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Do we say   infect   or  infest

Do we say infect or infest

infect 316 occurrences

Taurellus adds "by clancular poisons he can infect the bodies, and hinder the operations of the bowels, though we perceive it not, closely creeping into them," saith

reports confidently, that he conferred with sundry such, that had been so carried many miles, and that he heard witches themselves confess as much; hurt and infect men and beasts, vines, corn, cattle, plants, make women abortive, not to conceive, barren, men and women unapt and unable, married and unmarried, fifty several ways, saith Bodine, lib.

May Gula, the mother (nurse), the great Lady, infect his bowels with a poison, and that he void pus and blood like water.

Obliging little boys almost always find that those they live with, are obliging too; while quarrelsome boys usually find it their fortune to fall among quarrelsome companions; for good temper and bad temper are both contagious and infect all those who come in contact with them.

Besides, I should be apprehensive lest the same Arts which are to enable him to negotiate between Potentates might a little infect his ordinary behaviour between Man and Man.

"There is contagion enough in those clothes to infect a whole city," said Rainbird, who regarded them with different feelings.

The discharge obtained from the sole in these cases very often bears the character we have just described, and when one considers the thinness of the keratogenous membrane, one is bound to admit that changes so grave occurring in it cannot fail to spread and infect the periosteum.

The organisms of pus may infect the joint by extension of a suppurating process from without.

and did it infect any of Saxon root?

The word malaria (bad air), which it is the sad privilege of Italy to have lent to all languages to express the cause of intermittent and pernicious fevers, represents, then, among the majority of our rural populations, the idea of an agent which may infect any sort of country, whatever may be its hydraulic and topographical conditions, and whatever may be its geological formation.

All admit that it may be conveyed by contact, that one leaf may infect its neighbors, and that birds, flies, rabbits, and other ground game may carry the disease from one plant to another and from one crop to another.

Many times the impact was too rough; the noses of the children would flatten against the folds of the metallic garb; but the fervor of the crowd seemed to infect the little ones.

It is clear enough now that the implication was mere calumny; the notion that Washington was either aiming at monarchy or was conniving at it through ignorance was a grotesque travesty of the shameful situation that actually existed; but fictions, pretenses, slanders, and calumnies that would never have been allowed utterance if the Administration and Congress had stood face to face now had opportunity to spread and infect public opinion.

The seditious poet, not content with making an open attack upon us, by declaring, in plain terms, that he looks upon freedom as the only source of publick happiness, and national security, has endeavoured with subtilty, equal to his malice, to make us suspicious of our firmest friends, to infect our consultations with distrust, and to ruin us by disuniting us.

When young backsliding Moravians appeared in the war parties, as cruel and murderous as their associates, the whites were warranted in feeling doubtful as to whether their example might not infect the remainder of their people.

; one cannot be very intellectual when sad at heart, and I fear my dullness will infect the others.'

The heart of the tender mother was filled with anxiety and care; she felt and saw that this new French Revolution was likely to infect all Europe, and that Italy, above all, would be unable to avoid this infection.

My sickness to infect you; though much love Makes you too subject to it.

Sore eyes and scabies and all the dirt-carried minor ailments that infect the village; malaria from the mosquitoes that swarm among the rice fields; aching teeth to be pulled; dreaded epidemics of cholera or typhoid, small pox or plague.

They will infect my house with cowardize, if they breath longer in it; my roof covers no baffl'd Monsieurs, walk and air your selves; as I live they stay not here.

They will infect my house with cowardize, If they breathe longer in it; my roofe covers

Escalier des grandeurs et des ignominies, Bagne effrayant des morts, pilori des néants, Saignant, fumant, infect, ce charnier de géants Semblait fait pour pourrir le squelette du monde.

Le porc et le sultan étaient seuls tous les deux; L'un torturé, mourant, maudit, infect, immonde; L'autre, empereur, puissant, vainqueur; maître du monde, Triomphant aussi haut que l'homme peut monter, Comme si le destin eût voulu confronter Les deux extrémités sinistres des ténèbres.

Frederic's Gallic predilections did not infect the country which his arms had rendered forever anti-Gallic and anti-Austrian.

