certainly be stifled; youth and age, high station, low, should be taught alike of Rome.

His passion got the better of him, and he ran through the gate, his eyes flashing fire, bent on exterminating his impudent adversary.

"You're an impudent young ruffian."

"He was impudent to me.

"I felt ashamed to have him scold me before the impudent boy.

Of course, he enjoyed it, and I suppose he will think he can be impudent to me again.

"He ought to know his place too well to be impudent to one in your position."

"You are an impudent fellow," said Godfrey, provoked.

"I never am impudent to gentlemen," said Andy, pointedly.

"He is one of the most impudent boys I know.

I must say that he's a very impudent man.

"Where did you get the money to pay for your ticket?" "What would you give to know?" "You are impudent," said Godfrey, his cheek flushing.

She blew, for answer, an impudent smoke ring up into his face.

This inextinguishable happiness expressed itself in the touch of impudent mischief with which she slipped up close behind Anthony March and, in the last possible instant before her aunt's entrance into the room, bent down and kissed him; then flashed back to her decorously distant chair.

When you take the liberty of calling me mean or base, or anything of that sort, you are an impudent beggar.

You are always a beggar, you know; but when you do that, you are an impudent beggar."

" "Wickam," retorted Mrs. Pipchin colouring, "is a wicked, impudent, bold-faced hussy.

Rude as the laws were, the purposes of law had not then been perverted;it had not been made a craft;it served to deter men from committing crimes, or to punish them for the commission;never to shield notorious, acknowledged, impudent guilt, from condign punishment.

As these Gibeonites were Canaanites, and as they had greatly exasperated the Israelites by impudent imposition, and lying, we might assuredly expect that they would reduce them to the condition of chattels if there was any case in which God permitted them to do so.

As these Gibeonites were Canaanites, and as they had greatly exasperated the Israelites by impudent imposition and lying, we might assuredly expect that they would reduce them to the condition of chattels, if there was any case in which God permitted them to do so.

As these Gibeonites were Canaanites, and as they had greatly exasperated the Israelites by impudent imposition, hypocrisy, and lying, we might assuredly expect that they would reduce them to the condition of chattels and property, if there was any case in which God permitted them to do so.

As these Gibeonites were Canaanites, and as they had greatly exasperated the Israelites by impudent imposition, and lying, we might assuredly expect that they would reduce them to the condition of chattels if there was any case in which God permitted them to do so.

They were excessively lazy and impudent, and were becoming more and more so every day.

How can a system, built upon a stout and impudent denial of self-evident trutha system of treating men like cattleoperate?

The host, fearing that his guest may take it for a token that he loves his wine better than his friends, is obliged to feign an unwillingness to leave the bottle, and, as Sponge says"In good truth, 'tis impossible, nay, I say it is impudent, to contradict any gentleman at his own table; the president is always the wisest man in the party.

She saw the strange rouged faces, the impudent eyes, the showy headgear, flashing out among the obscure faces of poor women, and as she looked a filthy drunk began to rave, rose tottering, and staggered to the door and beat clanging upon it, all the while shrieking: "Buy me the dope, boys, buy me the dope!"

A light was in the room, and a servant sleeping near it, yet, notwithstanding, the impudent thieves had also ransacked a basket, and escaped with the contents!

A'thegither he was desperate impudent, and eneuch to try the patience of a saunt, no to spak o' a het-bluided Heelandman.

Of him there is a pretty fable, that once being sent to prison for debt, he won over the jailer's daughter, and she brought him stealthily wood and implements with which he made the so-called "prison fiddles," of whose curious shape Charles Reade said: "Such is the force of genius that I believe in our secret hearts we love these impudent fiddles best; they are so full of chic."

Mine is such a fierce, ill-bred, impudent sort of a brain, and it's as busy as a bat in a belfry.

To begin with, Lady Agnes could see no sensible reason why she should be compelled to abandon a very promising autumn and winter at home, to say nothing of the following season, for the sake of protecting what was rightfully her own against the impudent claims of an unheard-of American.

Young girls, especially the impudent, self-satisfied kind that one met in America, had always filled Markham with a vague alarm.

Next morning he came into my room with a laugh that I did not like; he seated himself stiffly, looked at me from beneath his knitted brows, and said in an aggressive tone: 'I have got to know all about that impudent old fellow.'

A common, vulgar young womanwell mated, doubtless, with an impudent clerk, whose noisy talk was of beer and tobacco!

