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1426 example sentences with  infancies

1426 example sentences with infancies

A sister, I think, that should have been Elizabeth, died in both our infancies.

We have here an excellent example of his whimsical blending of truth and invention: brothers and sisters he denies, yet admits one sister, Elizabeth, who died in both their infancies.

Youth N. youth; juvenility, juvenescence^; juniority^; infancy; babyhood, childhood, boyhood, girlhood, youthhood^; incunabula; minority, nonage, teens, tender age, bloom.

Some day, we as a nation will tire of playing the taskmaster and will treat the playmate of man's infancy and youth with more consideration; we will adorn and not disfigure her, love and not ignore her, place her on a throne beside us, make her queen to our kingship.

And thinkses I it will work well anyway with her Uncle Josiah, for lovin' all mankind as she did from infancy to age, I knowed that bein' the only male in the party she would keep her eye on him.

[Spanish commerce in its infancy.

Our commerce, compared with that of other nations, notwithstanding what may be said on this subject, is most assuredly yet in a state of infancy.

Accustomed to the cultivation of this plant without any restriction whatever, and habituated to its use from their infancy, it appeared to the people the extreme of rashness to seek simultaneously to extirpate it from the face of the greatest part of the Island of Luzon, in order to confine its culture within the narrow limits of a particular district.

Joppa had learned by heart its duty toward its neighbor from its earliest, stammering infancy, and it adhered strictly to the path therein marked out.

Paracelsus may brag that he could make a man live 400 years or more, if he might bring him up from his infancy, and diet him as he list; and some physicians hold, that there is no certain period of man's life; but it may still by temperance and physic be prolonged.

In the infancy of thought the life, soul, mind, are supposed to be air'anima, animus', that is, [Greek: รกnemos], spiritus, [Greek: pneuma].

"In life," said he, "is not to be counted the ignorance of infancy, or imbecility of age.

His character requires, that he estimate the happiness and misery of every condition; observe the power of all the passions in all their combinations, and trace the changes of the human mind, as they are modified by various institutions, and accidental influences of climate or custom, from the sprightliness of infancy to the despondence of decrepitude.

An unpractised observer expects the love of parents and children to be constant and equal; but this kindness seldom continues beyond the years of infancy; in a short time the children become rivals to their parents.

I am in Hopes, if this Subject be well pursued, Women will hereafter from their Infancy be treated with an Eye to their future State in the World; and not have their Tempers made too untractable from an improper Sourness or Pride, or too complying from Familiarity or Forwardness contracted at their own Houses.

Our Children have been trained up from their Infancy with so many Accounts of their Mothers Family, that they know the Stories of all the great Men and Women it has produced.

In the few days of its infancy it has already casually shown its usefulness in the relief, in various ways, of the anxieties of thousands; and, when such a sure means of relief is available to the public at large, the amount of its usefulness becomes incalculable.

"Then my child has died in infancy," rejoined the colonel.

" With sad and anxious hearts the colonel and his son next visited the house of Mr. Simthe dwelling-place in which the infancy, the childhood, and what may be called the youth, of the latter had been passed.

There is no one of us of the sterner sex who is not at some time dependent upon woman,in infancy for protection, in manhood for companionship, in old age for care and comforting.

Granose is equally beneficial from infancy to old age, in good or ill health.

From earliest infancy I naught have lov'd, As thee I could have lov'd, my sister.

Great as is this lake-commerce now, it is still but in its infancy.

My parents had several children, all of whom died in infancy except me.

I believed what my mother had from my infancy labored so hard to inculcate, and I trod out with an iron step every fresh rising emotion of my heart, every genuine passion of my nature.

Agriculture was still in its infancy, and the farmer refused to adopt a new and attractive plough because it did not permit the ploughman to walk near enough to his team, that he might twist the tail of the patient bullock.

Masses of men, with dull, besotted faces bent to the ground, sharpened here and there by pain or cunning; skin and muscle and flesh begrimed with smoke and ashes; stooping all night over boiling caldrons of metal, laired by day in dens of drunkenness and infamy; breathing from infancy to death an air saturated with fog and grease and soot, vileness for soul and body.

I want you to look back, as he does every day, at his birth in vice, his starved infancy; to remember the heavy years he has groped through as boy and man,the slow, heavy years of constant, hot work.

Throughout their extreme infancy the family throve; but the time came when the devoted mother was no longer able to supply sufficient nutriment for five lusty youngsters.

Agnes had been familiar with this picture from early infancy.

If the days of Cain and Abel were the infancy of the world,as we have sometimes heard,when will it come to maturity?

George Minafer is a spoilt and egotistical cad, and as we pursue his unpleasant personality from infancy onward our impatience with the adoring relatives who allow the impossible little bounder to turn their lives to tragedy becomes more and more pronounced.

