482 examples of in astonishment in sentences

Within five minutes he had made the "sticky fly paper" problem so plain to them all that they glanced from one to another in astonishment.

" "The devil you were!" exclaimed Inspector Chippenfield, in astonishment.

The vizir looked out too, and was lost in astonishment.

" The unhappy man raised his eyes in astonishment, and glanced at the sun as if he had not previously noticed it.

And Mathieu, in astonishment, divining the new emotion that possessed her, though she did not express it, made haste to rejoin: "To let him go his way would be the shortest way to kill him, now that you have begun to give him the breast.

" "Mr. Denbigh!" exclaimed Sir Edward, in astonishment, when he saw the companion of his sister and child enter the drawing-room, "you are welcome once more to your old friends: your sudden retreat from us gave us much pain; but we suppose Lady Laura had too many attractions to allow us to keep you any longer in Norfolk.

The three friends gazed at him for several seconds in astonishment; then they looked at each other for some solution to this mystery.

" "Elderberry telephone you?" queried Miss Wiggin in astonishment.

They smile and smile upon the Prince, who stands looking at them in astonishment.]

" He looked from one to the other of us as if in astonishment.

Harriet and I stopped and looked at him in astonishment.

" "At home!" echoed Ida, apprehensively, opening wide her eyes in astonishment.

Senator Peabody read the letter to which Haines had signed Langdon's name and jumped up from his chair in the library in astonishment.

As they did so Garry Gresham swung out of the gate, pausedand his eyes widened in astonishment at sight of Carroll.

" "Forgive youher father?" cried Leonard, in astonishment.

We have often offered them both in the deep "pill" below the garden; and though they would come with a dart and take the little frog, they merely looked at the grasshopper in astonishment, and seldom took one.

On the next day, when the physician came, he looked at him, commenced examining his symptoms, and exclaimed in astonishment: 'What have you been doing?

Frank felt dull and disappointed just at first, but when he reached the lively, bustling scene, where stood the Crystal Palace, he soon forgot his short-lived troubles in astonishment and joy.

Into his eyes, his eyes? STAUFFACHER (addresses himself in astonishment to WALTER FÜRST).

We ran down past a couple of men, who turned back staring in astonishment at my behaviourthey must have recognised my face.

" "You would then be capable of refusing a count's title?" asked Tottleben, in astonishment.

On my replying in the negative he suddenly halted in astonishment, and in a voice which I shall not easily forget, he repeated "No religion!

"What do you mean, Hans?" asked Sölling in astonishment.

Then he sank on his knees in astonishment.

Why should not a fox-hunter make as good a husband as any other member of society?" Lilla looked at her father in astonishment.

482 examples of  in astonishment  in sentences