But vainly Emmeline tried in playfulness to infect her brother Herbert with a portion of her jealousy, for she knew not the contents of those letters Mary ever wrote to Herbert, or she would not for one moment have imagined that either Lord Delmont or St. Eval would usurp her brother's place.

A doom so dreadful, so severe, May happy fates thy footsteps guide, And o'er thy peaceful home preside; Nor let Ea's early tomb Infect thee with its baleful gloom.

* * * * * Koulyguin: "I am a jolly fellow, I infect every one with my mood.

It can infect other devices connected to their networks.

Jews were considered by Nazis, a weak race whose weak values would infect the better values of the Aryan race.

Six different strains of coronaviruses infect humans.

The mosquito would bite a person with the disease and would then bite and infect a healthy person.

The most common species to infect man is Cryptosporidium parvum.

They decide which cells the virus can infect.

When there are many phages inside the bacterium, they put enzymes in the bacterium that weaken the outer cell wall so they can burst through it to infect new bacterias.

He tells them everything that Finch has long thought that the Norsefire found a plague and decided to infect the people to put them in power.

But one thing that I think we might see becoming the norm will be what been the norm in most East and Southeast Asian countries which is the wearing of face masks; not because they are sick, but out of courtesy so that they do not infect other people.

But the most helpful thing we can do for each other right now is not infect each other.

By not identifying those who are infected but don’t have symptoms, spread of the virus will increase as those who don’t know they are infected, infect others.

Cleaning surfaces with disinfectant or soap is very effective because once the oily surface coat of the virus is disabled, there is no way the virus can infect a host cell.

COVID-19 could infect 60 percent of the global population if unchecked.

Currently, Singapore is at Dorscon Yellow, signifying that the virus is severe and can infect from person to person, but is chiefly occurring outside Singapore.

During that time, an infected rallygoer might pass the virus to her grocer, who may pass it to his teenage son, who transmits it to his girlfriend, who could infect her piano teacher.

How to completely destroy an economy and infect the maximum number of people really quickly.

If the results aren’t accurate, someone could believe that they don’t have coronavirus, not self-isolate and go on to infect others, Mayne said.

If the virus runs unchecked it could infect tens of thousands of people, a significant minority of whom could all become severely ill at the same time and overwhelm the NHS - which does not have enough critical care beds for everyone who may need them.

I have patients with long-term conditions and respiratory diseases who are genuinely worried that the coronavirus might infect them, and are thereforelooking for professional advice.

Instead, it was the result of the alien race known as the Brood laying their eggs within Galactus' body, which created an evolution of the species that was able to infect and assimilate so many into their hive mind.

And if we infect our customers, we're on our own?"

And it was nearly impossible to do contact tracing because the flu seemed to infect and panic entire cities and communities all at once.

It’s a concern we could have a case of COVID-19 in the community we don’t know about, which could infect other people.

Knowing that maybe they can infect their parents.

Like the effect of vaccinating members of a population, high levels of immunity in the best populations can have a 'herd immunity effect' because these highly resistant animals will no longer infect other animals.

And the tainted Word file that had been downloaded from phishing emails to initially infect the Olympic systems had strong similarities to documents that had been used to attack Ukrainian LGBT groups the previous yeara fairly obvious Russian target.

Other coronaviruses known to infect humans can damage crucial nerves that carry information to and from the brain.

Other scientists say London is more densely populated, which will have allowed the deadly virus to spread easier and infect thousands more people.

Researchers say the virus would have to infect the mosquito and multiply inside of it in order for the mosquito to pass it on to people.

She took the host of Clementine and used her to infect the other hosts and make them turn on and kill each other.

So if you’re doing ransomware, that’s meant to just scatter widely and infect as many people as possible you’re going to have more targets on Windows than you are on Mac.

Soldiers with the state’s National Guard cyber unit have helped hospital IT workers scour the programming code in hundreds of computers and other devices, line-by-line, to wipe any remaining malicious code that could re-infect the system.

So now it’s wear a mask or the coronavirus will get you (unless you’re at a Black Lives Matter protest, of course; the virus knows better than to infect the righteous), or don’t wear a mask so that al-Qaeda doesn’t get you.

