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2464 examples of  innocences  in sentences

2464 examples of innocences in sentences

But the chief part of the gratification you receive from smelling a rose, arises from some past scene of delight of which it reminds you; as, of the days of your innocence and childhood, when you ran about the gardenor when you were decorated with nosegaysor danced round a may-pole, (this is rather a free translation)or presented a bunch of flowers to some little favourite.

In this purer spot it is utterly needless to prove the innocence of an exalted being, to whom we are only solicitous to pay that sincere tribute of praise and veneration which we are conscious he deserves.

And now, in Canto IV, I am about to portray childish innocence in the pursuit of bliss.

Yet, for all this, it was between forty and fifty years before his innocence was completely proved!

Had Heaven preserv'd my Innocence intire, That I with confidence might have ador'd you, Though I had been successless; Yet I had liv'd and hop'd, and aim'd to merit you:

If he be a Man of Honour, Cousin, when a Maid protests her Innocence Bell.

The allusion is to Lord Howard of Esrick, who, having been imprisoned in the Tower on a charge connected with the so-called Popish Plot, to prove his innocence took the Sacrament according to the rites of the English church.

They will also recall how Dave Darrin, when accused of treachery to his classmates, patiently bided his time until he, with the aid of some close friends, was able to demonstrate his innocence.

Detectives report they think evidence now points to innocence of man arrested and to former employee as the burglar.

To-day you believe in the innocence of the Prussian military power; but few people in the rest of the world doubt its guilt.

VIII D. XXVIII DORMIT IN PACE Aemilian, sweet soul of marvellous innocence, who lived one year, eight months, twenty-eight days.

I commend to Basilla the innocence of Gemellus.

Some one may have, but that some one was not my client, and it is his guilt or innocence we are considering now, and it is his life and freedom for which you are responsible.

The district attorney made the most of the three facts which he declared inconsistent with the prisoner's innocence, just as Mr. Moffat said he would; but the life was gone from his work, and the result was necessarily unsatisfactory.

I only wish to declare to her, and to you, an innocence I have no means of proving, but which you cannot disbelieve if I swear it, here and now, by your sister Carmel's sacred disfigurement.

For if Helladia should deny everything, as of course she would, and the Emperor should foolishly scruple to put her to the rack, she might probably persuade him of her innocence, and where wouldst thou be then?

" "Oh, Belial," said Lucifer, "I cannot bring myself to be a tempter of so much innocence and loveliness.

Xenophon, the pupil and admirer of the philosopher, expresses in his Memorabilia of Socrates his surprise that the Athenians should have condemned to death a man of such exalted character and transparent innocence.

In the same way, from the grave of one unjustly executed white lilies are said to spring as a token of the person's innocence; and from that of a maiden, three lilies which no one save her lover must gather.

Her innocence or her guilt is, for the moment, beside the question.

He still took it from her that she hoped nothing, as it were, from any other alibithe people to drag into court being too many and too scattered; but that, as it was with him, Murray Brush, she had been most vulgar, most everything she had better not have been, so she depended on him for the innocence it was actually vital she should establish.

Of Grace's innocence of manoeuvring he never doubted, but John did not relish the idea of being entrapped into anything, even a step which he desired.

" "The duke!" cried the other, with a surprise and innocence that immediately brought a blush of the brightest vermillion into her face.

" "Then we shall have all that time to prove his innocence?" inquired Maud.

The boy's arrest had startled her because it was so unexpected, and her first impulse was to doubt his innocence.

This, in my opinion, is a stronger proof of Jones' innocence than Lawyer Colby seems to consider it.

Jonesto establish his innocence of the awful charge made against him," she explained.

I still believe in his innocence.

Then Tilly knew that Will was on the right side; that he pitied Peggy, and that he would agree with all that grandmother had said about her and her innocence and ignorance of real facts.

He not only agreed with grandmother about Peggy's innocence and ignorance, but in grandmother's kind conclusion "that they must be good to her.

Yet we may readily credit the stories told us by older men of his former simplicity and innocence, since even to-day we sometimes see these characteristics displayed.

Raphael was moved by the grace and innocence of the lovely human flower, that grew from a bud into an opening blossom under his care.

If this unique and beautiful Song was the work of Solomon in his early days of innocence and piety, the book of Proverbs seems to be the result of his profound observations when he was still uncorrupted by prosperity, ruling his kingdom with sagacity and amazing the world with his wisdom.

The accused, while maintaining his innocence of the murder, did not deny either his visit to the flat, or the fact that he had inflicted the other injuries on the deceased.

