Do we say impudent or imprudent

impudent 584 occurrences

" "Cork up, old man," said the impudent raskle, "or ile spit on ye and drown you.

You silly impudent Sot youwho dares accuse me?

She's an impudent confounded Lyarand because she wou'd have your worshipful Customscandaliz'd

Assignment for further discrimination: <scornful, imperious, contumelious, impudent, impertinent>.

Impolite, discourteous, inurbane, uncivil, rude, disrespectful, pert, saucy, impertinent, impudent, insolent.

I have confirmed him in this conjecture, esteeming it for the interest of science that his anger should fall upon an impudent impostor like thee rather than on a discreet and learned physician like myself.

The Prayer of Nature, indeed, though previously written, was not included in the edition before the notice of the critic; but the sound of Loch-na-Gair and some of the stanzas on Newstead ought to have saved him from the mistake of his impudent advice.

The black martyr was an impudent, lazy, saucy little personage, who would be none the worse for a whipping, as the Colonel, who was then living, no doubt thought; for he acquiesced in the child's punishment when Madame Esmond insisted upon it, and only laughed in his good-natured way when his indignant grandson called out: "You let mamma rule you in everything, grandpapa.

"He's a queer old man," said Beth, flushing; "but he's impudent and half a fool.

At last he grew so impudent as by his influence to get tenants turned out of their farms.

He there throws some ridicule upon Don Antonio Balladino (as he calls Munday), and Mr Gifford was of opinion that Middleton meant to censure him in his "Triumphs of Truth," as the impudent "common writer" of city pageants; but this is hardly consistent with the mention Middleton introduces of Munday at the close of that performance.

On introduction, the latter proved to be a smart young man of middle height, who, with a plain face and ungraceful form, seemed fearful of being too handsome unless he wore the dress of a groom, and too much like a gentleman unless he were easy where he ought to be civil, and impudent where he might be allowed to be easy.

There being nothing more impudent than the immodesty of words.

Nay, so injudicious and impudent together will they sometimes be, that the Almighty Himself is often in danger of being dishonoured by these indiscreet and horrid Metaphor-mongers.

"What's a whacking more or less when you're used to 'em?" His dark eyes laughed their impudent dismissal to the old man.

"I don't know why I put up with you; on my soul, I don't, you impudent young dog!" Piers laughed.

The bronzes tinkled laughter fine; I heard a chuckle argentine Ring from the silver images; Even the ivory netsukes Uttered in every silent pause Dry, bony laughs from tiny jaws; The painted monkeys on the wall Waked up with chatter impudent; Pottery, porcelain, bronze, and all Broke out in ghostly merriment, Faint as rain pattering on dry leaves, Or cricket's chirp on summer eves.

" "You impudent boy!"

At first reading it, she seemed like one transfixed with a sudden clap of thunder:she had indeed been jealous, suspicious, fearful of her fate; but so glaring, so impudent a treachery had never entered her head, that any man could be guilty of, much less one whom her too fond passion had figured to her imagination, as possessed of all the virtues of his sex.

Nearly all of this account is impudent slander, but Mr. Pope's imputations may have had enough truth in them to sting.

Forty-nine years ago she had fondly loved his fatherloved him and had been fain to renounce him; for Ronald Hollister, afterwards Earl of Hartfield, was then a younger son, and the two families had agreed that marriage between paupers was an impudent flying in the face of Providence, which must be put down with an iron hand.

Is thy hart sear'd, thy browe made impudent, And all thy malefactions crownd[110] with lyes Against just testates and apparent truthes?

The whole is nothing but an impudent plagiarism, and it is crowned and topped by a scrap purporting to be from Shakespeare, but merely the invention of the compiler.

"You impudent rogue!"

My friend Hare's brother, who married a sister of the impudent coxcomb, Edward Stanley, has bought a house at Torquay, and Hare tells me that unless he goes to Sicily be shall be there in winter.

imprudent 412 occurrences

He had become in some degree attached to Jane; and as her imprudent parents, satisfied with his possessing the exterior and requisite recommendations of a gentleman admitted his visits freely, he determined to make her his wife.

Moderate, therefore, your imprudent vivacity; manifest less passion and you will excite more in her heart.

Goderich spoke pathetically against the Terceira affairLord Wharncliffe well with usLansdowne wide and loosethe Duke very excellentAberdeen worse than usual, and very imprudent, abusing Miguel and making awkward admissions.

That single imprudent act of an inexperienced and criminally thoughtless officer had thrown away all that had been with so much difficulty attained by the long and galling warfare around the fortress; and those war- vessels of the Romans which his presumption had not forfeited were shortly afterwards destroyed by the folly of his colleague.

Nevertheless it was felt in the capital that it would be imprudent to put the fidelity of their allies to such a test, without a Roman army to keep the field.

It had formed no part of Hannibal's original plan to excite a war on the island; but partly through accident, chiefly through the boyish vanity of the imprudent Hieronymus, a land war had broken out there, whichdoubtless because Hannibal had not planned itthe Carthaginian council look up with especial zeal.

Most imprudent, this is!

That, as even their most uncompromising advocate, Mr. Pitt, admitted, had been imprudent and intemperate, though it was the imprudence of men who "had been driven to madness by injustice."

Nor will he make an imprudent use of his resources, but he will weigh everything, and make a selection.

What Mary loved so passionately, that which came between her and God in every prayer, was not the gay, young, dashing sailor,sudden in anger, imprudent of speech, and, though generous in heart, yet worldly in plans and schemings,but her own ideal of a grand and noble man,such a man as she thought he might become.

King Alexander, distracted, solitary, and helpless in the midst of this unending welter of political intrigue, committed an extremely imprudent act in the summer of 1900.

When he acknowledged that he was a fugitive, intending to take refuge in Canada, it was deemed imprudent for him to remain under the roof of a person so widely known as an abolitionist; but a very benevolent and intelligent Quaker lady, near eighty years old, named Margaret Shoemaker, gladly gave him shelter.

But because I would do nothing that is imprudent, I beg of you to give me your Answers to some Questions I will write down, and desire you to get them printed in the SPECTATOR, and I do not doubt but you will give such Advice, as, I am sure, I shall follow. 'When Mr. Fondle looks upon me for half an Hour together, and calls me Angel, is he not in Love?

Tasso appears to have paid her imprudent attention in the early days of his residence at Ferrara, and thus incurred the secretary's wrath.

"The prince was half-disposed to break the rascal's bones himself; but, besides that this would have compromised his dignity, he saw, from the countenances of those who stood loitering round the carriage, that it would be a very imprudent step.

Saturday last, by an imprudent act, I brought on an ague and fever on Sunday, which returned with violence Tuesday and Thursday; and, if Dr. Craik's efforts are ineffectual I shall have them again this day."

John having also been told this, had not doubted that there must have been a family quarrel at some time or other; but in his own mind he never placed it very far back, but always fancied it must be connected with his uncle's first marriage, which was a highly imprudent and very miserable one.

" "I suppose he thought I had been very imprudent?" Brandon recalled the scene.

"I suppose he thought I had been very imprudent?" "Perhaps he did.

The penalty he paid for consenting to so imprudent a marriage was indeed a heavy and bitter one.

" "Imprudent woman!

This is very imprudent, and may defeat my plans.

"I say not a word as to the cause of your disgrace; but I may tell you, that his Majesty is greatly offended with you, and that it would be highly imprudent to approach him in his present frame of mind, even were it permitted you to do sowhich it is not.

"Imprudent that he is!

Henri est imprudent!...

Do we say   impudent   or  imprudent