The restaurants themselves are so closely packed and enclosed in small enclosed spaces that 1 infected person will likely infect the whole room.

The R number was revealed to be 1.19, meaning that 100 contagious people will infect 119 others.

The Windows maker has been successful in a court bid to take down fifty domains used for spear attacks that would both steal personal data and upload malware to infect IT systems.

They don’t want to infect other people.

This was an initiative aimed at identifying and preventing animal viruses that might someday infect humans.

This will have prompted many parents to treat them, said Mumcuoglu, a man so committed to lice research that he has been known to infect his hair to observe the behavior of the little critters.

To Bergamo’s mayor, the biggest single source of his town’s misery was likely a hospital in the region where a patient was admitted without being diagnosed with the coronavirus, enabling him to infect others.

At the very same time Trump and his fellow-travellers defend people’s freedom to infect others or become infected with Covid-19, they’re inviting government to intrude into the most intimate aspects of personal life, writes Robert Reich.

At What Point Does A Person With COVID-19 Begin To Infect Another?

A World Health Organization spokesperson said the virus could eventually infect every country on the planet and that it 'has pandemic potential'.

We are interested in the broad differences between how biology performs on Earth versus in space, and we chose to work with bacteria and the phages that infect them because they are the simplest thing to test, Raman explains.

We're clearly seeing "super spreaders" - people who are able to infect large numbers of other people in a short amount of time.

What happens is that this 21-day lockdown slows down the infection rate because you have removed people and taken them to isolation centres and they haven’t been able to infect as many people as if they were freely roaming around.

What ZecOps discovered is a serious vulnerability in Apple’s iOS Mail app which allows an attacker to remotely infect an iPhone and gain control over their inbox.

When visitors click through to a malicious website, background code will then infect them with malware.

Without lots of vulnerable people to infect, it dies off.

You are free as shiat to go out and infect everyone.

You are propagating the outbreak, Fauci said, which means that you’re going to infect someone, who will infect someone, who then will have a serious consequence.

You are propagating the outbreak, Fauci said, which means that you’re going to infect someone, who will infect someone, who then will have a serious consequence.

You may be fine, but you may infect a loved one who will not be.

Cut into clean wood, remove any diseased material that could infect the tree and make sure you disinfect all pruning tools between trees.

Getting people around the world to test themselves for HIV could help bring the HIV/AIDS epidemic under control, by finding infected patients earlier before they infect others, a new study suggests.

How can WannaCry infect my computer?

HPV is common and has about 30 different types that infect the genital area.

Human CD4 and CCR5 are typically used by HIV to enter and infect human cells.

In contrast, a product was not produced when DNA from viruses which infect the marine brown algae Ectocarpus siliculosis and Feldmannia sp. (Phaeophyceae) was used, suggesting that these viruses may not be closely related to those infecting microalgae.

Investigator Coombs and trainees have been studying the selective pressures on viruses at multiple scales: viruses compete for cell resources within a single infected cell, for cells to infect within a host, and for hosts to infect within a population.

Investigator Coombs and trainees have been studying the selective pressures on viruses at multiple scales: viruses compete for cell resources within a single infected cell, for cells to infect within a host, and for hosts to infect within a population.

Keith Warriner has discovered a method that could effectively eliminate contaminations by combining an antagonistic bacterium naturally found on tomatoes with viruses that infect the pathogen and introducing the solution to the plant.

Lakes in Alberta often support high biodiversity of animals we recognize and the parasites that infect them.

An infected person can then infect new lice, which can then continue to transmit the disease.

Once the CD4 cell is destroyed, the new HIV viruses made in that cell are released and can infect other CD4 cells.

Parents often bring sick children to daycare-where they infect others-because they can't or don't want to take a day off work.

Several species of ticks, including some that are found in Canada, carry anaplasma organisms in their tissues and infect cattle or bison through feeding activity at different stages of their life cycle.

Stealth viruses could also be tailored to secretly infect a targeted population for an extended period using the threat of activation to blackmail the target.

Stemphylium tends to infect dead tissue or wounds, often as a result of herbicide damage, insect feeding or from extreme weather.