"I have a long series of insults to avenge," said Nicholas, flushed with passion; "and my indignation is aggravated by the dastardly cruelties practised on helpless infancy in this foul den.

It is true, the law was on the point of liberating these slaves, leaving a few of the younger to serve for a term of years, that should requite their owners for the care of their infancies and their educations; but this law could not effect an immediate change in the condition of the Clawbonnys.

It is however to be observed, that the interior man, which is the same with his spirit which lives after death, is the form of his love, and not so the exterior man which lives in this world, because the latter has learnt from infancy to conceal the desires of his love; yea, to make a pretence and show of desires which are different from his own.

The angel then said, "All the inhabitants of this mountain appear at a distance like infants, because they are in a state of innocence; and infancy is the appearance of innocence."

But the virtue or potency of conjugial love we deduce from an uninterrupted state of bodily health continuing from infancy to old age; for the man who always retains a sound constitution and enjoys a continual freedom from sickness, feels his vigor unabated, while his fibres, nerves, muscles, and sinews, are neither torpid, relaxed, nor feeble, but retain the full strength of their powers: farewell."

That ancient code of law would have acted, we may imagine, as a kind of catechism of the rules laid down by the State for the conduct of its citizens, and as a reminder that though the State had outgrown the rough legal clothing of its infancy, it had from the very beginning undertaken the duty of regulating the conduct of its citizens in their relations with each other.

It was written by the young Cicero, after he had repented and undertaken to reform, not to his father himself, but to the faithful friend and freedman of his father, Tiro, who afterwards edited the collection of letters in which he inserted it.[305] It is on the whole a pleasing letter, and seems to show real affection for Tiro, who had known the writer from his infancy.

Nor, on the other hand, would he permit the master, to throw off the responsibility of instructing her children, nor the care and expense of their helpless infancy and rearing.

Children of both sexes, from infancy to ten years are seen in companies on the plantations, in a state of perfect nudity.

My parents were slaveholders, and moved from Virginia to Madison county, Alabama, during my infancy.

Nor, on the other hand, would he permit the master, to throw off the responsibility of instructing her children, nor the care and expense of their helpless infancy and rearing.

In another speech delivered on a similar occasion, he says: "Many of the new freemen may still be said to be in their infancy of freedom, and like children are wayward.

In spite of the community in language and institutions, which was so favourable to union, the people of the several states had many local prejudices which tended to destroy the union in its infancy.

Do not their complexion and features tell all the world that they are the blood of negroes, and have sucked slavery & cruelty from their infancy?

The real interest of America for the next century to the student of civilisation will be the development of these attempts, now in their infancy, to create and realise out of this racial hotchpotch, this human chaos, an idea, of the collective commonwealth as the datum of reference for every individual life.

New patterns in sex teaching; the normal sex interests of children and their guidance from infancy to adolescence.

Diseases of infancy and childhood; a textbook for the use of students and practitioners.

HOLT, L. EMMETT, JR. Diseases of infancy and childhood.

Diseases of infancy and childhood.

Diseases of infancy and childhood.

From infancy to adolescence.

From infancy to adolescence.

WALSH, FRANK B. Diseases of infancy and childhood.

Infectious diseases of infancy and childhood.

Infectious diseases of infancy and childhood.

TALBOT, FRITZ B. The internal secretary system and metabolism in infancy and childhood.

New patterns in sex teaching; the normal sex interests of children and their guidance from infancy to adolescence.

Diseases of infancy and childhood; a textbook for the use of students and practitioners.

HOLT, L. EMMETT, JR. Diseases of infancy and childhood.

Diseases of infancy and childhood.

Diseases of infancy and childhood.

Intracranial tumors of infancy and childhood.

SEE Cattell, James L. BUCHANAN, DOUGLAS N. Intracranial tumors in infancy and childhood.

SEE Hacker, Louis M. BUCY, PAUL C. Intracranial tumors of infancy and childhood.

SAUER, LOUIS W. From infancy through childhood.

BZOCH, KENNETH R. Assessing language skills in infancy; a handbook for the multidimensional analysis of emergent language, by Kenneth R. Bzoch & Richard League.

He and his twin-brother had been adopted from infancy by the Sergeants' Mess and had lived in peace and plentyin fact in too much plenty, for I regret to say that Daisy's brother died of drink from having formed the discreditable habit of emptying all the dregs of the Sergeants' beer mugs into his own inside.

The French, who are obliged to celebrate so many aeras of revolution, who have demolished Bastilles and destroyed tyrants, seem at this moment to be in a political infancy, struggling against despotism, and emerging from ignorance and barbarity.

