27 examples of inappropriately in sentences

Mannish (a derogatory word) indicates superficial or affected qualities of manhood, especially when inappropriately possessed by a woman.

It is still remembered in the name of St Thomas's Road close by, and not inappropriately in the tavern which bears St Thomas's name.

We are all aware, however, that many seedsthose of the most composite flowers, as of the thistle and dandelionare endowed with, what have not been inappropriately called, wings.

I find five unrelated species loved by that name, and as many more and as inappropriately called cowslips.

One little girl we had whom he used to call the oracle; and indeed she was not inappropriately so-called; for whenever any of the girls were at a loss for an answer, they invariably turned to her, and seldom failed to receive a response to their silent appeal.

Down the middle of this seabound continent, dividing it into two nearly equal parts, runs a chain of mountains not inappropriately called Kölen, or Keel.

The father insisted upon having his own way, but Amonia, as his consort was not inappropriately named, was no less stubborn in her detestation of lawn sleeves, and on the eve of the christening had the ceremony privately performed by her own minister.

" The memorial and erratic clock of Our Square was just striking seven of the following morning, meaning approximately eight-forty, when my astonished eyes again beheld Martin Dyke seated on my bench, beautifully though inappropriately clad in full evening dress with a pink rose in his coat lapel, and gazing at Number 37 with a wild, ecstatic glare.

At night the gnat's ghost returns to rebuke the shepherd for his innocent ingratitude, and rather inappropriately remains to rehearse at great length the tale of what shades of old heroes he has seen in the lower regions.

The passage connects a succession of vast and lofty spaces, which are not inappropriately termed salles.

The coincidence may not inappropriately introduce what of experience and reflection the writer has to relate of a three-months' soldier's life in Virginia.

In 1865, a number of influential Cubans organized what has been somewhat inappropriately termed a "national party."

We may here in connexion with the Zoological Gardens, not inappropriately introduce the following graphic passage from the concluding Number of Mr. Landseer's "Characteristic Sketches of Animals."

The origin of the work, (the New Sketch Book,) as it has been inappropriately styled, is told in the dedication to David Wilkie, Esq., R.A. Mr. Irving and the great artist just named were fellow travellers on the continent a few years since.

Said he, "The French use the word 'composition' inappropriately.

A peculiar class of Hindus, the Jains, have also what have not been inappropriately termed "god-shops," for they certainly have not the slightest appearance of temples.

Thus, Bellman and Béranger have been inappropriately invested with his mantle, from the one fact of their being song-writers of a democratic stamp.

Horse-racing has not inappropriately been termed the national pastime of Ireland.

The first makes many gestures of the head; the second many of the shoulders; the last moves the arms often and inappropriately.

The Company were employing all the resources of two large manufacturing establishments; but it was evident that these would fail to meet the extraordinary and totally unexpected demand for this indispensable protection against burglarsthis moral safeguard, as it might not inappropriately be called, of civilized homes.

Leclair, inappropriately enough, leaped with a shout of: "Vive la France!"

whose puffed-out sleeves and exaggerated ruffwith starched plaits of such amplitude that they had been not inappropriately named plats de Saint Jean-Baptiste, from the resemblance which the wearer's head bore to that of the saint, when deposited in the charger of the daughter of Herodiaswere intended to ape the leading mode of the elegant court of their sovereign, Henri Trois.

Still, as they came to my knowledge with much greater completeness than if I had been only professionally engaged to assist in the catastrophe of the drama through which they are evolved, and, as I conceive, throw a strong light upon the practical working of our criminal jurisprudence, a brief page of these slight leaves may not inappropriately record them.

The Army, which has in other days covered itself with renown, and the Navy, not inappropriately termed the right arm of the public defense, which has spread a light of glory over the American standard in all the waters of the earth, should be rendered replete with efficiency.

In 1819 he expressed in a poem The Ruins of Campo Vaccino esthetic abhorrence of the cross most inappropriately placed over the portal of the Coliseum in Rome, and was thereafter never free of the suspicion of heresy.

27 examples of  inappropriately  in sentences