1271 examples of in the same way in sentences

And he proposes to explain the occurrence of parasites within the animal body in the same way.

" In the same way the mothers in Esthonia put some red thread in their babies' cradles as a preservative against danger, and in China something red is tied round children's wrists as a safeguard against evil spirits.

But a smile is reflected in the same way, and cheers and brightens our hearts.

PLOVERS may be carved like Quails or Woodcock, being trussed and served in the same way as those birds.

" "In other words, my dear, you are thinking only of those whom you fancy to have the advantage of you, and keep those who think of you in the same way, quite out of sight This is not my democracy and freedom.

And their work of human creation was assembled in front of them and within them, in the same way as the oak's huge dome spread out above it; and all around they were likewise encompassed by the fruitfulness of their other work, the fertility and growth of nature which had increased even as they themselves multiplied.

There were several barrels of flour, a few potatoes, a large quantity of onions, a few barrels of corn-meal, or 'injin,' as it is usually termed in American parlance, an entire barrel of pickled cucumbers, another about half full of cabbage preserved in the same way, and an entire barrel of molasses.

In the same way the several groups commit to their common government only so much as they cannot perform with due justice and equity to the others in the same group.

Catholic States in the same way were forced to depart from the duty of not suffering heretics.

The above can be given as a gallery lesson, and it will at once be seen that it requires explanation: the explanation is given by the teacher in the same way as we have hinted at in former lessons, though for the sake of those teachers who may not be competent to do it, we subjoin the following: Q. Little children what have we been singing about?

In the same way the England of traditionShakespeare, Dickens, Meredith, jolly old rumbling London, rides 'cross country, rows on the riverfaded into this nightmare of hate and smoky lamplight.

"In the same way," he replied, "that I am enabled to tell by a print impressed on the sand, whether it was a man or beast that passed that way.

At the succeeding session, they had increased to ONE HUNDRED AND TEN THOUSAND.The resolution of Jan. 18, 1837, laid all their petitions in the same way on the table.

The voyages of John and Sebastian Cabot in 1497 and 1498 were not followed up in the same way that Spain followed up those of Columbus, and for nearly eighty years the flag of England was not displayed in any of our waters.

I could see that my parents were as overcome as I was at the difference in her, though not in the same way.

Experiment has, in fact, demonstrated that carbonic acid increases in the air of inhabited rooms in the same way as do those organic matters which are difficult of direct estimation.

" He had spoken in a thoughtful tone, as if he took Mrs. Brainard's question seriously and meant to answer it in the same way.

If this mystical view of Fire be clear, it will be easy enough to follow what Law says about Light and Darkness, or Air, Water, and Earth, interpreting them all in the same way as "eternal Things become gross, finite, measurable, divisible, and transitory.

He shook his head, while he ran over my list, and then told me, that having preferred his safety to his property, he had disposed of his prints in the same way I had disposed of mine.

All the women in a house co-operatedto keep it; and all the neighborhood co-operatedby living exactly in the same way.

Oranges may be kept in the same way.

In the same way the literature that my soul demandsa sad voluptuousnessis the dying poetry of the last moments of Rome, but before it has breathed at all the rejuvenating approach of the barbarians, or has begun to stammer the infantile Latin of the first Christian poetry.

Undismayed by the sharp thorns, Hagen quickly crept out of the griffin's reach and took refuge in a cave, where he found three little girls who had escaped from the griffins in the same way.

In the same way, the astral senses of smelling, tasting, and feeling operate.

The kidney may be treated in the same way.

1271 examples of  in the same way  in sentences
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