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79 examples of  inane  in sentences

79 examples of inane in sentences

[Footnote 8: Our author might also have alluded to the old apology for every thing inane or contemptible"It is a tale of the man in the moon."

And the world goes on as before, and there is a whispering in the moonlit garden, and young people steal off for wholly superfluous glasses of water, and the men give her duty dances, and she is oldah, so old!under the rouge and inane smiles and dainty fripperies that caricature her lost youth!

But that inane and incoherent prattle of the little spiked beast sent him off at double-quick with his tail between his legs.

"Which one is the larger?" Without in the least understanding what his friend was driving at, and stupidly wondering if he ever had noticed any difference in Joe's ears, J.W. stared with inane bewilderment.

No one could remember ever seeing Old Hucks when he was not smiling, and the expression was neither set nor inane, but so cheery and bright that you were tempted to smile with him, without knowing why.

Non-co-operation in these circumstances cannot be called an inane movement.

"For one thing," Carolyn June went on, ignoring the inane question, "you are in love" "I ain't!"

While I was on it, "pinnacled dim in the intense inane," a strong wind was blowing, and I felt sure that the spire was rocking.

inane monumentum, In ipsis Leviniae ripis, Quas primis infans vagitibus personuit, Versiculisque jam fere moriturus illustravit, Ponendam curavit.

inane monumentum In ipsis Leviniae ripis, Quas versiculis sub exitu vitae illustratas Primis infans vagitibus personuit, Ponendam curavit JACOBUS SMOLLET de Bonhill.

No wonder such an inane creature is wretched when it rains, and her soulless business is interrupted.

The condensed old comedy which has just been laid before the readers of PUNCHINELLO, is as inane and vapid as anything that WALLACK'S theatre has shown us in the past month.

"Indeed, yes, I see it quite often, The pictures are simply inane; The verses and jokesthey would soften An average Vassar girl's brain.

Young Ned Rutledge is a perfect bob-o-lincoln,a swallow, a sparrow, a peacock; excessively vain, excessively weak, and excessively variable and unsteady, jejune, inane, and puerile."

He is strong in unassorted facts, but his comments, when not inane and wearisome, approach a maudlin wail over "spilt milk," so the above is given at its face value only.

vacant, vacuous; empty &c 187; eviscerated; blank, hollow; nominal; null; inane.

vain, empty, inane; gainless^, profitless, fruitless; unserviceable, unprofitable; ill-spent; unproductive &c 169; hors de combat

I see through the void inane.

My gardener, who witnessed the incident, tells me that on reaching the road they stopped the vehicle and celebrated the success of their inane efforts by shrieking with that unrestrained mirth which jars so painfully on refined ears.

Quantum est in rebus inane?

But this again troubles many as of old, wicked men generally thrive, professed atheists thrive, "Nullos esse Deos, inane coelum, Affirmat Selius: probatque, quod se Factum, dum negat haec, videt beatum.

Ob inanes ditionum titulos, ob prereptum locum, ob interceptam mulierculam, vel quod e stultitia natum, vel e malitia, quod cupido dominandi, libido nocendi, &c. 283.

A sprinkling of thinly-veneered, half-educated natives, want a share of the loaves and fishes in political scrambling, and a few inane people of the 'man and brother' type, cry out at home to let them have their way.

His sapiens lectis, Epicurum quaerere frustra Quales sint monades, qua fit inane, sinas. Br. 31.

And then they sang it through, did Margaret and Billysang of the dimple in her chin and the ringlets in her hair, and of the cherry pies she achieved with such celeritysang as they sat in the spring-decked meadow every word of that inane old song that is so utterly senseless and so utterly unforgettable.

Now Margaret has gone into Selwoode, flame-faced and quite unconscious that she is humming under her breath the words of a certain inane old song: "Oh, she sat for me a chair; She has ringlets in her hair; She's a young thing and cannot leave her mother" Only she sang it "father."

Ye vainly rove Across our pathway with yours forms inane, For somewhere, though we die, we live again.

No wonder, then, that Scott recorded his abhorrence of the "whole Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy tribe," while to Coleridge and Thackeray "Jemmy Jessamy stuff" was a favorite synonym for the emotional inane.

