38 examples of indica in sentences

Occasionally confounded with this peepul is the banyan (Ficus indica), which is another sacred tree of the Indians.

The aroka, or Saraca indica, is said to preserve chastity, and is dedicated to Kama, the Indian god of love, while with the negroes of Senegambia the baobab-tree is an object of worship.

The Tamarindus Indica is in Ceylon dedicated to Siva, the god of destruction; and in Thibet, the jambu or rose-apple is believed to be the representative of the divine amarita-tree which bears ambrosia.

A strangely imaged flow of consciousness, the imaginative state, may also be evoked by morphine and cannabis indica.

The common name of Cannabis Indica, an intoxicating drug known as hasheesh and by other names in Eastern countries.

He was found to have been poisoned by radix aconiti indica, a rare Arabian poison not known in Europe at that time except to savants, and first mentioned by Acosta some months before.

R. INDICA MINIMA (syn R. semperflorens minima, R. Lawrenceana, and R. minima).Fairy, or Miniature Rose.

R. INDICA SEMPERFLORENS (syns R. bengalensis and R. diversifolia).The Ever-flowering China Rose.

Maulei Pyrus prunifolia* rivularis* sinica vestita Rhododendron campanulatum Rhodora* Rhodotypos kerrioides Ribes aureum* cereum floridum* sanguineum Rosa indica* Sambucus racemosa* Skimmia japonica Laureola Spiraea prunifolia Stuartia virginica* Syringa Emodi Xanthoceras sorbifolia MAY.

The canoe was nearly new, it measured eighteen feet in length, and two in breadth, and would easily carry eight persons; the sides were supported by two poles fastened to the gunwhale by strips of a climbing plant (Flagellaria indica), that grows abundantly hereabouts, and with which also the ends of the canoe were neatly, and even tastefully joined; the poles were spanned together on either side by rope constructed of strips of bark.

The canoes were not longer than eight feet and would not safely carry more than two people; the ends were stitched together by strips of the stem of the Flagellaria indica.

An open wicker basket, neatly and even tastefully made of strips of the Flagellaria indica, was obtained from one of them by Mr. Roe, in which they carry their food and fishing lines; besides which each native has his gourd, the fruit of the Cucurbita lagenaria, which grows plentifully on all parts of the beach, and furnishes a very useful vessel to these simple savages for the purpose of carrying water.

Mr. Bedwell obtained a shield from one of them, of a crescented shape, and painted with black stripes; it was made from the wood of the Erythrina indica or coral tree, which grows abundantly near the anchorage.

On the beach we passed the wreck of a canoe, large enough to carry seven or eight persons; it measured nineteen feet in length, and twenty-two inches in the bilge, and appeared, like that of Blomfield's Rivulet, to be made of the trunk of the Erythrina indica, hollowed out either by fire or by some blunt tool.

Traces of natives were observed; and he brought on board with him the remains of a fish-pot, nine feet long, made of strips of Flagellaria indica, but so imperfect and disfigured that we could not readily convince ourselves either of its particular construction or use.

They almost all belonged to a large living species of land-tortoise, called Testudu Indica, but amongst them were the head, sternum, and humerus of the dodo.

A. Indica is a plant of great beauty.

" Fragaria Indica (Ornamental Strawberry).A rich or peaty mould suits this half-hardy perennial.

For Ornamental Strawberries, see "Fragaria Indica.

V, pp. 175-180; and in Epigraphia Indica, vol.

[Ve['s]avâdiya Ga[n.]a] | [Me]hika kula [Footnote: Epigraphia Indica, vol.

Flagellaria indica, L. Dioscorea bulbifera, L. *?

Aristolochia indica, L. Daphne indica, L. Salicornia indica, Willd.

Besides several other exogenous woody climbers, of which a very remarkable one is a Bauhinia, with a compressed stem spirally twisted round its axisthe most interesting is Calamus australis, rising in a clump, then arching along the ground and from tree to tree in a similar manner to Flagellaria indica, here also abundant.

One is low, sandy, and well wooded, about 300 yards in diameter, and is situated at the north-west extremity of a horse-shoe reef, with its concavity to leeward; the other two may be looked upon as merely groves of mangroves on the reef, the roots of which are washed at high-water, except in a few places, where narrow ridges of dead coral have afforded footing for the growth of a samphire-looking plant (Salicornia indica).

38 examples of  indica  in sentences