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251 example sentences with  indebtednesses

251 example sentences with indebtednesses

It would be tedious to enter on an enumeration of the various indebtednesses of English literature to these early tales.

[notify a person of his indebtedness: ] bill, charge.

Brother Bolles, on coming to the city, first proceeded to liquidate the indebtedness of two hundred dollars on the Church, and then entered upon a protracted meeting, which resulted in an extensive revival.

Finding the Parsonage under a mortgage that imperiled the safety of the property, Brother Lewis stepped forward and offered his horse, saddle, and a dollar and a half, all the money he had, in liquidation of the indebtedness.

At the dedication subscriptions were obtained to meet the indebtedness of twenty thousand dollars with a satisfactory margin.

It is his pleasure also to convey his thanks to Professor George L. Burr of Cornell University for aid in certain of the historical notes, and most especially to gratefully acknowledge his indebtedness to the aid, or rather collaboration, of Mr. Arthur Gordon of Cornell University, and Mr. W. R. Price of the High School of Commerce, New York City.

Each ryot pretty accurately remembers his own particular indebtedness, but woe to him if he pays the putwarrie the value of a 'red cent' without taking a receipt.

The total at the foot of the first page was appalling, ever so much more than she could have supposed the whole amount of her indebtedness; but the total went on increasing at the foot of every page, until at sight of the final figures Lesbia gave a wild shriek, like a wretched creature who has received a telegram announcing bitterest loss.

But thoughtless purchases, ignorant orders, had run on from week to week, and the main result was an indebtedness of close upon three thousand pounds.

He gave no visible sign of recognition of indebtedness to Reuben.

I must acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr. Prime for the possibility of filling in certain gaps in the correspondence; and for much interesting material not now otherwise obtainable.

Indebtedness can not be lessened by borrowing more money or by changing the form of the debt.

But it is not so much the purpose of this paper to evaluate Loeben's creations as to locate him in the development of the Lorelei-legend, and to prove, or disprove, Heine's indebtedness to him in the case of his own poem of like name.

There is no man living to whom, as a writer, so many of us feel and thankfully acknowledge so great an indebtedness for ennobling impulses,none whom so many cannot abide.

As such it has been pledged, is now pledged, and may need to be so pledged again for public indebtedness.

Their justification consists in that which constitutes the objection to the present bill, namely, the absence of any indebtedness on the part of the United States.

Claims to payment can rest only on the plea of indebtedness on the part of the Government.

Martin would look out for the fixed indebtedness on the farm.

However, Edward had once more to experience indebtedness at the hands of the man whom he treated so badly, but whose devotion to him it seemed that nothing could destroy.

In the course of the pages below I have frequent occasion to acknowledge my indebtedness to these learned and sometimes profoundly suggestive monographs; but I cannot leave the subject without a special word of gratitude to my friend, Dr. Herbert Adams, the editor of the series, for the noble work which he is doing in promoting the study of American history.

Amid the general dissatisfaction over the extravagance and inefficiency of our city governments, people's attention was first drawn to the rapid and alarming increase of city indebtedness in various parts of the country.

The limitation of city indebtedness.

[Sidenote: Our indebtedness to the Romans.]

The publishers wish to acknowledge their indebtedness to the New York Times, The Review of Reviews and The Athenaeum for courteous permission to reprint articles from their pages.

"'Fee should not be less than five per cent. of bonded indebtedness; four-fifths in stock at par; one-fifth cash; no cure, no pay.'

The writer wishes to acknowledge her great indebtedness to all for much of the information in the present work.

Thus saying, I am, nevertheless, bound to express my indebtedness for the kind feeling toward me, and confidence in my love for the slave, which, doubtless, induced the appointment.

Provision was made in Cuba's Constitution for the recognition of this indebtedness, and it has since been discharged, while the plates and the unused bonds have been destroyed.

It has fallen to me otherwise to say so much of my peculiar indebtedness to my father, that I shall forbid myself, and spare my reader, too much repetition of a loving credit which it would not be possible altogether to omit from this chapter.

"If I am asked to sum in a few words the vivid points of his influence, I find it as hard to give definite form to my indebtedness to the Christian scholar whose daughter it is my honor to be, as to specify the particulars in which one responds to sunshine or oxygen.

Lines on her Indebtedness to him.

Lines on her Indebtedness to him.

Then, an old lady called to express her indebtedness for Miss E.'s services three years before, and ask her acceptance of ten dollars therefor, "no sort of equivalent for days and days of writing and searching law papers, but only a little token that the service was not forgotten.

But nowshe had been lying there two weeks; six dollars were due for board, and still she was unable to rise, and, when she did, how could she ever pay the back indebtedness?

During these days of wonderful business and deliverances, after each indebtedness was discharged, there still was not left cash in hand a sum exceeding three to five dollars.

He has expressed to me his indebtedness to the system, and he has assured me of his own success in teaching others in a somewhat similar way.

Per contra we welcome the optimism of Mr. Asquith in discussing new Votes of Credit, though he reminds us of Micawber calculating his indebtedness for the benefit of Traddles.