Stung to the defence of her friend, who, clerk though he might be, was neither impudent nor vulgar, she found herself driven back upon self-respect.

'The fact is,' he proceeded at length, 'a week ago I received a most extraordinary letterthe most impudent letter I ever read in my life.

It is not deference to merit, but impudent pretence, practising on the credulity of ignorance!

Nor shall he find refuge in the impudent falsehood, that the things which I quote as his, are not his own.

"As for knave," says he, "and sycophant and rascal, and impudent, and devil, and old serpent, and a thousand such good morrows, I take them to be only names of parties; and could return murderer, and cheat, and whig-napper, and sodomite; and, in short, the goodly number of the seven deadly sins, with all their kindred and relations, which are names of parties too; but saints will be saints in spite of villainy."

The impudent hussy was livid with rage, you see, perhaps because she could not trap her Rafael again; for he, weary of such uncleanliness, had abandoned her forever.

Sable, thou'rt a very impudent fellow.

Impudent flirt, to be found out!

Alors Nasica lui dit: "Vous รชtes bien impudent: le jour que je vins vous demander, j'ai cru votre servante, qui me dit que vous n'รฉtiez pas chez vous; et vous ne me croyez pas moi-mรชme!"

What he meant was that she never looked quite so impudent as in her hood, and his vanity insisted that she should be armed to the teeth before they resumed hostilities.

A smile of satisfaction crossed her impudent face.

I happened to be with Kemp, their surgeon, when sick call sounded, and I never saw such a line of impudent, ruffianly malingerers as filed before Kemp.

Then, too, the whole book is written in the freshest and most crisp style, with a rare zest, that gives the effect of the conversation of an irrepressibly impudent and delightful person.

As Yasoda, Krishna's foster-mother, goes inside the house, Krishna and the cowherd children stage an impudent raid.

He was handsome, volatile, inconsiderate, impudent, brave, and of a generous, open nature, combined with kindliness; she was thoughtful, judicious, persistent, and probably a little cold and hard, such, in fact, as she must needs have become in the school of her father, Louis XI.

"Well, then, how is it that the picture is not burnt too, if the Holy Ghost held it in His burning beak?" asked an impudent shoemaker's boy.

Many Reflections of this Sort might be very justly made upon this Kind of Behaviour, but a Starer is not usually a Person to be convinced by the Reason of the thing; and a Fellow that is capable of showing an impudent Front before a whole Congregation, and can bear being a publick Spectacle, is not so easily rebuked as to amend by Admonitions.

I take an impudent Fellow to be a sort of Out-law in Good-Breeding, and therefore what is said of him no Nation or Person can be concerned for: For this Reason one may be free upon him.

Impudence in an Englishman is sullen and insolent, in a Scotchman it is untractable and rapacious, in an Irishman absurd and fawning: As the Course of the World now runs, the impudent Englishman behaves like a surly Landlord, the Scot, like an ill-received Guest, and the Irishman, like a Stranger who knows he is not welcome.

But those who are downright impudent, and go on without Reflection that they are such, are more to be tolerated, than a Set of Fellows among us who profess Impudence with an Air of Humour, and think to carry off the most inexcusable of all Faults in the World, with no other Apology than saying in a gay Tone, I put an impudent Face upon the Matter.

But those who are downright impudent, and go on without Reflection that they are such, are more to be tolerated, than a Set of Fellows among us who profess Impudence with an Air of Humour, and think to carry off the most inexcusable of all Faults in the World, with no other Apology than saying in a gay Tone, I put an impudent Face upon the Matter.

No, no Man shall be allowed the Advantages of Impudence, who is conscious that he is such: If he knows he is impudent, he may as well be otherwise; and it shall be expected that he blush, when he sees he makes another do it: For nothing can attone for the want of Modesty, without which Beauty is ungraceful, and Wit detestable.

You see me, Madam, young, sound, and impudent; take me your self, Widow, or give me to her, I will be wholly at your Disposal.

Tis for want of this that Men mistake in this Case, and in common Life, a wild extravagant Pencil for one that is truly bold and great, an impudent Fellow for a Man of true Courage and Bravery, hasty and unreasonable Actions for Enterprizes of Spirit and Resolution, gaudy Colouring for that which is truly beautiful, a false and insinuating Discourse for simple Truth elegantly recommended.

