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1271 examples of  in the same way  in sentences

1271 examples of in the same way in sentences

In France, too, and in Poland, they are carried from pasture to pasture among orchards and fields in the same way, and along the rivers in barges to collect the honey of the delightful vegetation of the banks.

Then the space could be used in the same way as in the Camp School.

If one series of species has come into existence by the operation of natural causes, it seems folly to deny that all may have arisen in the same way.

Pen meant a feather, then a quill to write with, then an instrument for writing used in the same way as a quill.

Wherever civilians have fallen into these conditions and habits, they have suffered in the same way; and wherever the army has been redeemed from these, sickness and mortality have diminished, and the health and efficiency of the men have improved.

If you shriek,if you are beside yourself,if you say it is a hoax, false, mere gossip, stuff, and nonsense,if, finally, you say hard things about us, we do not complain; we took the news in the same way.

A Flemish legend, too, accounts in the same way for the crimson-spotted leaves of the rood-selken.

There are some varieties of peas which have no lining in their pods, which are eaten cooked in the same way as kidney-beans.

Baked mackerel may be dressed in the same way as baked herrings (see No. 268), and may also be stewed in wine.

What happens, then, is that every candidate with more than a quota, beginning with the top candidate, sheds a traction of each vote he has received, down the list, and the next one sheds his surplus fraction in the same way, and so on until candidates lower in the list, who are at first below the quota, fill up to it.

And, secondly, they all shed their teeth in the same way (that will take time also, so, perhaps, you may better defer it until your wedding trip, when you have nothing else to do); and, thirdly, they all have the upright position, they walk and look upward; and, fourthly, their head is set in every variety in the same way; fifthly, they all have two hands; sixthly, they all have smooth bodies with hair on the head

And some force, some impulse had carried him again to the very same spot, and made him lean over the same parapet, gazing, in the same way as previously, at the flowing river.

Ff 5, he is mentioned in the same way, without any reference to his literary repute or performances.

Idle gallantry in a fiction, a dream, the passing pageant of an evening, startles us in the same way as the alarming indications of profligacy in a son or ward in real life should startle a parent or guardian.

They wear the same attire as the mountaineers, and are not distinguishable from them, they do not address the Moors by the term of respect and title "Sidi," but in the same way as the Moors and Arabs when they accost each other.

In the same way alcohol hardens and toughens animal food in the stomach, condensing its fibers, and rendering it indigestible, thus preventing the healthful nutrition of the body.

Several natives were found here, employed capturing partridges by means of nets constructed out of the leaf of the triodia neatly twisted and netted in the same way as done by ourselves, the mesh varying from one to five inches, according to the purpose to which it is applied.

For though I have been, if I may say it without vanity, an eminent author of Almanacs annually, now a full quarter of a century, my brother authors in the same way, for what reason I know not, have ever been very sparing in their applauses; and no other author has taken the least notice of me: so that did not my writings produce me some solid Pudding, the great deficiency of Praise would have quite discouraged me.

If you bought a moor and a river in Scotland, you might call yourself the M'Torp of Glen Torp, in the same way.'

The aristocratic demagogues bought them, in the same way that rich monopolists in our day control legislatures.

[406] Heir and heiress were formerly confounded in the same way as prince was applied to both male and female.

I don't know if you suffer in the same way, but with me the act of talking anything in the nature of real mashed potatoes always induces a sort of prickly sensation and a hideous feeling of shame, together with a marked starting of the pores.

Under Augustus, the inhabitants of the coast had in the same way joined themselves with Drusus, to oppose these their old enemies.

The proceedings always began in the same way, by the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.

In the same way it might seem that every enlargement of the scale of business would make for an automatic insurance and a consequent economy of risk; and thus that if all businesses were comprised in a single financial unit, gains and losses would cancel out over so wide a range that the degree of risk remaining would be almost negligible.

In the same way, a man might have seen a horse, (if only a clothes-horse,) a dog, a cat, and a tadpole, and yet never have seen the elephant,a most blame-worthy neglect of opportunities.

Now, just as no sensible man will say that Governments do not often oppress the people under their care, so no sensible man will contend that Foreign Offices do not sometimes sin in the same way.

We have seen that much reading and learning is prejudicial to thinking for oneself; and, in the same way, through much writing and teaching, a man loses the habit of being quite clear, and therefore thorough, in regard to the things he knows and understands; simply because he has left himself no time to acquire clearness or thoroughness.

The love of life is at bottom only the fear of death; and, in the same way, the social impulse does not rest directly upon the love of society, but upon the fear of solitude; it is not alone the charm of being in others' company that people seek, it is the dreary oppression of being alonethe monotony of their own consciousnessthat they would avoid.

But if the girl has advantages of rank, the case is very different; because rank, unlike personal qualities which work by the force of mere contrast, produces its effect by a process of reflection; much in the same way as the particular hue of a person's complexion depends upon the prevailing tone of his immediate surroundings.

