623 examples of inmost in sentences

Thy breath within mine inmost soul, oh, bring!

" In silence, Izdubar the warning heard; His blood with terror froze, and then was stirred By passions wild, when he recalled the scene Of Ishtar's love for him by man unseen; When she so wildly then proclaimed her love; And now with hate his inmost soul doth move, And her bright form to a black dal-khu turned And furious passions on his features burned.

I have had visions in this drear eclipse Of outward consciousness, and clomb the skies, Striving to utter with my earthly lips What the diviner soul had half divined, Even as the Saint in his Apocalypse Who saw the inmost glory, where enshrined Sat He who fashioned glory.

she cometh in her beauty, Stately with a Juno grace, Raven locks, Madonna-braided O'er her sweet and blushing face: Eyes of deepest violet, beaming With the love that knows not shame Lips, that thrill my inmost being With the utterance of a name.

Then a mighty gush of passion Through my inmost being ran; Then my older life was ended, And a dearer course began.

Marcel, who had been brought up by him, and was acquainted with the most secret details of his inmost life, has always assured me that he was nothing of the kind, and that his uncle Ridoux, endowed with the ugliness of Socrates, had also his wisdom.

But he gave only a partial attention; his thoughts were absorbed in his inmost preoccupations.

It was there formerlyfive years ago, quite an abysshe had dreamed of a future embroidered with gold and silk, but it was there also that he had seen his first illusions and his inmost beliefs flee away.

"The intellectual grip of the story," says one critic, "cannot be denied, for it completely conquers the critical sense, and the ideas of the author insinuate themselves, as it were, among one's inmost thoughts."

At last, as it were from his inmost heart, a still, small voice seemed to breathe: "God be merciful to me, a sinner."

As in thy warmth my pulses thrill, Before thy glory and thy might I feel myself a Pagan still, And in my spirit's inmost shrine I half adore thee as divine.

IPHIGENIA Its ancient bands reluctantly my tongue Doth loose, a long hid secret to divulge; For once imparted, it resumes no more The safe asylum of the inmost heart, But thenceforth, as the powers above decree, Doth work its ministry of weal or woe.

IPHIGENIA Mine are not words meant only to deceive; I have to thee my inmost heart reveal'd.

This I implore: for all too easily Through joy and sorrow and through memory Torn and distracted is his inmost being.

The humblest slave, Who had but near'd our sacred household hearth, Is dearly welcome in a foreign land; How with proportion'd joy and blessing, then, Shall I receive the man who doth recall The image of the heroes, whom I learn'd To honor from my parents, and who cheers My inmost heart with flatt'ring gleams of hope!

And as they grew, within their inmost souls There sprang the burning longing to revenge The monarch's death.

Who art thou, that thy voice thus horribly Can harrow up my bosom's inmost depths!

IPHIGENIA Thine inmost heart reveals it.

I from a man unknown With horror turn; but with resistless might My inmost heart impels me to my brother.

So wonderful Is human nature, and its varied ties Are so involv'd and complicate, that none May hope to keep his inmost spirit pure, And walk without perplexity through life.

The cabinets of Spain, England, and France have yielded up their inmost secrets to his indefatigable research.

It covers the whole field, moral, intellectual, and physical, from the smile or the frown on a man's face, up to the most complex of the ideas in his mind; from the expression of his emotions, to their root and relations with one another in his inmost organisation.

It was a holiday, and a group of peasants dressed in the gay and picturesque attire of the neighborhood of the Arno were dancing in an open and level space covered with smooth turf and surrounded with magnificent chestnuts, while the inmost recesses of the forest resounded with their mirth and minstrelsy.

Christianity's inmost truth is that suffering (the Cross) is the real purpose of life; hence it condemns suicide as thwarting this end, while the ancients, from a lower point of view, approved of it, nay, honoured it.

Oh, I do dearly love you in my inmost heart,though some of my letters may seem as if I had lost some home affections to root amongst strangers; but surely the new scenes of life which I have witnessed, since that cold frosty morning when I left you, have tended to make me value more than ever that precious treasure of household love.

623 examples of  inmost  in sentences