This impudent young Cur, tho' he could not sit in a Coach-box without holding, yet would he venture his Neck to bid defiance to your Spectatorial Authority, or to any thing that you countenanced.

Possibly, too, thoughts of James, in his blue frock and cowhide boots, occasionally intruded themselves upon her mind; but if so, they did not greatly disturb her equanimity, for, let what might happen, Melinda felt herself equal to the emergencywhether it were to put down Frank Van Buren and the whole race of impudent puppies like him, or polish rough James Markham if need be.

" "What do you mean, you impudent young shaver!" shouted the bully, turning white, nevertheless.

I'm a few years older than you are, and you've no business to be impudent.

But not even Bog's sharp eyes could detect any impudent familiarity in the young man's conduct, or any desire on the part of Pet to get rid of him.

The clergy, who are so impudent to teach the people the doctrines of faith, are all either cunning knaves or mad fools; for none but artificial, designing men, and crack-brained enthusiasts, presume to be guides to others in matters of speculation, which all the doctrines of Christianity are; and whoever has a mind to learn the Christian religion, naturally chooses such knaves and fools to teach them.

At the same time, she was too frankly forward and consistently impudent for Macgregor's taste; and he noticed that her hands were not pretty like Christina's.

The drums and fifes were playing "Unadilla" as the regiment marched past; and my riflemen, lounging along the roadside, exchanged pleasantries with the hardy Palatines, or greeted acquaintances in their impudent, bantering manner: "Hello!

Colonel Cox, a swaggering, intrusive, loud-voiced, and smartly uniformed officer, made a sign for silence and began haranguing the old man, evidently as spokesman for the party of impudent malcontents grouped about him.

" "You impudent young dog!" exclaimed Valentine, delighted with this sally, and not at all sorry that Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer were out of hearingthey having risen and strolled down to a lower portion of the orchard.

It was certainly a bold, almost impudent design; for the girl of the convent had few attractions to appeal to a monarch so surrounded by beauty as the King of France.

Two jolly and impudent braves were these visitors.

I do meet with a great many impudent people in the course of my callingI am not very deficient in assurance myselfbut this actually took away my breath.

The very birds which rise from the clover or wheat, and nest in the trees or hedgerows of furze or quickset, are for the most part Englishthe skylark, the blackbird, finches, green and gold, thrushes, starlings, and that eternal impudent vagabond the house-sparrow.

"Nay, if Monsieur will but do me the honor to believe that I was simply sketching from nature, as the train...." "An impudent subterfuge, sir!"

"An impudent subterfuge, and nothing less!"

Then I licked him when he came home, after which his father licked him; and I had to give him another for being impudent to me for telling his father.

though the eye-teeth must be wanting, or he would never be so fool-hardy as to brave Queen Anne's Coquette in this impudent fashion!

"Here, Ratichon," he said, "there has been an impudent theft of a valuable bracelet out of Mademoiselle Mars' dressing-room at the Theatre Royal last night.

"Kindly finish serving dinner at once, and don't be impudent," my father got out at last.

She wished to be revenged on that impudent postman.

The impudent baggage!

A little old womanโ€”"an impudent, bad old Woman"โ€”enters the house during the bears' absence.

โ€œI thought it was a little impudent to receive support in such a situation, so I told them (sponsors) to hold (sponsorship) for the time being.โ€

This word is also used for an impudent and abusive person.

imprudent 420 occurrences

Most imprudent, this is!

But 'tis the task of the prudent to heal the breaches made by the rashness and folly of the imprudent.

Louisa finds herself very much embarrassed by Melanthe's imprudent Behaviour.

However, she thought it would be imprudent to break too abruptly with her, and contented herself for the present with encasing her promise that neither mr. Bn, nor any other person should for the future give her the least interruption of the like sort.

Louisa finds herself very much embarrassed by Melanthe's imprudent behaviour.

From everything I can see of the country to the south-west, it appears, upon the most mature deliberation, highly imprudent to persevere longer in that direction, as the consequences to the horses of want of grass and water might be most serious; and we are well assured that within forty miles on that point the country is the same as before passed over...

The indulgence with which he treated his nephew was, no doubt, imprudent.

Oh, I have been very imprudent!'

At other times, an enthusiast in search of a social Eldorado, he would put himself at the service of the most forlorn cause; never was anyone so imprudent.

