591 examples of infest in sentences

* One-ninth of the whole population of Paris are wholly maintained by funds which the different bureaux of charity distribute for their relief; and still a countless horde of mendicants infest her streets, her quays, and all her public places.

Thence, after more misgivings, he trundled his awkward body across the flat and took a position close to the plane, where, on his haunches, he stood and watched the apparently playful antics of the plane as if he thought it some great bird that had come to infest his domain.

The silly flie, that no redresse did see, Spide where the Eagle built his towring nest, And, kindling fire within the hollow tree, Burnt up his yong ones, and himselfe distrest; Ne suffred him in anie place to rest, But drove in Ioves owne lap his egs to lay; Where gathering also filth him to infest, Forst with the filth his egs to fling away: For which, when as the foule was wroth, said Iove, "Lo!

The noise and disagreeable odour arising from the bull-frogs and other reptiles that infest the swamp opposite the village at night, filled the air, and rendered it impossible for me to sleep.

Shall foreign plagues infest this teeming land, And more than sea-born monsters plough the main? Here the dire locusts' horrid swarms prevail; Here the blue asps with livid poison swell; Here the dry dipsa writhes his sinuous mail; Can we not here secure from envy dwell? When the grim lion urged his cruel chase, When the stern panther sought his midnight prey; What fate reserved me for this Christian race?

At the same time, Cotus's cavalry, which used to infest the neighbourhood of Macedonia, flew to attack Cassius's camp, at which Cassius being alarmed, and having received information of Scipio's approach, and seen the horse, which he imagined to be Scipio's, he betook himself to the mountains that environ Thessaly, and thence began to make his route towards Ambracia.

The localised defence could not attempt to drive off hostile cruisers remaining far from the shore and meaning to infest the great lines of maritime communication running towards it.

Though I have not been in the country of these Tartars, I have been informed that it is flat and agreeable, having neither hill nor mountain; but the inhabitants addict themselves excessively to robbery and plunder, as their sole occupation, and continually infest the borders of Russia and Circassia by predatory incursions.

You have been pleas'd, out of a concern for the good of your Countrymen, to act under the Character of SPECTATOR, not only the Part of a Looker-on, but an Overseer of their Actions; and whenever such Enormities as this infest the Town, we immediately fly to you for Redress.

We are compelled, too, to remain in Rome from the state of the country, it being not safe to travel on account of brigands who now infest the roads.

"To me congenial is the gloom of night, "The savage howlings that infest the air; "I unappall'd can view the fatal light, "That flashes from the pointed lightning's glare.

A strong force in the State of Texas has produced a temporary suspension of hostilities there, but in New Mexico incessant activity on the part of the troops is required to keep in check the marauding tribes which infest that Territory.

Our caravan proceeded without impediment to Tehran; but the dangerous part of the journey was yet to come, as a tribe of Turcomans were known to infest the road.

Jealousy is like a burning fire against those who infest love exercised towards a married partner, and it is a horrid fear for the loss of that love, 368.

A good way to keep them under is to make small holes, about an inch deep, and about the diameter of the little finger, round the plants which they infest.

FOOTNOTES: [Footnote D: This power of supervision, on the part of the guard, might also act as an effective check upon the operations of those swindling gamblers who infest many of our railroadsespecially the express trains of the Edinburgh and Glasgowin which, owing to no stoppage taking place, they exercise their villanous calling with comparative impunity.

Within doors they infest, harpy-like, the dinner-table Diripiuntque dapes, contactuque omnia foedant Immundo and hover in impending clouds over the sugar basin at tea; in the pantry it is buz; in the dairy it is buz; in the kitchen it is buz; one loud, long-continued, and monotonous buz!

But all that danger is gone by, and so I trust will that of this bloody war, in which we have both been actors; and then I humbly hope his sacred Majesty will have leisure to turn his royal mind to the pirates who infest the coast, and to order some of his stout naval captains to mete out to the rogues the treatment they are so fond of giving unto others.

How dare you infest the seas with your misdeeds?"

Now they infest society clad in the most immaculate of evening clothes.

But what renders our situation still more deplorable, is the existence of an innumerable band of spies, who infest all public places, and all private societies.

At length in 1815, their boats began to infest the entrance to the Red Sea; and in 1816, their numbers had so increased on that coast, that a squadron of them commanded by a chief called Ameer Ibrahim, captured within sight of Mocha, four vessels bound from Surat to that port, richly laden and navigating under the British flag, and the crews were massacred.

We have stumbled on a lion home, the breeding place of hundreds of lions that infest the north rim of the canyon.

In Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands, "on Christmas Eve, the fourth of January,for the old style is still observedthe children go a guizing, that is to say, they disguising themselves in the most fantastic and gaudy costumes, parade the streets, and infest the houses and shops, begging for the wherewithal to carry on their Christmas amusements.

Mr. Seigerman, it would surprise you did I give you the figures in round numbers of the cattle that my company have lost by these brand-burning rascals who infest this section.

591 examples of  infest  in sentences