So a great intellect sinks to the level of an ordinary one, as soon as it is interrupted and disturbed, its attention distracted and drawn off from the matter in hand; for its superiority depends upon its power of concentrationof bringing all its strength to bear upon one theme, in the same way as a concave mirror collects into one point all the rays of light that strike upon it.

Just in the same way the artificial and arbitrary basis on which, as has been shown, the constitution of a State rests, can never be replaced by a purely natural basis.

The tuba, or juice, is extracted from the tree whilst in its flowering state, in the same way as that of the coco, and afterwards distilled by a similar process; but it is more spirituous, from six to six and a half jars being sufficient to yield one of wine.

In the same way, he tried his hand at fishing in a wretched little stream behind the Deanery at Winchester, using, however, a net, as easier to handle than a rod.

They exchanged some vague condolences, but when he is talking to a bourgeois a peasant always complains; it is a habit, a way of defending himself against a possible appeal to his pocketbook; they would have talked in the same way about an epidemic of fever.

He did not, to be sure, treat him in the same way, but put him aboard a boat and sent him back to Rome.]

Possibly there are many who think that everything in the shape of crow lives in the same way; but this is not so.

An excellent powder magazine was built in the same way, and, being situated in the interior of the fort, was quite safe from any accident.

We come next to the so-called Epistle of Barnabas, the quotations in which I proceed to tabulate in the same way: Barnabas.

Thirdly, the members of the local board, the communities being separate in the same way, could return a member for the electoral college.

Q.Are marine constructed in the same way as land boilers?

In the same way, the great height of the vines may be the cause of the grapes being so small and bad.

Computers are fundamentally different from modern books in the same way that printed books are different from monastic Bibles: they are malleable.

"I have not time to make money," said the naturalist, Agassiz, when his friends advised some pecuniary advantage; and, in the same way, every really fortunate man says he has no time to bother about living.

Thus we possess special presentations of German literature considered from the standpoint of its antique elements, and also from that of its Christian elements, and we could in the same way present theses which would show its development from the standpoint of the Romance or of the English influence.

" She waited my answer in the same way that she had done when she was ill and asked if I liked bitters concealed.

The coronary cushion is also affected in the same way, where the changes are noted most in its posterior portions.

Professors Hoffmann and Imminger also operate in the same way, applying an Esmarch's hรฆmostatic bandage, and using the knife and curette freely.[B] [Footnote A: Ibid., vol.

When, however, a law is thought to be unjust, it seems always to be regarded as being so in the same way in which a breach of law is unjust, namely, by infringing somebody's right; which, as it cannot in this case be a legal right, receives a different appellation, and is called a moral right.

"In the same way," he replied, "that I am enabled to tell by a print impressed on the sand, whether it was a man or beast that passed that way.

We might go through all the characters which we have mentioned, and through fifty more in the same way; for it is the constant manner of Shakespeare to represent the human mind as lying, not under the absolute dominion of one despotic propensity, but under a mixed government, in which a hundred powers balance each other.

You know that if it is brought up a slave it will never know any contrast, between freedom and bondage, its back will become fitted to the burden just as the negro child's doesnot by naturebut by daily, violent pressure, in the same way that the head of the Indian child becomes flattened by the boards in which it is bound.

Moses probably bought his wife in the same way, and paid for her by his labor, as the servant of her father.

The laws of slave states make them property, equally with goats and swine; they are levied upon for debt in the same way; they are included in the same advertisements of public sales with cattle, swine, and asses; when moved from one part of the country to another, they are herded in droves like cattle, and like them urged on by drivers; their labor is compelled in the same way.

Among other remarks on Americans, I have heard many of my countrymen say, "Look how they run after lords!"It is quite true; a live lord is a comparative novelty, and they run after him in the same way as people in England run after an Indian prince, or any pretentious Oriental: it is an Anglo-Saxon mania.

"But I shall see," he muttered to himself, "whether a certain tongue in a certain head shall speak in the same way.

In the same way the everyday pen is so cheap that it is not used with care and economy.

It was the combat so often begun in the world, yet so inevitably ending always in the same way, between misguided enthusiasm and the great public conviction of the value of order, security, and peace.

For this period the standard work is K.A. Wittfogel and Feng Chia-sheng, History of Chinese Society, Liao, Philadelphia 1949.Po-hai had been in tributary relations with the dynasties of North China before its defeat, and resumed these from 932 on; there were even relations with one of the South Chinese states; in the same way, Kao-li continuously played one state against the other (M. Rogers et al.).

Now these two go in the same way into the holes above here.

In an effort to show me why she would be especially charming to me, her personal appearance, the style of her conversation and dress, her manner of life, all were pulled to pieces, and discussed, dissected, and classified, in the same way as I would handle one of the Composite.