Yet if ever you try to express this indebtedness to the wonderful young men who survive, they turn the whole thing into a jest and tell you, for example, that only two things really interest them, "Europe and their stomachs"nothing in between matters.

That was a month ago; the realisation of their indebtedness has since advanced by leaps and bounds.

My indebtedness to other workers in the same field is manifold.

Earliest daylight made this suggestion look very insubstantial; on the other hand, it strengthened his memory of Mr. Charman's virtual indebtedness to him.

" We are glad to see, likewise, with what becoming indifference the matter of Shakspeare's indebtedness to others is treated by Mr. White in his Introductions.

The immense mass of notes already existing may, perhaps, be fairly looked upon as a kind of dictionary, open to every one, and the use of which implies no indebtedness.

The universal indebtedness of the most aristocratic family in Saint X was the town joke.

" censures (and not without reason) the "presumption" of those "superficial critics" who have attempted to amend the work, and usurp his honours; and, regarding the compiler's confession of his indebtedness to others, but as a mark of "his exemplary diffidence of his own merits," adds, (in very bad English,)

Another thing that strikes me in thinking of Stevenson (I pass over his direct indebtedness to Edgar Poe, and his constant appropriation of his methods), is the unsuitableness of the special characteristics of his talent to the age he lives in.

In 33:16 he acknowledges, in all modesty, his indebtedness to the past: I awakened last of all as one who gathers after the great gatherers, By the blessing of the Lord I profited and filled my wine-press as one who gathers grapes.

Great quantities of the certificates of indebtedness had, as a mere matter of convenience, been issued to government clerks who afterwards distributed them among those who furnished supplies to the government or who performed services entitling them to pay.

The partner decamped, leaving Lincoln to close up the business and to take the responsibility for the joint indebtedness.

It was seventeen years before Lincoln was able, from his modest earnings as a lawyer, to clear off this indebtedness.

The gross indebtedness resulting from the War was of course, however, much larger because each State had incurred war expenditures and counties as well as States had issued bonds for the payment of bounties, etc.

Other friends came to the rescue of Grant, and through the earnings of his own pen, he was before his death able to make good all indebtedness and to leave a competency to his widow.

Thus when paper currency depreciated to a low figure he, of his own volition, wrote to Lund Washington that he would not hold him to his contract, but would pay his wages by a share in the crops, and this at a time when his own debtors were discharging their indebtedness in the almost worthless paper.

These added sums are to be likewise embraced in the Steward's order, and paid at the same rate as the substance of the bill, and should you embrace this compassionate tender, in the brief period of sixteen weeks you will be at the end of this indebtedness.

Take them to your empress as a fit memorial of your German deeds, and my pictures will cover the balance of my indebtedness to you."

It showed how much the merchants of Berlin were indebted to him, and how little of this indebtedness they had cancelled.

I wish here to acknowledge my very great indebtedness to Major J. R. M. Taylor, who has translated and compiled the Insurgent records, thereby making available a very large mass of reliable and most valuable information without which a number of chapters of this book would have remained unwritten.

[1 In behalf of Darrel, the author makes acknowledgment of his indebtedness to M. Maurice Maeterlinck for an account of the queen's flight in his interesting "Life of the Bee."] They sat a little time in silence, looking at the shores of the pond.

The total state indebtedness June I, 1890, as shown by the Eleventh Census, was $238,396,590, a decrease of slightly over $58,000,000 in ten years.

We have paid up all our indebtedness to everybody else, so nothing but farewell calls need detain us."

(g) Exemption of the holders of securities and evidences of indebtedness of corporations.{15} (h) Treatment of special privileges granted to public-service corporations for the use of streets and public highways on the principle of rent-payment to the community rather than by levying a percentage on an assessment.

My indebtedness is not small to a number of friends who, during the progress of my work, have helped me more or less directly in a variety of ways.

Further indebtedness has, it is true, been found to Spenser, but some hint of the transformation of Amarillis, a few names and an occasional reminiscence, make up the sum total of specific obligations.

Day in no wise sought to hide his indebtedness, but on the contrary acknowledged in the Induction that his argument is but 'a little string or Rivolet, drawne from the full streine of the right worthy Gentleman, Sir Phillip Sydneys well knowne Archadea.'

For these he deserves the warmest thanks of all students of Italian literature; for my own part I need only refer the reader to the footnotes to the following pages as indicating in some measure the extent of my indebtedness.

To the whole of this work, but especially to the section dealing with literature and to that on the Catholic reaction mentioned below (B. vi), my indebtedness is far more than any specific acknowledgement can express.

This appeared while my work vas passing through the press, and though I have read it carefully, I think that the reference to Mahaffy's not very accurate account of Arcadia (see p. 51, note) is the total extent of my indebtedness.

Having had occasion in the course of the following pages to call attention to certain inaccuracies of Ticknor's, I should like in this place to record my indebtedness to what still remains the standard history of Spanish literature.

On all questions relating to the Shepherd's Calender see C. H. Herford's edition, to which I gratefully acknowledge my indebtedness.

The references in my notes equally testify my indebtedness to Rossi's monograph; indeed, my whole treatment of the subject is based on his work.