She was a studious woman, loving the silent life of books better than the inane chatter of everyday humanity.

Imagine losing Gounod and Nillson for the sake of struggling through the mob on a stifling staircase, and being elbowed by inane young men, with gardenias in their coats.' Lady Lesbia had a pretty little way of always opposing any suggestion of her sweetheart.

Illa nequit superesse tibi, tu non potes illi, Ergo Caledoniรฆ nomen inane, vale.

Poe's humorous stories as a whole have tended to belittle rather than increase his fame, many of them verging on the inane.

Inane cymbalon juventutis is indeed a fitting commentary on such memory tasks.

The whole poem, with its references to old myths, is merely a rehearsal of schoolroom reminiscences, as might have been guessed from the fine Lucretian rhythms with which it begins: Namque canebat, uti magnum per inane

[O curvรฆ in terris animรฆ, et coelestium inanes.

For that great dome of silence, his brain, repository of so many state-secrets, is still a redoubtable instrument: its wit and its magician's cunning have not yet lapsed into the dull inane of senile decay.

The arrangement sketched in No 15 adds effectively to her appearance, not only making her look younger, but less inane.

To books, then, I betake myself,to books, "the immortal children" of "the understanding, courage, and abilities" of the wise and good,ay! and to inane, drivelling, doting books, the bastard progeny of vanity and ignorance,books over which one dawdles in an amusing dream and pleasant spasm of amazement, and which teach us wisdom as tipsy Helots taught the Spartan boys sobriety.

Murmuring some inane thing about its being her shoes, she ran with the package to her room.

The magnetism of this marvellous interpreter had caught up himself, and me with him, into Dreamland, from which we gently descended at the end of Part VI., and "the spell was snapt." "And now, all in my own countree, I stood on the firm land," returned from a voyage into the inane.

You may make up as many little bread-and-butter romances as you please, Marian; but I defy you to give me any sensible reason why Marmaduke should chain himself for ever to a little inane thing like Constance, when he can enjoy the society of a capable woman like that without binding himself at all.

" The chattering had ceased, although there were several attempts to break that uncomfortable silence with inane remarks.

At one o'clock a savoury smell passed the door on its way upstairs, and at five o'clock a middle-aged woman with an inane smile looked into the room on her way aloft with a loaded tea-tray.

Please avoid that inane creature; and please don't cut his hair short.

On the other hand, though it may be that one's appetite grows less lusty, it does seem that in all the earlier chapters there is some undue proportion of thin and rather tepid preparation for episodes quite clearly on the way, so that in the end even the masterly vigour of the much advertised Pimpernel, in full panoply of inane laughter and unguessed disguise, failed to astound and stagger me as much as I could have wished.

What France set out to prove France has proved; not that common men are all angels, or all diplomatists, or all gentlemen (for these inane aristocratic illusions were no part of the Jacobin theory), but that common men can all be citizens and can all be soldiers; that common men can fight and can rule.

For instance, do you suppose you and I, or anybody, would care for idling about and doing all sorts of things our better judgment tells us are inane, if it weren't that most of our fellow-beings are stupid enough to admire and envy that sort of thing, and that we are stupid enough to want to be admired and envied by stupid people?" "Did you notice the Sandys's English butler?" asked Adelaide.

But she continued to waste her days in the inane pastimes of Saint X's fashionable world, though ashamed of herself and disgusted with her mode of life.

If no emphasis be used, discourse becomes vapid and inane; if no accent, words can hardly be recognized as English.

Vision succeeds vision in glorious but bewildering profusion; ideal landscapes and cities of cloud "pinnacled dim in the intense inane."

Thus, like a God-created, fire-breathing Spirit-host, we emerge from the Inane; haste stormfully across the astonished Earth; then plunge again into the Inane.

Thus, like a God-created, fire-breathing Spirit-host, we emerge from the Inane; haste stormfully across the astonished Earth; then plunge again into the Inane.

I was inane enough to ask if she could not return for a visit.

The Brahmin trusts his soul even higher, its flame Refines in th' Nirvana that absorbs its load, Though this divine psychism seems lotus flowed, Seems spirit inane as that on flowers bestowed; Islamism prepictures the voluptuary's abode Of Love unending: It is 'Love, love, love,' Which souls have cried since eons began to move.