It is merely that a certain exaltation of feeling raises the mode of expression with it, in the same way as song differs from speech.

The habits of drudgery expressed in their form and gesture, the soft and wild but melancholy expression of their eye, reminded me of the tribe mentioned by Mackenzie, where the women destroy their female children, whenever they have a good opportunity; and of the eloquent reproaches addressed by the Paraguay woman to her mother, that she had not, in the same way, saved her from the anguish and weariness of her lot.

It will be noted that this ultimate test applies in the same way to Servia as to Belgium and Britain.

In the same way, critically correct but unimaginative scholars, who "can pardon anything but a false quantity,"who "see the hair on the rope, but not the rope," and detect minute errors, but not poetic apprehension,admitted at last the fulness and variety of his scholastic attainments.

"On the contrary, I have encouraged you to enjoy yourself, and I thought you left me free in the same way.

The propriety of this solution may well be doubted; because the similar phrases, "So much the better,""None the fitter," would certainly be perverted, if resolved in the same way: much and none are here, very clearly, adverbs.

If the reader, by supposing an ellipsis which I should not, will resolve any given instance of this kind into something else than apposition, I have already shown him that some great grammarians have differed in the same way before.

The fact of sex never for an instant enters my head, and I find it as easy to be chummy with men as with girls: men in return have always been very good, and have treated me in the same way.

" "Why, in the same way that kings used to lose it in the old daysby revolution.

In the same way, Carlyle has a grander meaning running through his books, more of sublimity, a finer eloquence, because the spiritual is to him real.

In the same way with the stucco ornaments and the wall-paper pattern.

To get over this I tried, some time ago, the use of bisulphide of carbon in the same way as used for obtaining a bright silver deposit.

Propagated by seeds in the same way as other biennials.

This vegetable is scraped and thrown into cold water for a few hours, then boiled in the same way as Carrots and Parsnips.

"I hope our boys get scared in the same way. . . .

Moreover, the husband had to stand in a respectful posture in the presence of his wife, was not allowed to eat with her, and had to salute her in the same way as the servants.

For the geometrical proposition being that the squares of the perpendicular and base are equal to the square of the hypothenuse, they may be said to produce it in the same way as Osiris and Isis are equal to, or produce, the world.

Her death struggles aroused Kora, and he got up and saw the ground covered with her blood and he saw that she had killed herself with his nail-cutter; then he took counsel with himself and also cut his throat in the same way.

In the same way, if they wished to send for any one, either to demand refreshment, or to put any question and to dismiss him after getting what they wanted, it was at their option.

There is no water-power in the State of Louisiana, but I believe some of the lakes and bayous might be turned to advantage in the same way that the tide is used on the sea-coast.

So in regard to decomposing organic matters in the soil: ozonized oxygen changes them in the same way.

In the same way as it was characteristic of Tasso's rosy view that no law should be allowed to curb the purity of natural love in his dream of the ideal age, so it was characteristic of the spirit of his imitator to seek the ideal in the prudent love that strives towards no distant star beyond the bounds of law.

All the women in a house co-operatedto keep it; and all the neighborhood co-operatedby living exactly in the same way.

In the same way all selected their best and most serviceable garments, for it was not considered prudent to carry any load, and poor clothes were good enough to leave for Indians.

Life, or what answers to it, has been going on in the same way since thousands of years before Pharaoh went on that wild lark to the Red Sea.

It was in any case necessary to supply his food by means of the offerings, and it was quite as easy to supply all his other necessities in the same way.

The only remaining settlement, the capital, was soon to be on the point of being sacrificed in the same way.

In the same way men have turned to the Bible as a sort of sacred weather bureau, a book which, if we could only interpret its mystic utterances, would tell us what things were going to happen upon the earth.

But the game he had learned to play back of the big rock could not be unlearned in the same way.

A rump steak stewed in the same way will be found exceedingly fine.

Punch jelly is made in the same way.

We then cut loose and hauled out in the same way the outside horse on the other side.

In the same way, he knew not how, he knew that no danger threatened in the footfalls that came up the cross street.

Veal may be pressed in the same way, some use half veal and half chicken, which is equally nice.

In the same way, two things of opposing taste characteristics, when blended, will produce a neutral taste having but little effect upon one.

In the same way, the clairvoyant may manifest the above mentioned forms of astral sensing in cases when the astral vision has been awakened by psychometry, or by crystal gazing, as well as in those cases in which the condition has been brought about through meditation, or similar methods.

They persist in this practice day after day, week after week, month after month, year after yearis it any wonder that they draw to themselves that which they desire? Other persons of lesser caliber take similar advantage of the law in the same way, but on a smaller scale.

We have here an example of the direct relation of cause to effect, although I am not in a position to assert that the effect is always produced in the same way.

A second and third portion of ether, each of 50 c.c., were used in the same way, and the whole evaporated to dryness in the capsule.