The most crucial area of your tooth is the pulp, and the decay will attempt to infect the pulp quickly.

Therefore, it IS possible to infect someone with HIV via needle - though it is difficult to do.

Web sites such as Twitter are becoming increasingly favored by hackers as places to plant malicious software in order to infect computers, according to a new study covering Web application security vulnerabilities.

When wind, rain or gardeners touch the infected plant the spores are released into the air where they are able to infect the next plant they land on.

infest 163 occurrences

Mrs. Boyle had removed here from Baltimore, a few years before her own death, that she might be with her brother through his long and fatal illness; and, finding her health improved by change of air, had occupied his house ever since, until one of those typhoid fevers that infest such river-gorges at certain seasons of the year entered the village about the mills, when, in visiting the sick, she took the epidemic herself and died.

The localised defence could not attempt to drive off hostile cruisers remaining far from the shore and meaning to infest the great lines of maritime communication running towards it.

The commerce of the Red Sea has, almost from time immemorial, greatly suffered from the depredations of Arab pirates, who infest the entire coasts.

Pearl fisheries are, from time to time, undertaken off the coast of the Island of Mindanao, and also near smaller islands not far from Cebu, but with little success and less constancy, not because there is a scarcity of fine pearls of a bright color and considerable size, but on account of the divers' want of skill and their just dread of the sharks, which, in great numbers infest these seas.

Its inhabitants, according to the unanimous reports of captives and various merchants, in skill and valor greatly exceed the other Mahometans who infest these seas.

They infest the Macassar Strait, the Celebes Sea, and the Sulu Sea.

He might reduce those wandering Tartars in order, that infest China on the one side, Muscovy, Poland, on the other; and tame the vagabond Arabians that rob and spoil those eastern countries, that they should never use more caravans, or janissaries to conduct them.

Though I have not been in the country of these Tartars, I have been informed that it is flat and agreeable, having neither hill nor mountain; but the inhabitants addict themselves excessively to robbery and plunder, as their sole occupation, and continually infest the borders of Russia and Circassia by predatory incursions.

Those who conscientiously believe that no taxes ought to be paid for the support of religion, and those who wish that religion might no more infest the residence of men, were addressed with considerations adapted to their respective cases.

"What passions can infest those," said the prince, "who have no rivals?

"Many other evils infest private life.

In a dedicatory letter, Fielding explained that the book was "sincerely designed to promote the cause of virtue, and to expose some of the most glaring evils, as well public as private, which at present infest the country."

The road from Scanderoon to this place lies mostly along the shore of the gulf, at the foot of Akma Dagh, and is reckoned dangerous on account of the marauding bands of Koords who infest the mountains.

Are there brigands on our path?" "Such rogues have been known to infest the place, but, in general, there is too little to be gained for the risk.

There is always a strong military detachment here for the security of the road against robbers, who occasionally infest this neighbourhood.

Every peasant is a sportsman and goes constantly armed with fire-arms, not only to kill game, but to defend himself against robbers, who infest the environs of Rome, and who sometimes carry their audacity so far as to push their reconnaissances close to the very walls of the city.

At four o'clock in the afternoon I started on my return to Rome; it was imprudent not to have started sooner, as it is always dangerous to be outside the walls of Rome after dark, in consequence of the brigands who infest the environs and sometimes come close to the walls of the city.

It is quite possible that you may need it even before you reach White Plains; there are many marauding parties who infest the country beyond us."

These are herded by quaintly dressed Mongolian Tartars, on wonderful shaggy-haired horses, who ride at a furious pace around their flocks and guard them from attack by the wolves which infest this part of the world.

There is a round-worm which at times infests the dog's bladder, and may cause occlusion of the urethra; a whip-worm inhabiting the caecum; another may occupy a position in the mucous membrane of the stomach; some infest the blood, and others the eye.

Aquatic birds spring upon the trees to avoid the cayman and serpents that infest the temporary lakes.

Nor must I omit under this Head, those excessive Alarms with which several boisterous Rusticks infest our Streets in Turnip Season; and which are more inexcusable, because these are Wares which are in no Danger of Cooling upon their Hands.