As it would have been most imprudent to follow the railway cutting, or to have gone back by the Avenue de la Grande Armรฉe, where the Versailles shells were still falling, I walked up the Rue du Dรฉbarcadรจre, and then turned into the Rue Saint-Ferdinand, and soon found myself in the Place des Ternes, in front of the church.

They were also killing women and children, ordinary passers-by; not only those who were attracted by an imprudent curiosity to go where they had no business, but unfortunates who were necessarily obliged to venture into the neighbouring streets, for the purpose of buying bread.

What the Prussians did, and what gave rise to such a clamour of indignation on the part of the Government of the 4th September, it will be both infamous and imprudent for you to attempt.

I do not say but what your cause is the best; for although we may have to reproach you with an imprudent resistance, unnecessary attacks, and a wilful obstinacy not to see what was legitimate and honourable in the wishes of the Parisians, still we must consider that you represent, legally, the whole of France.

They looked at Nicodemus furiously, and could not reply, but continued to question the witnesses in a still more precipitate and imprudent manner.

Perhaps he is a secret enemy both of our gods and of the emperor; it might be most imprudent in me to spare his life.

The low-necked dress had been as unseasonable as the substitution of the hooped skirt for the quilted petticoat was imprudent.

Before Amena's recovery the Count hastens away to welcome his brother, and when the imprudent girl has been safely lodged in a convent, D'Elmont, moved more by ambition than by love, weds the languishing Alovisa.

Mrs. Haywood indeed drew upon her old stock of love scenes tender or importunate, duels, marital disputes, and elopements to lend interest to her story, but except for the mock-marriage with a scoundrelly valet from which the imprudent Betsy is rescued in the nick of time by her former lover, no passage in the four volumes recommends itself particularly either to sense or to sensibility.

The former declared, "that if any disaster should befall the legions thus exposed and betrayed into an ill-advised and imprudent battle, he should be exempt from any blame, though the sharer of all the consequences.

At Damascus, I was told by everybody that it was too late in the season to visit either Baghdad or Mosul, and that, on account of the terrible summer heats and the fevers which prevail along the Tigris, it would be imprudent to undertake it.

She went with him, knowing this was imprudent but unable to resist, and he threw an oat-stook against the bank and covered it with his coat.

At four o'clock in the afternoon I started on my return to Rome; it was imprudent not to have started sooner, as it is always dangerous to be outside the walls of Rome after dark, in consequence of the brigands who infest the environs and sometimes come close to the walls of the city.

She rightly considered herself the guardian of the honour of the former, and of the virtue of the latter; therefore, as long as she lived, her court was renowned for purity and politeness, noble and refined gallantry, and was never allowed to degenerate into imprudent amusements or licentious and culpable intrigues.

This person, cowed by fear, irresolute and imprudent, could he alone be of any use to us?

This imprudent act was the ruin of the Prince and put the final touch to our misfortunes, whilst it has made the English masters of Bengal, and has filled their coffers with wealth.

So spoke the Curรฉ, when Marianne had taken away her young mistress, and his conscience exaggerated the gravity and the consequences of his imprudent rapture.

Leave me, said the imprudent girl, I entreat you, leave me.

And, taking one of her hands in his, he remained near her bed and said to her gently: It is a fact, I say again, my child, that I know young people sometimes, without thinking or intending any evil, commit imprudent acts, which are nothing at first, but which often have dangerous consequences.

And to crown the evil, imprudent and maladroit priests are indulging their vices and creating scandal.

"Hold your tongue," said his wife; "so many imprudent people have already lost their lives, it were a shame and sin to such beautiful eyes that they should not see the light again."

How imprudent of you to have mixed yourselves up in this rebellion!

Just consider, while it is yet time to mend matters, how imprudent you are.

Mixed with such notions was apparently a desire to keep the imprudent and 'advanced' men from going 'too far.'

Here was a woman, still young, though some years older than oneself; attractive, intellectual, amusing, the soul of sympathy, at once a spiritual influence and the best companion in the world; and for a time, at least, she had taken a perhaps imprudent interest in a lad whom she so greatly interested herself, on so many and various accounts.

In spite of myself, this imprudent phrase had escaped me in such a way that the secret of the imperial treasure was instantly known to all, to the railway men as well as to the passengers.

The consequence of this imprudent measure, said our informant, is that the planters have no control over the children born on their estates; and in many instances their parents have sent them away lest their residence on the property should, by some chance, give the planter a claim upon their services.

She was imprudent, precisely because her own heart was incapable of guile.

