2464 examples of innocences in sentences

Yet, for all this, it was between forty and fifty years before his innocence was completely proved!

VIII D. XXVIII DORMIT IN PACE Aemilian, sweet soul of marvellous innocence, who lived one year, eight months, twenty-eight days.

I commend to Basilla the innocence of Gemellus.

For if Helladia should deny everything, as of course she would, and the Emperor should foolishly scruple to put her to the rack, she might probably persuade him of her innocence, and where wouldst thou be then?

" "Oh, Belial," said Lucifer, "I cannot bring myself to be a tempter of so much innocence and loveliness.

" "Then we shall have all that time to prove his innocence?" inquired Maud.

The boy's arrest had startled her because it was so unexpected, and her first impulse was to doubt his innocence.

This, in my opinion, is a stronger proof of Jones' innocence than Lawyer Colby seems to consider it.

Jonesto establish his innocence of the awful charge made against him," she explained.

I still believe in his innocence.

She was certainly not a child; she was not even a very young girl, at twenty-four; she had never been prudish, and she did not affect the pre-Serpentine innocence of Eve before the fall.

Radiant in the innocence of conscious virtue, capable of appreciating any flights of genius, holding their riches of no account except to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, these friends lived only to repair the evils which unbridled sin inflicted on mankind,glorious examples of the support which our frail nature needs, the sun and joy of social life, perpetual benedictions, the sweet rest of a harassed soul.

"In stead thereof he kist her wearie feet, And lickt her lilly hands with fawning tong, As he her wronged innocence did weet.

If the evidence against the accused is insufficient to warrant indictment, but yet his innocence is questionable, the grand jury may bring a presentment against him.

To which is added Innocence Preserv'd.

It is well known that infants are innocences; but it is not known that their innocence flows in from the Lord.

The Lord's innocence flows into the angels of the third heaven, where all are in the innocence of wisdom, and passes through the inferior heavens, but only through the innocences of the angels therein, and thus immediately and mediately flows into infants.

By keeping a mistress, also no entrance is afforded to the four kinds of lusts, which are in the highest degree destructive of conjugial love,the lust of defloration, the lust of varieties, the lust of violation, and the lust of seducing innocences, which are treated of in the following pages.

But Aurora was the picture of innocence.

"But, Mr. Grandissime, that is requiring the immigrant to prove his innocence!"

But, though she never ceased to protest her innocence of all that had been laid to her charge and proved against her, she was sufficiently sensible to give them to understand that for a time, at least, her path in the world would be easier if they ceased to accompany her.

Hope saw this look, and it made him sick at heart, for he had lived too long, and observed too keenly, not to know that innocence and purity are dangers, and are more often protected by the safeguards of society than by themselves.

The Brontë heroine, dingily dressed, badly educated, hampered by a humiliating inexperience, a kind of ugly innocence, is yet, by the very fact of her solitude and her gaucherie, full of the greatest delight that is possible to a human being, the delight of expectation, the delight of an ardent and flamboyant ignorance.

It is not a mere fashion of false innocence, like that of the French aristocrats before the Revolution, who built an altar to Pan, and who taxed the peasantry for the enormous expenditure which is needed in order to live the simple life of peasants.

But this proceeding was not a part of the wisdom of Solomon; it was a part of his follyI had almost said of his innocence.

2464 examples of  innocences  in sentences