You have been pleas'd, out of a concern for the good of your Countrymen, to act under the Character of SPECTATOR, not only the Part of a Looker-on, but an Overseer of their Actions; and whenever such Enormities as this infest the Town, we immediately fly to you for Redress.

We are compelled, too, to remain in Rome from the state of the country, it being not safe to travel on account of brigands who now infest the roads.

The banditti which infest our neighboring Republic of Mexico, always claiming to belong to one or other of the hostile parties, might make a sudden descent on Vera Cruz or on the Tehuantepec route, and he would have no power to employ the force on shipboard in the vicinity for their relief, either to prevent the plunder of our merchants or the destruction of the transit.

what shelter but the grave? "To me congenial is the gloom of night, "The savage howlings that infest the air; "I unappall'd can view the fatal light, "That flashes from the pointed lightning's glare.

He was the very incarnation of reaction against revolution, and he became the demigod of that horde of petty despots who infest Central Europe.

Our caravan proceeded without impediment to Tehran; but the dangerous part of the journey was yet to come, as a tribe of Turcomans were known to infest the road.

"The cheapest way," he said, "to fortify New York will be to banish the scoundrels that infest it."

They were, however, wonderfully clean, and civil and honourable in their traffic, compared with the filthy, ribald, over-reaching hucksters who infest our markets; and it was gratifying to hear that the Jersey people encouraged their visits, and treated them with hospitality and respect.

Jealousy is like an ardent fire against those who infest love exercised towards a married partner, and like a terrible fear for the loss of that love.


These, being spiritual, in their marriage regard union as an end, and in union spiritual rest and the pleasantness thereof: now, as they have rejected disunion from their minds, therefore their jealousy is like a fire stirred up and darting forth against those who infest them.

Their happiness is the sport of every whim, and the prey of every passion that may, occasionally, or habitually, infest the master's bosom.

Badgers and foxes, with all their vices, are preferable to the hyenas which used to infest this part of France, as is proved by the bones found in the larger caverns.

Only think of the horrors of a house without a queenYawning servants, negligent housekeepers, extorting tradespeople,these and a thousand other annoyances, for which you have no relief, because you cannot stoop to meddle or make in such transactionsare the agitations which perpetually infest the domestic commonwealth of a bachelor.

If the women that infest this city had the same opportunity of escaping from their miseries, I believe very little force would be necessary; for who among them can dread any change?

Let him therefore lay down his employment, whatever it be, who can no longer exert his former activity or attention; let him not endeavour to struggle with censure, or obstinately infest the stage till a general hiss commands him to depart.

Then again she may have struck one of the countless reefs that infest that portion of the globe, some entirely invisible and others just about awash.

"Birds that live on cows," the Tahitians call the minas, because where there are enough ruminants each bird selects one, and spends the day upon its back, eating the insects that infest its skin.

Within doors they infest, harpy-like, the dinner-table Diripiuntque dapes, contactuque omnia foedant Immundo and hover in impending clouds over the sugar basin at tea; in the pantry it is buz; in the dairy it is buz; in the kitchen it is buz; one loud, long-continued, and monotonous buz!

But all that danger is gone by, and so I trust will that of this bloody war, in which we have both been actors; and then I humbly hope his sacred Majesty will have leisure to turn his royal mind to the pirates who infest the coast, and to order some of his stout naval captains to mete out to the rogues the treatment they are so fond of giving unto others.

How dare you infest the seas with your misdeeds?"

But the mild swallow none with, toils infest, And none the soft Chaonian bird molest.

But in the Motherland they still infest

Diseases that infest th

A sort of bed and board wormslocusts that infest our house; a leprosy that long has hung upon its walls and princely apartments, reaching to fill all the corners of my brother's once noble heart.

Now they infest society clad in the most immaculate of evening clothes.

And since the opposite weaknesses infest the nature of man fallen, if we will be true to the rules of contraries we must conclude that these perfections were the lot of man innocent.... Having thus surveyed the image of God in the soul of man, we are not to omit now those characters of majesty that God imprinted upon the body.

When the French decreed the extinction of the tribe of curs that infest the streets, no native executioner could be found to put the exterminating law in force; nay, the very measure excited popular indignation.