Thus, by their imprudent violence, they have effectually closed the educational pathway to emancipation.

While freely confessing and deeply regretting the disgraceful jobbery and bribery which an inquiry into our own elections too often reveals, we ought to be thankful for the light of experience which a contemplation of the elective system of the United States affords, warning us as it does that an imprudent lowering of the franchise and a recourse to the secret ballot do but aggravate the evils they were intended to cure.

Not a word was spoken; and it seemed possible that, during these trying minutes, a hint would have broken up the imprudent and dangerous compact.

The errour into which I was betrayed, when custom first gave me up to my own direction, is very frequently incident to the quick, the sprightly, the fearless, and the gay; to all whose ardour hurries them into precipitate execution of their designs, and imprudent declaration of their opinions; who seldom count the cost of pleasure, or examine the distant consequences of any practice that flatters them with immediate gratification.

For out of her recollections leaped two sentences of histhe first careless, imprudent, unforgivable; the second pregnant with meaning.

"He surely will never be so imprudent as to rivet his chain by such a link!"

Blindly imprudent, the Viceroy violently opposed the project, and with such troops as remained in the Colonies the first Juntas were dispersed or massacred.

"There is such a thing as a prudent and imprudent institution of life, with regard to our health and our affairs"Butler's Analogy, p. 210.

"There are such things as a prudent and an imprudent institution of life, with regard to our health and our affairs.

What Mary loved so passionately, that which came between her and God in every prayer, was not the gay, young, dashing sailor,sudden in anger, imprudent of speech, and, though generous in heart, yet worldly in plans and schemings,but her own ideal of a grand and noble man,such a man as she thought he might become.

Though Calvert had journeyed with all possible speed, he was come a day too late, and he heard with inexpressible alarm and chagrin of the imprudent manifesto issued by the Duke but the day before.

This cursed, imprudent, vainglorious mandate of Brunswick's has set the whole country by the ears, for all Paris and the army believes, aye, knows, that the King had cognizance of it before it was issued.

But these measures were followed by imprudent acts for regulating domestic politics.

King Alexander, distracted, solitary, and helpless in the midst of this unending welter of political intrigue, committed an extremely imprudent act in the summer of 1900.

"Worse, poor dear gentleman; no, sir, I should hope not, though he well may be, for there never was any one so imprudent, not of all the invalids I've ever had to do withand Hampton is a rare place for invalids.

As soon as it descried the land, it tacked and stood out in the open sea; because it was on the shallows, and it would have been imprudent to pass the night in one metre, or one metre 30 centimetres of water; it had already grounded two or three times.

It is both foolish and imprudent to attempt to resist the law.

Concerning girls in general, and widows, we are told that they can do whatever they please, and that they only ask their lovers not to be imprudent, as they do not wish to lose their liberty and assume maternal duties too soon if they can help it.

The eighth legion, drawn on one day to make an imprudent assault, was repulsed, and lost forty-six of its bravest centurions.

He was a prince of courts, and tournaments, and trips, and galas, whether regal or plebeian; he was volatile, imprudent, haughty, and yet frivolous, brave without ability, and despotic without anything to show for it.

Not only did Berquin turn a deaf ear to the wise counsels of Erasmus, but his protectress, Marguerite, being moved by his courage, and herself also as imprudent as she was generous, persuaded herself that he was in the right, and supported him in his undertaking.

The most severe requisitions had been ordered to be made on all the houses of Pondicherry, and the irritation was extreme; the heroic despair of M. de Lally was continually wringing from him imprudent expressions.

But, whatever may be the imprudent utterances of the one or the impolitic methods of the other, the animating motives of both are evermore as white as the light.

The leading journals vied with each other in praising the patience and prudence, the executive ability, the loyalty, and the patriotism of the women of the League, and yet these were the same women who, when demanding civil and political rights, privileges, and immunities for themselves, had been uniformly denounced as "unwise," "imprudent," "fanatical," and "impracticable."

I am no poet in a sense, But just a hot-head youth with ways imprudent, A rustic ranting rhymer like by chance Who thinks that he can make the muses dance By beating on some poet's borrowed lyre, To win some fool's applause and please his own desire.

Our first plan of passing the winter there will be imprudent, if not impracticable, and we have concluded to take a house for the winter six months at Amiens, Chantilly, or some place which has the reputation of being quiet.

more imprudent irregularity of an English spendthrift: the one is, however, likely to be more durable than the other; and, in fact, the character of an old libertine is more frequent in France than in England.

