1319 examples of infancies in sentences

A sister, I think, that should have been Elizabeth, died in both our infancies.

"Water parted from the sea," "In Infancy.

We have here an excellent example of his whimsical blending of truth and invention: brothers and sisters he denies, yet admits one sister, Elizabeth, who died in both their infancies.

If you consider how essential to such a masterpiece is inoculation in the tender age of childhood, the missionary system appears no longer only as the acme of human importunity, arrogance and impertinence, but also as an absurdity, if it doesn't confine itself to nations which are still in their infancy, like Caffirs, Hottentots, South Sea Islanders, etc.

The lovely lines of Henry Vaughan might be taken as a type of thousands more: "Happy those early days, when I Shined in my Angel infancy.

All the innocent pleasures of infancy, the joys of the hearth, the charm of the domestic circle, the flow and sparkle of childish gaity, were by them but little appreciated.

Her sister, whose name is unknown, that aunt who had so tenderly protected the delicate boy, and nursed him through the sickness of his infancy, seems to have inspired him with an affection of unusual warmth.

Weakened both in mind and body by the continuous maladies of an orphaned infancy, kept under the cruel tyranny of a barbarous slave, the unhappy youth had lived in despised obscurity among the members of a family who were utterly ashamed of him.

But when Death riots, when with whelming sway Destruction sweeps a family away; When Infancy and Youth, a huddled mass, All in an instant to oblivion pass, And Parent's hopes are crush'd; what lamentation Can reach the depth of such a desolation?

It is true, the law was on the point of liberating these slaves, leaving a few of the younger to serve for a term of years, that should requite their owners for the care of their infancies and their educations; but this law could not effect an immediate change in the condition of the Clawbonnys.

The changes of these two faculties are perpetual with man from infancy even to the end of his life, and afterwards to eternity, 185.

INFANCY is the appearance of innocence, 75.

The innocence of infancy is the cause of the love called storge, 395.

Innocence corresponds to infancy, and also to nakedness, 413.

When they come to the innocence of wisdom, the innocence of infancy is adjoined to them, which in the mean time had served them as a plane, 413.

The mind is successively opened from infancy even to extreme old age, 102.

The state of a man's life from infancy, even to the end of life, is continually changing, 185.

The common states of a man's life are called infancy, childhood, youth, manhood, and old age, 185.

The innocence of infancy is the cause of the love called storge, 395.

From infancy to the age of twelve or eighteen months, milk is the natural and proper food.

"Three months passed in this melancholy concealment, yet she who had been habituated from infancy to all the indulgences of wealth, never once breathed a word of complaint.

Brought up in affluence, inured from my infancy to the gratification of every passion, the indulgence of every wish, it is not strange that a life of dissipation and gayety should prove alluring to a youthful mind which had no care but to procure what is deemed enjoyment.

ushered into the world by the best of mothers; entitled by birthright to virtue and honor; defended by parental love from the weakness of infancy and childhood, by guardian wisdom from the perils of youth, and by affluent independence from the griping hand of poverty in more advanced life!

But then the infancy and youth of those creatures are so short.

But with our young the helpless periods of infancy and youth are so long.

1319 examples of  infancies  in sentences