97 examples of infantas in sentences

And first before the King he passed, with reverence stooping low, And next he bowed him to the Queen, and the Infantas all a-row; Then to his lady's grace he turned, and she to him did throw A scarf from out her balcony was whiter than the snow.

The Portuguese ladies who came to England with the Infanta in 1662 were not used to the custom; but, as Pepys says, in ten days they had 'learnt to kiss and look freely up and down.'

I am accustomed to regard every dayeven of the infantas a miniature life.

Did not the first of these take his young master to the kingdom of Spain, in order to marry the infanta, and then break off the match for no cause at all?

In the Tower of the Infantas, a number of workmen were busy restoring the interior, which has been cruelly damaged.

Isabella, Infanta of Spain.

From the manner in which you spoke of the Infanta, it nevertheless appeared as though a rich heiress would not be unacceptable; but surely you do not expect that Heaven will resuscitate in your favour a Marguerite de Flandres, a Marie de Bourgogne, or even permit Elizabeth of England to grow young again.

Isabella Clara Eugenia, Infanta of Spain, was the second daughter of Philip II.

Meanwhile the young Duc de Mayenne had taken leave of the Court, and departed with a brilliant suite for Madrid, to demand the hand of the Infanta for the King of France; and on the same day the Duque de Pastrano left the Spanish capital on his way to Paris to solicit that of Madame Elisabeth for the Prince of Spain.

The contract between Louis XIII and the Infanta was meanwhile completed on the 22d of the month in the Spanish capital; and at the close of the ceremony the Duc de Mayenne was conducted to an audience-chamber in which Philip was seated with the betrothed Prince and Princess on his right and left, awaiting his arrival.

After having profoundly saluted the King in perfect silence, the Duke approached the Infanta, to whom he addressed himself as to the Queen of France.

The troops by whom the august travellers were attended consisted of a thousand horsemen, and the royal bodyguard amounted to three thousand men, who were placed under the command of the Duc de Guise, who was also to accompany Madame Elisabeth to the frontier of the kingdom, and to receive the Infanta, whom he was to conduct to the capital of Guienne, where their Majesties were to await her.

De Luynes, to whom such a mission appeared peculiarly adapted, presented to the Infanta the letters of welcome with which he had been entrusted by Louis XIII and his mother, and which were received by the Princess with an undisguised delight that the favourite did not fail to report to his royal master.

I undertook and accomplished a successful negotiation for the marriage of the King my son with the Infanta of Spain; our ancient rival England has become our ally; Germany has learnt to fear us; and the Princes of Italy have bowed their heads before our triumphant banners.

But it would appear that the French Princess whom he so tenderly loved in after-years made, on this occasion, no impression upon his mind; as, still eager to convince himself that the Spanish Infanta was as beautiful as the miniature in his possession, he set forth on the following day for Madrid, as he had originally intended.

Was the King in treaty for the hand of the Infanta of Aragon?


Memoirs of a Spanish princess, H. R. H. the Infanta Eulalia.

(Pub. abroad as Memoirs of Her Royal Highness the Infanta Eulalia)

Memoirs of a Spanish princess, H.R.H. the Infanta Eulalia SEE Eulalia, Infanta of Spain.

Memoirs of a Spanish princess, H.R.H. the Infanta Eulalia SEE Eulalia, Infanta of Spain.

The Infanta had already started for Madrid; the Regent's two daughters, the young widow of Louis I. and Mdlle. de Beaujolais, promised to Don Carlos, were on their way back to France; the advisers of Louis XV. were still looking out for a wife for him.

To Joseph was granted, in those hours of distress and danger, the high privilege of providing for the safety of the Holy Infanta circumstance much enlarged upon in the old legends, and to express this more vividly, he is sometimes represented in early Greek art as carrying the Child in his arms, or on his shoulder, while Mary follows on the ass.

[Footnote 1: Upon the breach of the match between the King of England and the Infanta of Spain; and particularly upon the old quarrel of the King of Bohemia and the Palatinate.]

The said Revolution now rules in the Provinces of Cavite, Batangas, Mindoro, Tayabas, Laguna, Morong, Bulacan, Bataan, Pampanga, Neuva-Ecija, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Union, Infanta, and Zambales, and it holds besieged the capital of Manila.

97 examples of  infantas  in sentences