4424 examples of industry in sentences

Machines and the men who made the world of industry.

No German in the German hothouse of industry has worked harder than he.

I begin to feel that I am what you would call in America a captainess of industry.

Soap and water and Belgian industry saved the suit, if not the sandwich.

"Sometimes we can patch up the cast-offs, which means work for the cobblers," said the captainess of industry.

Why, the people who put on the skates for the patrons of the rink, of course!" One could write volumes on this systematic relief work, the businesslike industry of succouring Belgium by the businesslike Belgians, with American help.

He has just published a book on the raisin industry in California, which may be seen at our offices.

Professor Eisen writes:"I am of opinion that these lands (British Colony, Merced) are amongst the very best in the State for raisins; still, as I explained to you, I do not advise any one to put his whole interest in the raisin industry, as the market for this Fruit is limited.

No other horticultural industry is so profitable as the culture of the raisin grape, in no other is the work so pleasant, and no other yields a return so quickly.

The compilation of newspapers is often committed to narrow and mercenary minds, not qualified for the task of delighting or instructing; who are content to fill their paper, with whatever matter, without industry to gather, or discernment to select.

Consequently, every wife would have an incentive to industry and economy, instead of being stimulated to idleness and extravagance as by existing laws.

I come not To lay claime to your birthright, 'tis your owne, And 'tis fit you enjoy it, nor ask I from you Your learning and deepe knowledge; (though I am not A Schollar as you are) I know them Diamonds By your sole industry, patience and labour Forc'd from steepe rocks, and with much toile attended,

We are here to testify our regard for one whose busy pen is laid aside, but whose example of industry we may well imitate; though in the journalistic field the women of to-day will never have opportunity to emulate her perseverance and fearlessness, since her entrance in times long gone by on this untrodden path bore an important part in opening the way and obtaining results for women with whom the pen to-day is a power.

They had been quite successful in this latter industry for several years in my school, and at once proceeded to try the same tactics with me.

It was readily seen that thus sentiment would rush to folly; sensibility without a corrective would soon become weakness; unbalanced industry would lead to disregard of health and strength, while the triviality of the sensual nature, unrestrained by mental or moral activity, would soon fall into hopeless degradation.

Adequate provision for the prompt return and redemption of bank notes makes them "elastic" in their adaptation to monetary needs, which fluctuate with changes in commerce and industry from season to season and even from day to day.

# Financial crises, by their very nature, are confined to communities in which the money economy prevails and where there is a developed state of industry.

Capitalization runs through all industry.

The cause of crises immediately back of the maladjusted capitalization thus is seen to be a psychological factor; it is the rhythmic miscalculation of incomes and of capital value, occurring to some degree throughout industry, but particularly in certain lines.

It was one of the most interesting evenings of my life when, as a guest of N.O. Nelson, the philanthropic captain of industry in St. Louis, I was one of a company of a dozen to hear Sherman tell John Fiske his story of the war.

In nearly all the various branches of the textile industry the bulk of the work in the weaving departments of such branches consists of the manufacture of comparatively simple fabrics.

Thus, in the jute industry, there are four distinct types of cloth which predominate over all others; these types are known respectively as hessian, bagging, tarpauling and sacking.

The latter figure illustrates one kind of apparatus, supplied by Messrs. Herbert Morris, Ltd., Loughborough, for this important branch of the industry.

Jacquard loom Jute crop exports from India fabrics fibre, imports of industry knife plants, botanical and physical features of cultivation of height of marks.

" "My grandfather was a captain of industry.

4424 examples of  industry  in sentences