There is a frequent limitation that the corporate indebtedness shall not exceed the amount of the capital stock.

Another thing that strikes me in thinking of Stevenson (I pass over his direct indebtedness to Edgar Poe, and his constant appropriation of his methods), is the unsuitableness of the special characteristics of his talent to the age he lives in.

In the production of our book we have used freely such sources of information as circumstances have enabled us to consult; and in this connection we wish to make specific acknowledgment of our indebtedness to C.R.B. Barrett's "Somersetshire," the Rev. W.H.P. Greswell's "Land of Quantock," and the "Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society."

The writer wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to the Editors of the Nineteenth Century and of the Repertorium for permission to reprint these articles.

Although poor, he was resolved never to part with it; but the sagacious son of Mammon was too keen for him; discovering his indebtedness, he bought the artist's note of the inn-keeper, and levied an execution upon his effects.

I desire gratefully to acknowledge my indebtedness to The Century Company for permission to use parts of two articles originally written for St. Nicholas; to Mrs. A.D. Frost, of North Cambridge, Mass., for photographs of her late husband's paintings; and to the American Museum of Natural History for the right to reproduce the Siberian photographs of Messrs. Jochelson and Bogoras.

You have failed to-day for seven millions, and, therefore, cannot trade, but I herewith announce that I will pay all the indebtedness of Barry Conant and his house.

A few suggestions, together with a reminder of his great indebtedness to the simultaneous efforts of other Young Germans, notably those of Laube and Wienbarg, must suffice.

She was ashamed to speak of her indebtedness as an amount that could be reckoned.

These promises to pay were called by various names as bonds, certificates of indebtedness, and paper money.

Though our debt, as compared with that of most other nations, is small, it is our true policy, and in harmony with the genius of our institutions, that we should present to the world the rare spectacle of a great Republic, possessing vast resources and wealth, wholly exempt from public indebtedness.

That indebtedness amounts to a sum not less than $200,000,000, and which has been retributed to them for the most part in works of internal improvement which are destined to prove of vast importance in ultimately advancing their prosperity and wealth.

Under such circumstances as I have adverted to our object should be to produce with the capitalist a feeling of entire confidence, by a tender of that sort of security which in all times past has been esteemed sufficient, and which for the small amount of our proposed indebtedness will unhesitatingly be regarded as amply adequate.

It remains for the editor to acknowledge his indebtedness for sympathetic interest and valuable suggestions to Gustave Larroumet, professor of French Literature at the University of Paris, and perpetual secretary of the Acadรฉmie des Beaux Arts, to Professor Crane and Mr. Guerlac of Cornell University, and to Professor de Sumichrast of Harvard.

In 1859 the author of The Origin of Species recorded his indebtedness to Hooker's wide knowledge and balanced judgment.

He further extended his indebtedness to Uriri legislator for developing football through the capacity building of coaches in his area.

Households with more debt are more sensitive to wealth changes - but the standard errors are large (statistically insigni๏ฌcant interaction effects), regardless of which measure of indebtedness we use.

It says โ€œECG further realized that between 2017 and 2019 GoG averagely paid GHC2 billion directly to ECGโ€™s suppliers (I.e. VRA, IPPs and GRIDCo) to defray GoGโ€™s indebtedness to ECG.โ€

Mr. Yamba stated that in line with Governments commitment to reduce indebtedness, a sum of K3.2 billion was released towards the payment of both domestic and external debt.

Penslar said that Abdulhamid was uninterested in giving Herzl โ€œany kind of concession in Palestine or any part of the empire,โ€ and only wished to assess Herzlโ€™s usefulness in helping the Ottomans escape indebtedness to European powers.

Second, and perhaps more important, the ink-on-paper confirmation of Trumpโ€™s indebtedness, tax dodging, and all-around crookedness will get into Trumpโ€™s head.

The company intends to use the net proceeds of the offering to repay certain existing indebtedness, with the balance, if any, to be used for general corporate purposes.

The mercurial album centerpiece โ€œGnatโ€โ€“ easily the most modern-sounding production here โ€” is an exception, as is the lively throwback โ€œKiller,โ€ whose indebtedness to prime-era 50 Cent would be obvious even without the explicit โ€œIn da Clubโ€ shoutout.

The Newport Road CFD was formed in 2003 and authorized up to $24 million of bonded indebtedness.

The program is expected to be implemented over the course of several years and will be conducted subject to the covenants in the agreements governing our indebtedness.

Turkey has been in economic crisis since 2018 when excessive indebtedness sent the currency plunging while Erdoganโ€™s political standing has been on the wane ever since center-leftists seized control of the Istanbul city government last June.

Does the Premier as Minister of Finance have any concerns with the amount of indebtedness that Dawson currently has?

Eventually they got in so deep they had everything going out and nothing coming in. The Major made the men turn in a statement of their indebtedness and laid down a routine whereby they could pay off at a meal a day.

Mr. Nauffts did advise he had not gone to Orderly Payment of Debts given the vast list of indebtedness about which he gave oral evidence (not included in any written statement to the court).

Since she forthrightly accepts responsibility for other indebtednesses I accept her refusal to accept responsibility with respect to this debt.