She was certainly not a child; she was not even a very young girl, at twenty-four; she had never been prudish, and she did not affect the pre-Serpentine innocence of Eve before the fall.

Radiant in the innocence of conscious virtue, capable of appreciating any flights of genius, holding their riches of no account except to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, these friends lived only to repair the evils which unbridled sin inflicted on mankind,glorious examples of the support which our frail nature needs, the sun and joy of social life, perpetual benedictions, the sweet rest of a harassed soul.

"At what are you pointing, Joe?" the wondering girl asked, with perfect innocence.

A life of profligacy had not rendered Louis wholly insensible to the superior attractions of innocence and virtue.

O hours of innocence!

"In stead thereof he kist her wearie feet, And lickt her lilly hands with fawning tong, As he her wronged innocence did weet.

The ordeal of poisonous water has been administered to him, as a test of his innocence or his guilt: he begins to be sick and pale.

Does no crime attach to those, who accuse others falsely, or who multiply and divide crimes for the sake of the profit of the punishment, and who for the same reason continue the use of barbarous and absurd ordeals as a test of innocence or guilt?

If the evidence against the accused is insufficient to warrant indictment, but yet his innocence is questionable, the grand jury may bring a presentment against him.

"But as to womenwell, there's too much carefully selected wisdom in their innocence to suit me.

A, B and C] thine innocence.

AE] innocence.

AE] 2 ll. innocence, it.

I have travelled the wide world from stem to stern, but never have I met with such an emblem of innocence before."

In your walks of curiosity about town, you meet with a great many of the denomination termed Friends, or Quakers, and as you pass them you cannot refrain from giving them the inside walk, for their very garb is of humility; and as you look into the placid face of some matron, you feel like uncovering yourself, for you can see the innocence looking out of her eyes.

May the All-Father keep thy feet from hidden thorns, strewing thy pathway only with the sweet flowers of innocence!

On the banks of the still waters of peace, 'neath the willows, whose tears are of innocence, frisk the tender lambs, who taste only of the sweets of the green pasture:"I shall see what old ocean is made of."

To which is added Innocence Preserv'd.

Marie sprang up in indignant innocence.

Tom's better angel had returned; Grace's tender guilelessness, which would with too many men only have marked her out as the easier prey, was to him as a sacred shield before her innocence.

Ten million years ago your world was also a scene of innocence and tranquil felicity.

In Hippolyte you behold the innocence, simplicity and ingenuousness of a first and pure attachment: in Phรจdre the embrasement, the ungovernable delirium of a criminal passion.

Oh, but this time 'twas Cook's turn out, and Barbro was at home; the maids' room was a nest of innocence.

Here children come in contact with maturer vice, and are often drawn by its influence from the paths of innocence; as we have already seen in many instances.

Certain as she was of her sister's innocence, there was one terrible question in her heart which must be answered, or her belief in all truth, goodness, religion, would reel and rock to its very foundations.

"Miserable ass!" thought Tom, "if he don't see innocence in that man's countenance, he wouldn't see it in his own child's.

There was among the rest a young Lady so free in Mirth, so amiable in a just Reserve that accompanied it; I wrong her to call it a Reserve, but there appeared in her a Mirth or Chearfulness which was not a Forbearance of more immoderate Joy, but the natural Appearance of all which could flow from a Mind possessed of an Habit of Innocence and Purity.

We see Man and Woman in the highest Innocence and Perfection, and in the most abject State of Guilt and Infirmity.

You are to know then, if you are so happy as not to know it already, that the great Havock which is made in the Habitations of Beauty and Innocence, is committed by such as can only lay waste and not enjoy the Soil.

Adam and Eve, before the Fall, are a different Species from that of Mankind, who are descended from them; and none but a Poet of the most unbounded Invention, and the most exquisite Judgment, could have filled their Conversation and Behaviour with [so many apt ] Circumstances during their State of Innocence.

Let us bear chearfully an Affliction, which we have not brought on our selves, and remember there is a Power who can better deliver us out of it than by the Loss of thy Innocence.

Peace o'er the World her Olive Wand extend, And white-rob'd Innocence from Heav'n descend.

Orbicilla is the kindest poor thing in the Town, but the most blushing Creature living: It is true she has not lost the Sense of Shame, but she has lost the Sense of Innocence.

If there are any who have forfeited their Innocence, they must now consider themselves under that Melancholy View, in which Chamont regards his Sister, in those beautiful Lines.

