271 examples of incarnating in sentences

But his soul goes marching on and his mistakes are still re-incarnating here on earth.

Then Phil Khamis stepped on the platform, incarnating in his own proper person the poet's apostrophised Greek boy: "Stay, are we doing you wrong, Young fellow from Socrates' land?

Instinct works by formulas, which, as it were, make up the animal, so that the ant and the bee are atoms of incarnate constructiveness and acquisitiveness, and nothing else.

To my mind he had long been a fiend incarnate, his name a horror on the lips.

Black Sanchez, according to all accounts, was a devil incarnate, and no such popinjay as this maker of love, could ever be changed into a terror of the sea.

The next to incarnate the genius of the Scandinavian race was Tegnér.

Sure, he's no man, but an incarnate devil, Whose ugly shape bewrays his monstrous mind.

Lieutenant Bach's countenance also bore the imprint of incarnate pride.

It is not foreordained; true, if we will it, it may be a reign of disaster, a parallel to the well-recognized "Dark Ages" of history, but also, if we will, it may be a new and a true "renaissance," a rebirth of old ideals, of old honour, of old faith, only incarnate in new and noble forms.

Pure wisdom, pure will, pure energy, unconditioned by matter, but creating life out of the operation of the Holy Spirit on and through matter, and in the fullness of time becoming Incarnate for the purpose of the final redemption of man.

So matter itself takes on a certain sanctity, not only as something susceptible, and in process, of perfection, but as the vehicle of spirit and its tabernacle, since in matter spirit is actually incarnate.

His psychic apparatus never failed in letting him know the proximity of an incarnate or discarnate being.

[U.S.], cougar, jaguar, puma. hag, hellhag^, beldam, Jezebel. monster; fiend &c (demon) 980; devil incarnate, demon in human shape; Frankenstein's monster.

villain, rascal, scoundrel, miscreant, budmash^, caitiff^; wretch, reptile, viper, serpent, cockatrice, basilisk, urchin; tiger^, monster; devil &c (demon) 980; devil incarnate; demon in human shape, Nana Sahib; hellhound, hellcat; rakehell^. bad woman, jade, Jezebel. scamp, scapegrace, rip, runagate, ne'er-do-well, reprobate, scalawag, scallawag. roue

'June 18.Ul-Jabal?that man is the very Devil incarnate!

He had lived and he had prospered; and he was here, like a guilty conscience incarnate, to spoil Horace Smithson's peace.

The old man leaned forward with an expression as fixed and intense as if the text had become incarnate in him, following with his lips the sound of the boy's voice.

We are nursed in the arms of tradition, we are fed on ideas of customwe are taken to walk, as children, by incarnate prejudice for a nursery maid, and taught to see things that used to be, where modern things are.

In burning, light-laden words he painted the incarnate Life, Love, the universal Man: words that became reality in the lives of these people,that lived again in beautiful words and actions, trifling, but heroic.

'I leave this place,' said she, 'which a good Christian ought never to have entered; I leave a house of which the master is a sorcerer, the mistress a demon who dares not cross her brow with holy water, and their trencher companion one who for a wretched pittance is willing to act as match-maker between a wizard and an incarnate fiend!'

His world was the world of ideas, taking visible form, incarnating themselves in man.

It is only necessary to recall the exquisitely austere "Sebastian Van Storck" and the strangely contrasting Dionysiac "Denys L'Auxerrois" to justify one's claim for Pater as a creative artist of a rare kind, with a singular and fascinating power of incarnating a philosophic formula, a formula

In the Egyptian mysteries of Osiris, the same reference to the sun is contained, and Herodotus, who was himself an initiate, intimates that the ceremonies consisted in the representation of a Sun-god, who had been incarnate, that is, had appeared upon earth, or rose, and who was at length put to death by Typhon, the symbol of darkness, typical of the sun's setting.

breath of life), in philosophy and theology is the Divine mind incarnating itself in the life of a man, and breathing in all he thinks and does, and so is as the life-principle of it; employed also to denote any active dominating and pervading principle of life inspired from any quarter whatever and coming to light in the conduct.

It is the "grey goose quill" work, the necessity for incarnating the creatures of the brain in black and white, that is the world's protection from this avalanche.

271 examples of  incarnating  in sentences