Lucky is the alumnus who can call the roll of his old instructors, and among the martinets and the pedants and the piously inane can here and there come suddenly upon a man; a man who taught him to think, or helped him to feel, and thrilled him with a new horizon.

After those words inane For me to read The Times Ever again!

The frothing gush of Louise's inane ejaculations, and the coughing, choking, cursing of Mr. Taine,whose feeble grip upon the flesh that had so betrayed him was, by now, so far loosed that he could scarcely walk alone,set the painter struggling for words that would mean nothingthe only words that, under the circumstances, could serve.

The artist, seizing the opportunity with the cunning of desperation, turned to Mrs. Taine, with some inane remark about the summers in California.

Compare this bristling dialogue with the inane stuff that too often passes for comedy nowadays, and one finds all the difference between real humour and flippancy.

The gossip of the drawing-room is merely inane, or else scandalous; but shift the scene to the theatre, and a story no longer bores; it is consecrated by the sacrament of interest.

She went to her apartments, singing an inane song about the amorous and joyful time of spring when everything and everybody is happy, "El tems amoreus plein de joie, El tems oรน tote riens s'esgaie," and burst into a sudden passion of tears.

In medio, turmas inter provectus ovantes Cernitur Antitheus; reliquis hic altior unus Eminet, et circum vulgus despectat inane: Frons nebulis obscura latet, torvumque furorem Dissimulat, fidae tectus velamine noctis: "Persimilis turri praecelsae, aut montibus altis Antique cedro, nudatae frondis honore.

The waiting-woman bustled about, arranging the toilet-table, which had been for a moment discomposed, putting away a cap, folding up a shawl, and indulging in a multitude of inane observations which little harmonised with the high-strung tension of Venetia's mind.

In Germany it seems as though it were planned that no one should think for noise; take the inane drumming that goes on as an instance.

Noblemen are trained to regard nothing more sacred than their word of honour, to believe earnestly, rigidly, and firmly in the inane code of knight-errantry, and if necessary to seal their belief by death, and to look upon a king as a being of a higher order.

It was the misdemeanor of St. Louis, and a great error in his judgment, that he prolonged, by his blindly prejudiced obstinacy, a movement which was more and more inopportune and illegitimate, for it was becoming day by day more factitious and more inane.

Before writing these lines I had never attempted verse in my lifebarring intentionally inane doggerel.

If one seeks to measure how far removed the great classic moralists are from thinness, let him turn from La Bruyรจre to the inane subtleties and meaningless conundrums, not worth answering, that do duty for analysis of character in some modern American literature.

We know that much in the myriad-peopled world of booksvery much in all kindsis trivial, enervating, inane, even noxious.

He brought ridicule on the inane politeness of a style then in its decrepitude, and bade the writers of his time find models in the Latin writers who, like Virgil and Horace, had brought natural thought and speech to their perfection.

'Quantum est in rebus Inane?' Pers.

[O curvรฆ in terris animรฆ, et coelestium inanes.

From these every trace of the mystical and solemn conception of antiquity gradually disappeared; till, for the majestic ideal of womanhood, we have merely inane prettiness, or rustic, or even meretricious grace, the borrowed charms of some earthly model.

Even while I talked to the head of that nest of corruption, and listened to his inane platitudes about my duty as an inmate of a hospital to report abuses to him, and "the regular way of proceeding," I did want to hurl the gauntlet of an irregular defiance into his plausible face, but the pleading eyes in Campbell held me; I could not let those men die, and die they must if I must leave them.

Can the imagination picture existence more inane?

"The more enemies, the more glory," was the inane motto so popular early in the war that it was even printed on post cards.

She had evidently once been a pretty little person, innocent and inane, and her face had become like that of a withered baby, piteous in its expression of pain and weariness, but otherwise somewhat vacant.

But I reflected that yesterday I might myself have made the same inane remark as she.

And it is true that when Racine wished to create a great effect he did not adopt the romantic method; he did not chase his ideas through the four quarters of the universe to catch them at last upon the verge of the inane; and anyone who hopes to come upon 'fine surprises' of this kind in his pages will be disappointed.