Besides the man of my love, and the payrents that begot me, seven sons of my body have I laid in the grave, three in infancy of summer-complaint, two with the choking-disease, two with typhoid; and in all this I never once lifted up my voice ag'in' God, but bore it still and patient, even when I were reduced down to just John, my sorriest son, and little Evy, my onliest daughter and the child of my prayer.

It is the story of three little children, barely out of infancy, awaking, playing, eating, wondering, slumbering, in solitude through a summer day in an old tower.

As a rule the attempt to make infancy interesting in literature ends in maudlin failure.

The sublimest canticle to be heard on earth is the stammering of the human soul on the lips of infancy.

If the carelessness of infancy is caught with this perfection of finish, there is a tragic companion piece in the horror and gnawing anguish of the wretched woman from whom her young have been takenher rescue from death, her fierce yearnings for them like the yearnings of a beast, her brute-like heedlessness of her life and her body in the cruel search.

The legend concerning him is, that at the age of six months he addressed his father, telling him that all of Akbar's children must die in infancy, unless some child died for them.

I should have told my Reader, that whilst Florio lived at the House of his Foster-father, he was always an acceptable Guest in the Family of Eudoxus, where he became acquainted with Leonilla from her Infancy.

I thank Heaven I have no outrageous Offence against my own excellent Parents to answer for; but when I am now and then alone, and look back upon my past Life, from my earliest Infancy to this Time, there are many Faults which I committed that did not appear to me, even till I my self became a Father.

For, as you had always the greatest Respect for my Mother, you were pleased from my Infancy to form me, to commend me, and kindly to presage I should be one day what my Wife fancies I am.

Caxton was both the translator and printer of the Destruction of Troye; a book which, in that infancy of learning, was considered as the best account of the fabulous ages, and which, though now driven out of notice by authors of no greater use or value, still continued to be read in Caxton's English to the beginning of the present century.

I learned that none of the shapely hands displayed on the black vests, had ever used other implement of toil than a pistol, bowie-knife or slave-whip; that any other tool would ruin the reputation of the owner of the taper digits; but they did not lose caste by horsewhipping the old mammys from whose bosoms they had drawn life in infancy.

Her invention was adopted by her friend Mrs. Bloomer, editor and proprietor of the Lily, a small paper then in infancy in Syracuse, N.Y., and from her, the dress took its name"the bloomer."

From my birth I have enjoyed the right of primogeniture; but I was succeeded by five brothers and one sister, all of whom were snatched away in their infancy.

The infancy of Dr. Swift pass'd on without any marks of distinction.

It is told of Kepler, that he believed the planets were borne through the skies in the arms of angels; but science shortly took a wider sweep, killed off the angels, and showed that the wandering luminaries had been accustomed from infancy to take care of themselves.

The first of these degenerates was Marie Elizabeth, who was born one August day in the year 1695, and who from her earliest infancy was her father's pet and favourite.

In his view idiocy is only a prolonged infancy, in which the infantile grace and intelligence having passed away, there remains only the feeble muscular development and mental weakness of that earliest stage of growth.

It is yet in its infancy; but we hope to see, ere many years have passed, in every State of our Union, asylums reared, where these waifs of humanity shall be gathered, and such training given them as may develope in the highest degree possible the hitherto rudimentary faculties of their minds, and render them capable of performing, in some humble measure, their part in the drama of life.

My mother had eleven children altogether, but only nine survived their infancy, and of these nine, my eldest brother, Ben, and my sister Florence have since died.

"Like the mud pies of infancy!"

I remember being told, in early infancy, that Santa Claus always came into a house through the chimney; and although I accepted the statement with the unreasoning faith of childhood, I could never understand how that singular feat of climbing down a chimney could be safely accomplished.

The lapse of aeons touches us as little as the reach of space; even the building of our planet, and man's infancy, have the faint and distant reality of cradle records.

CHRISTINA, MARIA, daughter of Francis I. of Naples, and wife of Ferdinand VII. of Spain, on whose death she acted for four years as regent, during the infancy of her daughter Isabella (1806-1878).

Space perception in early infancy: perception within a common auditory space?

The art of computer graphic designs is still at its infancy.

When the Constitution was written, constitutional democracy was still in its infancy, and the founding fathers of Switzerland had little in the way of examples.

Due to the original developer disappearing at launch in March 2014, early cryptocurrency miners and enthusiasts kept the network alive and healthy during New York Coin's infancy.

During infancy patterns of behavior are established on which other long-term relationships are built.

But none of them look nearly as cool as this idea published in a tech magazine from 1918, a time when radio broadcasting was in its infancy and the first TV shows were still decades away.

Wayne is preceded in death by his wife Barbara Ann; his parents; one son, Wayne Roger Jr.; brothers, Larry and Boyd Steffens and brother, George, in infancy.