How useful would he have been in these latter days, when irresponsible managers infest the profession and turn an honest penny by trading on the credulity and unbusinesslike qualities of many a deluded player.

They consist, first, of the Mansion, a spacious two-storied building, in the style of the Yankee-Grecian villas which infest New England towns, with piazzas supported by Doric columns, and a cupola which is surmounted by a beehive, the peculiar emblem of the Mormons, although there is not a single honey-bee in the Territory.

This cursory review of the domestic condition of the Mormons would not be complete without some allusion to the Indians who infest the whole country.

And I wanted to astonish him, not knowing he was an Anarchist, and took up a cultivation of that new species of Bacterium I was telling you of that infest, and I think cause, the blue patches upon various monkeys; and, like a fool, I said it was Asiatic cholera.

They must either perish slowly of hunger, or be swallowed by the snakes that infest such places and are attracted to the nests by the clamoring of the starving orphans.

Strong hurricanes blow; large rats multiply and infest the roads and houses and attack persons in their sleep; starlings scream in their cages, storks imitate the hooting of owls and goats the howling of jackals; cows bring forth foals and camels mules; food in the moment of being eaten is filled with worms; fire burns with discoloured flames and at sunset and sunrise the air is traversed by headless and hideous spirits.'

However, a couple of hundred Hurons and Miamis, under Brant and McKee, were kept together, and moved southwards between the Kentucky and Salt rivers, intending "to attack some of the small forts and infest the roads."

Cherokee war bands had already begun to harry the frontier and infest the Kentucky Wilderness Road.

No such transformation was near taking place in the case of the invasions of the Saracens in Southern Gaul; they continued to infest Aquitania, Septimania, and Provence; their robber-hordes appeared frequently on the coasts of the Mediterranean and the banks of the Rhone, at Aigues-Mortes, at Marseilles, at Arles, and in Camargue; they sometimes penetrated into Dauphine, Rouergue, Limousin, and Saintonge.

It was really a definitive victory, and yet it did not end the struggle; the Mussulmans remained masters in Spain, and continued to infest Southern France, Italy, and Sicily, preserving even, at certain points, posts which they used as starting-points for distant ravages.

If ghosts from hell infest our poisoned air, Those ghosts have entered these base bodies here.

But what renders our situation still more deplorable, is the existence of an innumerable band of spies, who infest all public places, and all private societies.

But what renders our situation still more deplorable, is the existence of an innumerable band of spies, who infest all public places, and all private societies.

"The cares that infest the day" do not ride into the presence of that roast beef and plum pudding on the wrinkles of any man's forehead, however business affairs may go with him outside.

Shou'd hope and fear thy heart alternate tear, Or love, or hate, or rage, or anxious care, Whatever passions may thy mind infest, (Where is that mind which passions ne'er molest?

I have here only pointed at the whole Species of False Humourists; but as one of my principal Designs in this Paper is to beat down that malignant Spirit, which discovers it self in the Writings of the present Age, I shall not scruple, for the future, to single out any of the small Wits, that infest the World with such Compositions as are ill-natured, immoral and absurd.

I might here entertain my Reader with Historical Remarks on this idle profligate People, [who ] infest all the Countries of Europe, and live in the midst of Governments in a kind of Commonwealth by themselves.

These, said the Genius, are Envy, Avarice, Superstition, Despair, Love, with the like Cares and Passions that infest human Life.

Nor must I omit under this Head, those excessive Alarms with which several boisterous Rusticks infest our Streets in Turnip Season; and which are more inexcusable, because these are Wares which are in no Danger of Cooling upon their Hands.

You have been pleas'd, out of a concern for the good of your Countrymen, to act under the Character of SPECTATOR, not only the Part of a Looker-on, but an Overseer of their Actions; and whenever such Enormities as this infest the Town, we immediately fly to you for Redress.

Spectacles of this Nature every where occur; and it is unaccountable, that amongst the many lamentable Cries that infest this Town, your Comptroller-General should not take notice of the most shocking, viz.

We can discover that where there is universal innocence, there will probably be universal happiness; for, why should afflictions be permitted to infest beings who are not in danger of corruption from blessings, and where there is no use of terrour nor cause of punishment?