Try me, good King, but let me have a lawful Tryal, and let not my sworn Enemies sit as my Accusers and Judges; Yea let me receive an open Tryal, for my Truth shall fear no open Shame; then shall you see either mine Innocence cleared, your Suspicion and Conscience satisfied, the Ignominy and Slander of the World stopped, or my Guilt openly declared.

in whose Judgment I doubt not (whatsoever the World may think of me) mine Innocence shall be openly known, and sufficiently cleared.

I have an unfeigned Love of Virtue, and am resolved to preserve my Innocence.

As Luxury and Voluptuousness prevailed over Innocence and Religion, this Form of Worship degenerated into Tragedies; in which however the Chorus so far remembered its first Office, as to brand every thing that was vicious, and recommend every thing that was laudable, to intercede with Heaven for the Innocent, and to implore its Vengeance on the Criminal.

Well, I declare I didn't think anything quite as low as that even of you!" Ditson protested his innocence.

Yet he had given Reuben something like a positive assurance that there would be an adequate defence, and had expressed his own positive conviction of the accused man's innocence.

But conscious of my innocence, I declared I would not leave; I knew I had committed no crime; I had violated no law of the land,and I would do nothing to imply guilt.

He still affirmed his ignorance and innocence.

He turned somewhat pale and again protested his innocence.

Then, before I understood his movement, he had sunk upon his knees, saying solemnly, "On my knees before you, and in the sight of God, I want to assert my innocence.

It is well known that infants are innocences; but it is not known that their innocence flows in from the Lord.

The Lord's innocence flows into the angels of the third heaven, where all are in the innocence of wisdom, and passes through the inferior heavens, but only through the innocences of the angels therein, and thus immediately and mediately flows into infants.

By keeping a mistress, also no entrance is afforded to the four kinds of lusts, which are in the highest degree destructive of conjugial love,the lust of defloration, the lust of varieties, the lust of violation, and the lust of seducing innocences, which are treated of in the following pages.

Misery itself has nothing worse in store for me, except what you have inflicted: the seeming to doubt of my innocence, which, after the fullest and most solemn examination, has been completely established.

On the contrary, after having carefully examined the different kinds of evidence of which the subject was susceptible, and recollecting all that had already passed upon the subject, it was not without considerable pain, that I felt myself unable to discover any way in which I could be perfectly and unalterably satisfied of my patron's innocence.

Thousands of fathers have found their efforts to protect the innocence of their daughters as unavailing as did the unhappy Virginius, unless, like him, they shortened life.

She spoke with a shy little twist of her head, vainly trying to blush like little innocence.

Ridicule, instead of putting guilt and error to the blush, turned her formidable shafts against innocence and truth.

Mistress Penwick had flushed at the presentation of two such noble names, but at his following assertion, which corroborated with Constance' own words, made her not a little jealous; for the handsome young Monmouth had already shown his regard (God pity her innocence) for Lady Constance by giving her a valuable ring, and now had contrived to make her of their party that he might be constantly with her.

Even the haughty Duke of Buckingham was moved by Mistress Penwick's youth, beauty and innocence.

But Aurora was the picture of innocence.

"But, Mr. Grandissime, that is requiring the immigrant to prove his innocence!"

But, though she never ceased to protest her innocence of all that had been laid to her charge and proved against her, she was sufficiently sensible to give them to understand that for a time, at least, her path in the world would be easier if they ceased to accompany her.

Hope saw this look, and it made him sick at heart, for he had lived too long, and observed too keenly, not to know that innocence and purity are dangers, and are more often protected by the safeguards of society than by themselves.

" They returned to this subject another afternoon as the two sat together a few days later: "There was sometimes another reason why I felt unwilling to prosecute: I refer to cases in which I might be taking advantage of the inability of a fellow-creature to establish his own innocence.

"Now what I wish you to remember is this: that in the very nature of the case a man is often unable to prove his innocence.

I ask you, as you care for my memory, never to take advantage of the truth that the man before you, as the accused, may in the nature of things be unable to prove his innocence.

"I always suspected her; but I had no proof of her guilt; and if she had not been guilty, she could never have proved her innocence.

And he will never be able to prove his innocence!" He stayed in his rooms all that day.

The Brontรซ heroine, dingily dressed, badly educated, hampered by a humiliating inexperience, a kind of ugly innocence, is yet, by the very fact of her solitude and her gaucherie, full of the greatest delight that is possible to a human being, the delight of expectation, the delight of an ardent and flamboyant ignorance.

It is not a mere fashion of false innocence, like that of the French aristocrats before the Revolution, who built an altar to Pan, and who taxed the peasantry for the enormous expenditure which is needed in order to live the simple life of peasants.

But this proceeding was not a part of the wisdom of Solomon; it was a part of his follyI had almost said of his innocence.