1271 examples of in the same way in sentences

In France, too, and in Poland, they are carried from pasture to pasture among orchards and fields in the same way, and along the rivers in barges to collect the honey of the delightful vegetation of the banks.

A Flemish legend, too, accounts in the same way for the crimson-spotted leaves of the rood-selken.

Idle gallantry in a fiction, a dream, the passing pageant of an evening, startles us in the same way as the alarming indications of profligacy in a son or ward in real life should startle a parent or guardian.

I don't know if you suffer in the same way, but with me the act of talking anything in the nature of real mashed potatoes always induces a sort of prickly sensation and a hideous feeling of shame, together with a marked starting of the pores.

In the same way, a man might have seen a horse, (if only a clothes-horse,) a dog, a cat, and a tadpole, and yet never have seen the elephant,a most blame-worthy neglect of opportunities.

The love of life is at bottom only the fear of death; and, in the same way, the social impulse does not rest directly upon the love of society, but upon the fear of solitude; it is not alone the charm of being in others' company that people seek, it is the dreary oppression of being alonethe monotony of their own consciousnessthat they would avoid.

But if the girl has advantages of rank, the case is very different; because rank, unlike personal qualities which work by the force of mere contrast, produces its effect by a process of reflection; much in the same way as the particular hue of a person's complexion depends upon the prevailing tone of his immediate surroundings.

An excellent powder magazine was built in the same way, and, being situated in the interior of the fort, was quite safe from any accident.

Q.Are marine constructed in the same way as land boilers?

" She waited my answer in the same way that she had done when she was ill and asked if I liked bitters concealed.

The coronary cushion is also affected in the same way, where the changes are noted most in its posterior portions.

When, however, a law is thought to be unjust, it seems always to be regarded as being so in the same way in which a breach of law is unjust, namely, by infringing somebody's right; which, as it cannot in this case be a legal right, receives a different appellation, and is called a moral right.

You know that if it is brought up a slave it will never know any contrast, between freedom and bondage, its back will become fitted to the burden just as the negro child's doesnot by naturebut by daily, violent pressure, in the same way that the head of the Indian child becomes flattened by the boards in which it is bound.

The laws of slave states make them property, equally with goats and swine; they are levied upon for debt in the same way; they are included in the same advertisements of public sales with cattle, swine, and asses; when moved from one part of the country to another, they are herded in droves like cattle, and like them urged on by drivers; their labor is compelled in the same way.

"But I shall see," he muttered to himself, "whether a certain tongue in a certain head shall speak in the same way.

In the same way the everyday pen is so cheap that it is not used with care and economy.

It was the combat so often begun in the world, yet so inevitably ending always in the same way, between misguided enthusiasm and the great public conviction of the value of order, security, and peace.

The habits of drudgery expressed in their form and gesture, the soft and wild but melancholy expression of their eye, reminded me of the tribe mentioned by Mackenzie, where the women destroy their female children, whenever they have a good opportunity; and of the eloquent reproaches addressed by the Paraguay woman to her mother, that she had not, in the same way, saved her from the anguish and weariness of her lot.

In the same way, critically correct but unimaginative scholars, who "can pardon anything but a false quantity,"who "see the hair on the rope, but not the rope," and detect minute errors, but not poetic apprehension,admitted at last the fulness and variety of his scholastic attainments.

To get over this I tried, some time ago, the use of bisulphide of carbon in the same way as used for obtaining a bright silver deposit.

This vegetable is scraped and thrown into cold water for a few hours, then boiled in the same way as Carrots and Parsnips.

In the same way, if they wished to send for any one, either to demand refreshment, or to put any question and to dismiss him after getting what they wanted, it was at their option.

In the same way all selected their best and most serviceable garments, for it was not considered prudent to carry any load, and poor clothes were good enough to leave for Indians.

In the same way men have turned to the Bible as a sort of sacred weather bureau, a book which, if we could only interpret its mystic utterances, would tell us what things were going to happen upon the earth.

In the same way, he knew not how, he knew that no danger threatened in the footfalls that came up the cross street.

1271 examples of  in the same way  in sentences