"Even the grubs that infest the soil now will take to the woods when they hear of the onslaught that's coming.

In another direction they infest the coasting trade of the Cochin Chinese and Siamese nations in the Gulf of Siam, finding sale for their booty, and shelter for themselves in the ports of Tringham, Calantan and Sahang.

The Soolo pirates chiefly confine their depredations to the Phillipine Islands, which they have continued to infest, with little interruption, for near three centuries, in open defiance of the Spanish authorities, and the numerous establishments maintained to check them.

She replied, that, "As to hanging, she thought it no great hardship, for were it not for that, every cowardly fellow would turn pirate, and so infest the seas; and men of courage would starve.

We have stumbled on a lion home, the breeding place of hundreds of lions that infest the north rim of the canyon."

Trichinæ, tapeworms, and various other parasites which infest the flesh of animals, are so common that there is always more or less liability to disease from these sources among consumers of flesh foods.

There are neither monkeys nor rabbits, but rats and mongooses infest the country and sometimes commit dreadful ravages in the sugar-cane.

That the church has incurred heavy blame because of the feebleness of her testimony against such wrongs must now be confessed, and the least she can do to make amends for this infidelity is to speak now and henceforth, with commanding voice, against all the corporate wrongs that infest society.

The insatiable greed of gain is the source of all the dishonesties, the oppressions, the spoliations, the trickeries, the frauds, the adulterations, the cutthroat competitions, the financial piracies, the swindling schemes,all the abuses and mischiefs which infest the world of commerce and finance.

Such intrenched and ingrained iniquities as now infest our society will not be overcome without conflict.

Then war is only a process of development, which threatens terribly and shakes the locks upon its aegis in the face of the brutes which infest its path.

Of Jason, Theseus, and such worthies old, Light seem the tales antiquity has told; Such beasts and monsters as their force oppress'd, Some places only, and some times, infest.

50 Deserted by the Dutch, let nations know We can our own and their great business do; False friends chastise, and common foes restrain, Which, worse than tempests, did infest the main.

The beasts and monsters Hercules oppress'd, Might in that age some provinces infest; These more destructive monsters are the bane Of every age, and in all nations reign; But soon would vanish, if the world were bless'd With sacred love, by which they are repress'd.

May from my bones a new Achilles rise, That shall infest the Trojan colonies With fire, and sword, and famine, when at length Time to our great attempts contributes strength; Our seas, our shores, our armies theirs oppose, And may our children be for ever foes!'

CATTEGAT, an arm of the sea, 150 m. in length and 84 of greatest width, between Sweden and Jutland; a highway into the Baltic, all but blocked up with islands; is dangerous to shipping on account of the storms that infest it at times.

"'And the cares which infest the day,'" added Verry.

These, said the Genius, are Envy, Avarice, Superstition, Despair, Love, with the like Cares and Passions that infest human Life.

In it I have set forth the troubles existing between my own people and the cyprian-rotted criminals that infest Mackinac and the mainland and have described our struggle for chastity and honor against these human vultures.

One benefit they consider that they derive from the process is the destruction of the dreaded rattlesnakes that infest the woodland all over the island; but really the funeral pyre of these hateful reptiles is too costly at this price.

Shall foreign plagues infest this teeming land, And more than sea-born monsters plough the main? "Here the dire locusts' horrid swarms prevail; Here the blue asps with livid poison swell; Here the dry dipsa writhes his sinuous mail; Can we not here secure from envy dwell?

Many other species that may infest a home may serve as a source of allegens such as Pharaoh ants.

The Cleveland Indians social media team took the opportunity on Tuesday to remind the Yankees of the bugs that can infest Progressive Field.

To him, Mali government must not condone external influences that infest the Malian space with debauchery - especially sexual immorality.

Will the virus infest the US military to a point where they are all under quarantine?

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest you-and may your arms be not long enough to reach.

This Moose is in good condition with very little damage to its coat from Winter Ticks, which can infest an animal and cause so much irritation that it rubs off a lot of hair, exposing bare skin to cold and wet.

Unlike weevils, these insects do not infest whole grains, instead preferring milled or otherwise processed grain products such as flour, cereals, and pet foods.