Some time after the death of Dryden, when Pope's reputation began to grow, his friends who were sanguine in his interest, were imprudent enough to make comparisons, and really assert, that Pope was the greatest poet of the two: Dennis, who had made court to Dryden, and was respected by him, heard this with indignation, and immediately exerted all the criticism and force of which he was master, to reduce the character of Pope.

But,' said one, 'it is exceedingly imprudent in you to speak as you do.'

To say "strong" to Hercules was, perhaps, imprudent.

The bitterness engendered would all be visited upon the patients, and it was so deplorable to think I had been so imprudent.

A scholar and a gentleman, early misfortunes and an imprudent marriage had driven him to the mastership of the little country grammar-school; and here the perpetual annoyance caused to his refined mind by the coarseness of clumsy or spiteful boys, had gradually unhinged his intellect.

Had not the distance and our scant supply of food, rendered such a step imprudent, I should have been very glad to have towed him to the ship.

She reproached herself for her imprudent behavior, and knew not what to do.

"I am convinced," she wrote, "that your intentions are honorable, and that you do not wish to offend me by any imprudent behavior, but our acquaintance must not begin in such a manner.

The grandfather and grandmother were sorry for Gabriel Chartrant, and tearful over Celeste; still, when you are forming an alliance for your child, it is very imprudent to disregard great wealth and by preference give her to poverty.

I considered it imprudent to contend any longer, and submitted to his unlawful demand.

Tasso appears to have paid her imprudent attention in the early days of his residence at Ferrara, and thus incurred the secretary's wrath.

"No; but when a lawyer is consulted he has to think of the prudent or imprudent disposition of property."

A kind offer, which she was imprudent enough, to make, to teach them all she knew, had set them against her from the first.

Mrs. Ridgeley understood that Miss Markham was accustomed to healthy out-door exercise, and yet young girls were sometimes, she presumed, nearly as imprudent as boys, etc.; she trusted Miss Markham would soon be restored.

Saturday last, by an imprudent act, I brought on an ague and fever on Sunday, which returned with violence Tuesday and Thursday; and, if Dr. Craik's efforts are ineffectual I shall have them again this day."

In a fit of temper Lee wrote Washington two imprudent letters, expressed "in terms [so] highly improper" that he was ordered under arrest and tried by a court-martial, which promptly found him guilty of disobedience and disrespect, as well as of making a "disorderly and unnecessary retreat."

Among these was Panfilo de Narvaez, a gentleman of a graceful person, well behaved, but rather imprudent.

In any case it is imprudent to give one's impressions of America.

I started up and exclaimed, "Mr. Langenau, how imprudent!

The imprudent young man deceived both himself and her who trusted in his pleasing plausibilities.

"Is it not rather imprudent to bring down the value of your property before you have got rid of it?"

Imprudent that you were, you have destroyed me!"

"I say not a word as to the cause of your disgrace; but I may tell you, that his Majesty is greatly offended with you, and that it would be highly imprudent to approach him in his present frame of mind, even were it permitted you to do sowhich it is not.

"Imprudent that he is!

'Yesthat was an imprudent match of yours, my young man!

He struck in presently with the dry remark that artists were not the only persons who made imprudent marriages.

Where circumstances render such a course imprudent, we would only observe that a home-provided supper, however simple, should be good of its kind, and abundant in quantity.

Trust to a father's infinite love, even if you have been imprudent or betrayed; but that's a thing I shall never believe except from your lips.

"He is not your husband," said the lawyer, quietly; "and this man is your husband, and things have come to my knowledge lately which it would be imprudent at present to disclose either to him or you; but we are old friends.

Henri est imprudent!...

Thus, of two sisters, when one had died, it was supposed that she had injured herself by an imprudent indulgence in strawberries and cream, of which she had partaken in the country.

These two maiden grand-aunts had invited their niece to pay them a visitan aunt of mine, who had made what they considered a very imprudent marriage, and where considerable pecuniary privations were too likely to accompany the step she had taken.

Barrymore's first appearance was in 1895, in The Imprudent Young Couple.

If we re-elect imprudent vaccine nationalism, the U.S. will continue to lag behind.

Everyone knows that it's imprudent to indignify a somebody.

Itโ€™s highly imprudent, Burke warned, for humans to radically intervene in the functioning of natural systems whose boundless complexity and infinite interdependence exceed our understanding.